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[MOD][SENSE2.5TAB] RSSTab Project - Developer Thread - (5Aug Release4.Beta.1)

2,066 posts
Thanks Meter: 326
By meltwater, Inactive Recognized Developer on 18th August 2010, 01:11 PM
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RSSTab Update Feed:
Meltwater's Sense RSSTab Release Feed - Will be updated each time there is a release!

Project Release Thread:
XDA: RSSTab Project - Release Thread - The latest release cabs are here! (This does not apply to the betas yet)

Project Online Code Page:
CODEPLEX: HTC Sense RSS Reader Tab

Project Wiki Page:
XDAWIKI: Sense RSS Tab Project

Project Donations:
PAYPAL: Developer meltwater

Click image for larger version

Name:	MarvinTab.jpg
Views:	510
Size:	42.6 KB
ID:	653007
Latest Info

12Oct2011 - Facebook has altered the authorisation slightly, so manual paste method needs a little extra care (details here - Thanks to Nullstring).
(19Sep2011) "Facebook" Theme Released
(5Aug2011) Release 4.Beta.1 Details here
(12June2011) Release 4.Beta.0 (298views) Details here
(05June2011) Stable Release 3.0 (CodePlex 8974) Details here
(02June2011) Release To do list
(01June2011) Big Development Announcement - Facebook Integration
(10May2011) 3.Beta.2 [Released] (115 views) Details Here
(28April2011) 3.Beta.1 Released (In-App Update Only - minor changes) Details Here
(26April2011) 3.Beta.0 Released Details Here
(14April2011) (140 views) Beta Countdown To-do List posted!
(24thFeb2011) Release Thread started
- The focus of this thread will now be development, allowing general Q&A in the release pages.
- Don't be scared to post in either thread (I monitor both)!
- I may start to release beta versions in this thread for testing
(31stJan2011) Release 2.2.2 (cabs on release thread or available in codeplex [6377] (zip 503 views), Theme-able Version Rev2.2.2) - meltwater_RSSTabV2.2.2& (662 views) meltwater_RSSTabV2.2.2(SeperateCabs).zip (304 views)
(27thJan2011) Easy Cab Install Test - Please let me know if it works or not!
(26thJan2011) Release 2.2.1 (attached (views 50) [6309] or available in codeplex, small fix+german lang Rev2.2)
(25thJan2011) Release 2.2 (attached [6226] (19views) or available in codeplex, see Release 2.2 Notes)
(20thJan2011) Release 2.1 (attached [6048] (77views) or available in codeplex, see Release 2.1 Notes)
(23rdDec2010) PreRelease Beta2.0B (attached [5534] (237views) or available in codeplex or Captain Throwback Cab)
(22ndDec2010) PreRelease Beta2.0 (attached or available in codeplex or Captain Throwback Cab (see install post #4))
(11thNov2010) 11th Nov 2010 Available - Minor Update
(10thNov2010) Captain Throwback Cab (see install post #4)
(9thNov2010) WIP 9th Nov 2010 Available - Release Candidate Codeplex Release Page
(3rdNov2010) WIP 3rd Nov 2010 Available
(22Oct2010) WIP 22nd Oct 2010 Available
(7Oct2010) WIP 7th Oct 2010 Available
(6Oct2010) New Screenshots Animated Gif Screenshots [Large]
(5Oct2010) WIP 5th Oct 2010 Available
(4Oct2010) WIP 4th Oct 2010 Available
(1Oct2010) WIP 1st Oct 2010 Available
(29Sept2010) Codeplex: Project Code Page - HTC Sense RSS Reader Tab
(1Sept2010) RSS Feed Item Display Form Requested...
(25Aug2010) Graphics Resizing Code Requested... + Updated Developer Pack attached + added Control Design Ideas to wiki.
(from now on - additional baselines will be released separately to the pack - but the old pack needed fixes)
(24Aug2010) Icon Graphics Requested... +1st run by another user!
(23Aug2010) Project Update
(19Aug2010) Project Launch, Wiki Open for ideas etc [Sense RSS Tab Project], Developer Package attached (731 views)

Welcome to the RSS Tab Developer Thread.

This latest release of the RSSTab is now available.

Please read the Install instructions carefully and if you have problems feel free to post questions.
There is a user manual available in the wiki page, so if in doubt have a read of that.

Like most RSS Readers, the software will open up data connections to download related images.
Please ensure you are aware of your data connection settings to avoid data charges from your carrier.

The installation, the use &/or miss-use of this software is at your own risk.
This software is provided as is & without liability.
Reverse engineering or modification of the binaries is prohibited.
By downloading/using this software you accept these terms, regardless of if you choose to read them or not.

Introducing the RSSTab
Click on image to see Large Size Version

Author Request - Posting on other sites or building in ROMs
I am happy for the tab to be included in ROMs and links to this thread posted on other sites, however, I do request that feedback is relayed back here so I can see what issues people are having. This is the responsibility of either the original poster or ROM Author to do this, to help me with development.
In particular:
1. language display issues, which I can not see as my ROM only supports english chars and I subscribe to english feeds.
2. install problems - it is something which I hope is almost resolved (using Captain_Throwbacks cabs, senseutil and the shortcuts), if not then we will need to know. Hopefully the newer builds are easier to cook too.
3. problem feeds - I wrote the RSS reading code quite early on, so it was rough and I only had limited methods I knew worked in compact framework, if there are issues I may revisit this code and improve the way it works.

Also it would be nice to post links to these sites on here too, common issues/solutions etc can then be viewed by all.

What can it do?
Once setup, the tab will display your list of feeds from the RSSHub directly in sense and allow you to view the list of items in the feed and then you can view a particular item and/or play a previously downloaded podcast file (video etc).

The tab is very much under-development, which means I am focusing on building in the important functions and features at the moment.

Presently, the tab will not change anything in your RSSHub files, so an unread item will stay unread and your files will not be harmed (the tab will only create some thumbnails etc in sub directories of the Channel Data folder). The exception to this is if you have donated and received a donate code, then you are able to disable the read only mode (which is experimental).

If you have a particular feature you would like added, then please add to the "To Do List" within the Wiki page or Code-Plex To-Do list.

Thread Quicklinks:
Rev 4.Beta.1 Release from Post#911 Onwards...
Rev 4.Beta.0 Release Facebook Integration Discussed from Post#838
Rev 3.0 Release Discussed from Post#789
Facebook Integration Announcement from Post#772 Onwards...
Rev 3.Beta.2 Release Discussed from Post#744 Onwards...
Rev2.2.2 Release Discussed from Post#600 Onwards...

Releases/Development Plan Links
Installation Instructions (Must read before install)
Theme, Icons & Colours Links
Language File Support Information

Thread Tips/Guides:
XDAWIKI: Sense RSS Tab User Manual
XDAWIKI: Sense RSS Tab Theme Page
[Q] Can you recommend some good RSS feeds? - Includes details on adding Facebook, Twitter and Google+ RSS Feeds
XdaTV/YouTube Channel Podcast Links

Thanks to:
The main problem is simply time, all coding takes lots of it and sense coding even more so. Obviously donations help greatly, be it donations of time to help with installation issues, testing and translations OR motivational money donations (be it $1 or $10) [I am saving up for something to help me with development] it all provides a boost which will drive me to work further on the project and shows me that the project is a worthwhile use of my time.

Donating to the project (money/time/skill/charity) will entitle you to a "Donate Code". If you've donated, send me the code from the "Advanced" settings page and you will get a code for your device. The "Donate Code" will allow you to use the experimental features which I am currently working on (use at your own risk as many of these will change the RSSHub data store - backups are recommended).

Experimental features include, updating feeds directly from the tab, setting items as Read/Unread and facebook api enabled facebook feeds. This is my way to return back something to those who invest in some way in the project, if you are unsure of how you can do this, then please let me know.

JDog2pt0 (21/10/2011)
dale5804 (27/08/2011)
1sin (9/8/2011)
ct_moi (1/8/2011)
jivkonik (2/7/2011)
osiedacz (24/6/2011)
user_99 (19/6/2011)
Eddie Dickens (16/6/2011)
lcd4linux (13/6/2011)
Skrobel (7/6/2011)
timjarsky (9/5/2011)
unknown XdaId (5/5/2011)
Laurentius26 (27/04/2011)
sharkie405 (27/01/2011)
Captain_Throwback (23/11/2010)
JVH3 (16/11/2010)

zard, Captain_Throwback, mike2nl, winderp, colossus_r, ric69
Language Files:
(zh-cn) winderp, (es-es,es-es_tradnl) amno1970, (de-de) SteveP86 & user_99, (fr-fr) mickey & ric69, (zh-tw) boa19861105, (it-it) bbonzz, (pl-pl) Budniu
Code Tips/Help:
eboelzner+greenhacks(Sense Looknfeel SDK), emuneee (itemwebview), joe_coolish (debugfile), johncmolyneux (filedialogue), Captain_Throwback/Co0kieMonster(sensehelp), Drakknar (fbtab/rsstab banner)
Everyone behind the kitchen (without which I would have got no-where):
12aon, 6fg8, chainfire, sztupy, Co0kieMonster etc
Plus anyone else I've forgotten...
Thanks even if I've not mentioned by name, for all help, testing and support.

Let me know if I've missed you off the list, thank you for donating (in this case, your time and effort!).

See post #4 for install links & instructions (must read before installing).
The cab files required for installing the "release version" of the tab are located on the release thread
meltwater_RSSTabVX.X.X(SeperateCabs).zip below contains the cab file for installing the tab and senseUtil to assist with registering it with Sense. below contains the files required for manually installing the tab.

NOTE: is Stable Release 3.0 (CodePlex 8974)
To save time, I don't usually release the Beta versions as ZIP files, but feel free to open the cab and extract the files if you need to.
Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.05 MB, 824 views)
File Type: zip meltwater_RSSTabV4.Beta.1(SeperateCabs).zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.30 MB, 788 views)
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18th August 2010, 01:11 PM |#2  
meltwater's Avatar
OP Inactive Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 326
Arrow Development Progress
For the current to do list, or to add your own suggestions, please visit the wiki page:
XDAWIKI: Sense_RSS_Tab_Project#To_Do_List


CodePlex : Next Release To Do List

Check the quick links for details about the latest release.

Release 31st Jan 2011 - 2.2.2
Fix for feeds which are not in a category (2nd try)
Text Theme/4F9BE867_manila Working

Release 26th Jan 2011 - 2.2.1
Fix for feeds which are not in a category
+german lang Rev2.2

Release 25th Jan 2011 - 2.2
New: Filter Feeds
Updated language files 2.2 (fr-fr & templates)
appRSS.reg Updated to link to RSSHub by default (assumes windows dir installed location)
Like most RSS Readers, the software will open up data connections to download related images.
Please ensure you are aware of your data connection settings to avoid data charges from your carrier.
The installation, the use &/or miss-use of this software is at your own risk.
This software is provided as is & without liability.
Reverse engineering or modification of the binaries is prohibited.
By downloading/using this software you accept these terms.

__________________________________________________ ___________
Release 20th Jan 2011 - v2.1
Experimental ReadAll/UnReadAll (activated with donate code)
Single feed display fixed
Updated language files

(22ndNov2010) PreRelease Beta2.0
"Pre-Beta Samper/Taster"

This initial build should be considered a development version and work in progress, I intend to make several updates to it before it can be considered a proper release as several sections are not quite finished, however it should be quite usable.

New features:
1. Lauc Theme file [759E7B43_manila] for font colour changes

2. Settings Pages:
Tab Settings:
a. Fixed header position [loading feedback not completed yet, plus highlight selection not completed yet]
b. Item View Mode Selection - allows the different methods to be tried (OpenNetCF is the latest one)
c. Selection of stylesheet for item view
File Path Settings:
a. Register the app's location with the registry
b. Define/Select the app shortcut
a. Reset the tab data (should clear out the RSSFeed registry values, leaving only settings behind, plus should then reload the channel data)
b. Advanced settings (as the FbTab, allows the harder options to be shown)
c. Language file selection.
d. Donation Code Function

3. Highlight of unread items
4. OpenNetCF Browser - with my own custom gesture support (needs fine tuning but the principle is swip left/right to go to next or previous item - eventually will define the direction via a user setting, up/down will do nothing at the moment, there is also a special diagonal gesture which will toggle the fit to screen mode - again possible to detect each of the 4 diagonal directions). It's experimental, but is usable.

WIP - 11th Nov 2010 (Very Minor)
1. Fixed exception on incorrect DataFeed location.
2. Added new language files fr-fr, zh-tw

WIP - 9th Nov 2010 (RC?)
1. Lang Files - All updated to have IDS_RSSTITLE at the top (ensures title is populated on 1st run).  Plus added translations for zh-cn, es-es/es-es_tradnl, de-de, cs-cz (many thanks for the translations).
2. Updated example 26948339_manila Tab Control file to have IDS_RSSTITLE.
3. Improved item selection handler (should avoid jump back on Channel List on 2nd item selection - when scrolled down)
1. Support for "gb2312" encoded files.

WIP - 3rd Nov 2010 (Major Update)
1. Selected Slider Icon Included
2. Details text resized when media icon present
1. Added language file templates.
2. Split out NativeWebBrowser (thanks to emuneee) into dll (may replace at some point)
3. Now using "Release" build
4. Added external WebViewStyle.css file support
5. Fixed reg issue on open of DebugPage on clean System
6. Added extra checking of Selection Item number (avoids erroneous loads of channel list by mistake) - will log when this occurs.
7. Attempt to convert PST/CET/xxx etc time zone information
8. Initial work on gb2312 encoding (needs testing)

WIP - 22nd Oct 2010
(Small update)
RSSUtil.exe only!
1. Changed close method for RssTabItemWebView (need check this fixes issue - wasn't present for me in first place)
2. Better Icon for RSS Feed Item view (top header)
[clear out the [\Storage Card\]Program Files\RSS Hub\ChannelData\FeedIcons directory and it will generate new ones as and when they are needed.]
3. Extra debug in file

WIP - 21st Oct 2010 BIG UPDATE
1. meltwater.apiLang.dll - updated for multiapp support.
2. feed reading improvements
3. image resizer improvements
4. settings page reset channels
5. Sense DateTime support
1. New layouts
2. Rss Tab Menus
3. GTX Theme support in lauc file
4. Sense DateTime support

WIP - 15th Oct 2010 - BUILD DIR ONLY
Again, work is in-progress for a lot of this, still got a few items which aren't quite completed.
1. Implemented developer mode
(to shut off WIP sections)
2. Testing ItemView - alternative browser
(requires checking on problem devices - note links don't work yet, feedback please on if it works)
3. Better Settings Page for 1st release
4. Added Meltwater.ApiLang
(needs additional work to support both tabs - plus any other app)
5. Implemented developer mode
(to shut off WIP sections)
6. New install message
7. Update bar position can be controlled
(i.e. not moved by new fb events...)
8. DEV ONLY: Fixed position header (to keep feed feed title at the top - disabled for now)

WIP - 7th Oct 2010
1. Reg file corrected
2. 5D3CA1C8_manila - en-us lang file started
3. Regkey view on debug page
4. Started development of local image/html cache (inprogress)
5. Better feed support, plus improved handling of failed read
6. Testing fixed font size in style sheet on ItemView (will see if it helps)
7. Read File test file default to Ch160.xml (was Ch199.xml for last release by mistake).

WIP - 5th Oct 2010
1.Changed log file to store a single days actions
(hopefully will remain small enough)
2. Better PageLevel setting
(old debug test commands weren't setting them)
3. Better handling when a feed is not present
(will ignore the feed and not change pagelevel)
4. Correctly error message path info
(path was repeated)

WIP - 4th Oct 2010 V3
1. Extra exception handling...
WIP - 4th Oct 2010 V2
1. Improved ItemView!
2. Attempt to stop null exception...
WIP - 4th Oct 2010
1. Removed the need to have Ch160-Logo2.img
(can be removed from "RSS Hub\ChannelData" location.  No longer used by tab.)
2. Added RSSIcon.png to "RSSUtil\Icons"
(Ensure you include this in your directory. Used as default header icon.)
3. Header now should populate with FeedIcon or Default RSS Icon.
4. Added debugging #define
(will keep enabled at the moment) which generates "RSSUtilDebug.xml" in "\RSSUtil\". Please include if you get exception errors etc, more debug will be added as we go)

WIP 1st Oct 2010
1. Tab auto-refresh working
(blank feeds not handled yet but process will support it now)
2. Resize of icons for the list is working
(still some resizing done by sense due to aspect ratio issues)
3. Changed command pop-up to registry value RSSFeed.LastApiCall
(has less impact on tab function)

WIP 29th Sept 2010
1. Initial attempt at auto-refresh (some issues to work out)
2. Pop-up of last command sent (to help debug auto-refresh issues)
3. Tests of image resize (plus downloadfile code to try)
4. Custom commandline in DebugPage (to help debug auto-refresh issues)
5. Script to update build dir
6. Removed Obj directory (generated by build)

20100826B - (104 views)
FIXED - B version:
Corrected detection of not finding the required file.
DONE: Support feed list with sense links to/from feeds
1. I've removed a bit more of the hard coded info from the feed details and removed the title for every item in the item list.
2. Navigation to/from channel list is working (with manual update only)
- Load up the channel list (from running RSSUtil.exe), wait for waiting icon to finish and press Update Now button to reload screen
- Select feed item from channel list to load data for that feed, wait for waiting icon to finish and press Update Now button
- Select header from Rss feed item list to reload the channel list, wait for waiting icon to finish and press Update Now button

20100826 -
DONE: Add code to remove any extra registry items not replaced when updated with new data

BASELINE: 20100825-Sense
DONE: Read channels from RSSHub opml file (works, but needs improvement - categories are combined with feeds) Purely manual operation.
DONE: Removed copy of facebook data to registry when no feed data is defined (code was from initial testing).
DONE: Implement launch media from icon [working!]
DONE: Transfer settings page from facebookUtil to allow developers to create new settings & use LangAPI. [Done but no "real" settings just transferred code]
DONE: Changed colours to (RSS) orange [R242 G125 B50] from (Facebook) blue.
DONE: Added app launch keys for easy running of Support app.
18th August 2010, 01:12 PM |#3  
meltwater's Avatar
OP Inactive Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 326
Arrow RTFM - Read The Fantastic Manual
The Fantastic Manual:

Follow the link below to get to the user manual wiki, if you spot something which is wrong or you would like to improve then please go ahead (that is why it is a wiki).

XDAWIKI: Sense RSS Tab User Manual
18th August 2010, 01:13 PM |#4  
meltwater's Avatar
OP Inactive Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 326
Arrow Installation
Installation Instructions:

Follow the link below to get to the Installation Instructions wiki, if you spot something which is wrong or you would like to improve then please go ahead (that is why it is a wiki).

XDAWIKI: Sense RSS Tab Install Instructions

Note: Install instructions have been moved to the wiki, please visit there for the latest info

illi's 2.2.2 EXT file for cooks, available from here. Only use if you know what you are doing and know how to cook roms.

Also if you've tried it, please let me know if it works or not and I'll update the package/instruction if needed.

You can manually update to the very latest build/development by downloading the current changeset file from the CODEPLEX Project Page or using this direct link:

The files need to simply install and run the tab as it stands are contained within \Build\..., the folders structure shows where each of the files should go (Note: Sense will probably need a reset and the tab must already be added to sense).

Remember this is a development project, so if something doesn't work, then it probably just doesn't work but please post details on the forum if it appears to be an error.
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18th August 2010, 01:13 PM |#5  
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OP Inactive Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 326
Smile Themes, Icons & Colours
Themes, Icons & Colours
Cabbed Theme's should work with previous versions of the tab, but best support is with Release 3.Beta.1.
Installing Cabbed Theme's
  1. Install the theme cab to the same location as you installed the RSSTab (check this using your file explorer if you are not sure).
  2. After installing a theme cab, you must "Reset Sense", this is achieved by using SenseUtil and pressing the "Reset Sense" button.
  3. If you see two icons on the sense slider, you will need set the option to remove the icon within the Tab Display settings (with Advanced enabled). [Not available yet - so remove 5AB7F814_manila from your \Windows\ directory (and restart sense).]
  4. Note: Once you have installed a theme, you must then reinstall the Default theme if you remove it (you don't need to reset sense until you've installed the default theme). You must do this, unless your tab came "cooked" into your ROM, but I would still advise installing the default if you've since updated the tab.
  5. If you update the tab then you will need to re-install your theme, as the files involved will be replaced.

Official Themes
Default Theme

"Green" Example Theme

"Facebook" Example Theme - Replaces the RSSTab Icons with Facebook Tab icons and text colour to facebook blue.

Info for theme developers

Theme Cab Files
The theme works by directly replacing the files which define the text colours and graphics, so it is important to remember that when a theme is uninstalled it will also remove these essential files (unless they are present in the ROM).

When generating a theme cab file, please ensure the Company Name is set to "RSSTab" and the Application Name is "Theme". This will stop more than one theme being installed at the same time, so that uninstalling one does not remove the files installed by the other.

Recommended Screenshots
Please provide sceenshots with your cabs if possible, I recommend one of the "Channel List", one of the "Feed List" ideally with podcast icons, and one of the "Item View" if you've changed the CSS file.

Developers Pack
The developer pack contains the source for both the Default and the "Green Example" theme. If you do create a theme, even if it is a "default" for your ROM, then please ensure the name of the cab file is clear that it is a default for that ROM in particular.

Lauc Theme File (Text Colours)
Example "Green Theme Text Theme File"

Although lauc code can be quite difficult to follow, the code used for the theme file is simply assigning the colours to the required variables, so it isn't too difficult to understand.
The Colour is set by:
Color(40, 100, 60, 255) == Color(RED, GREEN, BLUE, ALPHA)
Note: The ALPHA channel is not always used for text, so it is left at 255 (the max value).

To pick your colour values, you can use sites like:

-- File name: 4F9BE867_manila \windows\htc\People\Scripts\People\rssTheme.luac

trace("[RSSFeed] 4F9BE867_manila \windows\htc\People\Scripts\People\rssTheme.luac Example")
local col_vdarkGreen = Color(40, 100, 60, 255)
local col_darkGreen1 = Color(100, 255, 140, 255)
local col_lightGreen1 = Color(200, 255, 200, 255)
local col_lightGreenDull1 = Color(150, 255, 150, 255)
local col_darkGreen2 = Color(100, 255, 100, 255)
local col_lightGreen2 = Color(200, 255, 120, 255)
local col_lightGreenDull2 = Color(180, 255, 71, 255)

Theme_RSS_TitleName_Unselected = col_darkGreen1
Theme_RSS_TitleName_Selected = col_vdarkGreen
Theme_RSS_TitleDetailUnread_Unselected = col_lightGreen1
Theme_RSS_TitleDetailUnread_Selected = col_vdarkGreen
Theme_RSS_TitleDetailRead_Unselected = col_lightGreen1
Theme_RSS_TitleDetailRead_Selected = col_vdarkGreen
The file then needs to be compiled using the CommandLine Manila Kitchen or similar.
If you have difficulty using the Manila Kitchen etc, then simply post your lauc file on the thread and I (or anyone else who spots it) can compile it for you.

This section will be updated soon for 3.Beta themes
Follow the link below to get to the Sense RSS Tab Theme Page wiki.

XDAWIKI: Sense RSS Tab Theme Page

Users are able to change the graphics, text colours and item view page theme (see above link for full details).

For now, you can visit some initial themes:
Sharkie's Black and Gold, Blue and White, Man on Chair

19th August 2010, 09:33 AM |#6  
meltwater's Avatar
OP Inactive Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 326
RSS Tab Important Files:
Sense Tab Files:
  0E8DE6B8_manila \windows\htc\Common\Assets\Images\Common\RssFeedline.qtc [thin line]
Click image for larger version

Name:	5AB7F814_manila.png
Views:	132
Size:	4.2 KB
ID:	437917  5AB7F814_manila \windows\htc\Assets\Images\Manila\icon_on\RssFeed_tray.qtc [tray icon active - Not required for NRG ROMs]
Click image for larger version

Name:	6A42A5E4_manila.png
Views:	123
Size:	52.4 KB
ID:	437918  6A42A5E4_manila \windows\htc\Assets\Images\Manila\icon_preview\RssFeed_large.qtc [preview icon]
Click image for larger version

Name:	6C1F1212_manila.png
Views:	123
Size:	4.2 KB
ID:	437919 6C1F1212_manila \windows\htc\Assets\Images\Manila\icon_off\RssFeed_tray.qtc [tray icon inactive]
Click image for larger version

Name:	2202FA31_manila.png
Views:	132
Size:	4.0 KB
ID:	437920 2202FA31_manila \windows\HTC\Settings\Assets\Images\rearrange\ [rearrange icon]
  45154810_manila \windows\htc\Common\Assets\Images\Common\VGA\RssFeed_divider.qtc [update bar]
Luac Scripts:
  476C4205_manila \windows\htc\people\scripts\people\rssfeedpage.luac
  0D4FCC6F_manila \windows\htc\people\scripts\people\rssfeedpage_Landscape.luac
  26774112_manila \windows\HTC\Manila\rssfeedicon.mode9
  6B54437C_manila \windows\htc\people\RssFeed.mode9
Language Files:
  Manila Language files are defined in Post#7 below.
Registry Keys (Items are out of date, but the idea is the same):
RssUtil app launch (for testing):
"RSSFeed.LaunchAppName0"="RSS Util Debug"
"RSSFeed.LaunchApp0"="\\Program Files\\RSSUtil\\RSSUtil.exe"

"RSSFeed.RSSUtilExe"="\\Program Files\\RSSUtil\\RSSUtil.exe"
"RSSFeed.FeedDataStore"="\\Storage Card\\Program Files\\RSS Hub\\ChannelData\\"

data item display (may not keep them all):
display control:

data header display:

Page control:
0 - None [Set by SenseTab following screen refresh]
1 - Wait for RSSUtil [Set by SenseTab following request which needs new data]
2 - Processing data [Set by RSSUtil to indicate it is working on getting the data]
3 - Data ready [Set by RSSUtil to indicate it has finished and SenseTab can
                       refresh the screen]

2=feed list [view of each of the available feeds]
1=item list [view of all the items within a feed]
0=item detail [view of a particular item within a feed]
- may need to change depending on what levels we put in
(the moment - level 0 - item detail I think will be handled within the supporting
app rather than attempting to display within sense).

Not present or 0 = non-GTX
1 = GTX Theme (applies only to lauc script, mode9 files still need to be replaced)

Debugging keys:
"RSSFeed.LastApiCall" - info only, to help with debugging (set whenever the
                                   RSSUtil is called by the tab)
"RSSFeed.Debug_HIT" - records if we have selected the right side "Icon" or co-ords 
                                    of the hit position on the reset of the item
"RSSFeed.Debug_Y" & "RSSFeed.Debug_X" - records of the position of the
                                   "mouse" when item is selected

there are others which are used for debugging and testing at the moment.
19th August 2010, 04:04 PM |#7  
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Language Files
Language Files

Please note:
If you are editing the tab control file (26948339_manila) or language files, it is recommended you use an editor which supports the following format:
Line Endings:Unix(LF)
Encoding:UTF-16 Little Endian
Editors such as Programmers Notepad and Notepad2 appear to work well.
If not, then simply post the file when you are done and I will convert for you.

To create a language file, use one of the language files as a template.
Alternatively, you need to determine the manila name (using ManilaHash.exe (part of the Manila kitchen package), file-names are listed below):

1. Lookup the filename for your language and use that file. Use something like win-merge to identify any new entries in 5D3CA1C8_manila (en-us) file (which the master file which will always be up to date with the latest revision).

2. Add the new entries and your translations as you wish (Make sure you use UTF-16 Compatible Editor)
Sense requires the following file format:
Line Endings:Unix(LF)
Encoding:UTF-16 Little Endian

Any entries which are not translated in the file, will have <!--en-us--> before them. Once you have translated the entry, remove this comment on the line.

3. Update the rev number to match the revision you have updated to:
<trans-unit id="IDS_RELEASE_VERSION">
<source>Rev 0 - Template</source>

4. Upload to this thread, and it will be added to the list.

[Note:The tab name IDS_RSSTITLE is specified in the another file, see the SenseUtil thread for details on this (Language Title Files section).
Post any updates to that thread and they will be included]

Language File List (Beta Builds):
Names are generated using ManilaHash (\windows\htc\people\locales\nl-nl\ -> 45C5183A_manila)

Unless otherwise stated, the un-updated files are templates (untranslated en-us) currently at Rev4.Beta. If you get IDS_ values displayed then you will need an updated language file.

In future I will not be updating the template files, and they will not be included in the install (this allows sense to use the default - en-us file).

en-us --> 5D3CA1C8_manila #### MASTER FILE (Rev4.Beta) - WILL ALWAYS BE UP TO DATE IN THE BUILD ####
en-gb --> 52BB74CA_manila (Rev4.Beta)
cs-cz --> 103878F8_manila (Rev 3 (+fb) - thanks to jirkab)
de-de --> 66FAC0B6_manila (Rev 3 (+fb) - thanks to SteveP86 Saugbaer User_99 (+BeeGee_Tokyo))
es-es --> 501DCF32_manila (Rev1 - thanks to amno1970)
es-es_tradnl --> 467C6FDA_manila (Rev1 - thanks to amno1970)
fr-fr --> 4B7197B2_manila (Rev 3.Beta (+fb) - thanks to mickey ric69 (+romualdrichard))
pl-pl --> 5C21E5C2_manila (Rev 2.2 (+fb) - thanks to Budniu (+Skrobel))
zh-cn --> 24E697B8_manila (Rev1 - thanks to winderp)
zh-tw --> 1378D3AC_manila (Rev 2.2 (+fb) - thanks to wstephen boa19861105 (+mudhi))
sk-sk --> 6DD27BCA_manila (Rev 3 (+fb) - thanks to juben (+pa3x))
it-it --> 0CB20886_manila (Rev 1 (+fb) - thanks to bbonzz (+etoy & Drakknar))

## Rev 4.Beta - Template (+fb) ## - Template files where I've been able to pull in fbTab translations for some parts!
nl-nl --> 45C5183A_manila (+mike2nl)
el-gr --> 23A721E6_manila (+colossus_r)
pt-br --> 2E511842_manila (+dotcompt)
pt-pt --> 5AF6D7E2_manila (+dotcompt)
nb-no --> 233D596C_manila (+agaPer)
hu-hu --> 115E4006_manila (+zoliwr)
ru-ru --> 012E43AE_manila (+Bumeranghc)

## Rev 4.Beta - Template ##
ar-sa --> 58934920_manila
ca-es --> 29FB788A_manila
da-dk --> 10CD3B3A_manila
fi-fl --> 4F878394_manila
ja-jp --> 48821D9C_manila
ko-kr --> 668F3B00_manila
ro-ro --> 220E8E16_manila
sv-se --> 5C82DDD4_manila
tr-tr --> 67FB366A_manila

Beware of the first line --> Normal is:
<xliff version="1.0" lang="en-us">
It should match your Lang!!!

Then translate the entries i.e "RSS Tab Settings" and "Settings Page Disabled":
			<trans-unit id="IDS_SETTINGS_TITLE">
				<source>RSS Tab Settings</source>
			<trans-unit id="IDS_SETTINGS_DISABLED">
				<source>Settings Page Disabled</source>
Then copy back to your \windows\ folder (and post on this thread).

When people have performed translations, I'll post up the completed files here.

I've added the following entry to help track the versions of the language files:
			<trans-unit id="IDS_RELEASE_VERSION">
				<source>Rev 4.Beta</source>
			<trans-unit id="IDS_LANG_AUTHOR">
				<source>lang file authors</source>
Every time I update the language file in a release (En-Us) (add or change a translation) I shall try to remember to increment the release value - this way people should be able to update the language files each time. If another language file is updated (i.e. to correct a translation, the Rev should be set to "Rev 1A", "Rev1B" etc.), or if entries are added to match the En_Us release then increment the Rev#.

When I enable the settings page I'll display the Rev number of the selected language file so it will be clear if the file is out of date (hopefully this will work ok).
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19th August 2010, 06:21 PM |#8  
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RSS is main app to use on my HD2. (use spb news now)
Are this app using the sense SDK to build?
I think I interesting on this app, will spend some time to have a look if i have.
19th August 2010, 07:13 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by mike3000c

RSS is main app to use on my HD2. (use spb news now)
Are this app using the sense SDK to build?
I think I interesting on this app, will spend some time to have a look if i have.

I expect the supporting app will use sense SDK when a visual interface is required for settings etc, however the part of the project within sense has to be created using manila mode9 and lauc scripts which is different to sense SDK (sense look and feel for .net apps).
20th August 2010, 04:58 PM |#10  
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at it again, I see! :)
Hey melt - another great idea.

Curious - are you going to start with this as you did with the FB tab, using HTC's code as a basis? As I'm sure you know, the OBOE Sense has a scrolling RSS Feed on the Home tab, using RSSReaderService.dll as the service that runs it. Is that where you're starting, or are you basing this one all on custom code from the start?
20th August 2010, 05:29 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by Captain_Throwback

Hey melt - another great idea.

Curious - are you going to start with this as you did with the FB tab, using HTC's code as a basis? As I'm sure you know, the OBOE Sense has a scrolling RSS Feed on the Home tab, using RSSReaderService.dll as the service that runs it. Is that where you're starting, or are you basing this one all on custom code from the start?

Nope, this time I'm using RSShub It leaves all the rss data sitting in ChannelData directory so it's a nice starting point, the RSSUtil.exe reads the xml file and transfers what we want to display from it to registry.

Using the facebook tab as a base I've managed to inject all the info for display via registry (eventually can do the same with the facebook tab itself and rid ourselves of the facebook.dll and display much better info). Might put a bit of strain on the registry but should only need to store the currently displayed info in the registry.

I've not used the OBOE sense feed, can't see how a small feed can give you the info you'd want. Couldn't find anything other than vague screenshots of the hometab. Any good features worth having?

Hopefully we can tie into the notification mechanism and have alerts of new feed items and a cookie widget
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