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[ROM]FROYO_2.2.1_Final_Android_Stock/Special_Edition_Final Reloaded (2011-06-06)[ROM]

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By elelinux, Inactive Recognized Developer on 28th August 2010, 11:30 PM
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This is a CM6-based ROM with app2SD for the GSM Hero


The trip here has been long, there is so much to say but should not say so much, lets just say WHAT INCREDIBLE JOURNEY THERE BEEN. Would like to thank those who made this possible for me to complete this work, the guys at cyanogenmod fabulous, erasmux wonderful work with the kernel and source, then we have test pilots who have been Plun, Aniquibobo and D-Droid .Then Farmfield and jishi for the bandwidth, which resulted in a million downloads or more

Now, I had to do something about the situation with the bandwidth for example, Farmfield's other domains, etc. were to fail by overloading, jishi's ftp abeyance for a period to etc, now I have purchased a service through a hosting company to avoid having the capacity of these amazing people who put up with so much, is there something wrong now I'm just calling support on the hosting company and scream FIX IT

Again, many thanks

Thanks to sylvainvh for the ftp and good Bandwidth
CyanogenMod for all the extra features and source.
erasmux for the kernel source
feltraveller stands for the artworks for some of the background in ELWallpaper
+ All others who feel involved.


Apps2sd (ext2/ext3/ext4)
Facebook sync operation
The camera is 100%
Extra features withCyanogenMods apps
Jonasl modded keyboard thanks to the
+ Lots more


WIPE OF EVERYTHING Not needed only wipe of dalvik cache from v2.2

1: Wipe of everything including ext-partion if used.

2: Flash the rom

3: Run the installation.

4: When the wizard is complete and you have got into the rom,

1: Go to menu / settings / programs tick unknown sources,
a must to get ext partitions to work and adb

5: Now it is clear Just reboot.

6: Edit link was reading on other forums, apparently google backup takes an awful lot from the system, so it is recommended not to activate the service during installation, maybe something to think about.


Have chosen to have both the rom in this same thread now that it's the finale,easier with all the options, etc.

GOOGLE_UPDATE 2011-06-05 Do not forget to wipe cache and dalvik cache before flashing this option

Rom and themes link's are updated 2012-07-12


FROYO_2.2.1_Final_Android_Stock updated 2011-06-06

FROYO_2.2.1_Final_Android_Stock_Reloaded >>>

Elelinux_Special_Edition_2.2.1_Final updated 2011-06-06

Elelinux_Special_Edition_2.2.1_Final_Reloaded >>>

Read the changelog before installing post nr #2



THEMES Note make wipe of dalvik cache before flashing a new theme


Special_Edition_Final >

Special_Edition_Final (Green_Battery_Icons)

Special_Edition_Final (Green_Battery_Icons) >

Gingerbread_Final All credit for this theme goes to l0st.prophet and the orignal thread
1: Flash zip
2: Boot up your phone and apply the XML file via "menu/settings/Cyanogen settings/User Interface/Tweaks Extras/Select a theme/Gingerbread"
3: Reboot

Gingerbread_Final >


Screen >

Blue_mix_Final >

Htc_Stock-Android_Final A mix of htc stock and android stock + some modifications.

Screen >

Htc_Stock-Android_Final >



Sence_Final >



Has made a slight change in theme, went back to the original.

Screen >

Blackmod_Final >

My Private Theme in case someone wants to have, a mix of htc stock + gingerbread dialer and gingerbread keyboard

Private_Mix_Final >

Private_Mix_Final_v2 A couple of changes from v1, added a transparent geniewidget and changed the color in the popup menu, see screenshot


Private_Mix_Final_v2 >

Pink_Final For the Ladies Credit for this theme goes to workshed he is the themer,orignal thread >

Screen >

Pink_Final >

Theme Reset_Final

Here >


OPEN GL 1.1 Note : make wipe of dalvik cache before flash the zip file including multi touch for maps

Android_Stock >

Special_Edition >

Notification light's fix For those how have problems.

Here >

Market from RC1_update1 for those how have problems try this.

Here >

Gingerbread Keyboard

Here >

Keyboard Reset

Here >

Dialer_Gingerbread Look

Here >

Modded Dialer

Here >

Google Car

Here >


Here >


Here >


Here >

Remove maps and install maps brut Updated 2010-11-09 also removes v16 and is updated to brut 17

Here >

Remove Maps

Here >

ADWLauncher 1.3.6

Here >

Remove ADWLauncher and install Launcherpro v 0.8.2

Remove Adwlauncher

Here >

Remove LauncherPro- and 0.8.2

Here >

Remove Facebook and Twitter

Here >

Remove stock mms

Here >

Remove stock musicplayer

Here >

Remove HTC ime

Here >

Ubuntu fonts

Screenshot >

Here >

Custom fonts

Here >

Stock fonts

Here >

And the main tread in Sweden

Just go in and ask if there is something you want to know, people are helpful and speak English well.

Enjoy elelinux
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28th August 2010, 11:31 PM |#2  
elelinux's Avatar
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Changelog 2011-06-06

Version FROYO_2.2.1_Final_Android_Stock/Elelinux_Special_Edition_2.2.1_Final "Reloaded"

Installation Wipe of cache and dalvik cache,if you come from previous version

New installation wipe of all

This is a minor update

>>> Updated gapps to latest with new market on both versions
>>> Updated kernel to HeroKernel-12a on both versions
>>> Updated Launcher Pro on Elelinux_Special_Edition_2.2.1_Final to 0.8.6

Changelog 2010-12-13

This update is really quite unnecessary, my last update1 is essentially the same as the final, but but for a good cause and that it should be easier for all themers etc. so I updated to the FINAL.

The only difference in principle, 5 days newer source build.
Have actually changed kernel to, built on erasmux flykernel-12pre2 have the same configuration as ersamux kernel only difference is, his default frequency is 352/528 and my lies at 352/576 MHz.
Same as erasmux say Compcache support added (but not recommend)
For those who want to learn more about the kernel, or to change, I recommend some of erasmux different kernel's,here is the original thread >
All credit to erasmux for his work with the kernel.

Will this week also add more themes pink, blumix and GingerBread and more options.There are probably not so much more to say wipe of Dalvik cache is enough if you come from the earlier version.
For best results, I recommend wipe of everything, and you should do in case you encounter problems with FC or similar

The eternal question, what is the difference between Special Edition VS FROYO_2.2.1_Adroid_Stock, Special Edition is a custom rom from the beginning with launcherpro instead adwlauncher.

Good luck hope everything works for you.

Changelog 2010-12-05

Fixed a few graphical miss in all the themes, and added Special Edition theme.

Edit : Added Blue Mix theme

Changelog 2010-12-03

Now is the rom updated,almost everything is updated all the apps etc..
No wipe needed if you come from version RC1,only wipe of dalvik cache.
Build a new updater-script
Kernel is changed to my own,built on erasmux flykernel12-pre1.
Default frequency is 352/576 MHz, use setcpu to speed up the range is 176/749 MHz
Calculator is from Sence 2.2
Lots of new features, including sms from lock screen
Changed out some of the wallpapers in ELWallpaper,feltraveller stands for the artworks,Thanks
And much more ......

Well as usual, I forgot something

If I have time I will port some more themes.

Changelog 2010-10-31

Made some changes on Htc_Stock-Android theme.

Added Htc Sence 2.2 calculator
Added Htc Sence 2.2 market application
Rebuild the look on the browser to htc stock look
Changed incoming calls unknown picture from Htc Sence 2.2 in the phone app
Changed statusbar header background from Htc Sence 2.2
Changed email icon to Htc Stock mail icon


Changelog 2010-10-30

Made a little fix for the browser in blackmod and elelinux_special themes,and I added twitterwidget that I modded today.

Screen >

Changelog 2010-10-29

Yep people now it's time for RC1'n

Updated database yesterday and compiled it , everything is the latest.
Many thanks to cyanogenmod for access to the source.

Although the kernel is still erasmux kernel, but now flykernel-11c Big thanks for this wonderful kernel.
Default frequency is 352 / 528 MHz, use setcpu to speed up.

Wipe the Dalvik cache applies if you come from version 2.2,otherwise I recommend wipe of everything.

Some facts about the rom ...

Latest youtube
Latest Adwlaunchern
Etc. ....

Have mentioned this earlier on 3G and H icon, cyanogenmod uses 3G / H with the same function which forced me to select a default icon, it was H.

But in Black_Xeth theme, I chose the 3G icon by default.

The journey has been long here, but now we are here at last, thanks good.I been compiled for many hours to reach this result, it became even a custom app on the road that lies in rom ELWallpapers..

Hope that rom is functioning satisfactorily for all.

Now it get a little whiskey tonight and maybe some beer,when I have some time again I start to look at Sense to Froyo.

But a small break it will be now anyway.

Enjoy elelinux

Changelog 2010-10-25 KL18:25

Uploaded the rom again was some issues with market,replaced all gapps.

The 2 terminals are actually only one,something from cyanogenmod will check it out.

And I forgot to remove my test for flash in the first version of 2.2

For those who have already downloaded version 2.2 and installed, download it again and flash it again,only wipe dalvik cache.

Was tired yesterday, sorry guys **** happens

Changelog 2010-10-24

My recommendations for this update.

Wipe of all,if you want to try without wipe, then wipe of Dalvik cache is necessary and if there would be any trouble then wipe of all.

Everything has been changed, run repo sync every day entire week of the databases lost´s of updates and after this release, it soon becomes RC1.

Almost all the apps are newer versions
Hero's latest propitary drivers
Cleaning up the database (my local)
Removed CMWallpaper and added ELWallpaper instead
Erasmux flykernel-11 is the default, to think of the kernel by default frequency is 176 / 528 MHz, use setcpu to speed on things.

+ Much more, as usual, I forgot something.

Some new features also, see screenshot.
To activate htc ime long press on the text field, select the input, on the same terms to get back stock android keyboard.

Rom feels really good, 3D gallery works nicely now after reading the first time, camera ok ............. etc..

Enjoy elelinux

Changelog 2010-10-07

Well time for a little update again build on cm6 2010-10-06
Thanks to cyanogenmod for well amost averything

Think will be enough with wipe of dalvik cache if you come from v 2.0 and if you have any trouble
then make clean install.

Hole base is updated
Camera is fixed
New default kernel is flykernel-11 Thanks to erasmux for his amazing kernel.
Default frequency is 528/352. Overclockable in the 176-749 range

Everything works perfect for me anyway and this rom is close to final i think,some small fix left.

Changelog 2010-09-29

A small update, it's time for that again.

Enough with the wipe of Dalvik cache if you come from version 1.9
Based in Cyanogen latest .
Added the same tweak as I have in the special edition.
VM heapsize is 32m as default (this should help those who have lag etc..)
Jit is enabled by default
Optimization of the entire system for stability and speed
Flykernel-10a with tweak init.rc
Removed maps brut.
Removed astro.
Added maps the ordinary
Added cyannogenmods own filemanager
Added cmstats
Added a bunch of new wallpapers in cmwallpaper a lot from AOSP
Baked in the latest gapps in rom than some I have removed theee can be added as an option.
As fast as special editions, but a nicer, I think.

Then on the H icon, when I read forums and so on with the cm source, they chose not to use the H icon at all, they have both 3G and HSDPA on 3G icon.With grounds of that,they mean it jumped too much between the networks, and it drain the battery. I chose to have H as a standard icon instead of 3G icon, but this is basically as before but you can see, H icon instead of 3G now, and H will also be shown on 3G but GPRS, G icon up instead.

If you have problems MMS check your APN settings so it is true.

I've probably forgotten a lot as usual.

Oops the themes in version 2.0 works even in Special_Edition

Changelog 2010-09-17

Then it was time for a version update to the last cm.
Have changed everything basically.
I've also changed the kernel to erasmux flykernel-10a, which is the default in this version.
Added a few new wallpapers in cyanogenmod wallpaper.
Have optimized everything for speed and stability.
I also have in v1.9 removed protips, VoiceSearch and spareparts, can add them as an option if there are requests for it.

I myself chose this time a full wipe of all, which I recommend, take a backup before.

Will try over the weekend or to port more themes also

Ooh forget couple of things to mapsbrut i updated and in the Swedish forum you find options for remove mapsbrut(all versions)

Changelog 2010-09-10

Well boys and girls it is time for a little update.
No wipe from the previous version I've tried it causes no problem for me anyway, for you
who have concerns make clean install.

The databases are updated a minor update, I would call it.

The update was done previously in Sweden, I did not have time here I went away and came home too late yesterday so I did today instead

As I said a minor update only the adwlaunchern changed version til 1.1.5. and databases.

Everything I tested works out of the box for me anyway

The themes have been changed to, have been ported over Sense and blackmod

Changelog 2010-09-05

I usually never add up fixes, but in this case I had because I forgot a few things in version 1.7, unfortunately.

It has certainly created some concern to some, only to regret.

Just flash version 1.7.1 no wipe needed from versions 1.6 or 1.7

The themes will work for this version same as 1.7

Changelog 2010-09-04

Then it was time for an update

No wipe if you come from version 1.6 thank god
Only flash over older version.

Have updated the source a little, a few new features
Many programs are updated and the latest Gapps (mdpi) built into rom.
Have done a bit differently this time, have picked out some google stuff
which can be downloaded as an option.

This is picked out:
CarHomeGoogle, CarHomeLauncher, ChromeToPhone, GoogleGoogles, GoogleQuickSearchBox
Maps, Protips, RomManager, SpareParts and VoiceDialer.

Adwlaunchern exchanged vers. 1.1.4
Powerwidgeten is new
Settings are exchanged
In principle, all apps are updated
Have added X10 digitalclock as default

Changed all / framework, does not mean so much to us in sweden but the rest of the world is happy enough anyway
is how much different language at any time now.

Erasmux flykernel-10 is still default kernel but go to his link to the xda if you want to change, to
recommend is flykernel-10a-BFS, will apparently save even more battery, have tried but have not noticed any difference.

TIP: In wireless networks and is the proxy ticked as default to WiFi, do not forget to tick it off.

A really nice fast and stable ROM, the only bug that is left is really bug 3G icon = H looks after the

Ported only BlackMod and Sense theme now for the moment, perhaps if time permits, it will be more.
Have removed the fonts from the themes, people have had problems with fonts, custom fonts can be downloaded as an option.

Well what can I say more then, because of time constraints there will be less support from me


And the changelog

ChangeLog 2010-08-28

After a little update, much unfortunately , It means wipe of all, I recommend it anyway.

Have replaced approximately 90% of all rum updated / + lib / framework / app + some.
This had to be the last to operate led-notifications required updating of all, unfortunately.

I have had two test pilots who fought as hell to find bugs as they have done well, but now everything works as it should, we have left the alpha stage and switched to beta in fact, everything works perfectly, which pleased mig.Stort thanks to D-Droid and Aniquibobo for all the troubles have put up with.

In both Sense and blackmod follows a digital clock X10's really neat

Roe hard ****ed in almost a week now before release to actually see that everything works.

As usual, when, it is automatic apps2sd tick unknown sources over the program a must for the ADP to function well.

What more can I say now that, wear it with clear health best froyo rum on the market a little cocky, you must be, with cruel erasmux kernel and my turn to get a froyorom that works this good, there is not time to buy a lot

There is however much you like to tell you about all the changes but can not stand.

ChangeLog 2010-08-24

Now update and Romans exchanged.
The only difference between v1.5 and verse 1.5.1 is support for ext3, you who have 1.5 and verse
everything works for you, there is no reason to change.

Many thanks to erasmux, flykernel-10

ChangeLog 2010-08-22

Now is time for a small but important update.

Have replaced the kernel of a new fine erasmux kernel
Added support for Ad-hoc support to v 0.5.11 Credit szym
Exchanged Voice Search the latest on the market
+ A bit small things

Kernel change was important, now has a rum stable and fast kernel with lots of options.

Have started working on finding a solution for point-notification, and some other small things, leave the rum starts beta stage and make a good living rom now.

EDIT: TAKE BACKUP BEFORE UPDATING, many have got rid of their settings and apps (but not really on the left to convert to ext2), missed the kernel supports only ext2.

One can convert its partion from ext2 to ext3 with adb command "sdparted-dfs ext2"

1: Start the phone in recovery mode (boot menu)
2: Start the terminal run the command "adb shell" to make contact.
3: The next command "-dfs sdparted ext2"
4: Clear reboot

Here's what it looks like no strange.


root @ ubuntu-laptop: / home / adb shell # esa * Note daemon running. starting it now * * daemon started successfully * / # sdparted dfs ext2-checking scripts Requirements ... done unmounting all partitions done ... You Have Chosen to downgrade / dev/block/mmcblk0p2 to ext2. this action-Will NOT delete Any data from sdcard. Do You Want To continue? (Y / N) y removing from journaling / dev/block/mmcblk0p2...done retrieving current information sdcard ... Model: SU16G SD (SD / MMC) Disk / dev/block/mmcblk0: 15.9GB Sector size (logical / physicalPath): 512B/512B Partition Table: msdos Number Start End Size Type File System Flags 1 512B 15.4GB 15.4GB primary fat32 LBA 2 15.4GB 15.9GB primary ext2 512M script log is located @ / data / sdparted.log / # root @ ubuntu-laptop: / home / esa #

Will try to catch this week and recompile the kernel erasmux and add support for ext3, but can not promise that it will be, has a pretty busy weeks ahead.

ChangeLog 2010-08-14

Put up 3 different Romme, successor to the verse 1.3.1.
Romans optimized for maximum speed and battery life.
Just flash over from vers.1.3, older versions when the wipe of everything.

Edit: 2010-08-14 KL19: 50
Swapped Sense and blackmod Romans, but solved it with white background and takes care of itself.


Quite basic android no graphical changes.


The beautiful Sense going blue. Thank you to the original theme of Tristan.


The beautiful blackmod theme that goes in black and white. Thanks to Gomorrah for the theme.

ChangeLog 2010-08-13 19:00

Just flash over verse 3.1
Built into lowmemory handling in the core + bit optimization
Now there is no need external software that controls memory management takes care of the heart.
Rolls really well

ChangeLog 2010-08-13

Wipe of all, it is applicable, read below and you will understand why.

Chose to redo all CyanogenMods latest source with all the updates even from 2010-08-12
Nightly builds.Tog it works well from there together with that worked well in my version 1.1.

Built on some features, but mainly roe stablil now, what I think is missing now is a core
which is built on the 2.6.32 source when roe is 100 percent but may be satisfactory to the source we have today, there are quite a few grains to download if you are not satisfied with that which is in rum, Ninpo to recommend and have Feeyo got together a great core.

Removed launcherpro it put to the fc'n when it had little time but also a sense of it for your memory.
Removed PhoneBook
Remove Switch Pro
Added AWDLaunchern
Added DPSManagern
Added CyanogenMods all programs (Mass nice extra features) blah you as a user himself tweak eg battery color + add% on how to retain the battery in the status bar + lots more.
Worked a lot with the graphics, hence the patch with the text color (Read the installation instructions)
Fixed boot animation oxå

Now we feel like it goes in the right direction, are incredibly happy with this ROM, everything works as I tried, and the nicest in my opinion, without a theme, just the small graphical changes I made.

It is certainly something I forgot but but it is in knots and jumping between different things.

Tip please use some kind of taskmanager type auto killer set at the optimum, froyo is like a tendency to want more memory than our heroes have.

Edit: Is that the test run in strict mode on auto killer actually feels even better.


ChangeLog 2010-08-11

Spawn update

The reason that it took some time is changed kernel source but had to go back to my old one, the mess too much with ninpo's latest kernel source

Added 3d gallery back version of the bug is fixed. Thanks to Feeyo Cronos
Replaced the entire / framework
Replaced the entire / lib
Replaced the camera, which is 100% Thank CyanogenMod
Has remained the core of the verse. 1.1
Boot Animation disappeared may watch it later prion pointed not so now.
Do not put any of the old themes if you have them at home when it works yet,
the portal of the old first.
+ A little småfix belonging to the
Unfortunately even go back to white statusbar in connection with a transfer of all of / framework but but
shall probably find a solution to it soon
You can install without wipe if you come from the previous verse.

To be continued with bit and start småfix tinker on a new kernel when I get some spare time.

TIP Please try ninpo's grains oxå really good

Is This near the bottom of the line will be different alt. in row


ChangeLog 2010-08-08

Roe is updated no wipe just to flash if you come from previous version.

Removed launcher2
Removed 3D gallery
Added launcherpro
Added astro
Added phonebook
Built a new default kernel after many swear words, etc. more like it makes sense
expect better battery life, added that elections to the Conservative setcpu, ondemand is still default.

COR settings 352MHz or above if the Conservative setcpu of courage would otherwise tend to sleep a bit too hard to be weird colors and så.Kör himself with 352/652 MHz Conservative courage it like my nap

Some graphical changes oxå status bar is black with white text, if someone wants it back, white scream I put it up oxå.

Here is an update to remove the 3d gallery

Working further on to find some sort of solution to the problem of camera.

Edit: Forgot this added a switch mods pro choice with up to seven different screen functions with snabbval.Se

ChangeLog 2010-07-23

Additional oc new kernel with support for most protocols + their modules and vpn script,
This kernel is perfect for those who need to access pptp mm.

ChangeLog 2010-07-23

When was the first stable version of froyo finished, well there are some things to tinker with.

Should work on the camera bug to begin with + some småpill, heart to see how people perceive it, it has been my biggest stumbling stone-puh

But but people may leave the thread what does not work I have not had time to test everything.

For those who wonder there are two pieces of roe galleries on the second one 3d 2d, 3d gallery is a bug patched in but I still think that it is tough which I chose to add the 2d gallery oxå.
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28th August 2010, 11:33 PM |#3  
C0mpu13rFr34k's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Randers NØ
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Awsome elelinux! Going to check ot the swedish forum
Looks like you double posted in your post lol
29th August 2010, 12:06 AM |#4  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 44
Have been waiting this for long!
Gonna try it now!
Thanks elelinux!
29th August 2010, 12:22 AM |#5  
elelinux's Avatar
OP Inactive Recognized Developer
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LOL this google translation is really strange
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29th August 2010, 12:33 AM |#6  
Senior Member
Flag Maple Ridge (close to Vancouver)
Thanks Meter: 196
flashing this now - very excited to try it out! :)
29th August 2010, 02:38 AM |#7  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 142
I think I have a disease!!!!

I flash Elelinux and it is amazing, then FroydVillian puts a new version out and I have to flash that rom because it is amazing. Then another release of this rom and I have to flash it because, well it must be even more amazing or why would they release another one. I think you get the picture.

It has gone from finding a froyo rom that works to finding two (at least) that are just over the top .....amazing.

Oh well, I have flashing down to 10 mins now, lol.

Thanks, I think.

29th August 2010, 03:51 AM |#8  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 5
Been using for half an hour now, very impressed, not found a single bug yet apart from not being able to use wifi during setup but was able to use it once i completed the setup wizard. Think I will be sticking to this rom for the foreseeable future, thanks a lot
29th August 2010, 05:32 AM |#9  
Senior Member
Flag Maple Ridge (close to Vancouver)
Thanks Meter: 196
ok, I'm seriously impressed ele.

This is terrific work. Without much fanfare you've managed to create a smoother gui response than I've had so far in any other froyo rom.

Performance is terrific. I haven't pushed it AT ALL yet so can't say what it'll be like over time, but my initial couple of hours are 100% excellent.

Actually using adw with it and enjoying it's slide themes (since the icons in the slide themes are ALL modded programmatically instead of some missing like in image replacement-based icon sets). I haven't tried lwp yet (which I typically find annoying with adw) but I'm ok without it if that turns out not to run well.

This is really excellent.

also got a gps fix ok, took a minute, but got one, on a day when all the satelites seem to be eluding my phones. so it's as good as usual there, which is fine with me.

Running the blackmod theme in it with an adw slide theme and beautiful widgets with a transparent background for the clock - this thing is sexy!

When I show it to my wife I know she's going to want it ;)
29th August 2010, 07:15 AM |#10  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 106
Thanks a lot ! Please Keep posting to xda and don't worry about your English.

Sent from my HTC Hero using XDA App
29th August 2010, 07:51 AM |#11  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 2
Wow.Silky gonna stick with this now.
Let see hows the battery life goes.
Fantastic. Thanks ele. Keep it up.

Sent from my HTC Hero using Tapatalk
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