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Presenting LeeDrOiD MOD, Android 2.2 FroYo & Sense....... Continued from here Expect future updates!

With thanks to: PaulObrien l UDk l RichardTrip l chainsDD l Fightspit l Cyanogen l TrinityEon l snq- l NeoPhyTe.x360 l Scar45 l Cyanogen l

Official Support Links:

» RSS Feeds from the mini-site

» LeeDrOiD mini-site Wiki (/FAQs)

» Chat live now or join #LeeDrOiD-ROMs on Freenode (

» Modified Kernel Source on github

What you get :
  • HTC Official FroYo Sense 2.2 FR91
  • Base - HTC RUU 2.29.405.5
  • Kernel @snq-
  • Optional O/C max frequency @1190mhz (using setCPU)
  • Default governor & frequency - "Smartass" @245-998mhz
  • Available CPU Governors - interactive, conservative, powersave, ondemand, performance & smartass!
  • Interface to query/set cpu supply voltages for every frequency MORE INFO
  • Increased read ahead buffer size to improve SD R/W performance("sdfix")
  • Improved 2D & 3D Graphics performance ("GPU+")
  • Reduced boot.img size (for those with bad blocks) Thanks snq-
  • /data/app/ zipaligned on boot
  • Cifs support & Manager
  • Supports EXT 2, 3 & 4 for A2SD+
  • A2SD+ Build de-odexed
  • Non A2SD+ build odexed
  • Non A2SD+ includes "mod install location" for FroYo A2SD (fat32)
  • Zipaligned to improve RAM performance
  • Bionic Nano command-line text editor support
  • Bionic Bash command shell support
  • Busybox
  • Heuge APN List
  • Quadrant benchamrks up to 1600!!
  • Reboot options in power menu Normal/Bootloader/Recovery/Hot Reboot (thanks to snq-)
  • Open VPN support
  • Very fast, Clean & stable
  • Video Capture, 720p & 480p
  • All App's in market for all regions
  • Track-Pad to wake & Unlock
  • New superuser permissions 2.3.5
  • Spare parts
  • Android Market V2.2.6
  • Updated Gmail V2.3.2
  • Updated Voice Search V2.1.0
  • Launcher2 & HTC Sense
  • HTC Get more widgets
  • HTC Battery widget
  • Voice dialer
  • Google Desk Clock
  • New High res Gallery 3D with pinch to zoom
  • Google Car Home V2.2.1
  • YouTube
  • Ad-Free + hosts
  • Gingerbread IME + Voice input!
  • DioPen IME
  • Android Genie Widget (News&Weather)
  • Includes - Titanium backup & ROM manager.
  • Lots of performance boosts!
  • Supported Languages: English, Czech, German, Espanol, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Korean, Greek, Turkish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Croatian. < All tested! (some locals may only be partial as they will not be coded into all applications)

Known Issues: NONE!!
  • Some CPU's may struggle with higher O/C values, if you experience instablilities try a lower clock speed.
  • You can check the mini-site Wiki category for the latest.

Change Log:

V2.5.0 FINAL FroYo Build
  • Set install location scripts fixed
  • SD speed tweak applied on boot
  • contact pictures in all apps fixed
  • Fixed USB Debugging issue
  • Updated Google maps
  • Updated Facebook
  • Updated Adobe flash player
  • Updated Titanium backup
  • Updated Rom Manager
  • Updated adfree hosts
  • Stability tweaks
  • Small Media tweaks

  • Updated Kernel > leedroid-110416 @snq-
  • Kernel - Upstream Linux update (
  • Default app install location set on 1st boot only
  • Fixed USB Debugging issue (can now be disabled)
  • Updated Market V2.3.6
  • Updated Maps V5.3.1
  • Few small cleanups

V2.4 >>>>>> Leave USB Debugging active! <<<<<<<
  • Full kernel change log lives HERE
  • Kernel - Updated Kernel V2.6.32.36-leedroid-110327 (Thanks to snq-!)
  • Kernel - Patched to
  • Kernel - Heavily optomized
  • Kernel - Huge code cleanups & fixes
  • Kernel - Updated battery charging algorithm
  • Kernel - Usb/gadget code backports
  • Kernel - Updates from Google/CAF (fb, gpu)
  • Kernel - Updates/fixes from HTC
  • Kernel - Extended CPU Vdd levels sysfs interface
  • Kernel - Call reording support (avs333) included by default
  • Car kit detection fixed!
  • Added protection against Malware Exploit for all pre-Gingerbread phones
  • Addressed IPV6 Security flaw present in Android 2.2 and below
  • Changed default GPS server location to Europe (faster fix)
  • Default app install location set to internal (1)
  • Forced USB Debugging enable on flash (Avoid boot issues)
  • Added optional "Stripped sense patch" (Removes HTC sense & related widgets)
  • Speed & Stability tweaks
  • Several cleanups
  • Hosts file updated
  • Updated Adobe flash V10.1
  • Updated Android Market
  • Updated GMail
  • Updated Google Maps
  • Updated YouTube
  • Updated Facebook
  • Updated Ad-Free
  • Updated Titanium Backup
  • Updated Rom Manager
  • Updated CIFS Manager
  • Updated adfree hosts
  • Removed Gmail unread count

V2.3d Full build
  • Patched to HTC OTA 2.29.405.5
  • Updated Busybox 1.7.3 > 1.18.1
  • AdFree hosts update fixed
  • Fixed international date format bug (thanks to aaargh777)
  • Increased Dalvik VM heap size 24m > 32m
  • Minor build.prop edits
  • Locales updated, Added - Greek & Japanese
  • Fixed vold.fstab (resolved sd mount issues)
  • Added Zipalign on boot for data/app/
  • Updated Google street view
  • Updated Titanium backup
  • Updated AdFree
  • Re-added "Mod install location" to No A2SD build

  • Patched to HTC OTA 2.29.405.5
  • Updated Busybox 1.7.3 > 1.18.1
  • AdFree fixed!
  • Fixed international date format bug (thanks to aaargh777)

  • Fixed & updated AdFree Hosts
  • Fixed Gallery 3D FC
  • Fully Optomised Framework & Rosie
  • Fixed Gingerbread IME "sym"
  • SU Symlink fixed
  • Updated Google Maps V5.0.0
  • Updated Android Market V2.2.7
  • Updated Facebook V1.5.0 and moved to /data
  • Updated Voice Search V2.2.1
  • Updated Rom Manager & Titanuim Backup
  • Fixed NoA2SD Build issues
  • NoA2SD build - moved Voice Search & Gallery3D to /data
  • Reverted vdd levels to Stock (some users experienced freezes)

V2.3 << This is not Gingerbread!
* = Thanks to snq-
  • Now using UpdateR scripts
  • Re-Based on HTC RUU 2.29.405.2
  • Updated Kernel *
  • 90% Charge issue fixed*
  • Increased Camera chip freq < Credits to Cyanogen
  • New Busybox_v1.16.2-leedroid *
  • New Bash 4.1.7 *
  • Fixed AutoBrightness < credits to robocik
  • Optimised framework (png's)
  • Amended CPU Voltages (Improved Battery performance)
  • All previous mods included
  • Added Gingerbread IME
  • Updated Android Market V2.2.6
  • Updated Google maps V4.7.0
  • Updated Gmail V2.3.2
  • Updated Voice Search V2.1.0
  • Updated Facebook V1.4.1
  • Updated Pre-installed "Market apps"
  • Updated Gallery 3D Higher res

Rom download links

LeeDrOiD 2.5.0 A2SD (Torrent)

LeeDrOiD 2.5.0 A2SD (FTP)

MD5# ee333d0b28dd046ca19492f2f1252d06
MD5 Checksum file

Direct LeeDrOiD ROM FTP Downloads
courtesy of


Optional flashable mods, patches (alternate links)

LeeDROiD StRiPpEd Sense patch
The above patch will remove HTC sense and all related widgets, default launcher and "fancy widget" will be included

Restore HTC Lockscreen
For "No sense" patch users

Remove Transparent app drawer

Alternative GPS configuration, (HTC Stock) North America

Browser unlimited Tabs

Download FlyIn Transition animations - > Youtube preview here <

Market Access (AKA Market Enabler)"

DSP Manager (Graphic EQ)


Android Contacts

Alternate WPA Supplicant - enable Ad-Hoc
The above patch will enable ad-hoc networking, Wifi will only work on channels 1-11 with this patch

Please Read Flashing guide & FAQ in the 2nd post

Donations recieved for all of my hard work, (and to get my new Desire) Additional thanks to: A Yeo l V Bhugun l K-J Peng l M Engelsman l R Fortelny l D Heye l H Mok-Shiang l C Dunn l J Herber l J Lehtomäki l G Hoeffl l K Dzerins l T Mæhle l B Wells l T Héno l S Payne l T Graupner l C Venn l A Yeo l S Di Lorenzo l T Watkin l P Biegel l R Norris l Protogenlabs l S Bains l M Tomimitsu l K roberts l M Lowndes l D Ruf l D Scott l N Roberts l D Jeffrey l O Yeneroglu l G Halligan l Z K l R Zhasil R Gunreben l E Viollet l R Goeldner l L Lumbewe l A Han l I Kastrisios l A Young l D Wibben l Lonedogg l S Kohl l B Helge l N Chaplin l O Stollar l S Piccand l T Tyrala l A K l T Fillion l J Wahlmann l C Heller l M Chang l R Logtenberg l L Levesque T Ettrich l A Dick l B Karl l D Pajaczkowski continued from here
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29th August 2010, 11:40 PM |#2  
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Donate to Me

  • Use either Amon RA or clockworkmod Recovery < also available via rom manager from the market.
  • if you want A2SD+ Ensure your SD Card is Partitioned with FAT32 & an EXT3 partition
  • Nandroid Backup
  • Full wipe Only required if coming from a non Froyo rom (but always recommended)
  • Flash Rom (you may need to toggle signature verifacation)
  • Flash Radio (unless you already have it)
  • Reboot (this may take a few mins on the initial boot)
  • Optional Flash your chosen theme

  • Moves apps & Dalvik cahche to your SD card
  • Lots of free internal memory!
  • You will be required to format you SD card with 2 partitions as laid out below

Partitioning your SD Card ready for A2SD+
  • Backup all data on you SD card (this will be wiped)
  • The card should be formatted with your standard FAT32 partition 1st followed by an EXT2/3 partition (I would recommend 512mb, EXT4 is also supported but may shorten the life of you SD card)
  • Linux users use GParted or a similar software.
  • For everyone else I would recommend using Rom Manager
  • Once you have downloaded ROM manager from the market, open the app and click partition SD Card, Select your EXT size and set 0mb for swap
  • Restore your data to your SD and the job is done.

  • Moves apps to your Fat32 partition (SD)
  • No EXT partition is required
  • Use "Mod Install Location" (included) to change you default install location.
  • please note, not all applications support direct install to your SD, you can install these and then move them via Sttings > Applications > Manage Applications

Possible issues and solutions
  • Maps does not show as installed in the market > go to Setting > Applications > all > and clear data & cache in market.
  • I Cant update some of the preinstalled apps even though they are in /data Remove them via Settings > applications, then install them from the market.
  • No mobile internet > go to Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > APN then clear defaults, if your settings dont install just enter them manually
  • I cant see some of the applications that come with the rom >If these are supposed to be included in the rom but do not show up, Try a full wipe
  • I have lost my clockwork recovery from my sd > Here it is,just drop it on your SD.
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29th August 2010, 11:41 PM |#3  
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2nd reservation
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29th August 2010, 11:42 PM |#4  
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WOOOOOT!!! 1st in an EPIC ROM Thread Downloading/Seeding asap

Edit: If ya need early seeders
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29th August 2010, 11:43 PM |#5  
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Yassss been holding back on flashing waiting for this

Ps. Second lol.
29th August 2010, 11:46 PM |#6  
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Very nice! everyone seems to be making new threads!
29th August 2010, 11:47 PM |#7  
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Thanks! Amazing work!
29th August 2010, 11:48 PM |#8  
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Talking Looks good
Wow this page looks great Lee. Good job man. And looking forward to many more
months of great support and upgrade.

To Lee and his great rom

LeeDroid Forever!
29th August 2010, 11:50 PM |#9  
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Excellent stuff, I knew this was worth staying up for Cheers LeeDroid!!!

Edited to say: SEEDING NOW
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29th August 2010, 11:54 PM |#10  
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Lee, happy to seed.
29th August 2010, 11:55 PM |#11  
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I will get it up as quick as poss all! Women are not the only ones whon can multitask
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