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Welcome to the HyperDroid-CM7 (CyanogenMod 7 for LEO Edition)
Designed and Optimized just for the HD2!

The Ultimate CyanogenMod 7 Android ROM for the HD2 (HTC LEO)! BUILT from SOURCE, Then TWEAKED for PERFORMANCE!
You've tried the REST... NOW its time to try ONE of the BEST...

Almost 1 Million Downloads...
More Than 5 Million Page Views...
We. Are. HyperDroid.

Feel Free to Drop by and say Hi!



This used to be the thread of my CM build for SD... using it again so that old users can easily find it since its heavily associated with the CyanogenMod Series!


If you have used any of my previous ROM's (HyperROM for WinMo back in the day AND HyperDroid CM6.1 for Android SD), you'll know that I build these to be Clean, Fast, Minimal and as Stable as Realistically Possible. (YMMV, of course)

I originally built this for my personal use and offer no guarantees except that I personally use this ROM and it's passed my standards for daily use as well as my 4 year old son's since he plays the games I download on the device.

In the spirit of the open source community, allow me to share and give back to something I enjoy participating in--- Tweaking my Gadgets to Death... yes, to death...

I am not a developer nor do I aim to be called as such. I believe this should be reserved for the real people who do the work behind the scenes and in the trenches of kernel hacking and coding.

I am an extreme gadget enthusiast or simply a Gadget Geek... The work I do is to build from source then put together bits and pieces of what works and what looks good to create a gadget experience that is elegant, polished, minimalist and functional (E-P-M-F).

From my HyperROM WinMO ROM roots to today, I've always liked using and sharing a ROM that meets my E-P-M-F aspirations for a gadget. Today I bring you my personal twist on an Android ROM based on CyanogenMod7.

Again, THIS is NOT a PORT... its Completely Built FROM SOURCE, Then Fully Optimized and Tweaked for the HD2!

From v3.0.0 onwards, this version is being maintained by the HyperDroid Dev Crew:

Huge props to:
ihlades: for allowing me to build off Redux and helping me figure stuff out (saved me a lot of time)
cyanogen: for the various useful features and functions... Android is better because of you
AdamG: for the tweaks on AOSP and contributions to Android...
charansingh: for his work on the vendor related stuff for the HD2...
tytung: for his work on the kernel, vold, gps and openly exchanging code with me to make both our builds that much better.
Tricalibur and Veyka: for their generosity in sharing Unlimited Bandwidth FTP for these ROM's
doctorcete: for helping me test the ROMs over and above the call of duty. breaking what I don't break myself For adding the finishing touches on certain Framework Tweaks as well, I am grateful!
D4rk50ul: for helping rework the posts on the first page and being a helpful troubleshooter that has allowed me to fix a lot of small details. The go to guy re: GPS stuff for HyperDroid... trust me!
pinDemon: for creating an awesome video guide for HyperDroid! (more to come)
karendar, slashas69, seadersn, fhasovic, Nikola G., discohk, Yz.hd: for their time, contributions and methods of testing out the [email protected]#$% out of these ROM's and helping make it a True Community Effort (thread support, chatzy support, etc.)


In essence, if you like what you see feel free to download it directly by clicking the appropriate link below!

Upgrading is possible and theoretically safe... unless stated other wise. However, due to the complexity of different settings, applications installed, and Android system itself this upgrading would be unsupported officially and in case a bug arises we cannot provide official support other than trying full wipe.
You have been Warned.
Therefore a full wipe is always advisable to minimize errors and get proper support (everything is tested on all defaults).



You must be running MAGLDR 1.13 and a compatible ClockWorkMod to use this link.



You must be running cLK and a compatible ClockWorkMod to use this link. Advanced Users Only.


GET Future Hotfixes for MAGLDR and cLK HERE

Wanna change the way your phone looks? Check out these GREAT themes by sonnysekhon HERE!

Don't forget to checkout this post for the latest Hotfixes (if applicable to the version you're on right now, of course)


  • Do a Nandroid Backup before Installing or Updating ANYTHING!
  • Read the F.A.Q. in Post #2
  • Download and Install the file above (CWM)
  • Go to the Bottom of the page and Install any updates via CWM (updates will have the prefix *HyperDroid)
  • You want to be able to charge when off, use fastboot, reboot to recovery and Rom Manager (for future potential OTA updates)? Install cLK as shown in the F.A.Q link on page #2 and use the cLK version above.
  • Discussion for Latest Release begins HERE...
  • Completely Stock Version Discontinued at the moment


  • Clean, Minimalistic, Dark, Fast UI
  • LCD Density at 192 by default (easily changeable using a Root file manager and editing the build.prop; I use and highly recommend 167)
  • Built from source Based on CM7 Sources (
  • Lucid + Minimalist Theme by Sonnysekhon, david1171and djdarkknight (mixed version by pongster and seadersn)
  • Minimalist HyperDroid Wall by Neurotica (Thanks buddy! He can make walls for you too, if his time allows.)
  • Apps2sdExt support (install detects ext partition (if available) and installs apk's on sd-ext) (Thanks to DarkTremor!)
  • Auto Zipalign script (ensures your apps use RAM efficiently)
  • Fastest Customizable Launcher (ADWLauncher)
  • Clean, Readable Font (Segoe Small Regular Font)
  • Some Apps from Minimalist by david1171 and DarkGinger by djdarkknight
  • Boot Animation by clyder
  • Shows "H" when connected to a HSDPA network
  • So much more... (check the changelog)


Patched files:

  • Improved libhtc_ril_wrapper for more stable PPP connections on cLK (thanks to cedesmith and LeTama)
  • Improved 720p Playback (Stagefright libs)
  • patched libsqlite (faster IO and less Disk Usage) by ownhere
  • GPS Fix from tytung (older version by gauner1986 and Diem)
  • GPS.conf tweaks by D4rk5oul
  • SDCard Readahead script by brainmaster
  • tweaked initrd.gz by tytung
  • Various Fixes by ihlades, pongster, seadersn, doctorcete, fhasovic


What works:

  • 3G / Data
  • Audio (Thanks to drizztje for v5)
  • Bluetooth
  • Updated zoneinfo data to 2011n....thanx to hashnon
  • BT in standby fixed by Trilu and charansingh (Huge props to both!)
  • GPS is working (No 60mA battery drain issue.) (Props to tytung! Old version by Gauner1986 & Diem)
  • Network Location
  • Wi-Fi
  • FM Radio
  • Phone
  • Camera
  • Camcorder
  • USB Tethering
  • USB Mass Storage (latest vold thanks to tytung)
  • LED Charging Lights (Thanks to iamgpc)
  • LED Notification Lights (Thanks to iamgpc & tytung)
  • Auto Backlight (Thanks to iamgpc)
  • WiFi Tethering/Hotspot (thanks to tytung and charansingh)


4. Known Issues



Updates for HyperDroid-CM7:

None at the Moment but stay tuned!!


Seader_R9 based on tytung R14 kernel which is very stable base. (Head to tytung's Kernel thread for the source and seader's site for his changes)



ihlades, Cyanogen, Cotulla, AdamG, TYTung, Dr1337, huanyu, Hastarin, Markinus, Letama, Rajko, Gauner1986, Dan1j3l, RaiderX303, Rafpigna, mdeejay, lesjaw, Sonnysekhon, David1171, crawlingcity, charansingh, iamgpc, trilu, tyween, 2000impreza, fhasovic, B.Maximenko, seadersn, brainmaster, AngelDeath, D4rk5oul, doctorcete, arif-ali, the_scotsman, noellenchris, and the Official HyperDroid Beta Test Team!


Hope you Enjoy the ROM as much as we enjoyed building it and sharing it for your Personal Computing!

If you're feeling generous and are enjoying the ROM please consider donating for the time spent developing it during our free time. A little goes a long way. The ROM will always remain free.

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Talking FAQ thanks to D4rk50ul


Created by PinDemon


This guide is assuming you have a completely stock HTC HD2 running Windows Mobile 6.5.

You should ALWAYS turn OFF Anti-Virus and Sleep/Hibernation/Screensavers while Flashing

1. Install HSPL 2.08 onto your device by following the directions in that thread or by watching the above video.

2. Install the newest version of MAGLDR. Unzip the file into a folder on your desktop for easy access. With the phone off Power up your device by holding the volume down button and red power button at the same time. You should see a rainbow colored screen as shown in the video above. RIGHT Click the ROMUpdateUtility.exe file and "Run as Administrator". Follow the on screen instructions. When the process is finished your phone should now boot into MAGLDR with a Kernel failed to load error.

3. Download the appropriate ClockWorkMod 150MB file from HERE. Extract this file into a folder on your desktop in preparation. On the Phone select the option 5. USB Flasher using the Volume Down hardkey and press the Green Send button to confirm. Connect the phone to your PC with USB cable and wait until it says USB connected. Go to your ClockWorkMod folder and RIGHT CLICK on the DAF.exe file and "Run as Administrator". Follow the on screen instructions. **If you want the newest version of CWM before flashing the above file, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions.

4. You now have all the tools to install HyperDroid on your device. Insert your SD card into a card reader and connect to your PC. Copy the MAGLDR version zip of the ROM to the root of the card. DO NOT USE MAGLDR USB MASS STORAGE TO TRANSFER ROM FILES IT CAN CORRUPT THEM. Place the SD card back into your phone and press and HOLD the power button until the MAGLDR menu appears again. Select option 9. AD Recovery. Select the option "install zip from sdcard" with the volume up/down keys and confirm with green send button. Choose the ROM file and press the Green button. Scroll down to YES and press the Green button. Wait. You have successfully installed the awesomeness that is HyperDroid onto your Device.

5. For future use when upgrading versions. ClockWorkMod's NANDROID BACKUP IS YOUR FRIEND PLEASE USE IT BEFORE FLASHING ANYTHING NEW TO YOUR DEVICE. The "wipe data/factory reset" option in ClockWorkMod will completely reset or (Full Wipe) your device. You still need to go to the "advanced" option and "Wipe Dalvik Cache" as well. If you are trying to keep your data just choose the two options "wipe cache partition" from the main menu and "wipe dalvik cache" option from the advanced menu, then install the new version with "install zip from sd card".



Follow this great Installation guide provided by Newman180 with pictures and clickable links!
It's a 30MB download and not recommended to run from your mobile device.

Want the latest cLK from cedesmith? >>>>>>> CLICK HERE!

Looking for the latest and greatest cLK ClockWorkMod by seadersn? >>>>>>> CLICK HERE!


What is Hyperdroid by Pongster?
It's an Android NAND rom for HD2 that puts style, speed and stability into one. It can be considered a minimalistic ROM.

When will the next version be released?
It'll be done when it's done. Until then...

Is Hyperdroid a Sense ROM?
No, therefore all the apps and widgets that require sense will not work ie. Friendstream

What CWM recovery size should i use? EU HD2 USERS THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT!
150 mb is the correct one and the most system space you will need for this or the CM7 HyperDroid!
Do NOT use the 250 mb partition or higher, the ROM may malfunction!!! You have been warned!!!
For extra space you can follow this guide to create a custom partition size and get the most out of your NAND space!
dertester123's Tutorial can be found here!

I'm getting Robotic Voice, I thought this was Fixed!
Unfortunately this has not been completely fixed as of yet, and we as you are eagerly awaiting its final demise. For now go to Settings/Sounds then uncheck audible touch tones. Place a phone call and when finished reboot.

What is the PIN CODE to use in the video pinDemon made so I can haz Android working?

Why are the icons so small?
Because the density of the screen is set to 167. If u don't like it use either the terminal or any root enabled file explorer like THIS and edit the /system/build.prop file. Find and change the number in the line "ro.sf.lcd_density=167" to 240 for stock android DPI. You can also do this before flashing the ROM by using a tool such as WINRAR to edit the file in the ROM without unzipping it.

GPS is slow what can I do to fix it?
Open the /system/etc/gps.conf file with a root text editor and change the top four servers. Change the "us" to your country code such as "cn". There are other fixes available on XDA but unfortunately GPS is never going to be native like until DEVS build the proper system files needed.

Why do some applications only extend up to a smaller part of the screen?
Probably because you did not UNcheck compatibility mode in spare parts app as advised. Do it and everything will appear normally. If you are still having issues it is the APP itself and only changing the system density will solve your issue.

ZOMG Angry Birds and/or (insert game/app here) Force closes on me what do I do?
Open your settings menu and go to the Applications sub menu. Select the misbehaving application and press the "Move to Phone" button. All Apps we've tested work from the SD Card (Fat32, Old School Move Apps to SD)

Will there be a DFT flashable version or sd version?
No. Recovery Mods such as ClockWorkMod are the future due to functionality and ease of use. They feature the Nandroid backup feature and it is strongly advised to do Nandroid backups regularly. If you prefer Titanium backup it's your choice, but don't argue about it. If you choose to use Titanium or MyBackup and experience bugs, we probably won't be able to help you because the restore itself could have caused the issue.

I am afraid of flashing CWM recovery, help me?
Installing CWM recovery is as easy as flashing HSPL or MGLDR. You will still have HSPL and MGLDR installed so you can uninstall CWM at any time. CWM allows you to do nandroid backups and therefore to restore any NAND rom in a minimum amount of time.

What is free memory?
The free memory shown in the app manager is the memory left on NAND for your /data partition. (it does not include sd card or sd-ext): Free memory = Total NAND memory (512 for RU 1024 for TMOUS) - CWM recovery (system files) - Apps installed on NAND.

Why do i have only less than 10mb of free memory left?
Because you probably used the wrong CWM recovery size. Use the 150MB ClockWorkMod partition.
If you are using the proper 150mb CMW recovery image you should have about 250 mb free with EU HD2.

Why do i freeze on the ANDROID white logo after the install?
You missed a step, installed something wrong, or haven't properly prepared your SD card. Please follow the installation instructions and try again. FULL WIPE the device if all else fails.

My SD card is slow, the camera crashes, or my gallery takes forever to load up.
I highly recommend you backup then reformat your SD card with the largest block size you can. This will greatly enhance data throughput. A FAT32 main partition with 32kb Clusters is the recommended size, although on smaller cards you may only be able to do 16kb. Also try the app called QUICKPIC in the market, it loads much quicker than stock Android Gallery.

How can i install the zip on sd-card?
Either by putting your sd-card in a card reader and downloading via your computer, or by clicking the link directly with your phone. You can place the file wherever you want on the sd card FAT main partition.

Can Hyperdroid install apps on sd-ext or use a2sd+?
If you have a primary ext3 or ext 4 partition (1024 mb is enough) AFTER the FAT 32 partition, Hyperdroid will automatically install your apps there. More specifically: app, app-private and dalvik-cache are moved to the sdcard.

What does App2sd mean?
The HyperDroid rom has Apps2sdExt support. The install detects an ext partition (if available) and installs apk's
on sd-ext. It means that applications are installed into an ext partition on the SDcard.
However, lib data of installed applications are still in phone memory.
If you use Titanium and Root Explorer, you will see that the sd-ext folder are full of your installed application.
This is NOT data2sd (which can quickly corrupt your data if your not careful) so "Internal Storage" is NOT equal to your ext partition storage.

What is sd-ext?
sd-ext is the mount point for the 2nd primary ext2/3/4 partition on the sdcard.

Do i need an sd ext partition?
If you want more space on your NAND yes, it is very useful but it is still optional. There is no windows app to format in ext3/ext4, so download Gparted Live CD from here or use a linux virtual machine. There is a guide on how to do this here on XDA, CLICK ME!

But that looks complicated! How do I make a ext partition on my SD card using ClockWorkMod?
Boot into MAGLDR (Power On and HOLD the Power Button till MAGLDR options are shown)
Boot into option 9. AD Recovery to enter CWM Recovery Mode
Once in CWM choose advanced, then choose Partition SD card, then choose the size of the partition (Maximum of 1024M recommended)
The choose 0 for the swap and partition away.

Can Hyperdroid be installed after WP7?
Yes but you must repartition and format your sdcard into either one primary FAT 32 partition, or a primary FAT 32 followed by a primary EXT3 or EXT4 partition.

Can i install Hyperdroid after another Android NAND rom?
Yes but check you have the correct CMW recovery size (for HyperDroid 150 mb), do a full wipe (sd-card fat32; and use CMW to clear data, cache and dalvik cache)

What about battery life?
Battery drain is very low (2-5 ma for me in standby). If you want to have optimal battery standby options install Superpower from the market.

Does Bluetooth buttons and stock headset buttons work?
Yes they do, if they don't it's the app your using which is in cause.

Can you change the ____ I like how it looks better.
No I can't but YOU can. This is an OPEN SOURCE project. You are welcome to change anything about it.

Live Support now Available for HyperDroid!
Users can now log into the following chatroom LIVE SUPPORT and receive real-time assistance.
Live Support is offered with the understanding that the HyperDroid team does this in their spare time, and will not be available at all times. You are free to work with other users present in the chatroom to help each other out!


Custom User set Voltage values via init.d script (thanks to snq-, hastarin, 2000impreza, tyween) Follow the syntax here.
OR use the init.d script 12vddlevels HERE

Here's a link to Tytungs awesome Kernels that are used as the source in the stock ROM.
CLICK ME! Here is the config file seader used for the kernel we use in this current ROM.
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Wink HyperDroid Lab Updates & Changelogs:

HyperDroid Lab Updates:

Updates, Updates, Updates: Everybody Loves Updates!

Killer Koala(HyperDroid-CM7-v5.5.0)
  • fixed Dialer stuff (both transparency and 240 should be fixed)
  • updated ramscripts to juwe11
  • changed battery icons to fit theme
  • added new maps by ownhere
  • updated theme a litle bit about new lockscreen (no more green or red bubbles) although I would want them not to be bubbles and be plain flat
  • Updated to Seader [R9] kernel
  • removed the red and green from the lockscreen
  • bubbbles and the circles
  • updated init.d scripts for better ram handling
  • used latest CM7 sources
  • added VPN fix from arne182
  • included Bravia Engine (although I have no idea if its doing anything
  • included updated Time Zone list to 2011l (credits: hashnon)
  • new wifi drivers.....seader knows the location of where they are downloaded
  • other small stuff not important for users like new boot animation, theming tweaks,
  • added tytungs Leo AGPS Injector........
  • Updated timezones
  • gapps all newest (exept vending.apk)
  • new battery icons
  • ramscript updated
  • Dialer semitransparent, supports multidpi
  • it backups your batt stats.bin so you wont have to recalibrate unless its corrupted and
  • funs a fix permission script at end of flashing, to avoid permissions errors
  • New bootanimation by Clyder
  • Retained hyperdroid-launcherpro
  • edited ringselector for dpi stuff

- <- wlan firmware
- kernel: included interactivex gov

Jumping Jaguar (HyperDroid-CM7-v5.3.0)
  • Synced to CM7 sources (based on latest CM7 code merged as shown on
  • CyanogenMod 7.1.0 RC0 2.3.7 (For Leo NOT any other device)
    Issues Fixed:
    -mms.apk not displaying correct time
    -blurry mms
    -The issue with not being able to watch a youtube video for longer that 6 minutes
    -Several "under the hood" fixes
  • tytung's latest gps lib (all credits to tytung)
  • All new custom kernel by seadersn (seader_R7) based on tytung_R12.4p3 source (.config file available here)
  • enabled two new governors for testing purposes
  • lowered the minimum frequency for testing purposes aswell.

Insightful Impala (HyperDroid-CM7-v3.0.0)
  • Synced to CM7 sources (based on latest CM7 code merged as shown on as of 7:00PM August 31, 2011
  • -CyanogenMod 7.1.0 RC0 2.3.5 (For Leo NOT any other device)
    -bugfixes & translations update
    -Framework changes
    -Stagefright Changes
    -Updated CMParts, Email, Browser, Phone, Settings
  • Default DPI now 192 from 167
  • juwe11's RAM tweaks
  • gapps-gb-20110613 version used (market should no longer autoupdate and work on all dpi's) if you want the new market, I'm sure you have an apk of it ready for installing... hope devs correctly mark their apps as compatible on all dpi's soon though.
  • Contacts/Dialer Transparency Removed (to allow proper alignment of dialer at 240)
  • tytung's latest gps lib (all credits to tytung)
  • All new custom kernel by seadersn (seader_R5) based on tytung_R11 source (.config file available here)

Heady Honeybadger (HyperDroid-CM7-v2.1.0)
  • Synced to CM7 sources (based on latest CM7 code merged as shown on as of 7:00PM May 29, 2011
  • -CyanogenMod 7.1.0 RC0 2.3.4 (For Leo NOT any other device)
    -bugfixes & translations update
    -Framework changes
    -Stagefright Changes
    -Updated CMParts, Email, Browser, Phone, Settings
  • tytungR10
  • tytung's vold (to fix USB Storage) USB Debugging Icon not showing is a known issue/feature.
  • tytung's gps lib (all credits to tytung)
  • Thanks to cyanogen for the dhcpd (name of interface) to enable wifi to work properly
  • Gingerbread Keyboard with Soft Arrow Keys (can be hidden) thanks to doctorcete for the MOD and Steven Lin for allowing us to use his App as default ( OR

Gregarious Greyhound (HyperDroid-CM7-v2.0.1)
  • Synced to CM7 sources (based on latest CM7 code merged as shown on as of 5:00PM April 26, 2011
    -CyanogenMod 7.0.2 Final/Stable (For Leo NOT any other device)
    -bugfixes & translations update
    -New Framework Tweaks (animations) by doctorcete (Huge props man!!!)
    -newest libhtc_ril_wrapper beta4 by cedesmith (Great work cedesmith!)
  • GPS.conf by D4rk50ul (Amazing work here buddy!)
  • HD2 Specific LED Settings in CMParts (even more than usual thanks to doctorcete)
  • Updated Apps: ADW, CMParts, ContactsProvider, TelephonyProvider, Email, Stagefright libs, etc.
  • Tablet Tweaks Enabled (Set soft buttons in CM Settings)
  • Newest initrd by crawling, edited by seadersn for HyperDroid

Fearless Falcon(HyperDroid-CM7-v2.0.0)
  • Synced to CM7 sources (based on latest CM7 code merged as shown on as of 5:00PM April 17, 2011
    -CM7 Stable (before 7.0.1 arrives)
    -bugfixes & translations update
    -Settings Fixes (Removed Trackball Wake, Included LED Notifcations)
    -Framework & SystemUI changes
    -FileManager, Settings, Browser, Mms, CMParts, AccountsAndSyncSettings, Calendar, DSPManager
  • TytungR9 as default kernel
  • Updated Market to 2.3.6
  • Fixed YouTube Crashing on certain videos (Reverted to stock animations)
  • Newest Stagefright libs to fix Race Issue
  • GPS.conf with code from AngelDeath and D4rk50ul
  • SD Card Read ahead tweak by brainmaster
  • htcleo.acdb from iamgpc

Ecstatic Eagle(HyperDroid-CM7-v1.0.4)
  • Synced to CM7 sources (based on latest CM7 code merged as shown on as of 1:00AM Mar 27, 2011
    -bugfixes & translations update
    -Contacts App with default tab
    -Browser Fix
    -Settings Fixes
    -Framework & SystemUI changes (reverted one commit which broke the lockscreen for LCDDensities below 180)
    -bugfixes & translations update
    -stagefright update
    -Pacman, DeskClock, Mms, Phone, Settings, CMParts
  • New kernel tytung_r8.3
    -BT drain fix by Trilu and charansingh
    -BTRFS Support
    -latest cLK patches
    -latest kernel patches (check out source from tytung)
  • Apps in SD now working as it was in Bearcat (Games and all sorts of apps from fat32 partition) thanks to @athulag for inspecting @edangel's logcat closely

Deliberate Diamondback(HyperDroid-CM7-v1.0.3)
  • Synced to CM7 latest updates (based on latest CM7 code merged as shown on (mostly bugfixes) as of March 21 11:55pm Philippine Time
  • Changed kernel to tytung_r7 (experimental kernels will be for the team to test and if proven stable, config changes could find their way to the main kernel) This will ensure kernel development is focused on the highly tested and stable tytung_r* series. vddlevels scripts can be used to Undervolt at the users choice.
  • Fixed FM Radio
  • Fixed WiFi Tethering using PPP (No more misplaced WiFi Tether icon when not enabled)

Cheerful Cheetah(HyperDroid-CM7-v1.0.2)
  • Synced to CM7 latest updates (based on latest CM7 code merged as shown on (mostly bugfixes) as of March 16 11:55pm Philippine Time
  • New HyperKernel-v6.0 (cLK support, UV 925, Custom UV via init.d scripts, and more... checke kernel info on post above)
  • Tweaked the theme to remove "banding" gradients for some parts

Boisterous Bearcat (HyperDroid-CM7-v1.0.1)
  • Bugfixes to Kernel (Fix broken Rotation for some users and SOD for some users)
  • Included Smartass Governor, NILFS, BTRFS and ReiserFS support in HyperKernel-v2.0
  • Built From Source on March 10 including latest commits (based on latest CM7 code merged as shown on
  • Using libaudio from iamgpc for in-call volume setting
  • Cleaned Up /etc/firmware

Adventurous Armadillo (HyperDroid-CM7-v1.0)
  • Initial Release
  • Built From Source (based on latest CM7 code merged as shown on
  • Themed using a mix of Lucid by sonnysekhon & Minimalist by david1171 & DarkGinger
  • Built at a different time than the nightlies (newer commits may be included by the time I rebase and build)


Note: Due to its Bleeding Edge Nature, Some stuff may not work as you might expect.

Please follow the Bug Reporting Process I outlined on the thread.

Just to be sure, here it is right here:

How To File a Bug Report with Logcat:

  1. Install android sdk
  2. Install drivers for adb on PC
  3. connect phone to PC
  4. open cmd.exe
  5. type 'adb logcat' without the quotes
  6. start the app that causes the issues
  7. wait for the app to close or get to the error
  8. copy logcat contents and put in pastebin
  9. copy pastebin links here

  1. Install "alogcat" from Market
  2. Run it to get log until your Issue pops up
  3. copy logcat contents and put in pastebin
  4. copy pastebin links here

Before filing a bug report, please consider the answer to these:

1. Is the bug reproducible?
2. How do you reproduce it?
3. What is the expected behavior?
4. What actually happens?
5. Do you have a Task Killer running?
6. Are you on the default Kernel?
7. Did you restore using Titanium Backup?

Info Needed:

1. Are you using the default kernel? Y or N
2. If using a custom kernel are you loading the correct bcm4329.ko and tun.ko? Y or N
3. Are you using wiping data before flashing? Y or N
3. Are you using the default setup of the build? Y or N

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Post Hotfixes
3.0.1 Click this link to get the Insightful Impala Hotfix by seadersn!!!

__________________________________________________ _____________

Hotfix for HyperDroid-CM7-v2.0.1

Recommended hotfix for all v2.0.1 users that fixes several visual bugs in the Contacts and Phone apps respectively. (Thanks to doctorcete for putting it in CWM flashable zip format)
  1. Download
  2. Install via CWM
  3. Reboot and Enjoy!
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30th August 2010, 09:33 AM |#5  
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Red face
reserved for me...
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30th August 2010, 09:34 AM |#6  
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just in case...
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30th August 2010, 09:34 AM |#7  
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for good measure...
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30th August 2010, 09:39 AM |#8  
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Pongster? Really? I'm all over this Android ROM!!!
30th August 2010, 09:40 AM |#9  
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another one...sounds great!
Welcome and good luck!
30th August 2010, 09:42 AM |#10  
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Nice bro, downloading right now.
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30th August 2010, 09:46 AM |#11  
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very nice will try it right away
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