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[ROM] [20/06] Pre-rooted Stock Froyo (2.29.405.5) [Optional mods]

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By teppic74, Retired Recognized Developer on 3rd September 2010, 11:13 PM
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Note: a pre-rooted Gingerbreak stock ROM is now available (see signature).

This is a rooted stock ROM, based on HTC 2.10.405.2, or 2.29.405.2/2.29.405.5.

For the basic rooted-only ROMs:
  • Added root (including busybox)
  • Superuser App - (ChainsDD)
  • Boot sound disabled

The idea behind this is that you get a base ROM that is stock with root, and pretty much nothing else, and then get to choose which changes you want from a set of mods I've put together. I haven't tweaked or changed anything in the stock ROM, no apps are removed or updated (see mod below to restore the boot sound). Choose this first ROM if you don't want to change anything at all, and you simply want a rooted stock ROM, or see below for more options.

You should do a full wipe in recovery before installing the ROM. If you are coming from an official (unrooted) stock ROM, this may not be necessary.

Download 2.10.405.2 Stock ROM with Radio (2.0) - updated

Changes: 2.0 - remove bash from base, update to latest Superuser app, fix file permissions to be an exact copy of stock.

2.10.405.2 INIT.D ROM v2.0

This version is mostly identical to the first except it has a minor mod to enable init.d scripts. No scripts are included, so this won't affect anything in itself. However, it gives much greater flexibility for mods, and is required if you want to make some of the changes below. This version of the ROM doesn't include the radio, so you must flash an up to date version yourself if you don't have one already. You do not have to install the first ROM before this. Updates: latest Superuser app and new boot image (closer to stock).

Download ROM with init.d Support (2.0)


2.29.405.2/5 INIT.D ROM v3.0 | v3.1

This is the latest HTC unbranded release. The base ROM is as described above, including init.d support, with no other modifications. Choose this if you want to install the latest rooted stock ROM. The mods below are not all compatible with this newer ROM, so it is important to install only those that are marked as compatible. The 2.29.405.5 is a very minor update from 2.29.405.2; you can install this directly, you do not need to install 2.29.405.2 first.

If you are upgrading from an earlier pre-rooted ROM you may be able to do this without wiping your data, though a wipe is recommended as usual if you experience any problems. To upgrade without wiping you must re-install your previous mods immediately following the ROM's installation. For example, if you have updated your system apps, by installing the new ROM these will be replaced with older versions, and so you must first run the update apps mod again before booting the phone. If you do not, you will certainly get problems. However, if you perform a full wipe, you do not need to worry about any of these things.

The radio supplied by HTC with this ROM is and so is the recommended one for you to flash.

Download 2.29.405.2 ROM

Download 2.29.405.5 ROM (the name on the download is mislabelled.)

Download radio


Below are some mods to this ROM. They are purely optional, and of course take you further away from the stock ROM. Remember that all of these mods are designed to work with this ROM specifically, and not others.

POWERSAVING MODPACK (1.6) - v3 compatible - updated || 18/10

This update works only with the second ROM with init.d. It adds a few things to the ROM:
  • Perflock disabler - lets your phone consume less power when idle
  • Ondemand governor - for good power/performance
  • Undervolt - reduces the overall power your phone uses
  • Screenstate scaling - scales down CPU usage depending on battery level and screen state
  • CFQ scheduler - improved general performance

This modpack will improve battery life over stock, and also improve performance a little. 1.4: new CPU scaling. 1.5: size reduced by over 5 times, no functional change. 1.6: switch to ondemand, less performance drop with battery life reduction.

For the v3.0 ROM you must download version 1.6 of the mod from here.


This works as an alternative to the above powersaving modpack. Flashing this will replace the other and vice versa. This version conserves more power by using the conservative governor (new) instead of the interactive, and cuts the processor maximum speed to 800MHz when the battery reaches 80%. Thus performance will suffer a little (unless you are running while charging), but battery life will be increased. Download here.

FLASH PLUGIN SYSTEM REPLACEMENT (1.7) - v3 compatible - updated || 20/06

This will completely replace the system version of Flash with the current market version ( It will install both the app and the system plug in, meaning it won't use any space in your available internal storage. If you have installed the market update yourself, the phone will automatically remove it when you next boot. Since this update requires additional system space, it is advisable to install a mod that clears some space (e.g. the tweaks mod) before you apply this. 1.1: Update to new Market version. 1.2: New Market version. 1.3: New Market version ( 1.4 New Market version ( 1.5 New Market Version ( 1.6 New Market Version. 1.7 New Mark Version ( Note: There may be a problem with this latest update and video, see here to revert the update.


This mod will remove the system installed version of Flash, freeing up some space for other mods. You can then install the updated version from the market (i.e. taking up data storage, not system). If you have an older version of this mod installed, it will restore your system plugin back to stock, and you may need to reinstall Flash from the market afterwards. If you just want to update the system-installed version of Flash (as with the app update mod), you want the previous mod rather than this one.

MINOR TWEAKS (1.2) - v3 compatible

This mod will enable wake on optical joystick press (as well as the power button), and will install the default boot animation to the data area, where you can replace it with a custom one if you want to. It also allows hosts modification (you can use the AdFree Android app - do not use the symlink option in it). You will need to re-apply this mod if you do a full wipe. 1.2: Update bash.

RESTORE BOOTSOUND (1.0) - v3 compatible

You really like that sound? Ok, you can put it back with this mod. This is suitable for both ROMs.

A2SD+ (1.4) - v3 compatible

This requires the second ROM (v2.0) with init.d. Take a nandroid backup before enabling this. Activate the feature by adding an ext2/ext3 partition to your sdcard (ext4 is not currently supported). It must be formatted and ready to use before adding this. If you have apps on an existing partition it may cause problems if you don't perform a full wipe, but a full wipe is very strongly recommended if you want to use this. This version is safe to use with USB disk mode. Please read this post for important information and the download link.

UPDATE APPS (2.3) - v3 compatible - updated || 20/06

This will update your system Google apps to the following versions: GMail 2.3.2, Maps 4.7.0, Google Search 1.1.2. These are unmodified official versions (the same as market updates). They replace the system installed versions. 1.6: Google Maps 4.7.0. 1.7: GMail 2.3.2, Google Voice Search 2.1.0, include YouTube 2.1.6. 1.8: Maps 5.0.0, Voice Search 2.1.1. 1.9: Maps 5.1.0. 2.0: Maps 5.2.0, GMail, now removes Teeter from system. 2.1: Maps 5.2.1. 2.2: Maps 5.3.1. 2.3: Maps 5.6.0, remove Voice Search update.

UPDATE MISC APPS (1.6) - v3 compatible - updated || 20/06

Update system apps - Facebook 1.4.1 and YouTube 2.0.26. 1.3: Facebook 1.5.0, YouTube 2.1.6. 1.4: Facebook 1.5.1. 1.5: Facebook 1.5.3. 1.6: Facebook 1.5.4.

SD READAHEAD (1.0) - v3 compatible - new || 13/12

This will increase the readahead value for the sdcard from 4 to 128, which may improve performance. This small patch does not involve installing a new kernel or boot image. See this post for the download.

Deodexed Mod (1.3) - v3.0 available - updated || 18/12

If you don't know what this is, don't install it. This mod will fully deodex the ROM. It's best to apply this immediately after installing the base stock ROM, and it will remove any changes you've made to the system apps. After applying this mod the first boot will take a long time, this is normal. You will also lose a large amount of the phone's internal storage. There is no way to reverse this mod without reinstalling the base stock ROM. Note that framework-res is already deodexed in this ROM. Update 1.1: fix for deleting old files; 1.2: fix for updated Superuser app. 1.3: now available for v3.0 ROM Download here for v2.0 only. Read this post for the v3.0 version. This mod is currently not supported with the 3.1 ROM.

Super Circle Battery Mod (external) - v3 compatible

Download this file and upload it to where you can choose your style and receive a flash file. Note that you do not have to deodex the ROM for this mod. See this thread for more information. Since I am not responsible for this mod, I am unable to help with any problems with it.

Reboot in Power Menu (external)

Deodexed only: Gain the ability to reboot and not just shutdown from the power menu with snq-'s mod. The download package is here and discussed here.

Compressed dalvik-cache (1.0) - v3 compatible

This mod will compress the dalvik-cache, typically saving around 30% of space. This is especially useful for deodexed ROMs. This mod is compatible with the A2SD+ mod, which moves your dalvik-cache to the sdcard. It may also improve performance very slightly. You MUST wipe your dalvik-cache in custom recovery if you install this mod. If your ROM is not deodexed you should apply the Flash or tweak mod to free up some system space before adding this mod due to its size. Install with the fusecompress attachment. Requires init.d support. See here for v3 version.

teppicify (1.1) - v3 compatible

In case you forget you're not running unrooted stock any more? This will alter the information under 'Software information'. This will also prevent you from getting future OTA HTC update notifications, which are very unlikely to work on a custom ROM anyway. See this post for link.

CIFS + OpenVPN modpack (1.1) - v3 compatible

With this you gain CIFS support to connect to Windows/Samba shares transparently, and OpenVPN support. The WiFi module is also updated to prevent very low speeds when the phone is sleeping. Download here or here for the v3.0 link.

Suggested Installations
Totally Stock: base ROM + restore bootsound.
Rooted Powersaving: base ROM with init.d + powersaving modpack.
Rooted and Updated: base ROM with init.d + tweaks + powersaving modpack + system Flash replacement + updated apps.


Apply the updates in custom recovery. You can apply them immediately after installing the ROM, you do not have to reboot each time. Most mods can be applied at any time, and can be applied over the top of earlier versions.

If you have any problems with the ROM and want help, you must say which one you installed, which mods you've installed, and whether you did a full wipe before you installed the ROM.

Credits: dsixda for kitchen, FloHimself, Myshkinbob and iscaela for kernel modules

If you find my development work useful, please consider a small donation.
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3rd September 2010, 11:52 PM |#2  
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better to add a2sd+

and peep for twitter is already fixed?
4th September 2010, 12:00 AM |#3  
OP Retired Recognized Developer
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Originally Posted by ghmail2

better to add a2sd+

and peep for twitter is already fixed?

Start adding things like that and it's no longer stock. I put this together for people who just want stock + rooted.

edit: A2SD+ is now an optional add-on.
4th September 2010, 12:36 AM |#4  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by teppic74

Start adding things like that and it's no longer stock. I put this together for people who just want stock + rooted.

i agree...
love stock rom
exatly how i wanted!
4th September 2010, 12:40 AM |#5  
madsurfer1's Avatar
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thanks stock roms are the best
once more, thanks for your work
4th September 2010, 01:10 AM |#6  
Junior Member
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What the difference with the posted on the forum ?
4th September 2010, 01:13 AM |#7  
TheReaperUK's Avatar
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Flashed rom, running great so far, thanks for leaving rom as standard as possible.

And peep/twitter is working again i'm happy now.
4th September 2010, 01:13 AM |#8  
OP Retired Recognized Developer
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Originally Posted by Dj Sky

What the difference with the posted on the forum ?

That is a radio, this is a Rom including that radio.
4th September 2010, 02:21 AM |#9  
Skimi's Avatar
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Does it have sense?

Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App
4th September 2010, 02:25 AM |#10  
noble8's Avatar
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Of course.
4th September 2010, 02:26 AM |#11  
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i think it uses sense .. how is the bechmark results(quadrant) and battery life?

Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
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