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[Theme] DarkFroyo-v2.2(GinBread)FINAL CM6.1.1 -1/6/11 DarkMarketApps-v14 1/6/11

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I used to just port images from old eclair themes I used in the past Like O))), black Ice, Desire metamorphs, ton's of images from metamorph's around xda and made this theme...still working on it, so bare with me if it's still a little crude. Just wanted to share if anyone is interested! I started with full Facebook theme and now themed other apps black, white and grey with some color here and there but as little as possible!!

Morph, flash in recovery and apply from sdcard can apply most things here!!
ADB or copy paste some items!

-CM6.1 + Nightlies supported and tested
-Kang-o-rama reported works but needs torch.apk in system/app!
-BlackBars with Wifi and battery options- morph and flashable!

Don't like the whole theme then......Morph the parts you like. Making morphs are easy so requests are welcome.....

Downloads and instructions in post 2 & 3
See change log in post #5

DarkMarketApps: Post 3
Can be applied without root!!!!!!
Work on most HDPI devices!!!

Thanks to:
Cyanogen and the whole #teamdouche!!!
Many many more.....


david1711, rori~ (giving all types of widgets) , SirMez, Dr. Cloverdale, JaiThemes AKA (Jairomeo), Amac2583, Stericson, r8zer, eessel and who ever made themes for the G1 and N1 eclair!!!!
rori~ Threads: LockScreen Widget, Smoked Widgets, pretty much just look in his signature! Awesome stuff!

Feedback welcome...

Disclaimer: You use this at your own risk! Not resposible for you using these files and something goes wrong! Please report problems and I will search how to fix, or report here how you did it!

For Updates follow me on twitter: @djdarkknight96 or just subscribe to this thread!

Like what you see, buy me a PEPSI: HERE


16th September 2010, 01:25 AM |#2  
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All Downloads are now on my new website:

************************************************** *******

16th September 2010, 01:26 AM |#3  
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Angry Extra add-ons and DarkMarket Apps!

These are the free versions of market apps Themed to this theme but can be installed on any phone that will use HDPI Images Like the Evo, Vibrant, MyTouch Slide, G2 but have only been tested on the Nexus One so BEWARE! -Disclaimer is for these apps too!!!!

INSTALL WITH FILE MANGANGER (WILL have to uninstall Market one, Reboot then install ALL of these!!! After that if updated form the market check here first and if not updated let me know and I will update them! FYI: If you keep the themed one from update to update you will not have to uninstall.)

Trouble with handcent? Remove all traces of handcent from your sdcard and and font packs!

Change log:
v14 1/6/11
Updated SuFileManager
Updated Plume
Added FourSquare
Added QuickBoot

v13 12/22/10
HANDCENT UPDATED transparent option
Updated SuFileManager
Updated Pandora
Updated Launcher Pro

v12 12/910
Updated Touiteur 2.01
Added Tweek Deck
Updated many more can't remember!

v11 -

v10 11/10/10
Updated SUFilemanager again!
Updated AudioPro Again!
Added Google Buzz
Added Pandora
Still no Handcent update...sorry it's being difficult again!

v9 11/4/10
Updated SuFilemanager
Updated AudioPro
Added Evernote

V8 10/26
Updated Launcher Pro
Added DialerOne
added YouTube Ripper

V7 10/21
Updated Su Filemanager
Updated DropBox
Added ASTRO Filemanager
Added LockScreenWidget - Thanks rori~

V6 10/17
Updated LauncherPro

v5 10/15
Updated Audio Widget pro
Updated Touiteur
Added Hulu Flashplayer and instructions

v4 10/13
Added DropBox
Updated Touiteur
Updated Su FileManager
Updated OC widget

v3 10/12
Added Titanium Backup
Added XDA app
Added ESPN Sports Center
Added ADB Wireless

v2 10/07
Added Touiteur
Added OverClock Widget
Added SetCPU
Added SU File Manager
Added AudioManagerPro

v1 10/06
Added HandcentSMS
Added Launcher Pro (With Themed widgets for paid version)

Update.zips and add ons:

Flash in recovery
Font- "Just in case you want to go back"

Push or copy paste:
NEW: Copy to System/media folder
Torch.apk (People having issues with Kang-o-rama push this themed apk)
Phone.apk Must be pushed with adb "Some reason metamorph breaks it!" (NEW 10/13/10)
Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (36.1 KB, 131 views)
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (204.3 KB, 107 views)
File Type: apk Torch.apk - [Click for QR Code] (49.8 KB, 79 views)
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (3.89 MB, 138 views)
File Type: apk Phone.apk - [Click for QR Code] (1.72 MB, 111 views)
16th September 2010, 01:27 AM |#4  
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hook it up now!!!!!!
16th September 2010, 01:27 AM |#5  
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Change Log:
v2.2 1/6/11
- Updated Rom manager again!
- Added Gingerbread battery while charging on non circle themes
- Added more white menu items
- added Development app
- added Voice Recorder app
- added New Darker Market app
- Removed DarkFroyo from pulldown bar (too many complaints)
- Many more things I can't remember!!!

v2.1 12/22/10
- Made Transparent dialer tinted for lighter wallpapers <-----Thanks to SonnySkelton
- More GingerBread icons added to framework
- Cleaned up Market to see if that will help with market issues (FC's)
- Updated RomManager to v3.0.1
- Not sure why facebook is asking to update to the version 1.5 when already included (uncheck auto update and should stay themed!
- Many other things you can't see but fixed

v2.0 12/15/10
- New Framework (from Gingerbread "GB")
- New Dialer (concept from GB)
- New Gapps Themed (Facebook, Market, Gmail....)
- MANY MANY Bug fixes and images
- New in call Phone themed finally!
- other things as usual I can't remember!!!

v1.9.1 12/9/10
- Updated Gmail
- Updated Voice Search
- Still works on nightly 283

v1.9 12/8/10
- Update Google Voice
- Update You Tube
- Add GingerBread Keyboard as default!!!! THEMED!!!!

v1.8 12/6/10
- Big one forgot all was done!!!

v1.7 11/21/10 Special Nightly update
- Updated 254 Nightly
- Themed new Lockscreen option
- Other things etc etc.....

v1.6 11/16/10
- Added new Gapps themed
- Added Pure Black Status bar option (full theme, Stable and Nightly only for now)
- tons of images fixed for Pure Black option
- other things can't remeber

v1.5 11/11/10
- Added new transition animation to all!

v1.4 11/10/10
- Updated Places stars can be seen now
- Updated Latitude widget to see location
- Added XML file to flashable zip DarkFroyo will be in CM Theme settings so less reboots to apply the theme!
- Other things I can't remember

v1.3 11/4/10
- Updated Facebook Fully
- Updated Twitter 85%
- All files Updated

v1.2 11/3/10
-Updated Google Maps and themed Latitude widget
-Themed the Android Stock Keyboard
-Made the transparent dialer buttons bigger and looks better!
- as always did more than I can remember!

V1.1 10/26/10
-Updated Twitter with more themed images and font...getting close to fully theming like Facebook

v1.1 10/26/10
-Added 3 optional update.zips to give Desire WiFi and Circle Battery combos
-Changed all yellow progress bars White!!!
-Had to re-upload normal one due to mis label and missing Phone.apk theme
-Other stuff too tired to remember!

v1.0t 10/23/10
-UPDATE.ZIP now has transparent dialer!
-Morph will not include Transparernt dialer. Might make a seperate flash for morphs.

v1.0 10/20/10
- No longer Beta
- Added file for Nightly 216 and new ONLY!!!
- New Calendar Widget
- Other files framework fixes and things I can't remember!
- Morph updated to v1.0

Beta v0.9
- Updated to CM changes to files and framework
- reported on twitter CM6.1 RC1 might be released tuesday I will take out of Beta then!!

Beta 0.8.1
- oops wrong Icon sorry - fixed! Only need to apply FM part of morph if already used 0.8

Beta v0.8 10/15/10 7:45
- new FM radio Icon - Let me know if you like it!!
- Made more changes to FM radio to clean up
- Fixed some images in the framework

Beta v0.7.2 10/14/10 12:35p
- Updated to new DarkFM

Beta v0.7.1 10/13/10 1:00p
- Added FM radio Themed

Beta v0.7 10/12/10 5:25p
- Updated to new Gapps
- Removed market update files that are now in gapps update

Beta v0.6.2 10/06/10 3:15p
- Edited News and weather completely now
- Added DarkMarket App Pack
- Edited and added New DarkHandcentSms
- Edited and added New DarkLauncherPro
- Added App List todo below!
- Tons of little things I cannot remember but should still replace whole morph!

Beta v0.6.1 10/4/10 11:15
- New Gapps update
- Small Edits and image fixes
- other stuff usual cannot remember eveything!!! lol
- Got 3 days off to get market apps zip working! I'm close!

Beta v0.6
- Added Themed Google Voice in main theme zip with fixed widget (I Likey )
- Updated Maps (Market)
- Updated Gmail (Market)
- Added Rom Manager Icon
- Added File Manager Icon
- Added Spare Parts Icon
- Added Own Clock Widget and Settings Themed
- More stuff I can't remember but have an app list for my that are going to start with LauncherPro, Handcent, and more!!! Will Test and post Tonight!!!

Beta v0.5
2:38p - Fixed Wifi Morph - Sorry!
- Added Google Voice Morph
- Changed the settings colors
- Fixed Tons of images
- Made Addon Desire Wifi (request)
- YouTube uplift since new features added
- Maps redone since new
- New Boot annimation addon (My favorite CMboot)
- more can't remember

Beta v04.1
9/23/10 8:35p
Small update
- Fixed some images
- Added new Twitter (Located on Data/app) So will be 2 one there and the other on system/app
- Music widet play buttons changed to like lockscreen
- YouTube Play buttons
- added rori~ black smileys "thanks for letting me kang them!"
- more I can't remember!

Beta v0.4.0
6:52p 9/22/10
- Many changes!!!
- Added Facebook
- Added Twitter
- Added new Gmail (download from the market, It's in the data/app folder)
- Added Maps, Nav,Latitude and Places Icons (Latitude Widget not themed yet!)
- New Lockscreen music buttons (Looks slick!)
- More things I already forgot about! Been a rough time but getting better!

Beta v0.3.0
12:01a 9/19/10
- Fixed weird music image - I love the way it looks!!
- Changed text boxes to green and now looks fine...Weird but ok?
- added calendar icon themed (not the app itself)
- uplaoded New phone.apk (think it was updated in latest nightly, will try morph next update!
- Fixed morph all was rebooting at mms.apk now will complete till gets to framework!!!
- still have a ton to do!!!!

Beta v0.2

7:17p 9/16/10
- added dark popups from David1171's Morphs
- added Gallery Icon
- added DSP Icon
- added Gtalk app themed
- added Voice Search themed
- removed some more blue
- quickly tested before next nightly

Beta v0.1.1

Removed Handcent . deletes itself after reboot...WTF
12:20a Added DarkHancent Metamorph beta...(Need to edit more images!) Might lighten up widget!
11:05a CST Addedthemed Phone.apk
- reported works on Kang-o-rama
8:27a CST Updated to (Sorry Forgot to do that!)
- added CMTheme control File for status bar colors.
- added more screenshots
- added more instructions

Beta v0.1

- Ported files to metamorph
- First release

Not in this order but easiest to hardest!
app pack:
Launcher pro-DONE
ESPN Score Center - Done
touiteur - Done
OC Widgets - Done
Su file Mgr - Done
xda - Done
Audio Manager Pro - Done
setCPU - Done
TitanumBackup - Done
3CX - Next
ADBWireless(icon,widget) - Done
wifi file explorer - Next
Pandora - Done
Astro - Done
DropBox - Done
Barcode scanner - Next
Dialer One - Done
Google Buzz - Done

Make ADW version
Make - Done!
Edit more images and more apps!!!!
16th September 2010, 01:30 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by teamsilence

hook it up now!!!!!!

Gotta fine tune some things first. But soon!
16th September 2010, 02:20 AM |#7  
nopenope's Avatar
La, Cali!!!
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save for future
16th September 2010, 03:12 AM |#8  
SiNJiN76's Avatar
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Sooner the better. Hating the stock theme on the nightlies.
16th September 2010, 07:06 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by SiNJiN76

Sooner the better. Hating the stock theme on the nightlies.

I got metamorph working...testing it now. Anyone want to beta PM me! Might post tonight anyway!!!
16th September 2010, 07:08 AM |#10  
zeroONEex's Avatar
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This theme is looking noice! Can't wait for it to come out.
16th September 2010, 07:10 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by zeroONEex

This theme is looking noice! Can't wait for it to come out.

Ok you talked me into it...Up loading Metamorph zip now!!!
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