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[ROM][OpenSource][Jun 12] Floyo 1.4pre1 Experimental (Stable Floyo 1.2.0)

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By erasmux, Retired Recognized Developer on 16th September 2010, 08:54 PM
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This is a CM6-based ROM with app2SD and custom optimization for the GSM Hero

Experimental 1.4 version posted on 2nd post

This post has the latest ROM, themes and optional updates (after the themes).
The 2nd post has the change log, troubleshooting and general comments.
The 3rd post has comments about development and the source for this ROM.
Old versions are in the attic on the 4th post.

Floyo 1.2.0
(screen shots not updated from 1.1.9 but it looks the same)

>>> Download Links <<<
Floyo 1.2.0 ROM - mutliupload
Floyo 1.2.0 ROM - Wupper
Floyo 1.2.0 ROM - Desean
Floyo 1.2.0 ROM - mediafire

Please also take also read the general comments and change log while you are downloading.

From my experience a full wipe is required when upgrading from previous versions to ensure full stability. But you can always try without it, and only if you have problems then do a full wipe (data, cache and ext partition)....

Themes (for Floyo 1.2.0)

Built-in status bar themes

You can change the theme of the status bar, in the CyanogenMod Settings, under User Interface, Tweak Extras, Select a theme:

Sense status bar

After installing the update, you need to go into the CyanogenMod Settings, under User Interface, Tweak Extras, and select a theme STOCK_Sense.
Download Sense status bar (mediafire)

CM Untouched Theme (fixed on 15/12/2010)
After installing the update, you may need to go into the CyanogenMod Settings, under User Interface, Tweak Extras and select Reset UI tweaks.
Download CM untouched Theme (mediafire)

Floyo Original Theme
If you flashed one of the above themes, and want to go back to the original theme:
Download Floyo Original Theme (mediafire)
After installing the update, you may need to go into the CyanogenMod Settings, under User Interface, Tweak Extras and select Reset UI tweaks.

BRijpstra's excellent blueMAGNUM Theme

Thats it for now.
Themes for other ROMs or previous version will not work or make trouble.

If you develop a theme for Floyo, let me know and I'll add it.
If you are an experienced on the graphical side of theming, and are interested, I would be happy to help to compile a theme for Floyo (contact me by PM).

Optional Updates

* Full Google Apps
The ROM only includes the most basic google apps. The Car Home, ChromeToPhone, Google voice, etc. missing apps can be installed with the following update:
Full Google Apps - based on 2010-09-30 update - Desean (mediafire)

* GPS config:
Europe (default)
The default config is Europe. These update change the NTP_SERVER server in the gps.conf accordingly.
Flashing the one appropriate to your continent can help the lock speed.

* Replace System Launcher 1.1 (mediafire)
Floyo comes with the ADW Launcher by default.
If you wish you can install a different launcher, i.e. Launcher Pro and use the above update after you have installed the new launcher to your "internal memory". The update will remove your current launcher (ADW) from the system partition and move the launcher from "internal memory" (Launcher Pro) to the system partition (to make sure your phone is usable even without the SD card).
ReplaceSystemLauncher-1.1 supports LauncherPro, Zeam, Home++ and ADW.

If you want to restore the ADW which came with Floyo 1.2.0, here it is:
ADW 1.2.0 (Floyo theme)
ADW 1.2.0 (CM untouched theme)

* Ubuntu Fonts (mediafire)

* Original CM6.1 Fonts (mediafire)

* App2SD and Compcache for official CM (Floyo already includes it)
This is a rewrite of the apps2sd, more in the lines with the infrastructure that already comes with the CM sources. I hope this rewrite will improve its stability. This is the version included with Floyo 1.2.0. It is intended to be installed on the "official" CM releases which do not have app2sd built-in.
It will use the ext partition (if such exists) for all apps which do not support the new floyo app2sd method (see more details on the second post of this thread).
Finally, regarding compcache, this will make the compcache option in the CM settings work (if you have a compatible kernel like flykernel-12pre2). I doubt that the compcache, will help CM - in fact I would guess quite the opposite and hence I do not recommend it. But who knows, let me know if you find differently.

Thank You!

- Floomat for the everything! Boot animation and much of the icons and themed stuff in the ROM is thanks to him.
- Wayferer for the theming and icons!
- Moonshield for the thorough testing.
- Desean for the hosting
- CyanogenMod for their excellent work (99% of this ROM is theirs)

And thanks to everyone that reports bugs and further ideas to improve this ROM.

Donations are always welcome and accepted but are in no way required.
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16th September 2010, 08:54 PM |#2  
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General comments and change log
(troubleshooting section is in this post below the "Instructions and comments")

Experimental version:

Floyo 1.4pre1 ROM (Android RTK)
Floyo 1.4pre1 ROM (Desean)

I suggest you also flash the following fixes on top of it:
Floyo 1.4pre1 MapFix (Android RTK) - Fixes crashes in some GPS tracking apps (I hope)

I assume a full wipe is needed, even when coming from 1.2.0, but you can also try without it and see what happens.

This is a major upgrade from the 1.2.0 version, with the following updates:
- Based on the latest sources for CM6 (6.2.0+)
- Backported some stuff from Gingerbread/CM7 like: new LatinIME keyboard, new ADWLaucher, overscroll glow, CMParts CPU Settings
- Latest Arabic and Hebrew support (backported latest fixes from CM7)
- Theme retouched taking some icons from Gingerbread
- Updated google apps
- OpenGL 1.1
- Fully ODEXed with dalvik2cache in addition to the regular app2sd for maximum performance
- Tweaked low memory values and added further tweaking of SD card
- Added CMParts settings to change scheduler latency (works only on FlyKernel). Read more about this here.

Latest Changes

Floyo 1.2.0
- Updated sources to CM 6.1 release
- Apps2sd rewritten for better stability
- Compcache support added (but not recommend)
- Themes rebuilt, hopefully more stable this time
- FlyKernel-12-pre2

Instructions and comments

* Upgrading from another CM6-based ROM - even 1.1.8 (sorry):
To ensure 100% that there are no problem you must do a FULL wipe.
You can try installing the new version over your old CM6 based ROM, but if you have problems please do a clean install before reporting them.

* Mobile data is disabled by default - enable it if necessary under wireless settings, mobile networks.

* This ROM included both the "old" app2sd and the new froyo native app2sd.
The froyo native app2sd means that apps which support it will be installed to the main partition of the SD card (under .android_secure). Currently very few apps support it. You can move apps manually to the SD, but it is not recommend as this can cause problems, especially with programs with widgets and such.
The "old" app2sd means that if you have an ext partition on your SD card, it will automatically be used for the apps that do not support the froyo app2sd.

* This ROM uses FlyKernel-12pre2.
By default the ROM will boot at 576/352 (no OC). You can use SetCPU to change the speed.
When I release FlyKernel-12 (final), which hopefully should not be far, the FlyKernel page will include different packages of the kernel which can boot at different speeds (like the 11c kernel currently has).
Notice that with FlyKernel 11's smartass governor you don't need a sleep profile any more : - same thing with FlyKernel 12)

* JIT is by default on. You can disable in the CyanogenMod settings menu, but no reason to do so, really.

* If you have problems with MMS, please check your MMS settings and make sure they are correct.


*) Most problems people report, are fine for most, and the problem is "specific" only to "you". In order to help isolate the root of such problems (i.e. some app you installed but others did not), I propose the following "fail safe" way:
(if according to your common sense you think you can cut some corners and aren't following my instructions to the letter, thats perfectly fine just detail in your report exactly what you did do to isolate the problem!)

a) If necessary, make a nandroid backup (nand+ext) of the current state of your ROM. This way you have nothing to loose, you can always go back to your current state.
b) From RA recovery, do a full wipe (both the "data/factory reset" and the "SD:ext partition" from the wipe menu). I assume that previous versions of RA recovery might also work, but highly suggest you upgrade to About clockworks recovery, I have not tested and do not know if it is fully compatible with this process.
c) Install only the basic ROM update (, and, if necessary, install only the updates and apps you must in order to recreate the problem.
d) Check if the problem still occurs. If the problem persists, please report it with as much details as possible.
If it is solved, continue to install/configure the ROM to your liking and follow if and when the problem returns.
e) If you wish, you can now go back to the nandroid backup you prepared in the first step.

*) When reporting an issue, please detail as much as possible. The level of detail should ideally be such, that if I decide to devout time to this, I will be able to recreate the problem on my device.

*) When reporting battery life, please try to test it for at least a couple of days and report what settings you are using (kernel, governor, speeds, etc.), what and approximately how much you use the phone and the battery life you are getting.

*) If you are getting FCs(force close messages that kill apps when they shouldn't die), please attach a logcat to your post. In order to generate the logcat with adb, use a command such as this:
adb logcat > logcat.txt
You should close the adb window after you recreate the problem.
Another option to get the logcat, is to use a program from the market but I am unfamiliar with this.

* If you are stuck in a bootloop, please include the logcat from the beginning of your boot, by running the above adb command ("adb logcat > logcat.txt") from either before you turn on your phone or relatively close to the start of the boot.

* If you have spontaneous reboots of the phone, please attach the last_kmsg, which you can get with a command such as:
adb pull /proc/last_kmsg

Floyo 1.1.9
- Floyo theme tweaked a bit
- Gallery3D internal options tweaked - should work even better now
- Notification fix further fixed (i.e. low battery light)
- GPS fix integrated (this has been updated upstream as well )
- Market version is the one from Elelinux market fix.

Floyo 1.1.8
- New Floyo theme
- Fix notifications - should now work good both with LEDs and/or jogball
- In-call touch UI disabled by default, can be enabled in settings
- Mobile disabled by default (to avoid unnecessary traffic on first boot)
- Updated to latest CM source and what a update Things I noticed and enjoy:
New power controls in status bar, Screen rotating jumpiness has been fixed, Gallery 3D rotation fixed and it finally has decent performance, Updated ADW
- FlyKernel-11c

Floyo 1.01
- Fixes power button on lock screen (reboot menu still disabled but screen off will work).
- Fixes jogball notifications and ringing under certain conditions.
- Volume selection now includes both vibrate and silent modes (unless vibration is disabled).
- Disabled "animation" of auto brightness
- Sound Recorder is now visible in app list.

Floyo 1.0
- FlyKernel-11
(Which includes fixes for camera freezes and booting with USB connected)
- Changed notifications to work with jogball light.
Meaning all notification will be only with Jogball, LED only for battery status.
- Reboot menu now blocked when phone locked.
- Charging light will turn green only when reached 100%.
- Improved RTL fix (with blocks of numbers).
- Updated CM sources from October 2nd, which includes lots of goodies like the "stock" file manager, swiping notifications away and much more I didn't even notice.
- Update google apps.
- Sense status bar tweaked to look better.

Floyo 0.8
- App2SD - see note below
- Added Facebook & HTC_IME keyboard
- RTL fixes - mainly mixing of RTL with numbers/LTR
- Tweaked ADW settings to perform better
- Changed status bar appearance to a sense-like look
- Added ringtones and sounds from HTC
- Gallery3D has rotation disable (only landscape mode) because rotation is very buggy
- Also included Gallery 2D which works better (but does not look as nice)
- FlyKernel 10a
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16th September 2010, 08:55 PM |#3  
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Source and CM development (Updated for Floyo 1.2.0)
This ROM is completely open source. It is based on the sources of CyanogenMod with a few repositories which I have forked (Frameworks base and policy, htc hero device, cyanogen vendor, CMParts and Gallery3D). The updated sources to my forked repositories are mainted in my github. The kernel sources are also in my github.

General Froyo building

Building CM from the sources is described very nicely here:
I suggest you start with this (or even with a pure ASOP build from the google sources as described here).

CM itself is an easy and convenient platform to develop on. Additionally they have implemented the gerrit review system which can be used to suggest changes back to the CM mainstream - read more here.
If you are serious about "CM development", I would consider starting with the clean CM repositories (many of my changes are a matter of personal taste). You can still take a look at my Floyo sources and build process (described below) to help you get started.

Building Floyo

If you want to build the ROM with my (personal) tweaks, you need to use the changes in my forked repositories.
One simple of way, of doing that is replacing the .repo/manifests/default.xml file with the attached manifest.xml file and then doing "repo sync" (or "repo sync -j 8" which is faster ).
Finally you will also need the proprietary files, some are the google apps which are updated all the time and some are specific to our hero (and will prolly not change at all). To make it easier for you here are the proprietary files I used to build Floyo: floyo120-vendor-proprietary.tar.bz2.

Assuming you have already done the initial configuration (installed all required packages for the build environment and etc.), the steps to download my sources and build them should be something like this:

* Init CM repo:
repo init -u git:// -b froyo
* Replace the .repo/manifests/default.xml file with the attached manifest.xml file. I suggest you also commit it, because I have had occasional errors if it's has uncommitted changes:
cd .repo/manifests/
git commit -am "use floyo repositories"
* Download source (will take a while):
repo sync  -j 8
* Extract the floyo120-vendor-proprietary.tar.bz2 (in root directory).

* Select Hero build:
source build/
lunch cyanogen_hero-eng
* Build update package:
make -j4 bacon
Let me know if you have any trouble.

Feel free to contact me if you need any help. I will try to help anyone interested in developing on the CM sources (with my tweaks or directly) as best my free time will allow.
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16th September 2010, 08:55 PM |#4  
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Obsolete Updates (already included in 1.1.9 and all recent CM6.1 based ROMs!)
Notifications Fix Take 2
Gallery3D Fix
App2SD for pure CM6 release (see first post for newer version)

Floyo 1.1.9:
Floyo 1.1.9 ROM - mutliupload
Floyo 1.1.9 ROM - Desean
Floyo 1.1.9 ROM - mediafire
Floyo 1.1.9 ROM - Wupper

Download Sense status bar (mediafire)
Download CM untouched Theme (mediafire)
Download Floyo Original Theme (mediafire)

Google Apps 2010-11-05 - based on 2010-10-20 update (Desean mediafire)
Google Apps - Only those that come with Floyo (mediafire)
Google Apps - Full (Desean mediafire)

ADW 1.2.0 (Floyo theme)
ADW 1.2.0 (CM untouched theme)

Original CM6 Fonts (mediafire)

Floyo 1.1.8

Floyo 1.1.8 ROM - mutliupload
Floyo 1.1.8 ROM - mediafire
Floyo 1.1.8 ROM - Mirror by Wupper

Sense Status Bar Theme

Floyo Original Theme (mediafire)

Google Apps 2010-10-20 (mediafire) - only in English?!
Google Apps 2010-10-02 (mediafire) - based on 2010-09-30 gapps

Basic Google Apps 2010-09-30 (mediafire)

ADW 1.2.0 which came with Floyo 1.1.8

Floyo 1.01

Floyo 1.01 ROM - mutliupload
Floyo 1.01 ROM - mediafire
Floyo 1.01 ROM - Mirror by Wupper
(Note: When flashing it will say "Welcome to FloyoCM-1.0!" but it is 1.01).

Original CM Theme (mediafire)

Sense Status Bar Theme (mediafire)

Blue Floyo 1.01 Theme (by Floomat and Wayferer) with Black Status Bar (mediafire)

Blue Floyo 1.01 Theme (by Floomat and Wayferer) with White Status Bar (mediafire)

Blue ADW Launcher


Google Apps 2010-10-02 (mediafire)

ADW 1.1.5 which comes with Floyo 1.01

Remove Stock MMS

Clean Boot Screen
16th September 2010, 09:15 PM |#5  
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Glad to see this relaese here, have just been waiting for it chose by my self to skip the 13-9 update, though I run it myself.

I wait to the next update from cm,then will your kernel 10a become default in my next update

Good luck, I wish Best Regards elelinux//
16th September 2010, 09:34 PM |#6  
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16th September 2010, 09:36 PM |#7  
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Look's nice, will flash it later today(first rom since ages that i have flashed:eek:, because froyd is VERY good!)
16th September 2010, 09:43 PM |#8  
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Camera and Led or Trackball notification works on this ROM?
16th September 2010, 09:48 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by Ganii

Camera and Led or Trackball notification works on this ROM?

Yes they should since it works with the Flykernel
16th September 2010, 09:57 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by C0mpu13rFr34k

Yes they should since it works with the Flykernel

Well control not only by the kernel, it needed a bit more than just the kernel to make it work.
16th September 2010, 10:00 PM |#11  
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Ah,OK,flashing now

Because yesterday I tested this Nightlies,camera and led notification works:
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