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[kernel][froyo] I9000 reoriented v2.3.5 03.21.2011 FINAL

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By xcaliburinhand, Retired Recognized Developer on 14th October 2010, 06:51 AM
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This should make life a little easier for those who want to use an I9000 ROM.

This has been test with I9000 JPU.

As always, install at your own risk, I am not responsible for any damages.

This kernel was compiled from the Froyo I9000 source with the initramfs of the I9000XXJPU kernel.

Best results are with the Bell UGJK3 Modem

Refer to this post to fix the USB mount issue.

Whats included:
-Correct Screen auto-rotate
-HSUPA support
-MobileAP support (aka wireless tethering)
-Correct Headphone/Speaker logic
-External SD card support
-2e Recovery (in no voodoo versions)
-Home key functions as a home key
-Voodoo lagfix 5.0.1
-Voodoo color fix
-Voodoo sound
-Neldar's BacklightNotification
-Compilation optimizations and enhanced memory settings
-Call audio routed through headphones
-Captivate car/home dock support
-Audio uses dock when available (use this app)

Still to come:

What is out of scope:
-Overclocked kernel, I personally have not seen a need to change the clock speed.

v2.x.x.tar = standard kernel, installed with ODIN, no BLN = standard kernel, installed with CWM, no BLN = standard kernel, installed with CWM, includes BLN
v2.x.x_novoo.tar = standard kernel, installed with ODIN, includes BLN, no voodoo lagfix

v2.3.5 (build #122 - 124)
I9000_reoriented_v2.3.5.tar md5: 38729cb553754189e6612d2d015f2cfe md5: 4aa4a0188f76ec3fca6af7eee8aeb878 md5: 0f6966d9d288ec9cc943565a5fbdf6f2
I9000_reoriented_v2.3.5_novoo.tar md5: 2320892420289c3836057bf989551804
-Voodoo sound v6

v2.3.4 (build #119 - 121)
I9000_reoriented_v2.3.4.tar md5: 16962310f060b4bec23716d9cc82f4d0 md5: feb2a0f67f17be5094fed665ea420e5e md5: f5415efa04cfa4dce81416ddcded7c0c
I9000_reoriented_v2.3.4_novoo.tar md5: caa367d5c7fba9629143f61a6115d19b
-Audio uses dock when available (use this app)
-Call audio uses dock when available

v2.3.3 (build #115 - 117)
I9000_reoriented_v2.3.3.tar md5: 467cb3873722993b5cbfb0c64098bd68 md5: 2f8b2d986e8e376520eebc4ef18f67b2 md5: 006baada407038064a4e4db1889f6f68
I9000_reoriented_v2.3.3_novoo.tar md5: 5091abef8cd43b464f3f301b2ab46d4c
-Captivate car/home dock support
-Audio uses dock when available (no need for the Rogers Captivate dock app)

v2.3.2 (build #110 - 112)
I9000_reoriented_v2.3.2.tar md5: 8dabaf54fc62d7110b2d21c3475ec60b md5: f3ab8f5b6d867b4ddc88bbb689852045 md5: 3b39c7b1cdb14901e331124b1b378c96
I9000_reoriented_v2.3.2_novoo.tar md5: 9512d6767a99c031a2e3b8139555ab48
-Voodoo sound updated to v4
-Backported hardcore's changes to headphone call mixing

v2.3.1 (build #104 - 106 & 108)
I9000_reoriented_v2.3.1.tar (for ODIN) md5: 9ca53be36b76815023d36b460c2494aa md5: 26f18ebadafaa09b013add913c2cbcd8 md5: 416399e0181e78b34405aced894ad0a2 md5: b172bd5d6f5eea80fed082af62b3010d
I9000_reoriented_v2.3.1_novoo.tar md5: d63f2b40e20f048a50794adee08bf913 (for ODIN, does not contain voodoo)
-ADBD runs as root in recovery
-Voodoo sound v2 added
-Voodoo color added back
-BLN updated the v7
-hpcalls variant added

v2.3.0 (build #99 - 101)
I9000_reoriented_v2.3.0.tar (for ODIN) md5: 59c34f840637e720236c798674818407 md5: a751a80afc276f52994648f516066070 md5: cf66efa665764b637397a02ec0fea3b7
I9000_reoriented_v2.3.0_novoo.tar md5: 7be310b6170cc416dbbbeb31861d569f (for ODIN, does not contain voodoo)
-Incorporated JPX source
-Voodoo color removed due to JPX file changes
-Use only with a 2.2.1 ROM (untested with android 2.2 ROM), if you applied the USB CDROM mount fix you must revert it for external SDCARD to mount.

v2.2.4 (build #91, 97 - 98)
I9000_reoriented_v2.2.4.tar (for ODIN) md5: a8632bc1c8318ea1273250f0e4355256 md5: e1c0fbff458281601ae4e5270c8c0762 md5: 9c35be73260340bef3c502cb1c45290e
I9000_reoriented_v2.2.2_novoo.tar md5: 4cfd76aed665346fccdd5a27eed870ce (for ODIN, does not contain voodoo)
-CWM recovery when using reboot recovery fixed

v2.2.3 (build #91, 94 - 95)
I9000_reoriented_v2.2.3.tar (for ODIN) md5: 5a82e38e6baf305a10400e24fd9cc101 md5: e0705f7c18ed6c0ca1c4ee8e95329556 md5: baabc786c29030583fe5c591368ede9e
I9000_reoriented_v2.2.2_novoo.tar md5: 4cfd76aed665346fccdd5a27eed870ce (for ODIN, does not contain voodoo)
-CWM recovery built-in, stock recovery no longer used

v2.2.2 (build #91 - 93)
I9000_reoriented_v2.2.2.tar (for ODIN) md5: b2a119234e11e8d97d440fa2a6eb2039 md5: e0705f7c18ed6c0ca1c4ee8e95329556 md5: e88ce4333a0246ff83e04e4a0f1cfb3f
I9000_reoriented_v2.2.2_novoo.tar md5: 4cfd76aed665346fccdd5a27eed870ce (for ODIN, does not contain voodoo)
-USB mounting fix from 2.2.1 reverted
-CWM recovery built-in
-Recovery now back to Captivate 3e (novoo version still has 2e)
--Note: Since 3e is back in place, CWM recovery needs to be launched via ROM Manager.

v2.2.1 (build #85 - 87)
I9000_reoriented_v2.2.1.tar (for ODIN) md5: 63ca2f270fc9d87e1d5974e60ff62bd6 md5: 8cb4ba7b4c09cc3f8a08dc5f37e6b407 md5: d554af941c3117f975c23d6320e4dd0e
I9000_reoriented_v2.2.1_novoo.tar md5: df201e3254fa1fa8486a4e67c89db483 (for ODIN, does not contain voodoo)
-Resolves USB mounting issues with JPU roms

v2.2.0 (build #80 - 82)
I9000_reoriented_v2.2.0.tar (for ODIN) md5: 3c18bf0583f34f0996590a366bd40194 md5: e3766040be93b93c30523d6a1f29812c md5: 4aee8f77e5471f86874e6a50ca389d2e
I9000_reoriented_v2.2.0_novoo.tar md5: fd1fe7269d2d74a28250a4d88fbf1541 (for ODIN, does not contain voodoo)
-Updated to work with JPU
-Has also been tested with JPM
-USB mounting issues with JPU roms (external SD not available)

v2.1.6 (build #76 - 78)
I9000_reoriented_v2.1.6.tar (for ODIN) md5: 10e5d57a94640149433c7a39c34ad8b0 md5: 0a12160a65dc9c51dc84431892d21299 md5: 64cabe2b1e883e6e3d13d28898ae2972 md5: 2953b0921f6612f512152ad773e558bf (does not contain voodoo)
-Voodoo updated to 5.0.1
-Resolved boot animation overlay issue
-Voodoo voices are now working

I9000_reoriented_v2.1.5.tar (for ODIN) md5: c8860781dce9950e0b8150168ba9813e md5: 9f3c5769d216cd130f4b0558cb54f138 md5: 4f9bae994ce6665aa86f2400210a2e1b
-2e recovery back in place
-Handset mic works again.
-Note: Voodoo voices appear not to be working. Voodoo will still be enabled (you will notice this since your phone will just sit at the Galaxy screen for a while)

-Wired headset support
-Voodoo updated to Voodoo 5
Problem with handset mic during calls, wrong recovery is used.

I9000_reoriented_v2.1.3.tar (for ODIN) md5: 37ddc264774296fac3a22b056893f097 md5: a97f178e136bcecc8274725cd3ce128f md5: a0edcdd25ca9ff65e88c2c7dfea927ec
-BLN now at v2.2 stable
-User bootanimation support
-SpeedMod memory settings incorporated with config changes for better battery life

I9000_reoriented_v2.1.2.tar (for ODIN) md5: 5f2302a29f3ea5a2e09991edcf683446 md5: 5ec3d9f9e9505fd97374b553f5649491 md5: a13674e303e5eea3348225127af68cda (uses SpeedMod Mem settings)
-Voodoo updated to pre6
-BLN now at v2.0 stable
-Compilation optimizations from 3_5

I9000_reoriented_v2.1.1.tar (for ODIN) md5: 55f6c672acdbcd620c92c8837d5b3c3f md5: 8ce37762253170076dc144d70ba55f91 md5: 860ce3574ed7f3515278727a078a053a
-Bug Fix: compass was reversed in certain positions.

I9000_reoriented_v2.1.tar (for ODIN) md5: 9f8c5abecc964892eddeb5677608b7c0 md5: 0051705eab55a9e5847e6a158cce2592
-Voodoo lagfix (credit goes to supercurio)
-Voodoo color fix (credit goes to supercurio)
Remember voodoo lagfix changes your filesystem format, a backup is recommended md5: f0c0a82fbb162bff40cdd3746c5f38aa
-Includes BackLightNotification (credit goes to neldar)


Thanks to everyone who is daring enough to be a guinea pig.

Special thanks to the donors, here is where you money went:
William W. - Ithica Beer Co. Apricot Wheat
boomerod - Yuengling Lager
theMaginator - Pabst Blue Ribbon
newter55 - Leinenkugel Honey Weiss
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glitterballs - Southern Tier Pumpking
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Derek E. - Heineken
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14th October 2010, 07:00 AM |#2  
Athailias's Avatar
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Flag Bonham
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wow, thats what I call speedy service... too bad I am at work hehe
14th October 2010, 07:01 AM |#3  
Senior Member
Flag San Francisco
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Sorry if I asked same dumb question over and over again. Does this support the BT audio? Or fix the BT audio quality issue?

I cannot remember if it's due to some hardware driver issue or not in the old kernel.


14th October 2010, 07:04 AM |#4  
Junior Member
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I flashed it. still have low upload so I'm thinking HSUPA is not enabled? I'm on JI6 froyo also.
14th October 2010, 07:06 AM |#5  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Mattwp103

I flashed it. still have low upload so I'm thinking HSUPA is not enabled? I'm on JI6 froyo also.

Which modem file do you use? I think JI6 modem might not have HSUPA.
14th October 2010, 07:14 AM |#6  
Pirateghost's Avatar
Inactive Recognized Developer
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thanks X! installing it now.
14th October 2010, 07:19 AM |#7  
Senior Member
Flag Simi Valley
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Does this include 2e recovery?

Sent from my Cappy using mental telepathy, bitchezz.
14th October 2010, 07:24 AM |#8  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 1
Much thanksto the op for making this possible and the tester for helping to refine this kernel. I will be following this thread closely. Hopefully we get hspa and voodoo in 3 weeks
14th October 2010, 07:38 AM |#9  
Pirateghost's Avatar
Inactive Recognized Developer
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awesome! HSUPA is working
phone working properly. i doubt BT works but i will try that out tomorrow

i know everyone will ask:
i pulled the JP6 modem out of

i included just the modem in a zip file for you
Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (3.79 MB, 312 views)
14th October 2010, 07:48 AM |#10  
Cezar`'s Avatar
Retired Recognized Developer
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YES YES YES!!! Finally what I've been waiting for!!
Man, you deserved some money for the "college" fund
Anyway, would it be too much if I would ask to include the overclock feature as well? just... how should I put it.. just for the pleasure of our eyes when running Linpack :P plus a 3-4% boost when un-archiving something
As well, the 2e recovery would be a great option as well.

Edit: Thanks for adding 2e recovery on the list.
Edit 2: I have no force close on the i9000 ROM (running JPM) but I do experience the 2 back buttons issue.
14th October 2010, 08:06 AM |#11  
techmik67's Avatar
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Flag Delray Beach, Florida
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It's great so far and i did have to switch modems to get hsupa. Used old JG8 and this was the result:

Now we just need recovery..... great work!! I love it!!!
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