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Official AOSP 2.2 OTA -- [Installable on All Dream/Sapphire] (12/01/2010 PartsB)

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By ezterry, Retired Recognized Developer on 17th October 2010, 11:53 PM
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Here is a flash image for the dream of the MT3G ASOP (T-mobile OTA) 2.2 release. Including the most recent security update!!!
(MD5: efff33db482ea3b6da3b247516be6a7f .. last updated 11/21/2010)

Please note this includes my 20101106 - 2708 ported kernel, for those requiring other kernels see addons


* 1.33.0013d or 1.33.0013 SPLs with recommend radio
(32b devices only) details on this post..
If you refuse to upgrade or can't upgrade because you have a 32a (1.2 or classic) device: you will need an alternative kernel as described in step 4.b 4.c or the phone will not boot
Note: will also work but is not how the ota was shipped

* Uesrs of other SPLs can either use Danger (dream only), any sapphire SPL on the magic/sapphire/MT3G or alternatively Custom MTD I recommend "87 2" (system/cache) {as of test3 06bindcache will work if you install the parts package, thus if you use CustomMTD parts is mandatory to avoid market issues}

To install:

1) Wipe with 'fastboot erase system -w' (A no-wipe upgrade from test-2 will probably work)
2) flash
3) You will be prompted if you wish to install AmazonMP3 (answer yes/no)
4) You will be prompted if you want to set gprsclass set to 12 (you probably wish to answer yes)
4.b) If you have a 32a or 32a 1.2 magic install the ebi1, ebi0 kernel respectively from here:
4.c) If you have a 32b dream/sapphire without the new 2708 spl/radio install the ebi0 kernel if your radio starts with 2.22, or the ebi1 radio if it starts with 3.22 here:
5) Optional flash "DroidX keyboard" add-on
6) Optional flash "parts" add-on

Alternatively the rom is now available in RomManager; and will install the rom and correct version of the 20110222 kernel; also will allow you to choose between the components parts, droidX keyboard, and language packs.

Whats included:

1) su/superuser from CM6
2) my cm6 optimized pershoot based kernel described here
3) wifi working
4) bluetooth working (fixed inv2)
5) keyboard working (fixed in v2)
6) Rom contains English/Spanish only (Other languages available as language pack addons)
7) No sim card required (fixed with v2 market fix)

Many additional packages included in the parts addon.

To see information on the original Test2 release vist This Post

What not working:

* CM6 potential USB power issue (its not horrible on but if you notice it reboot, or plug in a wall adapter)
* Sound Recorder shortcut missing, this looks like a bug in the OTA not the port a workaround

What to do if it bootloops

Before posting that the rom will not boot; please verify the following:

1) Check that if you don't have the newest radio SPLs *OR* don't have a 32B phone; that you install the correct kernel as mentioned in step 4b/4c in the installation instructions
2) Please use Super Wipe immediately before installing (ie. flash super wipe; restart back to recovery; then install the rom)
3) If you did not install it; install partsB; this will fix some date related bootloops that happens after flashing some of the radios. (after you can login and set the date correctly feel free to re-install without parts if you really don't want it)
4) If your phone is still bootlooping; after a clean install make sure you run 'adb logcat > logcat.txt' on your computer just after rebooting into the rom. Then paste the logcat contents into pastebin copying the link to this thread.

This may sound overkill but its the easiest way to make sure its not your error during install.


A|| Kernels:

The set of kernels used with this rom can be found:
> MT3G 1.2 (fender users) please use the EBI0 kernel
> 32A magic users (and rogers dreams who have not updated to a 2708 radio) please use the EBI1 port
> Dream/Sapphire users with older EBI0 radios may also use the EBI0 kernel with this rom.

B|| Parts Add On:
MD5: 58b80345db33c95a92f9be77ee67cc43 (update 12/01/2010)
What is it you ask.. It adds support for many things on top of the base rom

(note if you are upgrading from the original Test3-parts this is a no-wipe update)

1) Add support for init.d scripts
2) Add support for 'adb remount'
3) Add support for live wallpapers (apk kanged from CM nightly 238, and odex by myself)
4) Add busybox in a squashfs (binaries kanged form CM nightly 238; and repacked since I didn't want all of them) Note test3-partsB restores the toolbox netstat link to correctly display netstat information again.
5) Add LWP fix (fixes various 3D) via init.rc permissions (based on firerats work) updated in test3-partsB to fix slow performance in many games.
6) Added fix_permissions script (this one kanged from biffmod 2.1)
7) Load ipv6 on boot
8) apn list from CM238 nightly (new for test3)
9) flash_image from CM238 nightly (new for test3)
10) date verification; if year is < 2010 set the date to a more recent date (prevents initial boot boot loops for some users) added in test3-partsB
11) And Last but not least:
Added "Froyo Parts" apk custom menu interface to (this is my work k, thanks.. but certainty has ideas from pre-eclair apps2sd and firerats scripts):

internal -> /sd-ext
a. dex2sd (/data/dalvik-cache)
b. data2sd (/data/data)
c. apps2sd (/data/app & /data/app-private)
d. Keep Home in Ram (thanks to raven_raven's idea) [new test3]
e. Compcache 18MB (based of CM's script) [new test3]
f. Restrict /dev/hw3dc most games run better with this disabled; however some work better with it enabled (no reboot required) added in test3-partsB

Check the one or more to gain additional space; allow the app root permissions and reboot; the files will be moved accordingly.

All options only apply on next reboot, so if you make a mistake just revert
Previous 11/21/2010 version
MD5: 199475ba609396114049adbe196d571a

C|| DroidX Multi Touch Keyboard:

A new addon for those that like the DroidX Multi Touch Keyboard.
Thanks to RoyalKnight6190 for the biffmod port this is based on and in turn punk.kaos for the version that works on your phones

This is odexed to save data space and WILL replace the default keyboard
MD5: 5f7f7cf54f8224976be173dca9543c57 .. last updated 11/21/2010

D|| Themes:

* See shadowch31's True Blue Theme:

* Also roalex's OTA Gingerbread (for froyo):
(enough work it could be its own rom so do check it out)

* sisterchick's Themes for OTA - Blue Revo Theme - Peppermint Twist - Orange Slice/Green Revo/Grape Jelly

* Simple Black Bar
A simple black status bar mostly intended to aid others in porting dark status bar themes; but can of course be used on its own.

* castaway1 x10 bar style
Note: The clock will be black on black unless you flash the "Simple Black Bar" theme with white clock followed by this themed status bar.

E|| Lang Packs:

Non-supported language starter packs
see this post (update 12/11/2010)
These are for test3 only and provide the options to add [fr,pl,de] or [ja,zh] or [it,ru,nb] or [cs,ko,tr] to the existing en,es rom.

F|| Disable Menu Unlock:

No this is not a bug fix; the Rom has a feature coded in to allow the menu key to unlock the screen as could be done on the phone before the update.

However for those that don't like this feature here is a hacked version of the framework to disable the menu unlock, and enable the "H" notification.
MD5 SUM: 897bf28ee97db05395935f0e29b20967

Please note this will not work with the language packs or themes (of course a theme or custom language pack may include this functionality)

G|| Kernel Updates:

An update to the included 20101106 (and related 20101031) kernels can be found:

Simply flash the kernel matching your configuration


* Installing Titanium + Root Fails: You require BusyBox for Titanium to work; this can be installed via You can either install the parts package or install via titanium its self
* I need ipv6 loaded on boot to run goggles or other app: This is included in the parts package; if you wish not to use the parts package see this trick
* adb remount doesn't work and this rom doesn't have root.. yes 'adb remount' fails because this is a stock rom.. however NO just because that fails doesn't mean there is no root. see this post in short modify /system in recovery its safer than adb remount anyway. Also ADB remount has been added to the parts package
* I want to revert from the DroidX keyboard to stock: re-flash test-3 followed by parts if you flashed parts. (do not wipe)

(In short if you are having issues with advanced features try out the parts package )


This is only a quick hack of the official MT3G rom; please don't expect me to make major changes to it (If I'm doing that I'll build from ASOP source)

(Changes: version 2 fixes bluetooth and the keyboard + audio levels for dream + removes OTA key so it won't ask for any future updates)
(Changes: Market-fix; applies the updated files from the OTA fix; in addition to allowing you to signon [or skip signon] without a simcard)
(Changes: Test-3 parts improvements + security update included)
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18th October 2010, 12:07 AM |#2  
Senior Member
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thanks for this fast port. i will give feedback =)

EDIT: wo mtd its working smooth. just one faves fc and otherwise no issues. maybe you could say that gapps are included and working ^^
18th October 2010, 12:11 AM |#3  
cd993's Avatar
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Currently flashing too, many thanks! Was gonna have an early night, cant see that happening now!

Update: Flash went well, booted up nice and quick. Upon setup screen I left it sit for a few mins after the screen turned off. I then proceded to set up passed the initial screens but it failed to connect and stated "you dont have a network connection". It found my router fine, carried on with the set up and synced. So for me so far I have no mobile data connection. Overall it seems nippy and responsive, will keep testing it out...
18th October 2010, 12:21 AM |#4  
jcarrz1's Avatar
Retired Recognized Developer
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What did you do!?!?!?!? this is perfect!!!!

Browser, Gallery, Search, Calculator, Phone, Messages, etc ALL OPEN AT THE SAME TIME, no swap, no compcache (i think, free/busybox is broken) SUPERFAST FROYO

Thanks man.

Quick question... is this insane speed due to that i haven't logged in to google yet? or is it due to your awesome kernel? or neither? What's different between the EXACT kernel used in here and the pershoot ones?


James Carr
18th October 2010, 12:24 AM |#5  
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I desperately want to flash this, but I'm slightly nervous because my MyTouch3G (or HT-03A, in my case) was bought in Japan and subsequently unlocked for use in another country. I see that SU was implemented, so I'm not worried about losing root. Basically, besides the normal risks of flashing custom roms, is this going to create a danger zone for me?

Update: gave it a shot. Installs and boots like a race horse, but sadly it's not a phone. I keep getting the phone itself FCing ( and thus it kind of loses it's functionality. Going to give it another wipe and flash, see if that helps.

Second edit: no love. I know this is going to be huge, and I already can feel/see the amazing speeds present here. BUt if I can't make phone calls, it really can't help me right now. Good luck man, I'll be rooting for you!
18th October 2010, 12:26 AM |#6  
ezterry's Avatar
OP Retired Recognized Developer
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Donate to Me
Originally Posted by jcarrz1

What did you do!?!?!?!? this is perfect!!!!

Browser, Gallery, Search, Calculator, Phone, Messages, etc ALL OPEN AT THE SAME TIME, no swap, no compcache (i think, free/busybox is broken) SUPERFAST FROYO

I kept it stock; stock has no busybox but you can push it from somewhere else if you wish

The compcache module is included if desired; also setcpu will allow upto a 595oc with this kernel; (a safe 576 max by default)

Very little injected my kernel+modules; and su/superuser.apk from a cm6 build so you keep root.. and copied init.sapphire.rc to init.trout.rc (removed the radio+recovery components of course since I assume you wish to keep the custom recovery)
18th October 2010, 12:40 AM |#7  
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Without bluetooth this is like a one engine jet plane .

No PAN , no can.

i have a funny feeling t-mobile, google and htc are dicking us around, yawn.
18th October 2010, 12:41 AM |#8  
cd993's Avatar
Senior Member
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This is absolutely amazing, the speed is as fast as donut, unbelievable!! What is needed to get root access? Im in no position to be ale to help unfortunately as I lack the tech-knowledge! Also any ideas on the bluetooth issue?

May many many thanks!!!
18th October 2010, 12:41 AM |#9  
Senior Member
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How does this compare to Biffmod for you? I remember the original stock Donut was typically faster than AOSP based Donut roms, does it apply to this case?
18th October 2010, 12:44 AM |#10  
Flag Madrid
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Downloaded and flashing right now...
18th October 2010, 12:48 AM |#11  
cd993's Avatar
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by thelamacmdr

How does this compare to Biffmod for you? I remember the original stock Donut was typically faster than AOSP based Donut roms, does it apply to this case?

For me my friend, this is probably the best rom ever! My reasons, theres been no lag, installation was smooth and fast, not a single force close. Bluetooth and mobile data isnt working for me (is it because I am in the UK, perhaps I just need to sort out my APN.....) nor is there root yet but theyll come in time. Ive installed LauncherPro and it runs smooth as anything, I am VERY VERY pleased that I have a super fast Froyo on my G1, I am never going back!!!

PS: I personally experienced random reboots on Biffmod and other Froyo roms, none on this rom so far!
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