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Camera SenseHD Finally Works !!!!

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By pack21, Senior Member on 20th October 2010, 03:51 PM
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All Credits to snq- Desire Dev......thanks man!

Finally!! Yes We Can!!

Originally Posted by rikwebb

m-deejay fix posted

Originally Posted by snq-

new sense + htc camera app on a desire classic:

just made a few shots, camera seems to be fully functional, tested also w/ quickmark
there is still an issue w/ the camcorder, i'll try to fix it and release rsn

Originally Posted by snq-

due to popular demand and due to the fact that i can't work on this in the next few days i'm releasing this update as is for robocik's rcmixhd v0.12


  • camera (also with 3rd party apps like goggles, quickmark or cam360)
  • camcorder (w/audio)

yet to fix:
  • 720p (do NOT set hd resolutions in camcorder mode)
  • some aftereffects in camera mode

Originally Posted by Giblet-dono

Hey Guys!

Stumbled upon this thread and the fix,
im using Phiremod ACE Sense HD build

The way to push this fix to your device is as follows:
Insert SDcard in computer (through mobile or cardreader)
In the camfix file youll find 3 folders (you can download in the first post)
Ignore meta-inf
Copy the file HTCCamerpa.apk from sd-ext/app_s to your sdcard in the folder:
If the folder does not exicst, creat it!
Then copy the contents of the system folder (all of them) to Sdcard/android/root/system
After this reboot your device

WARNING! You are doing this at your own risk!
This "fix" creates graphic glitches on the screen!
Make a BACKUP!!

Camera DOES work
Camcorder DOESN'T WORK!


Some HD2 user reports;

Originally Posted by netdrg

Tested and work on HD2


Originally Posted by netdrg

I Create my proper build not push or update files

Originally Posted by dharvey4651

Just tested the files using the root folder method and it DOES seem to work very well on the HD2.

I'm using it on mdeejay's Froyo HD 3.7. I'm able to take pictures with a working flash(no green tint). The only downside I'm seeing is that it creates a glitchy affect where horizontal lines appear randomly(but consistently) on different parts of the screen unless there is motion on the screen.

I'm going to modify mdeejay's build and cook the files into the build and test from a clean install and report back if the glitch is still present afterwards.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

Hi, people and Devs, some Desire Devs are working hard in camera port to HD and Z Rom.....and they solve the camera issue, We are in, too.

20\10 - Today they was able to run a camera on HD Rom!

I have much hope in their work, and maybe our Devs can give a hand to Desire Devs, to solve this issue......We are all XDA bro.

We can see, the development thread, here:

And, we can regard the Desire Devs, here:

#1 - First Camera Working Test
20.10.10 - 02.03PM
Originally Posted by BlueVD

Here's a quick vid of the camera working... Sorry for the quality, I've done it using a laptop cam and it was enoying trying to adjust the lid at the propper angle...
You can see the Personalize menu at the start (just to proove it's SenseHD) and the skin is metallic
the console command was awb_camera

#2 - Release should come soon to Desire
20.10.10 - 10.43PM

Originally Posted by BlueVD

Well, first of all, I've already released the libs and binaries in a previous post (the one with the screenshot, not the video). Right now I'm working on the framework. And it is GPL since most of the things I've done is to recompile allready published source code. What I did modify are some files needed to build the Androis Os (taken from nexus one and adapted for the bravo board), not the kernel and I'll publish them soon. Just so that you know, I'm not keeping anything under "wraps". All the work I've done so far is with the help of google, readme files and comments on xda. Guess than in short it's something in the borderlines of RTFM. The framework is the toughest sob but with the subtle hint from ownhere I'm making some advances here also. I don't want to give false hope, but a release should come soon. It's moving slowly because of my job and the sleep depravation not to mention my old laptop running a dozen tasks and a VM.
Keep you posted on my progress.
PS: video recording might not be able to record sound in the first release (since there's somewhat of a rush to get the photo capabilities). The audio part of the framework will take some serious modding.

Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App

#3 - Status Update
Originally Posted by BlueVD

Ok folks, another status update: had 3 frameworks so far, 2 fc'd and one didn't do anything at all. Right now I'm having one of my servers reinstalled in order to compile android to produce a custom framework. This one will be compiled with all the required stuff in it so it should work. As to sound recording in the video, chances are we're getting it too! It will take a few more hours to get the framework compiled, but please bear with me.

Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App

#4 - New update

Originally Posted by BlueVD

..... It's the sourcecode for android and I'd have to be darn stupid to post it once again since google took care of that. People can get their source code from there. And as a refference, all mods were done on the nexus files that came with it since desire shares most of the hardware. Geez folks, if you would know a bit of programming you would know that. And since you don't know programming why the heck do you ask for them? Sorry if I sound harsh, but these past few days I barely got 2 hours of sleep per night and all I'm chewing at is the camera, even at work. Have patience, redoing the framework takes some time. Trust me when I say that I'm doing everything humanly possible to get the fix as soon as possible. And if any dev wants to get the files I moded, he can PM me.
And stop posting friggin comments that have nothing to do with devel stuff! Makes it hard for me and the other devs keep track of stuff.

PS: let me make this clear, the existing framework is compiled with different drivers so to say. And the only way to change that is to modify it. I'm compiling a new one to get all the right values for the cam part and patch the existing one since the framework for a nexus would be incompatible with the one needed by SenseHD. If it were as easy as fooling around with a hex editor I would have done it already. And keep in mind that this is my first clash ever with android code. Besides doing the work I also need to learn a lot of stuff on the go! These being said I hope I won't have to read any more mindless posts. And yeah, if any other dev wants to do this step in my place, do tell. I'd be more than happy to give you all I have (and that is sidenotes! Cause the code is already available online). This way I'd finally be able to take a good night sleep

Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App
[EDIT]: there's no front camera on the Desire Hd/Z. But HTC added the code for one. All I can presume is that they have one with SenseUI2 but no news of that phone leaked yet. Though it would seem sloppy of HTC to make such a silly mistake

Ive jusr noticed that the user asking for the sourcecode was neophyte. Mate, all I did was copy the vision files that came with the official source of android, comment out some lines related to the colors of the trackball and pull the proprietary files out of my desire. That's how the libs got done. All of this know-how came from xda forums. Like I said, there's no special voodoo I'm doing. As for the files, I'll get them online if you think it helps (but it doesn't since they only help with the making of the libs and those are already done and working).

Originally Posted by BlueVD

Ok, here are the files needed to build the libs and the framework with the correct interrupts. Hope you guys will be happy with them (like I said before I just copied the whole nexus one files and named them/modified them to suit bravo).
1) A linux machine with a x64 distro (I recommend ubuntu 10.10, even if Canonical said it's not all that stable. Also Mandriva 64 bit should do. I run these 2 distros and both seem to work) OR a windows machine that has a case sensitive FS/Partition (I never herd of such a thing, so I recommend linux)
2) 6GB free space
3) a lot of time
1) get the android source (see )
2) download the file I provided above and extract it into ~/devices/htc (~ represents the root of the sourcecode folder for android)
3) just build the thing. (make -j2 TARGET_PRODUCT=htc_bravo)
At the end of the build you'll find the libs and whatever else you would require... Happy compiling time to you all.

Originally Posted by BlueVD

Whatever work I finish and it doesn't FC, segfault or harm the phone in any way will end up in
So if anything pops up there, you can use it...

#5 - Big update!!

Originally Posted by BlueVD

OK people, I will keep my english plain:
WHEN a flashable zip will be ready I will say it in BOLD that you can flash it via recovery. Until then, NO, THERE IS NO FLASHABLE ZIP.
And I'm not yelling, just pointing out what should be obvious.
And now, a requst for someone that has a HTC Leo with gauner1986's HD Rom:
BACKUP the files you will replace first!!! Otherwise you'll have to extract them from your ROM to put them back!
Download the following file and upload the *.so files (via ADB with the phone in recovery) to /system/lib
After that upload the rest of the files (the ones without extension) to /system/bin
Reboot the phone, open your favorite console and run as root (and landscape mode, that it keep the phone upright):

I need to know if it outputs some text (like camera calibration status, etc). If it does, you should see a camera viewport in the upper left corner of the display. If you don't, just swipe your finger across the display and you should see some flicker in the upper left corner. If it does, good news: owners of LEO will get the camera fix as soon as the Desire one gets it.
PS: I've got a seminar coming this weekend... Hopefully, I'll finish the fix by tomorrow evening, if not, it's up till monday

Originally Posted by BlueVD

I talked to gauner1986 and his rom is based on the dump from DesireHD. I've specified that peole using his rom should test the libs But it's good to know that apparently something failed on Mdeejays rom. Hopefully it will work on gauner1986's rom.

#6 Someone did it!
20th October 2010, 03:55 PM |#2  
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a haha happy
20th October 2010, 04:01 PM |#3  
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Originally Posted by pack21

Hi, people and Devs, some Desire Devs are working hard in camera port to HD and Z Rom.

And today they was able to run a camera on HD Rom.

I have much hope in their work, and maybe our Devs can give some help in that.

Good news for sure! I guess we will have a fully functional desire HD rom running at our precious HD2s before the end of the weekend.
20th October 2010, 04:03 PM |#4  
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many thanks for the info

Originally Posted by paalkr

Good news for sure! I guess we will have a fully functional desire HD rom running at our precious HD2s before the end of the weekend.

i hope so too
20th October 2010, 04:09 PM |#5  
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Great news!

Sent from my HTC HD2 using XDA App
20th October 2010, 04:20 PM |#6  
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If this is true, that would be brilliant indeed
20th October 2010, 04:25 PM |#7  
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good news i wait it thanks
20th October 2010, 04:41 PM |#8  
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Thumbs up
20th October 2010, 04:46 PM |#9  
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I find the HD rom most stable. It would be very good when camera can be used in this excellent rom. thanks so much!
20th October 2010, 04:52 PM |#10  
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20th October 2010, 04:54 PM |#11  
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good job ~~
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