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By mskip, Retired Senior Moderator on 23rd October 2010, 08:48 PM
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Ok this thread is for people to post Updates about NAND Development on the HD2 ONLY!!


If anyone posts a message that doesn't contain any update or information about NAND on HD2 then it will be deleted immediately. I will be keeping this thread totally clean apart from updates and direct information on NAND so don't be offended if your post is deleted.

If you want to discuss NAND then please use the Android Lounge thread.

If anyone starts any new threads asking for updates on NAND or asking when NAND will be ready then the thread will be closed.

This is for everyone's benefit so please do not post here unless it fits the above criteria.



Port progress overview:
Users can follow updated by checking out Cotulla's twitter:
IRC Logs (not just HD2, look for posts by Markinus, Netripper, LeTama, Gauner1986, Cotulla):

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24th October 2010, 04:02 AM |#2  
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Current status for now :

Gauner1986 working on battery driver, with Cotulla's help :


Cotulla how is it?
18:51 gauner1986 i'm still crying about battery-driver :P
18:51 Cotulla I am very busy on this week, don't listen to news
18:52 Cotulla lol
18:52 Cotulla u got 94%?
18:52 gauner1986 90%
18:52 gauner1986
18:52 Cotulla haha
18:52 gauner1986 it's going down more over time
18:52 Cotulla like in theory
18:53 Cotulla okay I will look when I got time
18:53 gauner1986
18:54 gauner1986 seems it needs some write

And they're starting to figure out what is wrong with ppp code:


Cotulla I can't call this code "good-implemented"
19:00 Cotulla u send AT+CGACT=0,%s
19:00 Cotulla and then u need wait right response
19:00 Cotulla parse it
19:01 Cotulla as well as AT+CGDCONT=1
19:01 Cotulla also
19:01 Cotulla u sure
19:02 Cotulla execution will be stopped at middle of hackWrite() and context will be switched?
19:02 gauner1986 do you think this could be the cause of disconnects?
19:02 Cotulla in this case it may send rubbish instead of right commands
19:03 Cotulla also not sure if WM use ATD*99***1#
19:04 gauner1986 what does it use then?
19:04 gauner1986 .. / how to find out?
19:04 Cotulla as welll as sleep(5); // allow time for ip-up to run
19:04 Cotulla why 5?
19:04 Cotulla not 10?
19:05 Cotulla also in case if remove side will disconnect data?
19:05 Cotulla what will happen?
19:06 gauner1986 hm, yeah.. it definetly needs improvement
19:06 gauner1986 where can i read about the AT reply's ?
19:07 Cotulla "NW DETACH", "NW DEACT", "ME DEACT", "ME DETACH"
19:07 Cotulla this possible notify... dunno if they all used by amss
19:08 Cotulla but who manage reconnect? Android?
19:08 gauner1986 yes
19:08 Cotulla if Android it should know about disconnection
19:08 gauner1986 i guess ppp handles the disconnection, no?
19:09 gauner1986 so, if remote side hangs up, pppd will know and terminate
19:09 Cotulla how it will detect?
19:09 Cotulla data flow will stops
19:09 Cotulla and ?
19:09 gauner1986 pppd times out?
19:09 LeTama pppd dies

Eventually, not related to NAND directly but good to know, dan13jl working on Z/HD camera :


gauner1986 make me a proper battery-driver please
18:42 gauner1986
18:42 LeTama FsTluxe, let's go to -chat
18:43 dan1j3l gauner1986: currently working on camera for HD/Z builds...
18:44 gauner1986 also nice
18:45 dan1j3l apt leo-ramconsole

As far as I know, since power collapse, we also got audio quality partially fixed by LeTama, but can't find the log.

That's it for now.
25th October 2010, 02:04 PM |#3  
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22:54 ogonzuhnina sorry to disturb, just wanted to ask if you got any progress/findings 'bout max battery @ android @93%
22:55 ogonzuhnina i'm not sure if it's anything new but i got similar on mu biuld (already month old or so). my battery charged to 97, than 96 now 93 max...
22:56 Markinus ogonzuhnina: yeah, I have a fix and gauner tested it, it works

seems that Markinus and gauner are close to solution on how to fix battery charging problem

one more step in right direction
25th October 2010, 03:46 PM |#4  
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and some more good news .


14:24 LeTama: hello guys!
14:25 gauner1986: hey letama
14:25 Jack-E: afternoon
14:25 gauner1986: markinus and i got battery problems sorted somehow...
14:25 LeTama: gauner1986: yes, saw that

26th October 2010, 03:40 AM |#5  
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21:12 mdeejay: darkstone you fixed it
21:13 victorbd: hi mdeejay
21:13 hansineGrip: Yes, he did! :)
21:13 hansineGrip: Fix the stuttering, i mean.
21:14 darkstone: mdeejay o0
21:14 darkstone: checks thread
21:14 LeTama: nice!
21:14 darkstone: ah nice
21:14 darkstone: LeTama: mind pushing it?
21:15 LeTama: sure
21:15 mdeejay: fix from desire threads on XDA?
21:15 darkstone: yes
21:15 darkstone: LeTama:
21:16 victorbd: can ny1 giv me an RMnet version of Mdeejay FROyO Z... im in love wid it... :P
21:16 darkstone: i noticed on linuxtogo that the values were correct
21:16 victorbd:
21:16 darkstone: i was wondering why there was slower read speed in evo kernel

no more music shuttering in nand
26th October 2010, 08:01 AM |#6  
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00:57 darkstone Aevum: nand may not improve things instantly
00:57 Heh_ we cant find any stattion
00:58 Aevum in other words, start saving up for a desire HD
00:58 darkstone hehe
00:58 darkstone a native android device will obviously be better
00:58 darkstone since its, you know, designed for android

sad news!!!

26th October 2010, 05:46 PM |#7  
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14:11 => LeTama joins
14:12 LeTama hello guys
14:12 Cotulla hello LeTama
14:12 Cotulla sound is nice?
14:12 LeTama So back in business Cotulla! Great
14:12 Cotulla yeah
14:13 => rexid joins
14:13 LeTama Sound is working well yes
14:13 Cotulla what about power ?
14:13 LeTama Didn't hear my wife complain anymore
14:13 LeTama Power ?
14:13 Cotulla yes
14:14 LeTama Power is fine for me. I didn't do extensive tests, but it behaves well
14:14 LeTama the only real blackspot remaining is ppp
14:15 Cotulla oh ****\
14:15 Cotulla u tried to do
14:15 Cotulla like I said?\\
14:15 Cotulla (few days ago)
27th October 2010, 04:30 AM |#8  
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16:46 Markinus: gauner1986: good is finished, only some cleanupts
16:46 gauner1986: cool
16:46 => netson joins
16:46 gauner1986: what was the issue with detection?
16:46 NeoMatrixJR: ~seen WisTilt2
16:46 Markinus: works
16:46 => ElBartoME joins
16:46 apt: wistilt2 <[email protected]> was last seen on IRC in channel #htc-linux, 9h 1m 34s ago, saying: 'tks'.
16:46 Markinus: synchronisation
16:46 gauner1986: ok
16:46 [acl]: NeoMatrixJR: how goes it
16:47 gauner1986: so then we got a pretty nice port
16:47 gauner1986: battery support fully implemented
16:47 gauner1986: yay

i expect a release very soon
28th October 2010, 12:04 AM |#9  
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15:07 luc__ New battery driver seems to work very good, and the standby also.
15:07 luc__ 9 hours on standby overnight just 4%
15:08 <= programmer8922 left/quit
15:10 luc__ one more thing from 99% to 100% takes 20min and the green light turns on at 100%
15:10 => TheDeadCPU joins
15:11 luc__ Markinus: WELL DONE!
15:12 drellisdee oh a kernel question too phh. Code aurora has added a commit to use 800mhz on 7627. It reads pll config and sets freq table from it. My plls are 960,245,1200. The 800mhz uses plls 960,245,800. Other than writing a val of 41 for the mult when its reading the init of plls is there an way to change it?
15:16 => LeTama joins
15:16 <= Neo31 left/quit
15:16 => Neo31 joins
15:20 gauner1986 hey letama
15:20 <= bbz left/quit
15:20 <= Andreyxxl[HD2EU] left/quit
15:20 LeTama hello gauner1986, hello all
15:20 LeTama what's up ? saw that battery driver looks good ?
15:21 <= iDavid left/quit
15:21 gauner1986 yeah
15:21 gauner1986 it's really good
15:21 manusfreedom hi, can we have an autobuild for a RMNET version of the kernel (evo based)?
15:21 gauner1986 but nand corruption is bugging me now
15:21 gauner1986
15:22 LeTama gauner1986: that's bad. Saw that Cotulla had it too ?
15:22 gauner1986 yes
15:23 gauner1986 hope he's working on it
15:23 gauner1986 :P
15:23 LeTama

9 hours on standby overnight just 4%
-- Who said we can't get better battery life with NAND???

Though some of them seems to have little problems with corruption
28th October 2010, 12:05 PM |#10  
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# Battery driver improved. Charging works correctly now. vor ungefähr 22 Stunden via HTC Peep
28th October 2010, 09:50 PM |#11  
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CM6.1 RC1 came out today and is running smoothly in my nand build... no problems other than we still have to use ppp rather than rmnet
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