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ROM: Liberated Aria Froyo Series FR008 12/13/2010 **Fully working OC Kernel**

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By attn1, Inactive Recognized Developer on 26th October 2010, 10:19 AM
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here it is:

Froyo (Android 2.2) w/HTC Sense based on Gratia Release version ROM
  • FR008 Repaired Bluetooth/FM Radio for HTC Sense in Cyanogen OC custom kernel
  • FR008 Stable Release with new kernel enabled
  • FR008 RC2 Backed out to FR007 kernel to repair bluetooth & FM Radio
  • FR008 RC2 Cleanup permissions
  • FR008 RC2 Added Ladios Chinese customization routine for "-CHT" or "-CHS" carriers
  • FR008 RC1 Fixed Superuser permissions causing problems with programs requiring root (a2ext, Titianium, Rom Manager)
  • FR008 RC1 Added ext4 fs support
  • FR008 RC1 Added nls_utf8 module support for cifs
  • FR008 RC0 Reworked from a Gratia Release ROM (thanks grmpf for sharing)
  • FR008 RC0 New Custom Kernel (Based on CM6 kernel from cyanogen)
  • FR008 RC0 Trackpad wake working
  • FR008 RC0 IPV6 enabled
  • FR008 RC0 TUN enabled
  • FR008 RC0 CIFS module included
  • FR008 RC0 Overclock enabled (stock speeds unless enabled with SetCpu, 864 MAX, 806 Recommended)
  • FR008 RC0 Froyo WIFI Hotspot Tether working
  • FR0X Add-on to enable Asian Handwriting keyboard - flash after ROM, wipe data first
  • FR007 Added Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil) and Hebrew (Wipe data required) - I cannot test these - feedback please.
  • FR006 Added Chinese language support (zh_CN and zh_TW) Properly (Data wipe needed to enable)
  • FR006 Set supplemental apns_conf.xml from cyanogenMod to updated version
  • FR005 Added Voice Dial (Thanks Gene Poole)
  • FR005 removed chinese Language - was fouling up default keyboard mic
  • FR004 A couple of smaller bug fixes
  • RF004 MMDDYYYY Date format default - changeable in settings
  • RF004 Chinese language added
  • RF004 apns-conf.xml from CM6 added - may not work as override
  • FR003 Numerous bug fixes
  • RF003 Fahrenheit default weather temp
  • RF003 Normal MIC on HTC_IME keyboard
  • FR002 Added de-odexed version
  • FR002 Updated fingerprint for Market
  • FR001 aps2ext (Cyanogen/Darktremor)
  • FR001 ap2sd (standard Froyo garbage')
  • FR001 Astro filemanager (cause *I* like it)
  • FR001 Terminal (cause *I* like it)
  • FR001 US english default (cause that's where *I* live)
  • FR001 No boot noises (cause *I* hate them)
  • FR001 Tons of locales (cause not everyone lives where I do)
  • FR001 Working Market (just cause)
  • FR001 No Gomarket (just cause all over again)

  • Brand New LA Release candidate ROM - built from actual Gratia ROM and not a pre-release leak. This is the latest.
  • New Kernel (thanks go to cyanogen)
  • Use interactive governor with SetCPU for best OC Results (806mhz is Max Recommended speed)
  • Please discuss issues in this thread

  • Always do nandroid backups
  • WIPE DATA is highly recommended; required if coming from any other ROM, including liberated aria 2.1.
  • To add Asia Handwriting input support, wipe data, flash rom, then immediately flash the handwriting add-on.

md5: 7bcd9d855dc1b671af4ddc8bdd76a64a (Not a ROM - add-on for Handwriting keyboard)
md5: 9bdc6527f67b545d9a388bc022555c49 (De-odexed)
md5: 0cb19faf0697af54615cfb040777d923

Kernel Options - Updated 12/17/2010 (Repair Superuser access)

FR008 Default:
  • a2ext enabled
  • Suitable for any FR00* ROM or other stock 2.2 Liberty ROM
  • Overclocking to 864 (806mhz max recommended) with SetCPU
  • Trackpad wake
  • CIFS support with nls_utf8
  • ext4 enabled
Hong Kong Shipping 2.2 Kernel:
  • Suitable for any FR00* ROM or other stock 2.2 Liberty ROM
  • a2ext enabled (ext2/ext3)
  • No Overclocking
  • No Trackpad wake
  • No CIFS support with nls_utf8
  • No ext4 enabled

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Linux GPL information:
Kernel config and source for custom kernels used in the FR liberated_aria ROMs located at:

ReadMe Is contained within the source package
Kernel Credits are posted in the readme and changelogs.
Many thanks to Cyanogen for his ongoing support and help

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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26th October 2010, 10:20 AM |#2  
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Non-standard disclaimer:

In order to use this ROM, you must have already installed clockwork recovery. If you manage to brick your phone with this ROM from there, you are a dumb ass of unimaginable proportions, and I absolve myself of any responsibility whatsoever. Further, any damage done to your phone with this ALPHA ROM is your fault and no one else's.


Q. I bricked my phone/my signal sucks/my cat exploded since installing this ROM.
A. See the Non-standard disclaimer above.

Q. I can't seem to flash the rom successfully, and my Nandroid backups don't restore.
A. Do NOT start Clockwork recovery by powering down the phone with the USB port plugged in. Clockwork WILL NOT operate reliably that way. Power down the phone with the USB cord disconnected so that the phone powers off properly. Then start the phone by pressing and holding the vol-down button while pressing the power button to start. After diagnostics complete, you can enter Clockwork the proper way.

Q. I lost my 3g connection after I flashed Liberated Aria FR Series, now the icon just says "H".
A. You didn't lose 3g - the H is for HSDPA, which is enhanced 3g, sometimes referred to as 3.5g. It's a good thing, if you see an "H" where the "G" used to display - don't worry about it. Print this out for next time you head to the can:

Q. How do I keep my wifi from going to sleep every time the screen shuts off?
A. There is a hidden feature that disables wifi sleep.
menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > wifi settings > menu (again) > advanced > Wi-Fi Sleep policy > Never > menu > Save
However: although you can keep the wifi service from sleeping, the wifi driver will still sleep on it's own after detecting no bus activity for a period of time. It doesn't wake reliably, so you are better off just letting the service sleep.

Q. Will this ROM support over or under clocking with Set CPU?
A. Yes! As of FR008, we have a stable, fully functioning OC kernel.

Q. Hey, what's a de-odexed ROM and what's it for?
A. Read this: and this:

Q. I can't get flash to work. What's going on?
A. Flash 10 is not supported by this CPU, but HTC's Flash Lite is in there.

Q. Where's the FroYo wireless hotspot?
A. It's in there!
menu > Wireless & networks > tethering and portable hotspot

Q. What's wrong with bluetooth? It doesn't work with my floozengadget.
A. Nothing. All bluetooth functions have been confirmed *WORKING* with compatible devices.

Q. But my floozengadget device is bluetooth compatible. What's wrong with bluetooth?
A. Nothing. Android bluetooth on the broadcom chipset is not compatible with every bluetooth device. Consistent compatibility issues have been noted with devices using certain parrott chipsets, certain automobiles with factory bluetooth including most Nissans, Volkswagons and an assortment of other devices and autos.

Q. Can you fix bluetooth so it will work with my floozengadget device?
A. No.

Q. Does the FM Radio work?
A. Yes.

Q. Is this an HTC Sense ROM?
A. Yes.

Q. My widgets don't load or I am missing icons on the desktop or in folders.
A. The sdcard mounts late in the startup process - later than when desktop icons and widgets are loaded. This is a problem inherent in Android 2.2 and manifests itself when an application/widget is moved to the sdcard that has a presence on the Desktop. This is not a bug in this ROM, it's apps2sd in FroYo. For better apps2sd performance, use the ap2ext version (enabled by default when an ext2 or ext3 partition exists as the second partition - after FAT - on the SDCARD).

Q. If this is Froyo, then how come it doesn't work exactly like it does on xyzphone?
A. The Aria is not xyzphone, and probably has a different feature set.

Q. May I use your work and customize it and republish it?
A. Sure, but if you start with this ROM as a base for your own, please note it.

Q. May I mirror these ROMs?
A. Please don't, as I updated them periodically, and I can't update mirrors I can't control. If you want to do you own build based on these, then fine, mirror away.
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26th October 2010, 10:21 AM |#3  
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Install either ROM from Clockwork Recovery.
Once clockwork is loaded:
  • Do a nandroid backup to preserve your current rom
  • Wipe Data (if coming from another rom, including CM6 or liberated_aria non-deodexed version, or to enable additional languages from previous version)
  • Wipe Cache
  • Wipe dalvik cache (advanced > wipe dalvik cache)
  • Install liberated_aria_*FR00* from sdcard

To Enable A2SD:
  • Backup your applications
  • Backup your sdcard
  • Partition your sdcard with ROM Manager with an ext partition option. (ROM manager is in Market)
  • This should start a special mode of clockwork recovery, which will partition the sdcard.
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26th October 2010, 10:21 AM |#4  
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Yay moar romz!!!
26th October 2010, 10:32 AM |#5  
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Nice! Gonna try this out and compare it to the speed of cm6.

Sent from my Liberty using XDA App
26th October 2010, 10:41 AM |#6  
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This has got me very excited. Thank you.

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26th October 2010, 11:07 AM |#7  
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will be giving this a flash and run as i'm heading up to Atlanta this morning
26th October 2010, 11:51 AM |#8  
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Thanks alot attn1! I am flashing this as I type!
26th October 2010, 12:12 PM |#9  
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Smile Liberated FroYo
You R the man!

Thanks you very very much on all of your priceless work.
26th October 2010, 12:15 PM |#10  
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I have this up and running right now. No issues at all so far. I'll post if I encounter anything strange.

Thanks attn1!
26th October 2010, 12:32 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by drumist

I have this up and running right now. No issues at all so far. I'll post if I encounter anything strange.

Thanks attn1!

Rock on! You are the man!

Oops...didn't mean to quote. Doh!
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