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Root NEW 2.1.1.A.0.6 App2sd and 100% safe remove list!

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By beerio, Member on 9th November 2010, 09:25 AM
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UPDATE 3th March 2011

The modified version of SuperOneclick (for 2.0.2.A.0.24) works also perfect to root the new 2.1.1.A.0.6 firmware. So just download (from this thread).

Big thanks goes to shivenjuneja

Best regards


NOTICE! Scroll down for the latest info about SuperOneClick & app2sd


I spent last few days to find a 100% SAFE list for removal of "unneeded" apps to save memory. But the lists I found so far, are not 100% safe. For example have I encountered problems to use Android Market, Changing to another SIM card, not able to use camera, call list not working and so on.

So now is it time for a 100% safe list!!!

The apps here has been tested and tested again, with change of sim card, languages, restarts, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi and so on. So they are 100% safe to remove. And if there is apps that we dont know what they do, then are they not safe to remove until they been confirmed to be "unneeded" for example the file Telenor_Wrapper.apk many people remove this one but I still havent found a single info what this file do? so it will not be on the safe list because its not safe to remove!.

And the most important, they all have to SAVE ram memory! if it dont save memory dont I find any reason to remove it.

The list will be updated frequently, but NOTICE it takes time to test that the software that is removed DONT have negative effects.

Also NOTICE that this thread is not intended to write questions about "how do I remove apps?", "what folder is that in?" and so on. This thread is only made for people that know how to remove apps and need a 100% safe list to do it.

14th November 2010 - 100% safe remove list.-----------------------------------------------

rollercoaster.apk (Game)

peggle.apk (Game)

edge.apk (Game)

quadrapop.apk (Game)

Wisepilot.apk (GPS software have to subscribe only trial 30days)

roadsync.apk (Synchronization with Microsoft Exchange)

NeoReader.apk (Bar code reader - uninstall and download new version free if you need it)

moxiermail.apk (Similar program as roadsync.apk)

officesuite.apk (Mobile Systems OfficeSuite trial version)

EManual.apk (Sony Ericsson E-manual)

facebook.apk (Facebook app - can be removed and installed again from Android market)


Can be removed but is not on the 100% safe list (See why in description)

(Sony Ericsson own Music & Apps store, if removed no Playnow store)

(Japanese text input, if removed NO japanese input)

(Chinese text input, if removed NO chinese input)

PC companion - remove dop.iso in the /data folder
(Installs PC companion software on a computer without the need to download it from internet, if removed this option is gone)

Telenor_Wrapper.apk (named WiMP.apk in the latest firmware. Thanks morning_wood for the info!)
(This is for Telenor subscribers so if you remove it will you have problems if you later will subscribe to Telenor network).


UPDATE! 10th January 2010 Will take around 8-40 minutes to do it for a novice user.

IMPORTANT! some of the files are packed with Winrar, so you need it to unpack the apk files. If you dont have it can you download it here for free

NOTICE its recommended to do this from a CLEAN install, that means using SEUS and not install new apps before installing the app2sd. But you are free to try it in your own way but I cant guarantee that it will not be problems if you do it your way.

IMPORTANT After you installed app2sd so should you NOT REMOVE THE SD-card and then start the phone without the card. And also dont remove the card when the phone is on. Its ok to remove the SD-card when you have the phone turned off (not sure why you should do it, but anyway thats ok).

I have now found a better way, than just remove things from the firmware that can give you problems. This way can you download LOTS of apps without almost any lost of memory! and still if you want more memory can you remove the apps you dont need This is how I did it on my xperia x10 mini with a Kingston 16gb class 4 card (got it for only 35$) If you use a 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb 16gb doesnt matter but use max 1400mb and min 200mb for the ext2 partition to not encounter problems.

I started from a TOTAL clean install I have 150mb Internal storage memory free after the reflash, without removing a single program.

Then did I take out the SD-card from the phone and did all partition work with my computer. You can use Paragon, Mini tool partition (free version) or whatever program you used to.

NOTICE you can also let the SD-card remain in the phone and do all partition work that way. it also works.

1. Make a PRIMARY partition fat32 (let MAX. 1400mb be left for the ext2 partition im using 300mb myself and its more than enough)

2. Make a PRIMARY partion ext2 (Max 1400mb and min 150-200mb)

3. Unzip and copy all contents of (NOT THE FOLDER, just the files!!!) to your fat32 root partition on your SD card.

After that did I, insert the SD card into the phone, and restarted the phone once. (SKIP this if you use the SD-card still in your phone)

Then is it time to root the phone.

1. Download modified "SuperOneClick".
2. Enable "USB Debug".
3. Connect phone to "PC" and select "Charge Phone".
4. Open "SuperOneClick" and select "Root".
5. Wait!
6. When it is done, reboot.


(Here should you doublecheck that you have USB-debugging activated, and also set the screen timeout to 30 minutes. The reason for that is that when you connect later will the Superuser program popup and show "allow" and you have to press allow before it goes away. Otherwise will it not work. And if you have the screen off when it popups will you miss it. Remember to turn the screen timeout back after everything is done)

then connect phone with the USB-cable and choose CHARGE PHONE

4. Unpack the to C:\ (on your computer, so you have a folder called adb with the 3 files inside it.)

Open a Command promt ( NOTICE In Vista & Win 7, should you use elevated "administrator" CMD prompt) and then write cd C:\adb and press enter


5. adb shell (then press enter)

6. You will get a $

7. Type su (press enter) and you will see a #

8. Write sh /sdcard/ (press enter) (NOTICE Between sh and /sdcard is it a space, they should NOT be written together like this sh/sdcard......!

9. In the menu, choose 0 or just press enter directly (press enter)

10. Everything will install and automatically reboot the phone. IMPORTANT remove the usb-cable as soon as the phone close down for reboot. NOT before the phone turns black!!

11. Now can you install Titanium backup Pro, and start to remove the astro file manager, and also remove the apps you dont need like the crappy games and wisepilot (trial) and so on. And a tips is also to remove Google maps, Neoreader, Facebook and then download the software you need and install. This way do you save some extra memory.

More info can be found here but the tutorial dont mention the su command, and without it was I unable to install. There are also some other things that differs, so just use that guide as extra info, NOT as a installation guide.

Credits goes to wolfilein & tot 31

I have now installed Angry birds, Skype, Astro, QQ, Chinese handwriting & pinyin input, Voice search, Hanping Chinese dictionary and I still have 128mb memory left (compared to before when it went down to under 70mb and that was with lots of apps removed from firmware) NOTICE Now havent I removed a single program and the phone is still quick as lightning!. So this is the way to do it! Dont waste time on removing apps from the firmware, which sometimes gives more problems than gain. Use the apps2sd method instead! and remove only the apps from the 100% safe list. This way will you have a phone that is quick as lightning even with over 25-40 apps installed.

NOTICE If you by acccident or just by being plain stupid managed to remove some important .apk files and really dont want to reinstall the firmware!, well dont fear the member Cocker80 have uploaded all the System apps so you can just download the file and then reinstall the ones you deleted (like myself that deleted the youtube and later found out that the new version didnt work on 2.1....haha, dont know if I did it by accident or just plain stupidness)
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9th November 2010, 12:36 PM |#2  
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Telenor_Wrapper.apk is specific to the Nordic 2.1 only and is specificaly for Telenor provider users. If you are not a subscriber to Telenor you can safely remove this.

( I am a Nordic user however not in Sweden and not a Telenor subscriber, so I removed this right after the silly games with no side effects )

I have removed many apps after the 2.1 update without replacing default apps with alternate apps and can provide some other "safe for removal" items if you wish, and if I understand the nature of this post, this is what you are looking for in this list.

for example, to free up 13mb of "data" you can remove "/data/dop.iso" ( if you dont want "Install PCCompanion" at usb plugin )
9th November 2010, 03:18 PM |#3  
beerio's Avatar
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Thanks for the information about the Telenor_Wrapper.apk, now am I finally sure of whats the use for it. But here comes the thing with this 100% safe list, its intended compared to many other "safelists" that if the user removes an item so should it NEVER be a problem for the user. So I cant add the Telenor_Wrapper.apk to the 100% safe list, because if a user later will use the Telenor then will he have problem. The same with "/data/dop.iso" which installs the PC companion (haha...I can say that it was one of the first item I removed also, but as I said cant it be added to the list). Im happy to recieve tips from other users that removed apps and are 100% sure that it will after removal never be a problem.

I understand that many people are just interested to get as much free ram memory as possible, but this list is also intended to make sure that the user afterwards dont have to reinstall the firmware to get back removed items.

9th November 2010, 06:17 PM |#4  
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i have removed playnow without problems, trackid still works
9th November 2010, 07:22 PM |#5  
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Jaffa TB, have you just removed the Playnow with Titanium Backup? or have you also removed the playnowappinstaller.apk, playnowback.apk in /system/app
9th November 2010, 08:48 PM |#6  
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I've just removed Playnow with Titanium Backup and TrackID works.

I'm looking to remove Timescape, User Guide and User Support if anyone has tried these?
9th November 2010, 09:15 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by beerio

Jaffa TB, have you just removed the Playnow with Titanium Backup? or have you also removed the playnowappinstaller.apk, playnowback.apk in /system/app

used root explorer to move the .apk files from system/app to data/app

then reboot, and when the phone comes back on the apps can be uninstalled from apps list

i removed all 3 playnow files (cant remember the exact names)

i've removed a lot of apps this way, my phone is a lot faster and less cluttered now
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10th November 2010, 12:34 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by JaffaTB

used root explorer to move the .apk files from system/app to data/app

then reboot, and when the phone comes back on the apps can be uninstalled from apps list

This method is really good if you want to avoid garbage in your app list.
10th November 2010, 01:47 PM |#9  
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Timescape ( 2.1ver ) removed files:


I used Root Manager to remove these, then used Root Explorer / ADB
to remove orphaned directories in /data/data relating to timescape

( I also do a "rm /data/dalvik-cache & reboot" after removing system apps )

I did not remove the SnsContactImageCacheProvider(.apk) as in v1.6
because I am not fully aware of its usage implications, however it looks
restricted to Timescape usage.
11th November 2010, 06:59 AM |#10  
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SEMCSetupWizard.apk removed - no issues


also removed, no issues

( remenber to also clean out /data/data after removing these apps )
11th November 2010, 03:38 PM |#11  
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i have remeved this:

TimeScapepluginProvider.apk(+1 more dont recall the name).
don't forget /data/

this is all i can remember, hope i haven't forgot anything.
Conclusion, phone is working perfectly!!! let's hope it will keep this way
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