[WINDOWS APP] Kies 2.0 Registry Patcher, patch registry on latest Kies

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This tool is was designed in order to easily patch the registry to force Kies to update your Galaxy S.
This latest version of patcher works even with latest Kies (, all you have to do is to spoof your firmware version to and older one, you can even spoof the product code in order to change it.
The new spoof system works differently from the older patching system, it allow you to use the original dll of kies and works on latest Kies; It should even be future-proof.

Patcher Version 1.8 doesn't fully work yet.
When I built it i only partially tested. I stopped where it notified me the update were available (because i didn't need an update and i was sure it were like Kies 1.x
After my release i noticed the complaint and i tested it fully, sadly something is missing so the patcher can't be used to fully work with Kies 2.0 yet. Sorry, i'll try to sort it out...

Patcher Version 1.7 works with Kies 1.x, while Version 1.8 works from 2.0

[WARNING!] Do Not flash Any ROM (firmware) until you can get the 3 buttons DOWNLOAD MODE working, even with this Kies trick.

If you want to test the 3 buttons download mode then notice that you can switch back to normal mode by pulling the battery out and then back in. At the next boot the phone will be back in normal mode.

[WARNING!] Remember to disable lagfix before to update.
This will avoid filesystem errors that may occurs at the boot of the new flashed firmware.


1) Download latest Kies Registry Patcher, tool is attachment. Note: It require Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or later version.

2) Update Kies to

3) Launch Kies Registry Patcher; If you patched the dll in the past with an older version of the patcher then be sure to launch new release as administrator since it have to revert the dll to the original version as the patch isn't needed anymore (Right click on application > Run as Administrator).

4) Launch Kies and connect your phone; Wait for Kies to recognize it properly.

5) You have 2 possibilities now:

5a) Drop down the combo-box "Spoof Product Code as" and select the wanted one. It should automatically fill the "Spoof Software Revision as" textbox with the needed data necessary to find your update.
This feature was added in order to give all the opportunity to use the needed product code. (Special thanks to MCOGW that shared with me his database of product codes/sw revisions).
The label above will be completed with the country related to the chosen product code.

5b) From patcher select:
File > Load Backup
Open the backup that you want to use (e.g. kies-backup-XEU.xml if you want to spoof your phone as XEU, or if your phone is XEU yet and you want to flash it again).

6) From patcher answer "YES" in order to apply the registry update.

7) From Kies you can now update as normal.

================================================== ==================================================

Note #1:
Remeber that this patch will remain ACTIVE until you set "Enable Spoof" field to False!
It's not a problem but ater you update the phone it's suggested to put that value to false so the patch become inactive.

================================================== ==================================================

Note #2:
You can play with Advanced settings but those are experimental/untested, so make sure you know what you're doing.

================================================== ================================================== Update:

- Window 64bit compatibility added.
- You can now update disabling Battery Charge check: Beware, do not update with a very low battery charge level.
- Sha1 evaluation of dll to patch in order to be sure of the version.

================================================== ================================================== Update:

- Fix in case more than 1 phone is found in registry.
- Removed Framework check cause it had a bug with framework4
- Ability to save Kies ROM when you update your phone (in order to use with Odin or in local mode). [See Note#1]
- Added Local folder textbox in order to specify your saved ROM
- Added management of FotaTest.

================================================== ================================================== Update:

A new registry patching system has been introduced.
It doesn't need to patch Kies dll anymore and it should be future proof.
Product Code Spoof have to be last 3 letters only of product code (e.g. ITV for italian product code, XEU for European, etc...).

================================================== ================================================== Update:

I added to the tool a database of product codes/sw revisions (credits goes to MCOGW that shared with me his db).

================================================== ================================================== Update:

Added Registry Menu.
Registry > Erase Registry option give you the opportunity to erase DeviceDB registry Key to delete bad settings and so avoiding patcher to work in a possible wrong folder.
Use it only in case of problems (when you follow the guide but you still receive the message that no update is still available for your phone).
Added a component to browse for folders where needed.

================================================== ==================================================


You can save a Kies ROM only during a flash update. So, wait for the download from server to be complete (follow the progress in Kies) once the download is complete the rom will be decompressed. After that your phone will be send in download mode and the flash process begin. You have like 2,5 minutes in order to click on: "ROM > Save Rom", don't worry, saving will take like 5 seconds so don't rush, you have a lot of time ;)

================================================== ==================================================

You can update your phone using your local files:
You can use the files you saved during your previous update sessions (see point (1)) or download any Kies Rom on XDA.

You have to put these 4 files in a folder (you can use any name for the folder):

XXXXXXXXXX is your Kies Rom, rename it putting a "0_" in front of the name.
download the dummy files from the attachment or create your own ones (those a just 0' bytes files).
SS_DL.dll isn't used by Galaxy S so you can delete it.

Open the patcher and select:

Enable Local Test > True
Local Binary ZipFolder Path > Put the folder where you keep your local Rom (e.g. c:\MyLocalKiesRom ), the path must NOT end with "\".

Write registry to save the configuration.

Disconnect the ethernet cable (you have to avoid samsung server to answer).

Open Kies and Update as normal.

================================================== ==================================================

You can update even if your battery isn't fully charged.
Actually Kies check that your battery charge is at least 50% before to continue, but if you don't want to wait and you have enough charge (like 20%) you can disable the battery check and update as normal.
Open the patcher and select:

ADVANCED 1 > Enable Battery Charge Check > False
Write registry to save the configuration.

================================================== ==================================================
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10th November 2010, 11:14 PM |#2  
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You Legend. Thanks. Will save loads of messing about. Good job.

Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk
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11th November 2010, 04:50 PM |#3  
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This works amazingly. I got my SGS updated to froyo

Sent from my GT-I9000 using XDA App
11th November 2010, 06:03 PM |#4  
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No Luck In Canada
I tried the fix with no luck... I currently have JH2 and kies

- Without the fix I get a message saying "latest version already installed"
- With the fix I get a message saying "version JF3 cannot be updated"

It was worth a shot though...
11th November 2010, 06:14 PM |#5  
Nodial's Avatar
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what backup did u selected?

You have to use the right combinations of informations or you won't find any firmware in samsung server!
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11th November 2010, 06:19 PM |#6  
Junior Member
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Hey Nodial,

I tried "kies-backup-XEU" without modifying what you had in there.
11th November 2010, 06:29 PM |#7  
Junior Member
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Thumbs up i just done
11th November 2010, 06:49 PM |#8  
Junior Member
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okay, I figured out the problem... In Canada the the version I got from Bell is I9000M. If I change the registry setting to remove the "M" in the Model name I get the option to upgrade to JPO.

My question is has anyone from Canada tried this? Will the JPO version be compatable with I9000M?
11th November 2010, 06:51 PM |#9  
Nodial's Avatar
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Nice, i didn't even knew bout that difference!

A new version is coming, it will allow you to flash without battery charge check.
11th November 2010, 07:50 PM |#10  
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More update. See first post for change log.
12th November 2010, 09:07 AM |#11  
Junior Member
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Hello, thanks for the app.

But i have some trouble launching it, I tried on 3 different computers (1 win7 and 2 winXP) all with the latest net framework installed but the prog keeps telling me it needs version 3.5 or higher to work.
It sounds really strange to me. Hope you can help
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