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[THEME][EB13][3/9/11]Android 2.3 Gingerbread v2.1/addons/SRF/Bonsai compatible!

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By amosher13, Senior Member on 11th December 2010, 09:36 PM
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What it is:
This is a port of the stock Android 2.3 Gingerbread Theme. Theme includes a 1% battery modification, the numbers are a bit larger in the current version and should be easily readable. Version 2.0 is updated for EB13. MUST BE ON A DEODEXED EB13 ROM TO FLASH THIS!!!

README: As of 2.1, both AOSP and TW versions of this theme are natively compatible with ROMs with CarrierIQ removed (ACS SyndicateROM Frozen and Bonsai 3.0.1). The versions indicate which lockscreen is included since that file is needed for the reboot mod. It does not matter what lockscreen you currently have, the theme will give you whichever one is indicated.

Coming Soon: A new pulldown is being worked on and also an addon to remove the battery % numbers. Also, addon for haptic feedback removed on AOSP lockscreen for no-CIQ ROMs. GB themed market notifications!

Android Customization Suite: I have also now fully integrated the ACS Tool so check it out. As of 3/2/11, V2.0 is not in there yet but watch for it soon.

Apps themed:
  • framework-res.apk
  • twframework-res.apk
  • MediaProvider.apk
  • settings.apk
  • dialertabactivity.apk
  • browser.apk
  • camera (icon)
  • email (icon and notification)
  • gmail (notification)
  • Gallery (icon)
  • MMS
  • phone (icon)
  • touchwizcalculator (icon)
  • touchwizcalendar (icon)
  • contacts
  • MusicPlayer (icon)
  • VideoPlayer (icon)
  • AOSP lockscreen

  • Mammon for Reboot mod
  • dreamsforgotten for the theme guides and answering a few questions!
  • mysteryemotionz for some guidance and also for generously providing the community with a How To change Sprint Branding, also updated gmail. lots of help behind the scenes and for pointing out THIS thread for removing the am/pm from statusbar clock
  • sbrissen, Frostman89 and Xeudoxus from XDA (fascinate?) forums for the remove am/pm mod
  • Dameon87 of course for the awesome quantum ROM and deving
  • gtg465x for some icons and fixes to indeterminate progress bars and lots of other help!
  • a454nova for the original battery mod framework
  • dwillMUFC for some icons
  • Fortune090 for the larger battery numbers in the 1% mod
  • ptfdmedic for better data network icons in the poweroff menu and the horizontal call button!
  • schizopunk for guidance on better signal icon mappings and some other ideas
  • *AndroidMaster* for Gingerbread launcher
  • earthbound[iap] for help theming the top bars in the dialer
  • Geniusdog for the GB quickpanel and text selection icons!
  • gingerbread themed icons swiped from another forum on here but i forget which, sorry!
  • possibly some other people, if i forgot you let me know!
  • raiderep for the working AOSP lockscreen and other help along the way

Note: Go ahead and open /system/app in the zip and just delete anything you dont want getting themed!


***Current Version (EB13)***

Version 2.1 - AOSP - TW
  • Updated for SRF 1.0.1 and Bonsai 3.0.1, will work on any deodexed EB13 ROM!
  • Contacts.apk, Email.apk (stock) now included
  • Contact badge removed since that was causing the squished appearance of contacts
  • Panel background (behind volume rocker) changed to black
  • Updated Gmail ( included (*SEE BELOW INSTALL NOTES!)
*Install Notes for 2.1: Check /data/app for, delete it if you see it (root explorer). Then flash the theme. Not necessary for Bonsai 3.0.1, unsure about other ROMs. 2.1 contains updated Gmail:

Previous Versions (EB13)
Version 2.0 - AOSP - TW - AOSP Syndicate - TW Syndicate
  • Updated for EB13!
  • New reboot icon
  • Wi-max icons (4G) now themed! FINALLY!!! (credit coming soon, sent to me my Overstew)
  • Gallery Browser now both included in theme
  • see Stock Apps addon for Email and Mms, G-Tab email and modded Mms coming soon!
  • Version compatible with SyndicateROM frozen (let me know if you have FCs or other issues!)
Previous Versions (DK28)

Version 1.9 - AOSP - TW

NEW (12/14/11):  Thanks to mysteryemotionz pointing me in the right direction, I now proudly bring you an addon to remove the am/pm from the statusbar clock, see below.  I've replaced the previous modded services.jar with this one, it prevents battery pull popup also but no longer contains the data governor killer as I have read it is not recommended.

README: Lots of changes coming to you in v1.9!  First, I've removed Browser, Gallery, Email and Mms from the base theme due to different versions across ROMs.  I have created ONE (and i'm not going to create any more, lol!) App addon zip with a custom mix of these 4 apps.  To maintain compatibility with Bonsai v2.0.1 I've included the Reboot mod in each of 2 versions of the base theme, one for the TouchWiz lockscreen and one for the AOSP lockscreen.  
  • Compatible with Bonsai 2.0.0 AND 2.0.1 (should be with all DK28 ROMs)
  • AOSP and TW versions
  • Reboot mod (thanks Mammon!)
  • Browser, Gallery, Email and Mms removed from base theme (addon)
  • removed services.jar (governor/battery full mod) from base theme (addon)
  • Full integration with the ACS Tool - everything is available within it!
Version 1.8.5 Full - Download
  • Changed default contact icon to green android guy from Nexus S contacts.apk
  • Changed charging battery animation to be like Quantum ROMs configuration - shows battery percentage while charging (thanks a454nova and dameon for the xmls)
  • Changed calender icon in widget picker to match stock Gingerbread (for acer i think, lol)
  • If you flashed 1.8.4, just flash THIS to fix battery charging animations
Version 1.8.3 Full - Download
  • Note: you only need this if you are flashing for the first time or are coming from 1.7 or earlier, this just fixes a small bug in 1.8. If you flashed 1.8 there is an addon for just the browser at the bottom of the OP.
  • Fixes stock browser downloading
Version 1.8 Full - Download
  • Themed calendar notification
  • Changed pulldown header and notification backgrounds to transparent, more overall sleekness
  • services.jar now has both battery full popup killer and data service governor killer (remove from /system/framework or flash the stock services.jar addon to revert)
  • themed highlight presses in contacts and music player (changed from tw blue)
  • Fixed contacts button in dialer
  • Added no quickpanel button text mod to full theme (making addon to revert)
Version 1.7.3 Full - Download
  • Edify update script! (compatible with CWM3, deletes cache and dalvik for you!)
  • 5mb/hi-res MMS mod/themed app included
  • Mod included: No full battery popup! (to prevent installing this, remove services.jar from zip/system/framework)
  • Fixed roaming signal bars
  • fixed some tabs to be themed (kinda broke background to contact icon in dialer half of the word contacts doesnt show, not a big deal, will fix next update)
  • Nexus S wallper = new default wallpaper
  • Themed gallery icon
Version 1.6.5 Full - Download
  • New quickpanel buttons!
  • Gingerbread text selection icons
  • Transparent background for music player in pulldown, looks sleek on the translucent black!
  • green call button when in landscape themed
Version 1.5 Full - Download
  • Updated Gmail, should no longer FC for anyone
  • Started from completely stock framework, should maximize compatibility and stability
  • Changed green progress bars to stock yellow
  • light gray sub text in settings instead of white, better contrast without losing stock feel
Version 1.5 Basic - Download
  • same as above except minus Gmail
Version 1.4 Full - Download
  • system app icons from Nexus S dump - calculator, camera, calendar... (updating some of your apps will basically do that automatically, ie: Maps etc, if so i removed those from the theme)
  • gingerbread launcher removed (download from market)
Version 1.3 Full - Download
  • Gingerbread launcher with 3D app drawer!
  • Lots more themed app icons and status notifications: email, gmail, browser, contacts, MMS, calculator, youtube etc...
  • Dialer v2 is included! Fully themed, new sleekness modeled after the dialer from the Nexus S dump (thanks dameon!), no more orange message button and top bar is black, gray and sleek!
  • changed back to Sprint branding as some didnt like it, i'm not going to maintain 2 additional versions, lol
  • browser loading and downloading animations fixed! (thanks dameon!)
  • transparent black pulldown notification shade
  • status bar "silent" icon now themed
Version 1.3 Basic - Download
  • same as above except minus most of the apps, still included are: dialertabactivity, browser, mediaprovider and settings.
  • contacts top bar is themed like dialer
Version 1.2.3 - Download
  • Fixed Silent quick panel icon, changed to green (pretty much for Boktai1000 who pointed it out, cause i'm that nice of a guy. If you never noticed, you dont have to bother downloading this version)
Version 1.2.2 - Download
  • Fixed indeterminate progress bars
  • Sprint branding changed to Epic (mysteryemotionz!)
  • Data network mode in poweroff menu is themed to match now
  • Quick panel activated icons are now android green (well pretty close, looked better on this crappy monitor, i'll probably fine tune later but its definitely better than the orange!)
  • Menu icons in browser are now themed lighter to stand out on dark background!
  • Settings.apk is themed!
  • Gingerbread dialer v1 is included! (its basic for now but should get better in time)
  • AOSP lockscreen removed but you can download it here. (Note: this will NOT install the TW lockscreen, it just no longer includes the AOSP lockscreen)
Version 1.1.3 - Download - Mirror
  • text in notification area is now black (w00t! you can read it!)
  • enlarged 1% battery numbers
  • quick panel activated icons are now orange (let me know if you think android green would be better)
  • GPS icons on status bar are now stock android
  • Signal strength mappings modified to be more accurate (see schizopunks post in this thread, thanks for that idea!)
  • corrected size of vibrate icon in poweroff menu
  • AOSP lockscreen now included in theme!
  • Data Network Mode in poweroff menu now reads correctly (dont know if anyone noticed but for some reason it said Unread Messages, lol)
Version 1.0 - Download
  • initial release!
  • stock android 2.3
Thank you donators, you are much appreciated!
  • pjjohn73
  • p3dr0maz



These 3 are mods of sevices.jar, so it will revert any mods already made to that file if there are any, NOT FOR USE WITH SRF 1.x or Bonsai 3.x! see below
Bonsai 3.0.1
SRF 1.0.1
Should work on both DK28 and EB13
  • Themed Custom Apps - Download (G-Tab Email, Mammon Gallery, 5mb/hi-res Mms, Quantum Browser)
  • Nexus S Combo - Download (Ringtones and Boot and Shutdown Animations)

  • Modded services.jar - Download (no battery full popup/remove am/pm from statusbar clock!) - thanks mysteryemotionz
  • Transition Mix for v1.9 - Download
  • Fly In Transitions for v1.9 - Download
  • Custom App Pack -
  • Stock Services.jar - Download (removes data governor killer and battery pull pop killer mods)
  • Transition Mix for v1.8.5 - Download
  • Fly In Transitions for v1.8.5 - Download
  • DK28 AOSP Lockscreen - Download (for v1.8.5 and prior ONLY!)

Coming Soon...
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11th December 2010, 09:38 PM |#2  
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Awesome, trying it now!
11th December 2010, 09:42 PM |#3  
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Originally Posted by romanmb

Awesome, trying it now!

Thats some 1st theme, sweet!!!!...EDITED:Any chance of getting the 3D app drawer, like that of LP?
11th December 2010, 10:49 PM |#4  
jeffyv2's Avatar
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Omg just what I wanted thanks!

Sent from my Epic 4G
11th December 2010, 10:50 PM |#5  
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You can get the 3d app drawer with launcher pro
11th December 2010, 10:55 PM |#6  
jeffyv2's Avatar
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Won't let me install the zip says its (bad)
Sent from my Epic 4G
11th December 2010, 11:08 PM |#7  
boktai1000's Avatar
Senior Member
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zip worked just fine for me. love the theme thank you very much!

some possible input from me, it must be possible to change the text on the notification menu, check droid-lifes "Apex 1.3.0 With Gingerbread By Fabolous" post (can't post links yet)

if you were able to get it to look like this, that would be sweet.

also another thing that needs improvement, is the quick toggles on the notification bar when they are highlighted they look pixelated around their borders.

other than that, sweet theme!
11th December 2010, 11:11 PM |#8  
Senior Member
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Working great for me so far. Thanks!
11th December 2010, 11:22 PM |#9  
jeffyv2's Avatar
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Got it working for me now just needed to redownload it thank you very much and like the post above me said making he text in the notification darker or at least readable would be sweet but very nice theme

Sent from my Epic 4G
11th December 2010, 11:24 PM |#10  
Senior Member
Flag Downers Grove, IL
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Any time I try to install this, I get a whole stream of force closes on boot. Any ideas why this would be?

I'm running ACS's DK28 build. Wiped 3x like instructions said.
12th December 2010, 12:05 AM |#11  
OP Senior Member
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Yeah the 3d app drawer is just lp, not a theme. I can switch out the icons on the quick panel toggle area but those are actually from the captivate theme, I think they are beveled, not supposed to be pixelated. not quite sure how to change the light text in the notification drawer just yet either, trying to figure that out

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