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[WIDGET] Phantom Music Control Pro for WidgetLocker | Now with DashClock Extension!

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Simple music control widget capable of hiding itself while there is no track playing. It is designed to be used with WidgetLocker Lockscreen, however it is possible to use it on your homescreen as well.

Why would I code something like this?
I have switched from Sense to CyanogenMod, and I just hated its lockscreen. So I installed WidgetLocker, and set it up so it looks and behaves like HTC Sense lockscreen. However, I missed some decent music control, because all the widgets made me start playback in my pocket when I did not wanted to. So I just coded my own widget able to hide itself when there is no active playback. Since there is a lot of users with various requests, I am working on support of more players all the time.

Phantom Music Control (Google Play)

Phantom Music Control Pro (Google Play)

- DashClock Widget Extension
- New chromeless theme
- Several bugfixes

- Various bugfixes

- It is now possible to change music player via launcher icon
- Improved Sony Walkman compatibility
- Added instructions for Winamp users who do not receive track info
- Fixed bug that caused the widget not to hide on some phones

- New CarbonRoundBlueGlow theme by Jeppe Foldager
- Sony Walkman (Xperia) support
- Better landscape support (widget doesn't lose information, text is not cropped)
- Official support, that allows you to show track info i.e. in n7 Player

- Usable as Android 4.2 lockscreen widget
- 2 new themes by DeVviL
- Updated translations (now localised to 19 languages!)
- Some bugs and crashes fixed

- Fixed bugs and FCs. I am SO SORRY for the inconvenience, that I couldn't possibly be any more sorry. Please, review your rating if you 1-starred the app. Thank you.

- Due to new Google Play policies, PayPal payment option had to be removed
- Holo theme implemented
- The widget should be able to wake itself soon after it has been killed by 3rd party app
- API (used in Web Remote for Phantom Music) no longer requires the widget to be actually placed on screen
- Several bugfixes

- Market purchase available!
- Fixed 1.5 compatibility
- Added timeout option for Advanced Compatibility Mode (for support purposes)
- Updated translations

- Settings available from launcher, it is not needed to remove the widget anymore
- Text color can be changed now
- Fixed "Show music player on touch" for Advanced compatibility mode
- Fixed situations when you had to enter activation key while already activated
- It was made clear that there is also refund policy for people unsure about purchase
- Updated translations

- Unfortunately, new version of doubleTwist no longer supports service binding. Therefore it is needed to use Advanced compatibility mode instead. Sorry for your trouble, I cannot control this.

- PlayerPro fixed
- Ads removed from free version
- Some Samsung users can now use Stock 2.3 profile if Samsung does not work right
- Translations updated. Now localised to: English, German, Dutch, Korean, French, Turkish, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Russian
- Advanced Compatibility Mode tweaked for Samsung users
- Some minor performance tweaks

- Bugfixes regarding 3rd party support, Google Music, UberMusic, etc.

- Fixed bug in broadcast sending (for developers)

- Support for 3rd party apps to utilize Phantom's wide range of controllable players
- Some performance and battery life optimizations; if you experience battery drains from older versions, please uninstall Phantom completely and install it again
- Added Turkish translation, French updated

- Localised to Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian (some fully, some partially); thanks to all the translators!
- Changed activation system, so users does not have to contact me when they flash different ROM (experimental)
- With next version of BeyondPod, scrobbling should not be required anymore

- Native BeyondPod support (experimental)
- New Aero theme (WMP style)
- UberMusic modified for new package name (Beta 1); Alpha is still supported by Advanced compatibility mode
- Ability to hide control buttons (requested by some users to only display track info)
- Advanced compatibility mode tweaked to be more reliable
- Translation support
- Hot-swap icon has lower opacity

- Music player hot-swap (ability to change the controlled player in real time)
- Scrollable track information
- Ability to open any music player in Advanced compatibility mode
- Increased Advanced compatibility mode performance (let me know if you experience any problems)

- Compatibility mode tweaked for MIUI
- ScrobbleDroid and SLS can be used to read track info in compatibility mode (works with BeyondPod, Zimly, and many others; you do not need to install the scrobblers)
- Ability to swap the track information order

- UberMusic (Fede's Music App) support
- New Metro theme (WP7 style)
- Custom background settings (any color, any opacity)

- Advanced compatibility mode tweaked for MortPlayer
- License activation dialog fixed for copy&paste
- New License model - version Pro prices from under $0.99! (all current licenses work as transferable 3-device licenses)

- Advanced compatibility mode tweaked for Meridian and ³/Cubed

Introducing Phantom Music Control Pro!

Phantom Music Control Pro has some great new features:

- Android 2.3 (and higher) stock music player support
- New Google Music player support
- Advanced compatibility mode that supports any player with headset controls (i.e. Winamp)
- Experimental Samsung support
- Honeycomb theme
- Ad-free
- And you will support independent developer and encourage me to add new awesome features!

- Natively supports PowerAMP
- Compatibility mode, that allows some root users with custom ROM to control almost any media player (2.3/Gingerbread stock, Winamp, etc.)
- Battery saving mode is turned off by default because of some problems in Android 2.3/Gingerbread

- doubleTwist Player is now supported

- Music PlayerPro support! (full version only, trial is not supported)
- Added donation guidelines for users without PayPal account
- If you use "Show music player on touch", it will get you to "Now playing" screen during playback in some players (stock and MusicMOD do not allow this, HTC and PlayerPro do)

- Added new Sense-like theme (thanks to  @GMKcz for the screens!)
- Some layout cleanups

Fixed two embarrasing and long-lasting bugs

- Music player now can be launched on HTC as well
- Donation button fixed; please buy me a beer if you like the widget - I put wrong link to ALL older versions

Thank you, Ryan, for noticing and testing! 

- Added tasty chromeless theme (see screenshots)
- Volume buttons were made easier to reach
- Added option to hide current track info
- Some minor layout cleanups

- Bugfix: "Problem loading widget" resolved definitively; themes and opacity settings only work on Android 2.2/Froyo and higher
- Music player can be started by clicking on a song name as well
- Buttons were remastered to higher resolution

- Possibility to show volume control (optional)
- Fixed battery saving mode

- Fixed background issue I have caused. Sorry for that. I need some rest.

- Fixed "Problem loading widget" and "Force close" on some configurations. If you still experience this issues, please uninstall the widget, reboot your phone and install it again. Thank you for understanding.

- Added battery saving mode that consumes almost zero energy (if you had any battery issues with Phantom, simply uninstall it and install again; it should disappear)
- Added inverted theme with black buttons on white background
- It is now possible to start music application by touching widget background (experimental feature, might not work correctly)
- Bug fix: The background no longer disappears

- Possibility to choose opacity of the background
- Minor visual changes and settings+defaults cleanup
- Bug fix: If "wait for WidgetLocker to unlock" is checked, widget no longer shows up on lockscreen if playback was already stopped

- Compatible with new versions of Music Mod (1.8+)
- Possibility to hide widget on WidgetLocker unlock (such as HTC Sense lockscreen does it) - please note that it might be delayed
- Possibility to reveal the hidden widget on touch for a while
- Delay can be set to shorter intervals now

Fixed player detection and switching (restart no longer needed)
Info for 3rd party developers:
You can use Phantom Music Control Pro to control music from your own application. Just check "Allow 3rd party apps to control music" in widget settings, and you are ready to send some intents.

Broadcast intents received:

Broadcast intent returned:
with 2 extras:
- String named "label" with song info formatted by user's preferences
- Boolean named "playing" with playstate (true = playing, false = stopped/paused)
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19th December 2010, 12:05 PM |#2  
OP Senior Member
Flag Prague
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Of course, I have missed some bug right before release. App was updated on Market.

Fixed player detection and switching (restart no longer needed)
19th December 2010, 09:50 PM |#3  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 472
would it be possible to add support for music mod?
my phone has music mod instead of the stock music player, but it doesn't work with your widget.
i've actually been looking for a widget like this for a while.
19th December 2010, 09:54 PM |#4  
OP Senior Member
Flag Prague
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Actually, I do have modded stock player (bundled with CyanogenMod), and one of my testers has Music MOD installed along with Sense player, and it works for both of us. Have you tried switching between auto-detection and Android player in widget settings? And most importantly - do you have 1.1 upgrade from Market?
19th December 2010, 11:10 PM |#5  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 472
got the latest version of the widget, tried all the widget's settings, even tried removing the pre-installed music-mod and re-installing it from market.
it still doesn't detect music-mod.

EDIT: problem seems to only occur with music-mod 1.8, perhaps because that one is designed to be installed next to the stock music player rather than replacing it.
got it working for now with a music-mod

EDIT2: just thought of 2 things that might make the widget even better:
1: let the user set the time-out in seconds using a text(number) entry box(if possible one with arrow buttons like the alarm clock and calendar apps), rather than a slide.
i find 1 minute to be too long, and immediate too quick.
2: allow the user to set an action when the widget is touched in it's hidden state, a few possible actions: do nothing(like it's now), launch music player, play/unpause music, reveal widget for a short time.
20th December 2010, 06:04 AM |#6  
Thanks Meter: 10
great idea, kudos!

I wish this were able to be implemented into other players, as I use PowerAMP.

But I love the idea, I always wanted a feature like this so I didn't have my PowerAMP music widget displayed on my lockscreen at all times.
20th December 2010, 07:53 AM |#7  
bartito's Avatar
Inactive Recognized Developer
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Pls, add support for Music Mod 1.8
20th December 2010, 09:01 AM |#8  
OP Senior Member
Flag Prague
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Thanks for the great ideas! I will focus on following:
- Install Music Mod 1.8.0 and analyse what is going on there
- Hiding the widget on unlock the way HTC lockscreen does it
- Change the slider to shorter intervals
- Short reveal of the widget on touch
20th December 2010, 01:52 PM |#9  
OP Senior Member
Flag Prague
Thanks Meter: 199
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New version released for your pleasure :)

- Compatible with new versions of Music Mod (1.8+)
- Possibility to hide widget on WidgetLocker unlock (such as HTC Sense lockscreen does it) - please note that it might be delayed
- Possibility to reveal the hidden widget on touch for a while
- Delay can be set to shorter intervals now
20th December 2010, 03:31 PM |#10  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 472
thanks, works great.
still keeping music-mod though, because it acts more stock than 1.8.

i did notice the widget interferes with itself, but it's not that big of a problem.
when you use the widget on multiple screens(so either on 2 homescreen pages, or on your homescreen and on widgetlocker) pressing play/pause on one of the widgets doesn't trigger a hide/reveal on the other.
but i think fixing that would require an underlying service which would also mean redoing a lot of your work.
20th December 2010, 03:43 PM |#11  
OP Senior Member
Flag Prague
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Yeah, unfortunately, the widget is not designed for more than one instance :(. But sice it's designed specifically for WidgetLocker, I guess you can just use some full-featured widget (Pure Music, Music Mod, etc.) in your launcher, just as I do :).
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