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Epic 4g to Boost Mobile (how to get the 3g working)- 2/4/11 UPDATE (MMS & VM WORKING)

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By Leviuqse, Senior Member on 28th December 2010, 06:59 PM
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UPDATE 5-1-2012, I no longer live in the USA anymore, I been receiving lots PM asking for help, sorry but I can not longer help you with your problems
but pretty much every question is answered in the first post or in the thread, PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING most problems occur when something is mistyped
Sorry and good luck to everyone!!!

How to get the data working in the Epic 4g connected to boost mobile Version 0.85

I’m not responsible for any damage to your phone, this is for educational purposes only!! THIS IS FOR ADVANCED “FLASHERS” ONLY!!!

Hi this guide is to how to get the data working in the epic 4g that is ALREADY connected to Boost Mobile

Things that you will need

Samsung Epic 4g (root optional but HIGHLY recommended)
QPST 2.7 Build 323
QXDM Version 03.09.19
Boost mobile Incognito
Micro USB cable
CDMA Workshop 2.7
SPC-2700 Drivers XP 32bit Drivers (drivers for the Sanyo incognito, drivers uploaded)
Samsung Galaxy S Drivers
A hot girlfriend to cheer you up

What you will not need

An iPhone
To be discussing how to get the Epic connected to Boost Mobile
A wife

Your old phone, the incognito, must had the internet\mms working before, make sure you had updated the profile and prl.
Other phones MAY BE ABLE TO WORK using this method, this guide will use the incognito because it’s a 3g phone and it’s really easy to extract needed info
If you are using other phones, MAKE SURE ITS A CDMA BOOST MOBILE Phone and 3G (evdo) ready. You will need the SPC\MSL of your older phone too
This guide includes basic info needed to have any CDMA phone 3g working in boost mobile, I know people with Evo’s, Fascinates, Eris in boost mobile…if the it’s a Verizon phone…the PRL needs to be changed to a Sprint one (latest one 03-18-11 is 60676)

Why the Epic and not the iPhone 4?
Because is the hottest phone at the moment, Bad ESN epics can be bought really cheap, mine was $200 new in the box.

Why Boost Mobile and not Net10?
CDMA Boost Mobile runs on Sprint's Network, you will get the same 3g speeds, nice coverage, and its only $50 month with no contract. ( or lower with "shrinkage" enabled)

Will I get 4g free?
Short answer “no”..but you should Google around about this will be surprised.

Can I WIFI tether?
YES, but do not use the default MobileAP app, use "wireless tether for root" users, both the old and new version works.

What are the speeds?
Epic does not tell you if you are in a 3g or 1x network, both networks will show with a 3g symbol unless you have a modified ROM. 1x speeds are usually 0-200 kbps, 3g are 50-1400kbps here in South Florida
UPDATE 03-18-11
seems like people are getting 500kbps again in 3g...

Will updating to froyo, change ROMs, downgrading, and flashing to stock via Odin will have any effect???
YES, but so far you only have to change the MMS settings to the correct one (check step18), I have changed different ROMS, flashed back to stock via Odin without loosing my 3g settings..BUT flashing or upgrading your MODEM…WILL MOST LIKELY BREAK YOUR 3G


1. First you need to install the SPC-2700 drivers in your computer, download the zip folder and extract it in you desktop, inside the new extracted folder run setup.exe and select install and let it do its magic.

2. Connect your incognito to your computer and let all the drivers install, if you get the common error message about the drivers not been compatible with Windows XP let the drivers install anyway

3. Open CDMA Workshop 2.7 and select the COM port where the incognito is located and connect, in my case it was COM 13, if you don’t know which one is it, disconnect all your USB and Serial devices and try to connect one by one. When you find the correct one click “Read”

3.99 if you already know your SPC for the incognito skip steps 4 and 5, you can also call boost mobile and see if they give you your SPC, make a phony excuse like “hey I’m going to North Korea and I need my SPC of my phone just in case I want to use my incognito over there, thanks!!”
IF you activate your incognito online on the very last step you will get your SPC, boost mobile gives it to you in case you need to manually activate your phone.

4.Go to the Memory tab and in the Memory / Eeprom section Read Address 0363:0000 with 65536 size, this will create a file so save it in your desktop

NOTE: you may be have to read it twice, a lot of times the phone will not respond, try again and again and again until you get a 64kb .bin file in your desktop, if it keeps to giving you a hard time, disconnect in CDMA WS and try again, or reboot both your computer and the phone and keep trying

5. Here comes the fun part, do you like the game “where is Waldo?”, if so then you are going to like “where is my 6 digit SPC”, open the bin file in notepad, you will see a bunch of strange digits, you are going to be looking for the only 6 digit number that is together. So maximize your notepad and start scrolling up and down, right and left.

6. Had Fun? Well fun is over.. Close everything and Open QXDM, Select Options, Communications and select your port number, and select ok. Select View, New, Common, Command Output. Now in the white command box located in the lower part of the program type the following commands:

requestnvitemread ds_mip_ss_user_prof

You will get a bunch of data, it will start with the DIAG TX Item section, ignore this part and go down until you see the DIAG RX(check step 14 for an example) item section, select and copy this part to the end of the output to a notepad text file and save it as “sprint”

Now again in the command input box type
requestnvitemread ds_mip_ss_user_prof 1

Do the same for the new output but save the notepad file as “boost”

7. Close everything, we almost done with the incognito, open QPST configuration go the Ports tab and add a new port, select your port number, if nothing shows up uncheck the “show serial….blah blah” box and it will show your port number, select it and add it, you will now see your COM port with your phone connected. If it’s disabled, enable the port.

8. Now start client “service programming”, select your active phone, Read from phone, input your spc, after its done, save to file, save in a safe place, preferably in your p0rn folder. Close everything and turn off your incognito and give one last kiss to it and put it away.

10. Install the Samsung galaxy s drivers. Connect your Epic and dial ##8778#, it will send you to the ultra secret menu and select in both options MODEM, let your computer install the drivers and open CDMA workshop again.

11. Connect to new created port in CDMA workshop (go back to step 3 if you need help with this). Go to the security tab and in the Password section delete all the Fs and send 01F2030F5F678FF9 it will give you the epic’s SPC, write it down(make sure you select the “custom password” selection)

11. go back to the step 9

12,..ohh there isn’t one? Well lets continue. Close CDMA and open QPST, add the new port for the epic and start service programming, here you will open 2 new connections, the active phone and one offline “SURF6025-ZRF6000-A”

13. In the offline window open the incognito file saved earlier which should be saved in the you know what folder, for the online window read from your epic and send the SPC

14. Now lets find your HA and AAA keys for both your profiles so open the sprint and boost notepad files, Sprint’s HA and Boost’s HA and AAA are a 12 digit key, Sprint’s AAA is 32 digit key, if you look in the output data you got you will see 2 sections each with [0-15] lines, your keys are the very last 2 digits of each line. You will see something like this

This is “my” sprint data output

DIAG RX item:
index = 0
mn_ha_shared_secret_length = 0x06
mn_ha_shared_secret[0] = 0x12
mn_ha_shared_secret[1] = 0x34
mn_ha_shared_secret[2] = 0x64
mn_ha_shared_secret[3] = 0x45
mn_ha_shared_secret[4] = 0x45
mn_ha_shared_secret[5] = 0x78
mn_ha_shared_secret[6] = 0x00
mn_ha_shared_secret[7] = 0x00
mn_ha_shared_secret[8] = 0x00
mn_ha_shared_secret[9] = 0x00
mn_ha_shared_secret[10] = 0x00
mn_ha_shared_secret[11] = 0x00
mn_ha_shared_secret[12] = 0x00
mn_ha_shared_secret[13] = 0x00
mn_ha_shared_secret[14] = 0x00
mn_ha_shared_secret[15] = 0x00
mn_aaa_shared_secret_length = 0x10
mn_aaa_shared_secret[0] = 0xE8
mn_aaa_shared_secret[1] = 0x13
mn_aaa_shared_secret[2] = 0xE3
mn_aaa_shared_secret[3] = 0x80
mn_aaa_shared_secret[4] = 0x13
mn_aaa_shared_secret[5] = 0x15
mn_aaa_shared_secret[6] = 0xES
mn_aaa_shared_secret[7] = 0x78
mn_aaa_shared_secret[8] = 0x8D
mn_aaa_shared_secret[9] = 0xD4
mn_aaa_shared_secret[10] = 0x78
mn_aaa_shared_secret[11] = 0x0B
mn_aaa_shared_secret[12] = 0x45
mn_aaa_shared_secret[13] = 0x18
mn_aaa_shared_secret[14] = 0x88
mn_aaa_shared_secret[15] = 0x78

In this case “my” sprint ha key is 123464454578 and “my” aaa is E813E3801315ES788DD4780B45188878

ok now look and find yours, write it down and do the same for boost’s ha and aaa secret keys

15. With both windows open in QPST service programming start matching whats in the “M.IP” tab from the incognito file to the epic’s online one, you need to create a new profile and enable it, this new profile it’s the one that control’s your 1x boost mobile network and your NAI should be something like “”, when entering the shared secret keys select “enter Hex value”, enter both the aaa and ha keys in both profiles, for the boost mobile primary address enter

15.666 (thanks to ifuxwituz_)
You may want to try the following settings in the MIP and PPP config, if you are having problems

in M.IP settings for
profile 0 the NAI is MEID(DEC)

home address:
primary ha address:
secondary HA address:

Profile 1
home adress:
primary ha address:
secondary ha address:

PPP Config
Um settings:
tethered nai:
user ID:
check the 1xEVDO->1x box

AN settings
User ID: (this is just an example you replace the 268****** number with your MEID(DEC) number

NOTE: in case you have a good ESN epic and you might want to backup your secret keys…once you change the keys..the default ones are going to be gone for EVER! To do this go back to step 6, the epic only has one profile.

16. in the PPP config tab, you need to also match both Um and AN users IDs. if the incognito files doesn’t have an ID listed, erase it from the epic too! (if you can't erase it, ctrl+d to "null" the box{thanks deekane})

17. When you are done, “write to phone”, epic will reboot and when its back online, your should now see the 3g arrows dancing, your might have to wait 10-15 minutes for it to appear, if it doesn’t go back to step 15 and make sure all info matches again

18. MMS works too!!! If you are in a eclair ROM (2.1) Dial ##3282#, edit and enter your epic’s spc, scroll down and on change the MMSC URL to “” .
For Froyo Roms (2.2) check post #54, or open the “voice dialer” app, say “OPEN A P N” (try V, P, N or just A, P , N) and open the “Open APN” menu. Open “Sprint”, scroll down to the “mms proxy”, select it and erase what is there, now press the “menu” soft button in your epic and save. Restart your phone and now you can start sending funny pictures of cats!!!
Video, Pic, and Slideshow MMS works.

19. If you want to check you are connected to a 3g (EvDo) network, Dial *#info*1111# hit phone information then scroll down to see if you're connected to cdma1xrtt or evdo, you should see CDMA -EvDo rev. A in the "network type" (thanks zipxavier)

20. VOICE MAIL NOTIFICATIONS NOW WORKS, CHECK POST #2 for the apk!!! thanks m4f1050!! (do not update the apk or install it from the market)
ON the CDMA Tab in service programming, your Directory # should match your phone number..and the IMSI_S is your “MIN” number which boost mobile calls it something else I forgot, in case your text or voice doesn’t work..this is what you need to check first it matches.

Thanks to:, ppcgeeks, xda, sda, mars, the sun, howardforums, special thanks to chimstar from mofi for the help with the MMS problem. This guide was made with the help of a lot people in different threads about different stuff..sorry for not listed everyone

About me:
I’m a “flasher”..but I don’t work for that, I only flash my family and friend’s phones because flashed phones are kinda “buggy” sometimes and any updates and modifications will have an impact on the phone..this is why I don’t flash phones of strangers or charge money....I’m an IT self-employed technician and I do charge money to repair their computers.. I have 1 year experience with flashing phones; my first phone was the HTC Pro 2 to metropcs..and lots of droid 1 to metro..

check out my blog!
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28th December 2010, 08:21 PM |#2  
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THANKS EVERYONE IN XDA!!! WE NOW HAVE A 100% WORKING EPIC 4G IN BOOST MOBILE!! lets celebrate with a cup of tea!!


1. voice mail notifications NOW WORKS!!! INSTALL APK!! thanks m4f1050
check post # 831 for an updated apk!!!!! the one attached in post # 2 is version 1.0.1
2. check step 19 for a new cool way to know if you are connected to EvDo (thanks zipxavier)
3. For some weird reason, DATA ROAMING now works!!!!!???!!!!???!!!???!!!???!!!???
4. you can't erase your user ID in the ppconfig tab??? try ctrl+d to null it!!

having slow data speeds?? READ THIS

Users who donated to my Jägerbomb foundation

please "thank you" them!!
if you dont want to be in this list please PM so I can remove you
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28th December 2010, 09:07 PM |#3  
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Question! Is it possable to pull the 465-466 and 1192-1194 data settings from a Rant?
28th December 2010, 09:50 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by Williamh85

Question! Is it possable to pull the 465-466 and 1192-1194 data settings from a Rant?

NV items 65-466 and 1192-1194? what info are you exactly looking for? NAI, ha, aaa keys?

this guide does not use the copy and paste NV items method...

try pulling your ha and aaa keys for both sprint and boostmobile profiles via qxdm, if you can, then thats pretty much the most important info that you need. you will be needing your rant's spc for that

check step 6 and 11 for more info..
28th December 2010, 10:06 PM |#5  
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Quick! Hurry!!!!

Dude... pm me your email addy before you get banned. lol
3rd January 2011, 11:15 PM |#6  
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Undeleted. Sorry
4th January 2011, 12:25 AM |#7  
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thanks Whosdaman
4th January 2011, 05:49 PM |#8  
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For a second i thought this was the old m-f site...
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10th January 2011, 06:18 AM |#9  
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noob here... I managed to flash my epic 4g to boost mobile and everything pretty much works... but i my qik video says im not in 3g and i see that i am on 1x.... i am running a 2.2 custom rom... is there anyway i can fix this and get this on 3g?
10th January 2011, 07:48 AM |#10  
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even though i dont have Boost and most of these pricks forget to say it. thanks bud!
10th January 2011, 08:23 AM |#11  
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I dont know if these settings for MIP and PPP config work for some of you guys but these are the settings that worked for me for htc evo (its usually the same for all android phones you are trying to get working for boostmobile)

in M.IP settings for
profile 0 the NAI is MEID(DEC)

home address:
primary ha address:
secondary HA address:

Profile 1
home adress:
primary ha address:
secondary ha address:

PPP Config
Um settings:
tethered nai:
user ID:
check the 1xEVDO->1x box

AN settings
User ID: (this is just an example you replace the 268****** number with your MEID(DEC) number

and it should work

*this is side tracked from what i posted above but, if you are NOT getting 3g evdo speeds make sure your donor is a 3G EVDO enabled phone like the OP stated. I am currently not getting 3G speeds on my phone because i used the Samsung mirro (dont ask why) as a donor and it is not 3G enabled so i will have to go purchase a Boostmobile Incognito now....(BLACKBERRY'S DO NOT WORK AS DONORS [at least from what i know])
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