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[THEME] 'Slayer69's CYAN Dragon's, Skulls, & Butterfly's' V2.7 *PURPLE THEME IS HERE*

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By slayer69, Senior Member on 5th January 2011, 03:38 AM
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Here it is!!!! Slayers CYAN Dragon Theme Version 2.7
Presented to you by:

I have been working on this theme for quite some time and have had many people help me get this theme to this point. I am proud to finally bring this theme to you:

My Evo Application Fund Group!!
Thank you for supporting my work, and welcome to "The Group"!!!
Simi-god of the Group - sag7392 x11, Masters of the Group - Neptune2633!!!!Commander of "THE GROUP!!!!"dadoc04 X8 (promoted for multiple donations), Mich2Ga X2, ifly4vamerica x2, skyfox99 x2, yaescr x2, DeathBySnuggles, romannsjr, rileyd5, , TREmp77, dpilcher, firestetz, islandreamer, dhatch93, Agfadoc, ElAguila, Bretweb24, meatgel, vacoray, eg1122, dnkeyhnter, kumote2010, DA_LOSER, PHiLLiMD, bddpolo, Krispy521, ChefEAM, Jazzidad, shamrockk, 2k4mach!!

The base for this theme is created from 3.70 framework and also used MikFroyo 4.5 Framework as my canvas for this. You must be running 3.70 software version to use this theme.

Just a note regarding using this rom, some of us users that have switched to this rom and then flashed this theme have experienced unbelievable speed throughout the entire system. We highly recommend giving this rom a try. Thanks goes to Jeff for holding a gun to our heads to make us try it!!! lol The overall thanks goes to aamikam for creating MikFroyo 4.5 and giving us such a thing of speed.

If you want this theme for the DINC please go here: DroidIncVersion!!!
Droid Eris Version thanks to CondemnedSoul: DroidErisVersion!!!

ON HOLD: The creator had his HD2 stolen : HD2 Version!!!
***NEW*** Phone Supported!!!! Thanks to Dread 7us!!! Evo Shift Version is here!!!!! - Our little sister/brother phone is going to get this theme too!
***ITS HERE!***!!!! Thanks to vlatinlove - this theme has been ported to the EPIC 4G!!! Link will be provided once created. ---> EPIC 4G Cyan Themed
***ITS HERE!!!! See BELOW***!!!! Bad Seed Purple Theme - This has been a long time promised and finally getting done!!!!

Confirmed Roms:
Caulkin's EViO 2 1.7.6
evozone rip 1.3
Ava-Froyo Z1
Azrael X 3.1
Calkulins Evio 2v 1.7.1 and Ziggy kerne
myn rls5
AVA's Z3

Thanks to everyone involved in the creation of this project. It has been a pleasure building and bringing this theme to the community. Thanks again to all who have supported me. This project is now a team effort. And we will do everything we can to resolve issues that may be found.... Please see posts 2-4 for other addons, apps, and fun stuff that will be brought to you in the future.


fernando sor
stoney666 (for sitting on chat while we figured out those damned .9's)
Konikub - The guy that originally gave us these sweet icons for us to color!!!
Riptide9 (Thanks man your theme and icons are all over this release)
Adanedhels (Thanks for doing the early testing)
myn for use of his interchangable rosie. the rosie was mine that i modded and i swapped classes.dex with myns. (that works for any fellow themers out there)
xeudoxus - can't thank you enough for the tools you have given to the community for compiling .9 files and optimizing a theme!!!
silverxbv2 - Speedo Battery Numbers now CYAN!!! Thanks man
sag7392 - Idea for Black Dialer with CYAN Border - Thanks
ralg0528 - For VM Fix and kick ass Wallpaper (see below)
killakarl - For Adding wallpaper to the theme!!!

Theme includes:
  • taskbar power mod
  • interchangeble rosie with instant right and left button remaps, themed rosie dock ( slayer69)
  • themed friendstream
  • themed settings
  • themed twitter
  • themed htcclock widget
  • themed htccalendar widget
  • themed people widget
  • themed dialer
  • themed mail
  • themed contacts
  • progress horizontal to cyan
  • themed taskbar clock in smali code to cyan
  • taskbar notifications themed to cyan
  • all xml blue code changed to cyan (Huge thanks here to Fernando Sor)
  • themed evo camera
  • speedo battery
  • taskbar toggle button images provided by spence341
  • My Custom Build WIFI, and download icons....
  • Even a few Dragons!!!!!!!
  • Transparent Gmail (Thanks to Fernando!!!)
  • Transparent Market (Thanks to Fernando!!!)
  • JS_Vanilla Lock (installed with main theme)


If you have some type of bar code scanner software on your phone you can use the image below to download the theme directly to your phone.

Theme Variants: Slayers Cyan Skull Theme, Slayers Cyan Butterfly's & Flowers, and Bad Seeds Branded

2 new versions of Bad Seed's Slayers Cyan Theme, Skulls and Flowers & Butterfly's!!!!
These are full themes!!!!

These 2 themes contain changes too:
1. Lock screen images
2. Notification Drop Downs
3. Dialer buttons
4. Rosie Doc (These are clear docs as it just looks better without the platform)

Slayers Cyan Skull Theme: THANKS pantherdaddy for the idea and for testing it out for me!!!!!


Skull Theme Addons go HERE!!!

Slayers Cyan Butterfly's & Flowers Theme:


Bad Seed Branded - This one has no dragons or Skulls but the teams avatars instead....Also includes inverted color contacts.

Have Fun!!!!!

Oh and Thanks Stoney for helping with the avatars and the screen shots!!!!

- BadSeed_Branded_Cyan_Theme_v2.7

Addons for BadSeed Branded:

- ADDON_BadSeed_Branded_Circle_Battery - Adds the cyan circle battery to the task bar.

I wanted to go ahead and post this theme for use with 3.70 roms. This will not work on the new MIK Froyo 4.6.1 yet. I will not be doing addons for this theme so that I can work on the CM7 Cyan Theme as well as porting all themes to Miks latest roms.

Thanks to the Bad Seed Team for helping with this project. Sorry it took me so long to post it.

I also want to thank all my testers for your input:


This is a full theme with apps and all.


RED VERSION (Still has a lot of cyan in it.) - Work in Progress but very usable

I used my 2.5 version because it still has the white lettering. This still has a lot of Cyan color in it. This is just a starting point for my theme in Red. If I find the time to continue to build it out I will. For now though Enjoy all the red!!!!!


1. Nand Backup
2. Place file on SD card
3. Flash in recovery
4. Reboot
5. Enjoy!!!!

Vanilla lock Instructions:
If you would like to use the Vanilla lock it is already included in the main theme and in any addon that is available. All you have to do is
1. Use Root Explorer to browse to system/apps.
2. Rename HtcLockScreen.apk to HtcLockScreen.bak.
3. Reboot your phone

Widget Power Control Instructions:
Go Here

Addons and Updates for V2.7:
Also be sure to visit posts 2,3, and 4 for other great addons posted by the Bad Seed Custom Themes Team!!!

SonySketch - Font as seen in screen shots - Flashable through recovery.


Task Bar Addons!!!!

First Option:
Stock Battery Colored CYAN!!! (thanks Rip for getting me the files)

- ADDON_Original_CYAN_TB_StockCyanBattery - This will add the Stock Cyan Battery to the Original TB
- ADDON_SolidBlackTaskBar_StockCyanBattery - This will add the Stock Cyan Battery to the SolidBlackTaskBar
- ADDON_SoftTB_StockBattery - This will add the stock battery to the Soft Cyan TaskBar.
- ADDON_ClearTaskBar_StockCyanBattery - This will add a Clear Task Bar with Stock Battery

Second Option:
Circle Battery Colored CYAN!!!

- ADDON_Original_CYAN_TB_CircleCyanBattery - This will add the Circle Cyan Colored Battery to the Original Task Bar
- ADDON_SolidBlackTaskBar_CircleCyanBattery - This will add the Circle Cyan Battery to the Solid Black Task Bar.
- ADDON_SoftTB_CircleBattery - This will add the Circle Battery to the Soft Cyan Colored Task Bar.
- ADDON_ClearTaskBar_CircleCyanBattery - This will add the a Clear Task Bar with the Circle Battery

Third Option:
Metallic Stock Battery Colored CYAN!!! - Thanks Stony for getting these files for us!!!!

- ADDON_Original_CYAN_TB_StockMetallicCyanBattery - This will add the Metallic Stock Battery to your TB
- ADDON_SolidBlackTaskBar_StockMetallicCyanBattery - This will add the Metallic Stock Battery to your TB
- ADDON_SoftTB_StockMetallicBattery - This will add the Metallic Stock Battery to your TB
- ADDON_ClearTaskBar_StockMetallicCyanBattery - This adds the metallic Stock Battery and a clear Task bar

Forth Option:
Speedo Battery:
- ADDON_Original_CYAN_TB - This is the original Task Bar with Speedo Battery
- ADDON_SoftTB - This adds the Soft Colored Task Bar with Speedo Battery
- ADDON_SolidBlackTaskBar - This adds the Solid Back Task bar with Speedo Battery
- ADDON_ClearTaskBar - This adds the Clear Task Bar

Rosie Bar Addons!!!!

- ADDON_ClearRosie - Adds a clear Rosie bar

- ADDON_CyanDragon_Rosie _ Adds Clear Rosie with Cyan Dragons

- ADDON_CYANDragons_BlackBackground - This adds Cyan Dragons with a Black Background

- ADDON_Original_Rosie - Adds the Original Rosie

- ADDON_RosieMod - Rosie Bar Mod

- ADDON_RosieMod_StandardIcons - Adds Standard looking icons

- ADDON_RosieMod_AllDragons - Adds Rosie Bar Mod with all Dragons

- ADDON_RosieMod_Words - Brand New Rosie with words for icons!!!!!

- ADDON_RosieMod_Words2

New Dialer Addons!!!! Will work with any theme
Be sure to choose the rosie bar that you are using....

- ADDON_DragonDialer_1_ClearRosie
- ADDON_DragonDialer_2_ClearRosie
- ADDON_DragonDialer_3_ClearRosie
- ADDON_DragonDialer_4_ClearRosie
- ADDON_DragonDialer_Metallic_ClearRosie
- ADDON_FlowerDialer
- ADDON_SkullDialer
- ADDON_GlassRoseDialer
- ADDON_Original_Dialer
- ADDON_BlackDialer_CyanBorder
- ADDON_SoftCyanDialer
- ADDON_SkullDialer2

Other Mods
- Remove_Dragon_Notifications - This will remove the dragon from notification dropdown.
- Inverted Contacts Application: This will change the background to black with white letters. This is a test addon and we are working on changes for a final version.
1. HtcContacts_cyan_Inverted_dragon
2. HtcContacts_cyan_Inverted_skull
3. HtcContacts_cyan_Inverted_butterfly

JS Vanilla Lock Mod for NON MIKFroyo Users

Huge thanks goes out to JsChiSurf for creating yet another amazing mod!!!! See his thread here for full details of what you are getting with these addons:JsChiSurf Vanilla Lock Mod Thread

If you are running MIKFROYO 4.5 you do not need these mods as they are already on your phone with the default install of the rom. Use the instructions for changing to vanilla lockscreen above.

Another Huge thanks goes to jeffsanace for taking the lead in getting the framework ported.

You will also loose your stock lock screen with this mod. But with what this offers who needs it!!!!

Features that you will gain:
- 4 slider vanilla lock screen with an option to change one to open whatever app you want. - Optional to the second item
- Rotary lock option!!!! Optional to the first item
- Music controls on either lock screen
- Stock Desk clock to be used for your alarm

OK OK I KNOW Enough all ready lets get to the screens and files!!!:

- ADDON_OriginalTB_SpeedoBattery_JS_VanillaLock - Contains OriginalTB with speedo battery and New Vanilla Lock Mod.
- ADDON_OriginalTB_CircleBattery_JS_VanillaLock - Contains OriginalTB with Circle battery and New Vanilla Lock Mod.
- ADDON_OriginalTB_StockBattery_JS_VanillaLock - Contains OriginalTB with Stock battery and New Vanilla Lock Mod.
- ADDON_SoftCyanTB_SpeedoBattery_JS_VanillaLock - Contains SoftCyanTB with Speedo battery and New Vanilla Lock Mod.
- ADDON_SoftCyanTB_CircleBattery_JS_VanillaLock - Contains SoftCyanTB with Circle battery and New Vanilla Lock Mod.
- ADDON_SoftCyanTB_StockBattery_JS_VanillaLock - Contains SoftCyanTB with Stock battery and New Vanilla Lock Mod.
- ADDON_SolidBlackTB_SpeedoBattery_JS_VanillaLock - Contains SolidBlackTB with Speedo battery and New Vanilla Lock Mod.
- ADDON_SolidBlackTB_CircleBattery_JS_VanillaLock - Contains SolidBlackTB with Circle battery and New Vanilla Lock Mod.
- ADDON_SolidBlackTB_StockBattery_JS_VanillaLock - Contains SolidBlackTB with Stock battery and New Vanilla Lock Mod.

Again if you need help or want to learn how to use this addon please refer to JsChiSurf Vanilla Lock Mod Thread

Themed Applications:
Thanks Fernando Sor for doing the hex edits!!!!
Because of where XDA installs from the market I could not make this flashable.

1. Copy apk to your SD Card.
2. Browse to the file using astro file manager or the file manager of choice.
3. Click on the signed_com.quoord.tapatalkxda.activity-1.apk
4. If promt to uninstall please do. Other wise install.
5. If you had to uninstall just re-click on the file and then run the installer.

GoWeather 1.6.5 - GoWeather 1.6.5 Slayerized
Engadget - Engadget Themed Cyan
AWD Theme Colored Cyan - signed_com.nuyork.adwblue-1
3D contact list 0.91B -Slayerized Version - Original Thread: 3D contact v0.87B

GOSMS Pro with Emoji
You must do this for this to work
1. UNINSTALL ANY AND ALL VERSIONS OF GoSMS and the Plugin if you have it.
2. Flash attached file in recovery.

inverted GTalk
Here is the inverted GTalk that Jeff posted but has the embarrassed smiley fixed as well as the default contact image added for its corresponding theme.
- Cyan_Black_gtalk_Dragon
- Cyan_Black_gtalk_Skull
- Cyan_Black_gtalk_Flower
- Cyan_Black_gtalk_Branded

Dolphin HD Themed CYAN
1. Uninstall current Dolphine HD using titanium backup or through application settings on the system
2. Put this zip on your SD Card
4. Flash in recovery

Thanks FERN for hexing this for me......


Miren Browser Themed CYAN
If you are using this browser from the market please un-install first then flash this in recovery.

Get some Glass Icons:
Glass Icons - This is a collection of glass icons created by Riptide9 and myself. Please look through all of them before making requests for more. There are almost 400+ Icons in here.
Instructions on how to install them: Go Here

Change Log:
Version 2.7
- Saving a scenes fixed

- Added Dark Cyan Menu Background
- Cyan lettering in main menus (Thanks Fernando!)
- DeskClock, World Clock, Alarm Clock, Stop Watch and Timer are all themed now
- Changed Main HTC Clock Widget to have cyan digits (Looks sweet!!!)
- Changed borders of internal apps to have a cool look with black and cyan
- Updated several, I mean 100's of images.
- Themed black backdrops to cyan
- Added updated Transparent Cyan market
- Updated weather widget
- Updated default contact images for all themes...they now sport a skull, dragon, and butterfly.
- removed as much red as possible.
- Updated Slider

Version 2.6
- Fixed GPS Acquiring Icon
- Fixed Country Code Error on First Boot
- Fixed Call Settings

- Moved Rosie bar to Rosie.apk were it belongs
- Changed Mods to separate Rosie, TB, and Dialer Mods so that all can be flashed independent of each Other
- Text on Main Screen is now Cyan (Thanks Fernando!)

Version 2.5
- .9 completely obliterated the god damn .9's in resources and framework. All should be good now (for the last time)
Adds of Changes:
- Based off of Mik Froyo 4.5 Framework, If you are not using his rom you wont see the difference.
- If Using Mik Froyo 4.5 and then install this theme you will no longer need the JS_vanilla addons. Just rename the HTCLockscreen as per the instructions below
- Changed the GMail button to something way cooler.
- Updated some images for a more uniform look
- Added CYAN Transparent GMail App and Market to the base theme

Version 2.0
- Download icon no longer blinks during download
- Sync icon has been replaced by a much cooler icon
- Text wrapping fixed in GMail (and other apps we hope)
- Some minor touch ups with volume control icons.
- Replaced Buttons to fix issue with preview button in gmail and attachments

- Added New Dragon drop down that just looks too bad ass not to include it
- New Notification drop down that was recolored to match the theme better.
- Added colored backdrops to all widgets
- Improved widget headers
- Adds the base framework that will allow you to install the vanilla 4 slider addon (See Below)

Version 1.3
- Added expanded widget control to the latest 6 widget control (This includes new framework.jar and services.jar (Thanks goes do Fernando for modding to match the theme color)
- Added colored cyan/black Ongoing download (Thanks goes to Fernando for this one)
- Modified and better colored notification dropdown bar
- Modified all Notification Power widget icons with a new look
- Modified Vanilla lock screen with new dragons and better colored Jog tabs.
- Modified Activity title bar with a darker cyan color to match the theme better
- Added Matching CDMA 3G icons
- Added CYAN dragons to all dialer buttons
- Status_bar_Expanded.xml Updated (Thanks again Fernando!)
- Added DownloadProvider.apk (and again thanks Fernando!)
- All addons and theme are now properly signed.
- Updated all apps in the theme with the proper Cyan Color
- Lots of fixed .9's (you may or may not have noticed but they are fixed now.)
- Fixed partial Menu Transparency in some menus
- Fixed Friend Stream Widget Select background
- Added HTCAlbum with mods (thanks fernando!!)
- Lots of other goodies...........

Version 1.2
- Fixed issue with 4G Settings not showing up.

Version 1.1
- Modified several framework and resources .9 png's for input fields that were not mapped correctly.
- Optimized theme

Version 1.0
- First Release!!

Known Issues:
- #Codes Fix1: BlackDialer
- #Codes Fix2: There is now a White Dialer that also fixes this issue. The main themes have been updated so check this post to find out if you need this. An easy way is to use the # codes, if they work then you do not need this. If they do not work then go here to get the fix WhiteDialerFixPost
- Some green highlights in GMail.
- Pin code message appears when using the stock htc lock screen only. Fix is here, but read first
- If you are having issues with VM notification go here for the fix: VoiceMail Fix - Thanks ralg0528!!!

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	default_wallpaper.jpg
Views:	5398
Size:	30.4 KB
ID:	481202   Click image for larger version

Name:	Dragon In The Sea_27.jpg
Views:	5160
Size:	69.1 KB
ID:	483314   Click image for larger version

Name:	Blue_Dragon.jpg
Views:	4959
Size:	59.2 KB
ID:	484494   Click image for larger version

Name:	44f6e5c3-9c51-8dcd.jpg
Views:	4361
Size:	101.3 KB
ID:	488935   Click image for larger version

Name:	44f6e5c3-9c69-0679.jpg
Views:	4420
Size:	85.1 KB
ID:	488936   Click image for larger version

Name:	ad7338b9-adff-dc91.jpg
Views:	4282
Size:	46.2 KB
ID:	488938   Click image for larger version

Name:	ad7338b9-ae66-911f.jpg
Views:	4347
Size:	88.4 KB
ID:	488939   Click image for larger version

Name:	Red.jpg
Views:	2366
Size:	29.6 KB
ID:	525485  
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5th January 2011, 03:39 AM |#2  
fernando sor's Avatar
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presenting the work of.....



If you are looking for themed Gmail look here

themed gmail, 6 versions


JSCHISURF -for his his help when i needed it. he is the most gifted developer i have met on xda
lllboredlll -for his guidence when needed
the badseed custom team
the bowers- for inspiring me with his awesome work

Do I even need to say were not responsible for your phone? I love that disclaimer!

thanks to team bad seed custom ( fernando sor,stoney 666, jeffsanace,slayer69) for testing also synisterwolf, jv331 and dcjones1000 and deciple

2.3.6 Markets.
I will be rebuilding the thread as i update the markets. i have pulled the 2.3.4 markets


The 2.3.6 markets appear to be much easier to install. the manifest is slightly altered but as of yet has posed few problems. just flash the market in recovery. make sure you do not have a market operating out of data/app as this will not override that.

ive decided to post the stock market i used as a base. flash this stock market, then the themed market, remember you cannot have a market in data/app. please do not post questions or problems if you have not checked this out ahead of time.
stock 2.3.6 android market

i have made numerous changes in this edition. all text is a legible white. all grey text has been removed. i have added more transparency throughout the app and added some transparency to the header colors.

2.3.6 black blue transparent market

2.3.6 black blue trans market

2.3.6 black/pink transparent market
this theme was done by chikibujia who has been very helpfull to me as work has been very demanding. if you like this please hit her thanks button!

2.3.6 black/pink transparent market

2.3.6 black/cyan transparent market
any blue text you see in the screenshot is from my theme and is not present in the market theme.

2.3.6 black/cyan transparent market

2.3.6 black/emerald transparent market
again any blue text you see in the screenshots has been added to my theme by me and is not present in this app

2.3.6 black/emerald trans market

2.3.6 black/red transparent market

2.3.6 black/red trans market

gingerbread black and blue keyboard
Black and Red Gingerbread Keyboard
black and green gingerbread keyboard
black and cyan gingerbread keyboard

transparent facebook 1.5.4

Black transparent facebook 1.5.4
black transparent facebook 1.5.4


Pink Transparent Facebook 1.5.4
pink transparent facebook 1.5.4


Purple Transparent Facebook 1.5.4

Purple Transparent facebook 1.5.4

Blue Transparent Facebook 1.5.4

Blue transparent facebook 1.5.4

Red transparent facebook
huge thanks to silverbvx2 for doing a lot of the imaging and helping with this app!!

red transparent facebook 1.5.4


transparent cyan facebook 1.5.4

transparent pandora unlimited skips
uninstall stock pandora first

transparent pandora unlimited skips


to install, uninstall your current xda app and install the modded app as you would a normal app

here is a red and blue xda app with image changes only. compliments of my current partner silverxbv2,

Blue xda 1.4.2
red xda 1.4.2

CREDIT- slayer69, fernando sor



THIS IS A VERYYYY cool. sorry dont have a preview you will just have to trust me on this. i had nothing to do wth this work. im just promoting it because its great work

just place in system/customize/resource with root explorer. most boot animations go there but check your device.

stargate boot animation

this is the link to the stargate bootanimation edited for phones with faster bootup times.
credit RegLinUsr

edited stargate bootanimation
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5th January 2011, 03:40 AM |#3  
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just some xtras to add to this gorgeous theme.............
click on image for download. If "blank page" pops up, right click on image, click open.

Flip Clocks

Click here to get all clocks, 6 total, remaped for Vanilla lock mod .... unzip for all flashable zips. 3 new clocks in zip
or click on image for regular sense clock.

without droid
with droid

Blue without droid
Blue with droid

GB keyboard (skin by me, hex codes by fernando sor)

WJD kEYBOARDS (Skins by me, hex codes by fernando sor)

Cyan Launcher Pro Choose froyo wide dock for cyan rosie dock.....

splash screen
Click image for larger version

Name:	cyan.jpg
Views:	3810
Size:	38.5 KB
ID:	487085 (delete "_bsc" before install)
Click image for larger version

Views:	3207
Size:	41.0 KB
ID:	496385

Click image for larger version

Name:	CYANDRGN.jpg
Views:	4119
Size:	8.9 KB
ID:	483241Click image for larger version

Name:	Dark Skulls_28.jpg
Views:	4169
Size:	29.7 KB
ID:	483242

Purple theme goodies!!!!

Here are 3 clocks for the purple theme... 3 flashable zips in this zip. Just extract.

Screen shot.....
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5th January 2011, 03:52 AM |#4  
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Donate to Me
Here's something I hope you'll enjoy, keeping with the inverted theme. Here is something I've been working on, Inverted Cyan G-Talk! Just flash in recovery like usual. Enjoy.

This is an add on for the 2.7 Skulls theme. This Dialer has a custom font (chung fun) and a custom Skulls on tribal background. Dialer codes working also( Slayers list of working codes applies) Also modified the call button to blend in with the cyan outlined buttons. I am in love with this dialer!! The font is a larger one, though I really like it, I will be working on changing some fonts to a smaller size for other mods. So I want to share this one the way it is, as I think it's awesome! I will be taking requests for custom dialers, so let me know if you want a custom background and I will do my best to give it to you. Enjoy!

Here there are if anyone wants them, just flash in recovery. The dialer will change your resources files so if you have mods to your resources you will lose them. It's base is Mikfroyo 4.5 the same as the other dialer add ons from Slayer. Blackout/Cyan messaging can be flashed with any rom with no affects on anything else. Enjoy!

As an added bonus, if anyone wants a custom photo dialer PM me with your request. Here's a dialer with my 2 sons as the background, let me know what you think. I made this from an 8x10 LOL!


Black TB/Circle Bat.

Black TB/NEW stock Bat.

Black TB/Speedo Bat.

Black TB/Stock Bat.

Clear TB/Circle Bat.

Clear TB/NEW Stock Bat.

Clear TB/Speedo Bat.

Clear TB/Stock Bat.

SftCyan TB/Circle Bat.

SftCyan TB/NEW Stock Bat.

SftCyan TB/Speedo Bat.

SftCyan TB/Stock Bat.

Flash after main theme!!

Here is another version, same rules apply as last one.

This is a custom stand alone Skulls Rosie left and right buttons are changeable as always! Will not affect anything else in the theme.

Skulls under Glass Rosie ( assignable buttons as always )

Cyan Themed Remapped Vanilla Desk Clock, remapped to go to HTC gallery when gallery icon is pressed. All buttons on this app work as intended. Thanks goes to JsChiSurf for this mod, I just themed it.

Skull Clock(remapped to go to vanilla desk clock when pressed) Now with Cyan flame digit small widget too! Thanks to aamikam and JsChiSurf for the remap mod.

Alternate Rosie ( this is all apps opened, the home button disappears when at rest)

Annimated Flip clock w/ Cyan remapped to vanilla Desk Clock. Thanks to aamikam for the mod I just themed it.
Dragon 5 Row Rosie!! Matches the clock. Enjoy! Remapped with phone left, all apps middle, and browser on right. Can be changed in Rosie settings.

New! Dragon Face Clock! Flash as usual. Enjoy!

New Cyan F-OFF! Splash Screens By Request (default has no name)

Cyan Dragon Circle clock! Enjoy! Flash through recovery as normal. Thanks Slayer for the digits!

NOTICE: These Swype Themes are only for use with the licensed version for the Sprint Evo and will not work on any other device!!!!
SICK ASS, CYAN SWYPE!! Jeffsanace style! Get it while it's hot!! Thanks to Fernando Sor for editing the trace to Cyan for me. Just flash in recovery and Enjoy!

Cyan Swype #2 You know the drill. Enjoy!

Custom Skull status bar backgrounds can be baked in by request!!

NEW! Bad Seed Cyan Swype!!
Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (2.18 MB, 222 views)
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.14 MB, 213 views)
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5th January 2011, 03:54 AM |#5  
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5th January 2011, 04:03 AM |#6  
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Im on board

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5th January 2011, 04:34 AM |#7  
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Get to duh choppa!
5th January 2011, 04:55 AM |#8  
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Can't wait...

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5th January 2011, 05:07 AM |#9  
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5th January 2011, 06:17 AM |#10  
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Present for ya, Slayer. Hope you like. Sized for status bar background. It's transparent!
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5th January 2011, 06:26 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by jeffsanace

Present for ya, Slayer. Hope you like. Sized for status bar background. It's transparent!

you dont like my dragon?!!! lol
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bad seed custom themes, butterflies are my fav!!, dragons?, f-off!, fernando kicks ass, i love stoney, love kittens, my poop is cyan colored, sense theme, sick themes, slayer cyan dragon, slayer suckfest, sors mom keeps calling me, where did my market go?

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