[REF] Tutorial: How to partition sd card to run wp7 and android from same sd card

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By darrengladysz, Senior Member on 14th January 2011, 09:22 PM
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You can have Wp7 and android at the same time. You will have Wp7 in Nand and run android from the same sd card or another sd card that you will swap when you want to run Android from sd. You can't run wp7 and android from Nand at the same time however.


The purpose of this tutorial is to detail a method on how to get wp7 and sd android sharing the same sd card. At present, if you want to have Wp7 in nand and android on the sd, you will have 2 choices. A. swap sd cards or B. Partition your sd cards as detailed hereafter. IMO partition the sd card as detailed hereafter is the safest route for a dual boot from the same sd card (instead of swapping sd cards) as wp7 will ruin an android sd card inadvertently left in the phone.

Wp7 uses a special format for its sd card and you cannot simply copy android on this partition as it is not accessible. Wp7 also creates a fat32 partition of 200 mb but this partition is too small to install an android build. I am not aware of any means to resize the Wp7 partition on the sd card either.

This is based on ike2903’s instructions and all credits go to him as well as to others on xda. I am not a developer and guess just got lucky getting things to work.

Note to moderators, if this post is in the wrong area, please move it to the correct one. Thanks.



1. TWO sd cards.

A large one and a smaller one. I am using a 8gb and a 16gb card. The larger one will be your permanent sd card and the smaller one will enable you to obtain a smaller partition to run wp7 that you will copy to the larger sd card.

2. Sd partition software.

I used EASEUS ALL-IN-ONE Partition Manager Software and it worked. It is free to download and here is the link:


1. Download and install Easeus Partition Manager.

2. Insert your small sd card into your phone. Flash WP7 Rom using Magldr 1.1.2. Let the phone reset and start wp7. This will allow WP7 to format your smaller sd card with its partition.

3. Turn off your phone and remove the smaller sd card.

4. Plug in both sd cards in your pc. The larger and the smaller one.

5. Run Easeus Partition Manager. You should see both the smaller and larger sd cards. On your smaller sd card, there should be 2 partitions. A fat 16 partition of 200 mb and another partition called unformatted which takes up the rest of the smaller sd. This “unformatted partition” is actually your wp7 partition. See attached picture.

6. Delete the partition of your larger sd card. To do this, select the partition and right click delete (menu also works). Don’t forget to click “apply”.

7. Copy and resize the fat16 partition of your smaller sd card to your larger sd card. To do this, select the partition on your smaller sd card, right click (or use the menu) and select copy and follow the onscreen wizard to copy. You can change it to fat32 as well. When resizing, you need to do some math. Take the size of your larger sd card and subtract the size of the “unformatted” partition of on your smaller sd card and set this value as the resize value for the fat16 partition that you are copying. In other words, if the unformatted partition is 8gh and you are setting things up on a 16gb sd card then set the resize value to approx. 8gb. Click “apply”

8. Using same procedure as outlined in 7, copy the “unformatted” partition from your smaller sd card to the larger sd card. Click “apply”.

NEW STEP: Before copying your android build and while still in windows format the fat 32 partition using 32 or 64 kb sectors USE WINDOWS EXPLORER OR MY COMPUTER TO FORMAT. This should help with speed. I used 64 kb sectors. I am using the desire_Z build in this post and set up everything in the desire_z folder

9. Copy your android sd build onto the fat32 partition. IMPORTANT - Do not use usb mass storage as there is some data corruption problems. Remove your sd card to copy (see below and thread for list of working builds - IMPORTANT you need to have a modified rootfs.img file where nand_init was added to init.rc and you need to copy and replace the existing rootfs.img file of the sd build else it won't work)

10. Remove the larger sd card and insert it into your phone.

11. Reboot the phone and hold the “red end key” to enter the magldr boot menu.

12. In Magldr 1.1.2 use volume down to go to “9. Services” and click “green phone button” to select.

13. Use volume buttons to select “1. Bootsettings” and click “green phone button” to select.

14. Use volume buttons to select “2. Always Menu” and click “green phone button” to select. This will give you the Madldr menu on phone startup to allow you to choose wp7 or sd android as your boot choice.

15. Click the “green phone button” to confirm.

16. Once you’ve done steps 12 to 15 you will be brought back to the initial magldr 1.1.2 menu.

17. Again, use volume down to go to “9. Services” and click “green phone button” to select.

18. Use volume buttons to select “1. Bootsettings” and click “green phone button” to select.

19. Use volume buttons to select “3. AD SD Dir” and click “green phone button” to select.

20. Select the folder where your sd android build is located.

21. Reset your phone and enter Magldr 1.1.2.

22. To boot into wp7 select boot “1. Boot WPH” or to boot sd android select “2. Boot SD AD”

23. Booting into android sd is long. Guess having android nand has spoiled us.


Here is an alternate method provided by gencaslan to do this:


1. Put your sd card inside the hd2 and power on.

2. Go to about screen, in settings, and reset your device. Let it reset and boot to WP7 again. While booting to WP7, it'll create the partitions it needs, so this is important. After you have gone through the setup wizard, go to about screen and reset your device again.

3. When it has booted into magldr screen, remove the sd card and insert into pc. (make sure that magldr is shown and stays there at bootup, otherwise it'll boot straight into wp7 without sd card and that is not what we want.

4. You'll see two partitions. A whopping 200mb of fat16 partition and the other is unformatted. Now right click on the unformatted partition and click delete. After that, click apply. Now you have unallocated space. Right click on the unallocated space and select create. Set parameters to logical and unformatted and size the partition. This will be your WP7 partition, so decide how much you want to allocate to it, this is permanent, no changes afterwards can be made. Also, make sure you move it to the end of the sd card in the same 'create' window. Hit apply. IMPORTANT When using this method make sure that the wp7 "unformatted partition" is larger than the Android partition otherwise the wp7 "unformatted partition" will move in 2nd place and you will not be able to resize the fat 16 / android partition.

5. Sit back and take a break.


6. You now have a green fat16 partition to the left, some unallocated grey portion in the middle and your WP7 partition in modern turqoise colour on the far right. Agreed? Now remove the sd card from PC and insert in HD2.

7. After you have inserted the sd card, let it boot into WP7. Remember what your last action was when you were still in WP7? Yes, you pressed reset, so the device actually thinks he is still resetting the device. He might do it too, but just go through the setup wizard again.

8. Go to about screen and verify your storage. Don't look strange if when the storage has a different of about 1Gb, this is swallowed by WP7 for system stuff etc. Are you happy with the progress so far? Then power down your device and remove the sd card. Allow the HD2 to fully powered down as sometimes the screen is pitch black, but the device is still turning off.

9. Insert the sd card in pc and, using EASUS right click on the green fat 16 partition and select resize/move. Now fill up the rest of the unallocated space and hit apply. This is your android partition.

10. Format the sd android partition (not the whole sd card!) using EASUS to FAT32 using 32 or 64 kb cluster size and put an android build onto it and test.

11. IMPORTANT You need to convert the wp7 unformatted partition to primary for the sd android to see the sd card Use minitool partition wizard to do this. Right click on your WP7 unformatted partition and select modify and then click on set as primary and hit apply. Here is the link for minitool:


(I created a 4gb WP7 build and allocated the rest to Android)

Copy everything in this vid exactly!
(I used an 8gb SD card for this step)
Then connect the 8gb SD and a 16gb SD to a computer via card readers. (Yes this will be a 2 SD card process)
Open EASEUS Partition Master
Delete any partitions on the 16gb SD so that it reads as unallocated
Hit apply
Right click the unformatted partition of the 8gb SD and select copy
Move the unformatted partition to the larger unallocated SD card
Drag the 4gb partition all the way to the right
Hit apply
(Please note the move step will take a long time)

The unallocated partition is now ready for you to format for use with Android


Geolo has made a nice video tutorial and posted it on youtube. Here is the link:

Here is another video by Geolo for persons with only 1 card and 1 card reader. Here is the link:


Make sure you backup your sd cards as wp7 will erase all that is on them.

This method works for me but i take no responsibility for whatever may happen to your phone.

You should be able to reactivate your phone with windows market but I cannot guarantee this. I have re-activated market 4 times so far.


Most builds should work but you will need an edited rootfs.img file for it to work. Have a look in the thread of the build you want if someone posted an edited rootfs.img file.

You can get a list of edited rootfs.img files here:

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14th January 2011, 09:47 PM |#2  
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wonderful, then i thank i can borrow my friend's sd card to try, no need to buy one more sd card right?
finally only one card will be used, that is larger card
tomorrow i will try
hopefully there will be more sd build android, especially based on Desire HD
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14th January 2011, 09:47 PM |#3  
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thanks imma try that out
14th January 2011, 11:10 PM |#4  
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thx for testing.. this is exactly what i thought about should work!!

maybe someone could try another test...

i belive i read somewhere if there is allready an exfat partition on the sd phone7 didn not reformat it!!

you can format exfat within windows 7...

so just try to make a partition... 8gb on an 16gb and format the first 8gb with exfat... the other 8gb with fat.. and boot with wph7 ...

thencheck back what happend... thx!!

tomorrow i will have to buy a 16gb SD Card
15th January 2011, 01:57 AM |#5  
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I'm gonna try this tomorrow, quick question. Does this method change any of your live service activation, if so I might stick with two sd cards for now.

15th January 2011, 02:05 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by DJGurth

I'm gonna try this tomorrow, quick question. Does this method change any of your live service activation, if so I might stick with two sd cards for now.


If you have a small wp7 partition and transfer this to your larger sd card it should not affect anything as wp7 will boot from this partition and you will not need to reflash the wp7 rom.

If you have to re-create the partitions using the procedure above then yes, you will need to reflash wp7 and reconnect to live services as there is no know way to reduce and/or resize the wp7 sd partition.

BTW I have reconnected 4 times so far to live services and have had no problems.

15th January 2011, 06:51 AM |#7  
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great tut, let's test some android build
15th January 2011, 06:53 AM |#8  
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would this method be able to run more than one linux kernel, such as meego or ubuntu with android?
15th January 2011, 06:59 AM |#9  
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Possibly, but you would need to change your boot directory in magldr 1.12 each time prior to booting. The main purpose however is to have everything on the same sd if you are running wp7.
15th January 2011, 11:48 AM |#10  
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if it possible to boot android from nand and wp7 from sd card?
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15th January 2011, 01:17 PM |#11  
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Thanks worked like a charm, just to let you know all is fine and still activated


So after first boot everything looked ok, but went to the market and it wouldn't download anything, thought I'll reset it, then went to boot and got in a boot loop on dft screen.

Put my old card in and bam everything works again? Any ideas?
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