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[ROM] X8 | HACKDROID ROMS [31-July-11]

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By racht, Inactive Recognized Developer on 15th January 2011, 12:15 PM
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Hi guys,
as the title says, I managed to port the Hero/Legend/Gratia/Aria ROMs with Sense to our X8.

To install use xRecovery, busybox+xrecovery preinstalled in rom so you can restore backups after.
If upgrading from my previous rom to newer version, do Advanced Restore and restore only /system partition, all your data will be preserved.

These roms REQUIRE latest baseband version xxx15
Take the new baseband and flasher from my server here
or just the firmware if you have the flash tool already, here
Check if u need update by typing "busybox uname -a", u need this (notice date) :
Linux localhost 2.6.29 #1 PREEMPT Fri Dec 17 18:35:45 2010 armv6l GNU/Linux
blagus - thanks a lot !

Thanks go to J&Z and Erasmux!
Enjoy !
Cyanogen CM7 progress can be tracked here

Updated 31-jul-2011 :
2.3.3 GingerBread Sense based on HTC Salsa v0.15
Download : 2.3-Sense0.15
Fixes : Sound, GSM (calls/sms),Sensors (Proximity etc),Bluetooth,some 2d.
Not done : 3d, wifi,3G,vibra
Notes : Latest HTC Sense port is here

Updated 23-July-2011:
CM7 (2.3.4) v.138 HACKDROID
Download : cm7-138
Bugs: Camera,FM

Updated 20-July-2011: updated!
Floyo (2.2.5) v1.0b HACKDROID
Download : Floyo 1.0
Bugs: None, Market crash fixed.
Notes: shares code with FroyoBread-21b; undervolt,pinch-to-zoom,theme chooser,DSP,FM,edgeglow etc.
Themes included : Buuf,NTSense,Arc,GingerSystem,RetroDroid,and more

Updated 7-July-2011:
CM7 (2.3.4) v.122 HACKDROID
Download : cm7-122
Bugs: Camera,FM
New features: Screenshot on power menu, see cm7 changelist.

Updated 16-June-2011 : updated (brightness fix)
2.2.9 CM Floyo v0.30 Really the last one (until the next version)
Download : Floyo v0.30
Working : Everything.This rom is really fast and has no bugs (?)
Based on FroyoBread(0.12)by doixanh (thanks!) + circle battery with %
fixes : sense theme, mpeg4 video-recording,wifi (wpa2+adhoc), some others.
Bugs: autobrightness might be dark, not sure yet why. At least its not completely dark.

Updated 8-June-2011:
CM7 (2.3.4) v.92 HACKDROID
Download : cm7-92
Bugs: Camera (disabled),FM

Updated 06-June-2011 :
Thanks again for all who donated, you have covered my weekend beer expenses
I was asked to do new releases to donators first for testing, and official release once bugs are solved.
This sounds like a good idea, if you have donated to me, you will receive an email with password to access to latest updates once its setup.
I believe this is the only way to both show my appreciation and not impact the rest of community.
Once again, no modaco-style, all roms will be shared with everybody in the end.

Updated 03-June-2011 :
2.2.9 CM Floyo v0.25
Download : Floyo v0.25
Working : Everything.
Based on FroyoBread by doixanh (thanks!)

Updated 1-June-2011:
CM7.0.4 (2.3.4) v.86 HACKDROID
Download : cm7-86
Bugs: Camera (disabled),FM
Fixes : the black themes menu buttons are fixed, updated googleapps, voicerecorder,DSPmanager installed.
And still I prefer to use it with Sense theme, but you can use even Honeycomb theme (preinstalled)
Notes: I am using this as my daily rom, it's stable and reasonably good (no surprises at all).

Updated 29-May-2011 :
2.3.3 GingerBread Sense based on HTC Salsa v0.10
Download : 2.3-Sense0.10
Fixes : Sound, GSM (calls/sms)
Not done : Everything else
Notes : I might need help fixing this one, so all are welcome

Updated 29-May-2011:
CM7.0.4 (2.3.4) v.85a HACKDROID
Download : cm7-85a
Bugs: Camera (disabled),FM
Comes with pinch2zoom and mddi fix modules installed (thanks doixanh)

Updated 06-May-2011 : updated!
2.2.1 CM Floyo v0.20
Download : Floyo v0.20
Working : Everything!
Fixes : cummulative fixes up to 5th may 2011 (everything you need)
No undervolt, no overclock, only stable,very fast and generic-looking rom.
If you are updating X8 for your gf/friend/etc install this, they will be happy and won't bug you much..
if upgrading from older floyo or other cm6 rom, wipe cache(!), but u can keep old data partition.
update: latest google apps(market,maps,talk..), brightness fix, keymap fix.
VGA-video recording fix : here, put it in /system/etc

Updated 4-May-2011 :
2.3.3 GingerBread Sense(RUU_Marvel_HTC_Europe_1.33.401.2) v0.4
Download : 2.3-Sense0.4
Fixes : Sound, GSM (calls/sms),brightness, sensors,gps?
Not done : Everything else
Comment : This is the latest WildfireS build released by HTC, with most software that comes with it ..
Unfortunately we have no more space left in /system for the rest of HTC Apps, I might release them as for /data partition installation later.

Updated 25-Apr-2011 (Easter present) : updated
CM7 NIGHTLY v.54 HACKDROID (Smooth,Stable)
Download : CM7-54
Bugs: Camera (disabled)
Update : No more "SDcard is safe to be removed" crashes (credits go to NobodyAtall).

Updated 06-Mar-2011 :
2.2.1 CM Floyo v0.15
Download : Floyo v0.15
Working : Almost everything.. (app2sd is fixed native and app2sd+)
Broken : Video (record), FMRadio,ANT+
To enable FMRadio in 0.15, install this update

2.2 Froyo Sense (Legend) v0.5
Download : 2.2-SenseFroyo.0.5

Fixes : GPS,WIFI(!), SD
Not done : GSM,Vibra,Sound..

Leave comments after testing of bugs..
If you like it press "thanks" or buy me a beer!

Updated 02-Feb-2011 :

Some further progress with GSM (data/sms work now, not calls yet)
2.1 Eclair Sense (Legend) v0.5a
Download : 2.1-Sense.0.5a
Broken : GL, Vibra, Calls

Updated 01-Feb-2011 :

2.1 Eclair Sense (Legend) v0.5
Download : 2.1-Sense.0.5

Fixes : Sound,Power,Brightness,Location,GPS,WIFI(!), etc
Not done : GSM,Vibra,GL

And now the great teaser (Quadrant 1000+):

2.2 Froyo Sense + LiveWallpapers (Legend) v0.2
Download : 2.2-Sense-LEGEND

Fixes : Power,some init.rc stuff, complete openGL, etc
Not done : Wifi/GSM ..

And a rather broken still :

2.2 Froyo Sense (Hero) v0.2
Download : 2.2-Sense-HERO

Fixes : Power,some init.rc stuff, complete openGL, etc
Not done : Wifi/GSM ..

2.2.1 CM Froyo "Floyo" (Hero) v0.2
Download : CMFloyo-Hero

Fixes : Power,some init.rc stuff, complete openGL,Sound
Not done : Wifi/GSM,SD,..

2.2.1 AOSP Froyo (Hero) v0.2
Download : TastyFroyo-HERO

Fixes : Power,some init.rc stuff, complete openGL,Sound
Not done : Wifi/GSM,SD,..

Below are older versions..

2.1 Eclair Tegro (Slide Espresso)
Original post : Tegro for Hero
Download : 2.1-Tegro

Bugs to fix:

1. why I can't move EVERY app to SD with froyo/ginger native app2sd ?!
- there're limitations, read more here
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15th January 2011, 12:17 PM |#2  
OP Inactive Recognized Developer
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Updated 10-Feb-2011 :
Cookers only

Here is the tool to check library dependencies in roms.
It is arm-compiled, to setup do these steps :

adb push ld-linux /system/bin/
adb shell
chmod 04755 /system/bin/ld-linux

To see library dependencies run ld-linux on any .so file and it will give u the list.

To install your cooked Floyo rom built from sources, put this script update-script
/META-INF/com/google/android/ directory inside, delete both update-binary and updater-script from it and copy to SDcard.
Now use xRecovery to install it normally.
Once installed, and BEFORE REBOOT reinstall xRecovery files into /system/bin/ directory.
You should also extract original boot.img files into /system/bin/ramdisk.tar and install chargemon from one of my Floyo roms.
To enable adb root and debug mode, put property.tar to /system/bin/ - take it from Floyo rom.
Now it should boot.
If you don't see boot animation of Floyo, try replacing /system/lib/
To fix sound, replace
To fix Vibra and Leds :
make sure these programs start fine before going further :
If one of these 3 fails, it won't boot.
The following are for network and gsm :
wpa_supplicant - make sure if you run it manually, reported interface is wlan0 and not tiwlan0

The fixes required for ramdisk.tar :
init.rc file should have 2 parts from original sony init.rc that are marked as #SEMC
add original and from sony or one of my ramdisks, those are responsible for service declarations.

Rom patching modifications :
/system/etc/firmware/ dir
/system/etc/sensors* files
/system/etc/*.sh files
/system/lib/hw/ dir
/system/lib/modules/ dir
Those are probably required for every rom..
The Following 66 Users Say Thank You to racht For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift racht Ad-Free
15th January 2011, 01:13 PM |#3  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 36
anyone tried it?

ps. i have xrecovery in the moment. If I restore this with xrecovery, will I be able to go by to my backup afterwards?
The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to stoyandim For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift stoyandim Ad-Free
15th January 2011, 01:16 PM |#4  
Senior Member
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This is not rooted right?

Sent from my E15a using Tapatalk
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15th January 2011, 01:49 PM |#5  
Senior Member
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Is there multi-touch and flash?
15th January 2011, 01:51 PM |#6  
badboybiky's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag london
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i am testing this rom now. no wifi . no network. no gsm/3g. no sdcard support. but over all everything seems to be smooth, i am loving htc ui . touch is working. application is working. widgets are working. dialer is is restarting camera
The Following User Says Thank You to badboybiky For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift badboybiky Ad-Free
15th January 2011, 01:55 PM |#7  
Senior Member
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is there pinch-to-zoom?
15th January 2011, 02:06 PM |#8  
badboybiky's Avatar
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Originally Posted by stoyandim

is there pinch-to-zoom?

no camera. no multitouch or pinch to zoom. must annoying thing is i cant access sdcard. if i can access my sdcard then i can try to change system and try my best and help to solve the problems...
15th January 2011, 02:08 PM |#9  
badboybiky's Avatar
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Originally Posted by stoyandim

anyone tried it?

ps. i have xrecovery in the moment. If I restore this with xrecovery, will I be able to go by to my backup afterwards?

yes you make sure make back up of the current firmware and files and you can get to your previous condition if you are worried about bugs by using xrecovery restore feature.
15th January 2011, 03:29 PM |#10  
ponanovn's Avatar
Senior Member
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can someone extract sense with widgets in titanium backup??
15th January 2011, 03:42 PM |#11  
Thanks Meter: 6
How i can write this to my x8 ??
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2.3.4, a huge thank you to racht, awesome, bootloader, buy a camera!! :-), cam don't work, cam is not needed :p, cm7, custom, cyanogen, gingersense x8, kernel, racht where are you :o, rom, roms, xperia, xperia x8, xperia x8 2.3.4
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