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[Kernel][Stock1.3][Already included in CM7] Dalingrin's OC kernel [09/01/11]

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By dalingrin, Inactive Recognized Developer on 23rd January 2011, 09:35 AM
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Using this kernel is at your own risk. Before flashing make backups!!!
-In addition to the general CPU overclock the DSP and possibly the L3 bus are overclocked to levels comparable to other higher end OMAP3 SOCs. This should result in a minor speed up in video decoding among other things. Occip pointed out that the L3 bus is set in the boatloader and kernel values are ignored. I still need to investigate this.
I feel comfortable with the overvolt used in these kernels for a few reasons. Omap cpus automatically reduce voltage based on load and stability. The voltage gating in omap processors is very advanced. Absolute voltages set in the kernel are only a maximum for a given clock rate. The cpu should seldom reach the defined maximum. In addition the highest overvolt used is very small ~0.05v.
Common Features for 2.6.32 builds
-As of 06/09/11 the CPU clock can be customized via this app:
-Overclockable to 1200mhz and 1100mhz. Must be set with an app like SetCPU unless running CM7. CM7 has overclocking under Cyanogenmod settings. DO NOT use SetCPU profiles with CM7.
-****Small overvolt**** compared to the stock 3621 specs. This is running at the same voltage as the omap3630 which is very similar to our CPU.
-1.2ghz is overvolted slightly more compared to 1.1ghz. Resultant voltage is dependent on your particular hardware. It will attempt to dynamically scale to keep stability.
-Available clock speeds: 300mhz, 600mhz, 800mhz, 1100mhz, 1200mhz
-Partial fix for strange touchscreen edge behavior brought to you by deeper-blue.
-Smartass CPU governor. Very similar to the Interactive governor found in my 2.6.29 kernel but with a built in SetCPU profile-like functionality. CPU clock speed is limited to 3-600mhz when the screen is off.
-Various performance tweaks.
Kernel Downloads

* This kernel is included in CM7 starting with nightly 132 and will be CM 7.1 stable. There is no need to flash a separate kernel unless you are running Stock Froyo 1.2.
* 2.6.29 releases are discontinued and no longer supported. They will remain hosted for those that might need them.
* There are separate builds for CM7 and stock 1.2 Froyo
* 2.6.32 CM7 builds currently do not work with the stable CM7 builds until CM7.1. You need to use CM nightlies until 7.1 is released.

* All 2.6.32 kernels require an updated u-boot from B&N 1.2 Froyo. If your Nook has "Read Forever" or a green Cyanogenmod logo on the screen when you boot then you have the latest version. If it says something else then you need to update.

All kernels hosted here:
md5sum for kernels:
0c1a3f88da68f17a187e7d6535e3ecef  ./090111/
5673c886a08577d963be7722528a6865  ./090111/
a526a38d41a5b7a069ed5e12b8799815  ./063011/
a8ba40ac44241543be52854c048b3a72  ./063011/
94ff341d338ddcd432afa313f03edaa3  ./063011/
aacfb728b2a650ca5194d4ece097f22e  ./063011/
130fe72bbffa0a660475c1d360de1548  ./061811/
bfc4e9e3f70d45324201bd6a14a44bc0  ./061811/
7156b00dffc5a636cd6d7a53e00abe2c  ./061811/
ca101e3b9a2874e3521c89453352b0ed  ./061311/
d17e29cc5a3a758b8a445e4d554e9538  ./061311/
1ba2195b53a15d31ef9cd23e9fc5342a  ./061311/
0048009800107dc596a3c06d8df33aff  ./061311/
adb0afe1d5999ee30e773bf112aa6d76  ./060911/
7d1c53b29f0513543b515e0c37e4c8cb  ./060911/
a770009f2807e04f6761bb315309a9a4  ./060911/
fd6634c0a904d8fc92b9e38583cde5ad  ./060911/
52b593ddabf70cc84b24c479cdb871f1  ./052311/
43e498da25b62ec0516471ecfb600eb7  ./052311/
5732fa2ef134d351ec98635e4beb8128  ./052311/
d6dac86b336e4ca0f9f8daffba9237ea  ./052311/
a02ebb0350533af211089cde95fb5105  ./051311/
1177d17548c65f89962720ba3bbffaa4  ./051311/
bfa163bc7ad0e1208997af1dbfb9e33b  ./051311/
053ad16383b7b2abc859f622927c965e  ./042411/
9d0f3fe6d4781a0a2e7b494523c1db72  ./042411/
7652d13fc5f3d819b986fda7e6d3ee3f  ./042411/
1569ba396bdac3404f997d7e05faa247  ./042411/
6a7519ba0ae3a7b4f34e38fdb7fa0d0c  ./042311/
f62579042d610f4fbf739d41f7aebc48  ./042311/
a241e36f4c6c663190eb4a13b1cc73c4  ./042311/
19bd148a4a180c1bf6b88559ffc0f9f5  ./042311/
745960368e2ada7d48db13b37a997d4c  ./042311/
4fd0718b4418ccdf56f230df147e7b41  ./042311/
b16f61d937e39f6b1fe35463d576a671  ./041911/
3b44f1972c947da700a835d29c654f34  ./041911/
a335f912d3cb3faffb4366e20fda7654  ./041811/
41817da1d160733d5ce198cb0139db46  ./041811/
7b91add1ce7bdd2a6722071aec8098eb  ./041811/
e77dedc60d8f0af588820af533d6004c  ./041811/
0846c996bad671a07c095a783506a139  ./041311/
34a13469b79700c1ae7bcc0ab056abdc  ./041311/
25610f0b29c944762b642aec495d4193  ./041211/
b3efe8ac1a514e43157eb32cbefce791  ./041211/
bac72586c1fa1a4c374f3cc5ad0c1cbf  ./041211/
44e2984a61eca20cbde595da7e66f9f5  ./041211/
b8e5425a7288a5b43e39c5f455eeb0d7  ./041111/
7181812d69ecdc80f32fc0b3f5c1181f  ./041111/
def332f172d6db5822c436900d36b65a  ./040511/
385234a8e7f7da3212171d37eab1d95e  ./040511/
bae26ee57c51ac48d687a7a3f4d1efb9  ./040411/
8f99790621b3bc0fef4a7d5f3319c009  ./040411/
200be792e966453e21bbec0d6b10a288  ./040411/
872dbe19f539cec5e9e58e6b36aede35  ./040411/
53e66c6328a72ed500c6d47bd9c48ea6  ./040411/
abe51daa708ecdafb74d286dd21ad2d8  ./040411/
684c0a009c4503e7ad8111e4d2889d93  ./033111/
e75019d04668208cbe81e5aa8daf5ed5  ./033111/
61c35771ff5ef267ca47fbae36d901df  ./033111/
a3da36043ea8efac3b35c5f82aa24d3d  ./033111/
34bd1736b35f400a936b5adfdd5d061c  ./033111/
2bccf595bbec4010724ede6365a4644d  ./033111/
fba87ec0d18411e72b5718fde1607e9e  ./032811/
6601902dbc03ea67ee97eda1a59c9fcd  ./032811/
f133b2c452382f04f8b50dfb790527c7  ./032811/
692330cc8b13ce1b041e2a87c633168e  ./032811/
6bacc09cf04e7edf78eefcc6fb728838  ./032811/
4c9102c3f2a6f253c81c777029ba7980  ./032811/
13c03150b72938fa15f43bd795969dfe  ./031611/
b481b9f729e465e258e4fdb85dc1700d  ./031611/
4ddd47b2633b86004f970faa53aba671  ./031311/
c534673e003946a6ed108f60bb075d55  ./031311/
e54bdeefac03912e4948b753ce73276b  ./031111/
67857a797ecb8219ad4ff3b5e5581d88  ./031111/
cbf70b6556ccc58690257026c224a56b  ./031011/
cfb083c3ec0816b893d43cade27e3b4e  ./031011/
90aaab882957111328503573f9ffd16c  ./030811A/
55c282c3928abadd0486bc04cbfd2e74  ./030811A/
71df4553e3986719750dde72d3da5e96  ./030811A/
91637380e3ec853c8506e50e72be07ff  ./030811A/
25ba50b8865315b44fc8b98d382b5447  ./022511/
f08c443ed730b147e57ac224fdd521eb  ./022511/
3243664a945b82fde9895bdfd59db701  ./022511/
0bf22eface5c313c783b627d7a85d475  ./022511/
6efa7c62b5edf1d313996c13bed3d224  ./022511/
b2dfb032aae911e81708df8f39a22381  ./022511/
[9/01/11] - Update to 1.3 source drop and other odds and ends
[6/30/11] - Add voltage control, add InteractiveX governor, fix typos, change in audio wake lock
[6/18/11] - Fix ondemand gov, USB host support(including xbox gamepad), bluetooth wake lock, improved wifi
[6/13/11] - Remove BFS due to sleep issues. Backport 2.6.39 ondemand governor.
[6/09/11] - Support for customizing the CPU overclock. Kernel ships defaulted to OC up-to 1.2ghz but can now be changed via an app. Minor change in SDIO(wifi) release behavior.
[5/23/11] - BFS scheduler. BFQ I/O scheduler, SLQB allocator, Tiny RCU, removed smartass and ondemand, optimized KCFLAGS, fix video issues for people with modified u-boot, and more...
[5/13/11] - 2.6.32 builds for CM7 beta and B&N 1.2 Froyo
[4/04/11] - Minor update to all kernels: utf8 filesystem support and advanced routing for Cisco VPN connections.
[3/31/11] - All kernels except Honeycomb: VPN fixed(hopefully).
-DSP fix with overclock:

[3/28/11] - All kernels execpt Honeycomb: Cifs and tun modules included. Netfilter/IPtables tested insofar as Droidwall worked
-CM7 and Froyo: Reverted the update because of I/O performance problems found by Divine_Madcat

[3/16/11] - CM7: 2.6.32 DSP driver backport for video playback support.
[3/13/11] - CM7: Bluetooth/sysfs race condition fix. Fix spotted upstream by verygreen
[3/11/11] - Bluetooth added to CM7 kernel
[3/8/11] - Attempt #3 to get proper VPN support...TUN support in kernel and removed module.
[3/8/11] - For CM7: internal storage mounting. For froyo and CM7: Interactive governor, various backports, attempt #2 for Netfilter w/NAT, tun/tap module.
-Be sure to enable the interactive governor in Cyanogenmod settings->Performance->CPU for CM7
-And use something like SetCPU for Froyo

[2/25/11] - Performance tweaks. Netfilter, iptables, and tuntap support in kernel. Few fixes
[2/23/11] - All kernels updated including eclair. Eclair now at feature parity. Kernel no longer overclocks on boot. Increased speaker and headphone volume. All kernels CWM flashable.
[2/18/11] - Cache line check race condition. CM7 support.
[2/6/11] - New Honeycomb(v03+) and Froyo kernels. Touchscreen workarounds from Deeper-blue. Various optimizations.
[2/5/11] - New Honeycomb kernel to work with v03+
[2/2/11] - Update with Honeycomb info
[1/30/11] - Froyo 1ghz kernel posted
[1/24/11] - Froyo test kernel
-1.1ghz froyo test kernel. It has not been extensively tested. Please report results.
[1/23/11] - 1.1ghz kernel added
-This kernel is stable on my Nook after 10 Quadrant runs. Still boots everytime as well.
-Renamed the 1ghz kernel to match new 1.1ghz kernel

[1/23/11] - New 1ghz kernel added
-This kernel is an experiment it uses more Omap3630 settings than the previous kernel which seems to make it stable for me.
-I don't expect this kernel will be stable for everyone but for those that could get
950mhz to work, you may be able to get this 1ghz kernel working.
-Only short term stability testing so far. YMMV
Source code:
All others:
Install Instructions:
All kernels are CWM flashable.
If not using CWM, unzip the contents of the update and push uImage onto /boot partition. Then you will need to copy the system folder.
if flashing to sdcard:
     adb shell mount -t vfat /dev/block/mmcblk1p1 /emmc
     adb push uImage /emmc/uImage
     adb remount
     adb push system /system

if flashing internal eMMC
     adb shell mount -t vfat /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 /emmc
     adb push uImage /emmc/uImage
     adb remount
     adb push system /system

Reboot Nook!

If you have problems with force closing apps or poor performance, clear the dalvik cache and regular cache.
DO NOT use the Rom Manager option to wipe data and cache. You do not want to wipe data. Just boot into CWR
and wipe cache, then under advanced wipe dalvik cache.
Note that the first boot after clearing the caches will take longer than normal.

Yes....This color is hideous.
Attached Files
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23rd January 2011, 09:49 AM |#2  
bakasamaz's Avatar
Flag City of Angel
Thanks Meter: 0
awesome.. i will try thanks

@1ghz I cant past the N screen. even after wipe partition cache
@950mhz Its working fine most of the time, but on rare occasion problem would show up when the device put on sleep! it reboot self!!
23rd January 2011, 10:34 AM |#3  
Thanks Meter: 4
on the 950 kernel, never booted on screamer. I must say that right now it feels ultra stable. never even hesitated on boot. quadrant score was over 1100. will see if it does a random reboot.


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23rd January 2011, 12:07 PM |#4  
drivenapollo's Avatar
Senior Member
Las Vegas
Thanks Meter: 21
This so far the 950 kernal actually loaded for me. But FC central over here once it loaded up. ADW FC, nook keyboard FC, gapps FC, Weather Widget FC. I could not load the browser, and the market would not load anything internet related. I got into the extras and was able to set the launcher as stock nook. Just nothing would work that i clicked on. But hey it loaded up! Got past the N and nook color boot screen!

1gh would not load to the N.
23rd January 2011, 12:21 PM |#5  
Senior Member
Flag ioannina
Thanks Meter: 19
God thats the best I have seen the 950 is super stable boots always and I get 1150 on quadrant.

23rd January 2011, 12:28 PM |#6  
Thanks Meter: 13
tryed 950Mhz , i get errors / freezes with Quandrant ( screamed kernel worked fine )
23rd January 2011, 12:36 PM |#7  
t140568's Avatar
Flag Morris, IL
Thanks Meter: 11
The 950mhz kernel works well for me. Quadrant was 1083. This is also the ONLY kernel I've been able to boot with other than stock.
The 1ghz refused to boot.
23rd January 2011, 04:00 PM |#8  
j.a's Avatar
Senior Member
SD by way of Bklyn
Thanks Meter: 58
Great job on the new kernels!
Just installed the 950ghz version, running very smooth. Getting a Quadrant score of 1106 on performance. Will try the 1ghz version later and report.
23rd January 2011, 04:31 PM |#9  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 15
Bugger, it just seems that my nook isn't ever going to like these overclock kernels. Oh well, at least Froyo (when there's something to restore from CW) will at least give a nice speed bump.
23rd January 2011, 05:12 PM |#10  
Thanks Meter: 4
1ghz won't boot - gets to the "n" booting screen then reboots. 950mhz does boot (but stays on the nook color screen for quite some time first) but gives me an 899 on quadrant, compared to my 926 on quickie 950mhz. Quickie also boots more quickly.

However, when running it again, I got an 1104. Are the results always that different within a few minutes and no changes or reboots?
23rd January 2011, 05:17 PM |#11  
Senior Member
Miramar, FL
Thanks Meter: 11
Thanks for this... This is running better on my nook than quickie... I am constantly getting over 1000 on quad scores with this. Never got over 1000 on quickie.
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