[ROM RETIRED] gADAM - Alternate 1.1-based GTab Firmware

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By roebeet, Senior Member on 25th January 2011, 06:02 AM
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THIS MOD HAS BEEN RETIRED. This is a 1.1-based modded ROM. I am no longer developing 1.1-based solutions but I am leaving this post up for current users, or for anyone who still wishes to use it.


STANDARD DISCLAIMER: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. By running this firmware mod, you agree that there is the possibility that you may brick your device and neither myself, XDA nor Viewsonic are responsible for supporting you if
that occurs. I would highly recommend that you learn and setup nvflash prior to running any mods, as you may require that as an emergency backout.

Stock 4349 users PLEASE NOTE: Installing this mod might work for you, but there is a chance that you might soft-brick your device, as well. Please be aware of this risk. EDIT: Gojimi has a downlevel tool here for 4349 users -- However, this is NOT needed if you are going to gADAM 1.4.0. You can skip gojimi's step and go directly to gADAM 1.4.0, the risk of soft-brickage is approximately the same, regardless.


What this IS

gADAM is an alternate 1.1 based ROM for the GTab, based on the Notion Ink Adam firmware. This will flash system, bootloader and your kernel, so be aware of this. You are also REQUIRED to wipe your user data after you flash to this ROM, so please BACKUP ALL DATA before attempting this. Clockworkmod is recommended as a pre-requisite when flashing between legacy 1.0.1 or 1.1 based stock or mods, since the user data wipe is required.

gADAM also adds the following features:

- Rooted and Busybox added (TB friendly)
- Gapps
- Adhoc networking support
- Flash Player (on new installs)
- Dock config file added, for the Ethernet port
- Improved battery life by the removal of the Phone apks
- Youtube and Home Switcher apks added
- Live Wallpapers added (in case you want to use an alternate launcher)
- Adds Pershoot's kernel, as the stock one does not work on our device without major bootloader and partition changes.

What this is NOT

It's not a ROM for Adam owners! Please do not attempt to use this, or you will likely brick your device! There are already gapp updates on sites like notioninkhacks.comm for the Adam.

REQUIRED Pre-requisites

1. (1.0.1 / 1.1 users only) Install clockworkmod .8 bekit recovery. See PART2 in this link, for details: If you have adb knowledge, you can do a data wipe using adb ("adb shell wipe data"), so clockworkmod would not be needed (see below). Also, if you are already running gADAM, the likelihood of a reboot looping issues is fairly low, so installing clockworkmod is probably not requirement in that scenario either.

Recommended Pre-requisites

1. Setup and learn how to use nvflash. This is your backout in case something bad happens, so I would highly recommend you understand how to use this, in advance. Link details: nvflash is specific to Tegra 2 devices only.

2. Setup and learn how to use adb. This is a standard Android tool that will give you a remote shell into the device. This is helpful to push and pull files, and do general troubleshooting. For example, you can do a data wipe within adb if your device boot loops by typing "adb remount" and then "Adb shell wipe data" and then reboot. A VERY helpful tool for anyone modding their device.

Information on adb and how to install it / use it can found in several areas in XDA, or on other Android sites. It's part of the Google Android SDK.

3. Have your device on a stock ROM baseline, or a previous version of gADAM. For example, build 3588 is the lastest 1.1-based stock ROM, as of this writing. Details on how to return to a stock ROM are here: A previous version of gADAM is also an acceptable baseline.

Other 1.1-based ROMs should also work, but the lowest risk imo is 3588 stock or a previous gADAM version. This is how I generally test my mods.

Installation for legacy 1.0 or 1.1 stock/mod users

- Ensure that you have the legacy clockworkmod .8 bekit pre-requisite.

- Extract the RAR to the root of your internal memory. So, you'd have a recovery folder and an on the root of the mounted drive.

- Reboot into clockworkmod recovery and wipe data / factory reset.

- While still in clockworkmod, "install zip from sdcard", then "choose zip from sdcard". Choose the image and run it. The gADAM update should occur automatically. Once completed, back out and reboot.

- The device should take two to three minutes to initialize, then will boot into the GUI. If it gets stuck, reboot into recovery one more time and wipe data again.

- RECOMMENDED. Use ADB or a Terminal Emulator to revert back to 3588 stock recovery unless clockworkmod is absolutely needed.

To do this:

1- Download the app "Android Terminal Emulator", by Jack Palevich (in the Market).
2- Run the app, toggle the soft keyboard and change the font settings, if desired (default is very small)
3- Type "su"
4- Type "" to downlevel recovery back to 3588 stock.

Note: "Status 7" errors. I had this happen to me once, and an SD re-partition corrected it. I beieve it's some kind of partition corruption that eventually manifests itself.


- Setup and install the 3588 stock ROM. Stock ROM is here:



Main Release - gADAM 1.4.0 Link:
md5sum: 644ab3c4d1fefd7fe20bfd47fdd11165
(updated 3/30/2011)

Supplement - There is no supplement, at this time
The supplement is layered over the base build - these are just file copies, like a "hotfix".


(1.4.0) Based off 020240311 NI firmware, updated pershoot kernel. "Unfixed" the Camera - rotation is borked, but the regular image is no longer a mirror (I preferred the latter, and I believe others will).
(1.3.0) Based off 020210311 NI firmware, new command line recovery toggle, released version of Flash 10.2, adds 3588 stock bootloader.

New for gADAM 1.3.0 : GTAB 3588 Recovery Pack

This is a set of scripts to change between standard recovery and clockworkmod recovery, without having to reboot. All you need is adb or a Terminal Emulator package.

I don't use clockworkmod for flashing ROM's anymore, due to its inability to flash the bootloader (something that may be required, in the future). But I still use it for nandroid backups and data wipes, so this is how I can easily switch between the two.

a) To flash recovery to 3588 stock recovery, using your GTablet

- Download the app "Android Terminal Emulator", by Jack Palevich.
- Run the app, toggle the soft keyboard and change the font settings, if desired (default is very small)
- Type "su" (Superuser should allow su access.
- Type "". This should run the flash_image tool and complete in 5-10 seconds

Reboot into recovery to test. 3588 stock has no options, so assuming you have no in the root of your /sdcard, it should just error out with an "!" error (that's what we want to see).

b) To flash recovery to legacy clockworkmod .8 bekit version recovery, using your GTablet

- Follow steps 1 to 3, above
- Type "". You should the flash_image tool run and complete

Reboot into recovery to test. You should see the clockworkmod .8 bekit screen, which means the flash was successful.

c) To flash either recovery with adb

Just use an "adb shell" and then run the shell script needed.

Issues and Items of Note

- Click on the upper left corner to minimize the status bar
- Click on or near the clock in the upper left, to get a "icon drawer" UI
- Long hold the home button for a 3D Panel view
- calibration tool seems to work just like our GTAB (calibration.ini on either /sdcard or /sdcard2 to calibrate)

- If there apps missing from the Market, try this hack to correct it:

- GMail is cutoff. This happens on a real Adam device, as well.

- An explanation on how this is designed, in case you want to alter what I've done or build your own:

- Pershoot's customized kernel for TnT / VEGAn builds:

- Clemsyn's customized kernel for TnT / VEGAn builds:

- GTAB 3588 Recovery Pack, and other recovery images:

- gADAM archives:




Main Release - gADAM 1.3.0 Link:
md5sum: dd78c8c38866abdafe7c6f2bdbcfad3e
(updated 3/23/2011)
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25th January 2011, 06:06 AM |#2  
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More to get the market.....first
25th January 2011, 06:09 AM |#3  
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Damn, i just applied the screen protector on my G-tab, now i have to wait till tomorrow for this
25th January 2011, 06:10 AM |#4  
roebeet's Avatar
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Archived releases

gADAM 1.2.0 Link:
Alternative Link:
md5sum: ecc82667ecb7eacbd03418107468599a
Updated on 3/15/2011
gADAM 1.1.0 Link:
Alternative Link:
md5sum: f48b17ab7742857259339324f73cb2fa
Updated on 2/14/2011
gADAM 1.0.0 Link:
Alternative link:
md5sum: 3df27802bde0b1f4c792f660c2ad91e4
Updated on 2/6/2011

gADAM 1.1.1 Supplement Link:
md5sum: fb95aea6336f7ec8beb97fdff87eecae
Updated on 3/02/2011

Archived Changelog:

(1.2.0) Based off 20220211 NI firmware, new Market, added Flash 10.2 (installed when user data is wiped)
(1.1.1) New Gmail, Market and a patch for this vulnerability:
(1.1.0) Updated for 2/14/11 NI firmware. Transparency toolbar removed, as NI updated it.
(1.0.0) Based off 2/5/11 NI update. Adds Maps 5.1 and spin fix (thanks jwischka, atakapa and Butch1326!).
(a5) Adds VOLD fix for *nix users, so that the USB mount doesn't cause file copy corruption. Also adds the transparency toolbar (thanks GTO777!)
(a4) Deleted a few more Pixel Qi related files + the Mms apk (no more FC's), bumped the frame buffer to 60 (thanks to gojimi for the hex editor tips and Dexter_nlb for the orginal hack). Also tweaked the init.rc (thanks ejhart!)
(a3) Fixed the camera.
25th January 2011, 06:13 AM |#5  
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cool! gonna give this a spin sometime this week. keep the rom ports coming! gtab is a beast!
25th January 2011, 06:21 AM |#6  
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Downloading and intalling right now, even if it is 00:20 am here in mexico. XD
25th January 2011, 06:30 AM |#7  
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Only thing redeamable about this rom is the browser, so fast and smooth. I will test gapps and sideloading flash.
25th January 2011, 06:32 AM |#8  
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I thought it was called "Eden"?
25th January 2011, 06:43 AM |#9  
roebeet's Avatar
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my bad and I will fix. Long night (and time for bed).
25th January 2011, 06:54 AM |#10  
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Okay i figured how to sideload apps. There is a file manager in the office app. Launcher pro is smooth as hell. Got flash running. Gapps wont wrk but it doesnt send me into a bootloop.
25th January 2011, 06:59 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by mcampbe

Okay i figured how to sideload apps. There is a file manager in the office app. Launcher pro is smooth as hell. Got flash running. Gapps wont wrk but it doesnt send me into a bootloop.

what version of Gapps did you use ?
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