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[ROM] 24.08.13 Dynamics HD2O 2.21 WP7.8 8862 [ONLINE]

2,336 posts
Thanks Meter: 2,478
By HD2Owner, Inactive Recognized Developer on 13th February 2011, 07:36 PM
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ROM is based on DFT Ultrafruit
OS version: 7.10.8862.144
Languages: 24 languages (divided into eastern/western edition)
Loader/File pool: 20MB/15 MB

Key differences:
  • Each version brings many improvements used by the most of custom ROMs around the world
  • Always newest unlock
  • Always newest stuff
  • Some extra accents and carefully tuned only some selected images not ruining Metro style

v2.21 features:
  • Internet sharing fixed
  • dft bluetooth app removed because it interferes with nokia bluetooth
  • double accents fixed when installing cabs (the cab below is only for 2.20)

v2.2 features:
  • Application precaching
  • OemMarket application to change marketplace config.
  • Refined UI of built-in apps.
  • Improved ClockHub with uninstall function; less battery usage.
  • RingtoneManager with ringtone cut and artist background attaching.
  • Updated Nokia applications.
  • Updated USB Video Out application.
  • German localization added to built in applications.
  • More frequent database flushing.
  • Many internal changes.
  • Reduced hd2o wallpapers size
  • Reduced hd2o pichub pictures sizes
  • Replaced some hd2o wallpapers with nicer ones
  • Wp7 root tools version updated to 1.2
  • Some wm leo sounds added (rings/notifications)
  • Startscreen layout slightly adjusted
  • Some hd2o accents translations fixed

v2.0 features:
  • Windows Phone 7.8
  • Full unlock v4 - now with root access notifications
  • Full Nokia application support without device name spoofing
  • Customizable search key
  • Ringtones from your personal music collection
  • Clock tile
  • High quality WP7.8-compatible tiles
  • Orientation lock
  • File manager
  • Quick Menu 2.0
  • USB2Video driver
  • XAP deployer built in
  • Full support of native applications
  • Windows Mobile Device Center Launcher
  • SIM Toolkit available
  • CAB updatability - except OEM (HTC, Nokia, Samsung) updates
  • HD2O addons (Tweaks, Wallpapers, Bootlogo, Battery Saver Icon, Ringtones and more)
  • Many big changes under the hood

Legacy Features:
  • oemxip/oemdrivers based on dft ultrafruit (thanks cotulla/dft)
  • msxip/sys taken from latest htc/nokia rom leaks
  • first fully unlocked hd2 wp7 rom (ultrashot's unlock)
  • first real wp7.8 custom rom
  • updatability (cotulla, hd2o & xb0xmod certificates cooked in)
  • dft bt file transfer app
  • more tasks in taskswitcher (tweak researched by ultrashot)
  • identifies as hd7 for marketplace access
  • registry optimized and ready to use
  • camera shutter sound disabled when master volume 0
  • never option in lockscreen timeout settings
  • 3g toggle / 11n wifi / Hidden settings enabled
  • ie favorites added (hd2o market for example)
  • camera soft shutter button
  • enhanced camera settings/options
  • multitouch driver by andim (to avoid ultrafruits reboot issue)

Component usage in other custom roms:
-using stuff from this rom without explicit permission is strictly prohibited!

-all hd2 devices (512mb and 1024mb)

1. wm6.5 rom (if you come from android nand directly wp7 might not boot)
2. Hard SPL 2.08 (see download link page, for tmous leo use hspl 3)
3. Radio 2.15 (576MB ram compatible)
4. Magldr 1.12/1.13 (v1.13 included in release)
5. sdcard needs to be in device (good performing card - will be formated!!)

sdcard will be formatted in a special way on first boot (backup or get a second card first!!)
to get back to windows mobile, simply install a wm rom via hspl (magldr and wp7 will be overwritten).
i tried to get most out of available space (imgfs.bin has to fit inside part04.bin).
the rom is highly dependent on sequential read-speed of your sd-card (i had best experience with sandisk class 4).

Western Edition:
"0409"="US English"
"0416"="Português (Brasil)"
"0809"="UK English"
"0816"="Português (Portugal)"

Eastern Edition:
"0409"="US English"
"0421"="Bahasa Indonesian"
"043E"="Bahasa Melayu"


note: enable "use last 24mb nand" in magldr->services before flashing

Download links

Internet sharing fix cab (only needed for 2.20) (install with wp7 cab sender)

enjoy and leave feedback/thanks.


Authors aren't responsible for any damage to your device!
You do everything on your own risk!

Use this ROM with WPBackup utility


How to get live services working:
-hd7 reg-keys cooked in
-you need a valid serial code from microsoft
-you can enter the serial manually or install via other methods

Known bugs (only hd2 wp7 port related, in all custom roms):
-wrong battery state display (displays wrong amount)

Known bugs:
-low mic recording volume incall and with voice recorders. also video recording volume.
(the fix that some cooks use makes sound loud but very crappy, cotulla works on solution)
-BT music playback causes freeze (but it also fries your brain so just use wired headset :P)
-caller on other side can't hear you when headphones plugged in (headset should work)

Download Counts:
Dynamics 2.21 = X
Dynamics 2.20 = 3045
Dynamics 2.00 = >30000
Legacy Roms since v1.24 = 51347
Legacy Roms before v1.24 = not counted sadly
total downloads = 81347+ (way more)

-ultrashot for all the awesome developments, tests, help and tools/mods..
-100x thanks to Barin for stunning work on osbuilder (keep up the great work)
-DFT (dark forces team) for the awesome contributions (DWI, WP7, WM Builds etc)
-Cotulla (for magldr, betatesting dfi and dwi, funny chats etc. thanks alot)
-Xb0xmod for friendship and leo extra settings
-WINCO for wAppStore development
-Football for stock roms

-AnDim for multitouch driver
-all other wp7 chefs for delivering templates (dft, xboxmod, football)
-special thanks to xb0xmod for support and exploring possibilities in wp7 together
-HTC for our awesome HD2 devices
-MS for windows mobile and windows phone 7

My other projects:
HD2O ROM Series
X1O ROM Series
Dynamics Rom Port for HD7
Dynamics Rom Port for Trophy
Dynamics Rom Port for 7 Pro
HTC HD2 stock ROM overview thread
Latest Opera 9.70 thread
HD2 WP7 donation fund for da_g
HD2 haret/linux/android donation fund for devs (cotulla, dcordes, markinus, letama, netripper)
HD2 6.5.3 global bold font fix (by ultrashot)
HD2Owner's youtube channel

Ultrashot's projects:
Dynamics 7 ROM for Mozart
Dynamics 7 ROM for Titan
WPBackup (multi backup utility for wp7 custom roms) NEW
WMDC/ActiveSync launcher
Native Debugger for WP7
XAP Deployer (on-device)
Opera Mobile 10 Port for WP7
Opera Mini Port for WP7

Great tools by Barin:
OS Builder (WM Kitchen)
OS Builder 7 (WP7 Kitchen)
LEO Advanced ROM Update Utility
Titan Advanced ROM Update Utility
Mozart Advanced ROM Update Utility
Blackstone Advanced ROM Update Utility
Topaz Advanced ROM Update Utility
Kovsky Advanced ROM Update Utility
Whitestone Advanced ROM Update Utility
HTC Splash Tool

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	LEO.jpg
Views:	337090
Size:	27.1 KB
ID:	1513720  
Attached Files
File Type: rar Dynamics_InternetSharing_Fix_hd2o.rar - [Click for QR Code] (3.14 MB, 25095 views)
File Type: txt DOWNLOAD_2.21.txt - [Click for QR Code] (474 Bytes, 65365 views)
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13th February 2011, 07:36 PM |#2  
HD2Owner's Avatar
OP Inactive Recognized Developer
Flag Neuhausen am Rheinfall
Thanks Meter: 2,478
v2.02 23 langs(15.06.12):
-sys build updated to 8779
-full unlock version updated (now with root manager tool)
-ultrashot addons updated
-LEO OEM avatar (zune) reworked
-minor fixes/optimizations

v2.00b5 23 langs(02.04.12):
-more tango langs from 8773 emulator (23langs, 0804 only in 2.00b4)
 thanks to barin/ultrashot for the help with dsm adjustments
 updatability of sys mui is not guaranteed via cab
-french operator fix

v2.00b4 8 langs(22.03.12):
-connection setup database updated
-7 new tango langs
-touch focus tweak added
-minor fixes

v2.00b3 en/uk (0809) only(17.03.12):
-marketplace fixed
-default lang en/UK (was en-US)

v2.00b2 en/uk (0809) only(14.03.12):
-wp7 build 8773 (tango)
-htc hub livetile fixed
-rom not updatable for now (see this as a preview until other mui's available)

v2.00b (09.03.12):
-rebased rom on dft ultrafruit
-new ultrashot goodies (quickmenu, wmdc, searchkey remap)
-DFT BT File transfer app (thx cotulla)
-Winco's wAppStore (thanks)
-leo ext settings not included yet (old xap in hd2o market)
-andims touchdriver until ultrafruit 2 is out
-charging sound muted
-pool size adjustments (20/15MB loader-/file-pool)
-other tweaks and optimizations
-all 8107 language mui's added

v1.26 (05.01.12):
-worlds first build 8107 hd2 custom rom
-note: only 0c0a,040c, 0407, 0409, 0410, 0809 advised
users that use other languages, please stay at 1.25 for now.
the rest of the needed language cabs are not available yet.
this causes phone calling not working on all other langs.
now i got access to 0404/0804 but it's not yet in 1.26

v1.25 (04.01.12):
-new multitouch driver by andim (thanks)
-fixed camerasettings (16:9 5mp removed)
-updated full unlock (thanks ultrashot)
-radio rom returned to dft
-fixed ics os wireless package modules dsm flags

v1.24 (19.12.11):
-world's first completely unlocked hd2 wp7 custom rom
 (thanks to ultrashot for unlock and dft for sharing unlock method example)
-wifi/bt fixed (BIG THANKS TO XBOXMOD!)
-nokia notification sounds and wallpapers (selection)
-hd2o marketplace (will probably be app in future)

v1.23b1 (11.11.11):
-internet sharing added
-updated os wireless package
-volume tweaked further
-htc ringtones added
-useful htc apps added

v1.22 (1.11.11):
-0411/0412/0416/0804 langs added
-rom divided in asia/international

v1.21 TEST V2 (1.11.11):
-htc apps download fixed
-battery saving icon replaced
-new accents added
-hd2o ringtones added
-wifi bugs hopefully fixed

v1.20 TEST V1 (26.10.11):
-worlds first real wp7 mango build 7720 based hd2 custom rom
-built with private OSBuilder v1.3.180 (1000x THANKS TO BARIN/ULTRASHOT FOR WP7 support)
-17 languages supported
-enhanced omega camera settings (panorama and multipic NOT inside, problem without 2 stage button)
-removed htc ringtones
-first test rom
-soft camera-button added
-NOT updatable over zune!(maybe changes later) sdcard with fat32 200mb partition like dft roms.

-rooted (thanks to xb0xmod/yuki)
-don't install yuki/xb0xmod cabs as sdcard will be formated the wp7 way

-htchub and htclocation install error
-loudness of backspeaker still problematic
-let me know please

v1.14 (09.06.11):
-modules overlap fixed (thanks to yukixda)
-default video recording mode back to default (720p-tweak caused issues)
-speech recognition for various languages fixed (thanks to yukixda)

v1.13 (07.06.11):
-various new keyboard layouts added (thanks to yukixda)
-backlight set to "never" by default
-improved performance and battery consumption
-fm-radio works without headphones (thanks to yukixda; bad reception tho..)
-720p set as default recording mode
-camera software button with autofocus added (thanks to yukixda)
-other small improvements..

v1.12 (16.05.11):
-color banding fix (32bit instead 16bit)
-added another version without shadows behind icons (21.05.11)

v1.11 (16.05.11):
-minor fixes (dehydrate hack disabled, notifications etc..) - thanks alot to YukiXDA
-Missing Wallpapers fixed
-Wifi in standby disabled

v1.10 (16.05.11):
-build updated to 7392 (c&p nodo) - thanks alot to YukiXDA ->YukiXDA's 7392-Thread
-latest htc hub cooked in (from mozart 1.32 7392 rom)

v1.04 (11.03.11):
-build 7008 spoof to prevent zune asking for (not working) update (in future 7389 too)
-default ie search back to bing
-volume turned down another notch
-asd connection setup database updated (mozart 1.30)
-htc connection setup added

v1.03 (17.02.11):
-all missing fonts re-added (2 fonts where replaced by segoe wp in 1.02)
-htc notes app removed (to save space for fonts)
-htc photo enhance app removed (to save space for fonts)
-xbox live transparent background reworked (half transparent for readability on white bg)
-internet explorer favorites added

v1.02 (17.02.11):
-adc fix on first boot (auto data conn setup was disabled by provxml)
-fixed calculator startmenu icon (was alarm icon)
-ie icon shadow shift fixed
-from 9 max tabs to 6 in ie to prevent crashing
-notes app by htc added
-converter app by htc added
-another large asian font (5mb) replaced by segoe wp font (korean)

v1.01 (16.02.11):
-reworked all tile/startmenu icons (small shadow, still original icons)
-Default device accent color changed (red)
-htc bootscreen added (thanks to xb0xmod)
-default picture of pictures hub changed
-sample pics re-added to fix blurry font in pictures hub when no image on device
-xboy live tile background transparent
-edited hives (default.hv and user.hv) to contain all needed reg-keys
-replaced outdated connection database files from mozart 1.28 rom
-latest htc apps with licenses from Gold_C_Sprint_WWE_1.25.651.01_RELEASE
-htc hub, stocks, foto improv., sound enhancer
-hardware id changed from "Schubert" to "HTC HD7 T9292"
-camera sound re-added and changed reg to be silent when device is set to silent/vibrate
-large chinese font file (16MB!!) replaced by segoe wp font
-speaker volume turned down another notch compared to 1.00
-windows icon on boot modified from green to greyscale

v1.00 (12.02.11):
-hardware id changed (for live service activation)
-HD2O lockscreen
-camera settings languages fixed
-camera shutter sound replaced by dummy
-htc theme added
-lower sound volume
-tweak keyboard sensibility
-htc apps store added
-performance tweaks
-google added
hints to save battery:

-disable data connection when you dont need it (big saver!)
-disable 3g when not in a 3g-area (to avoid searching for 3g network in bad covered areas)
-disable my location when you dont use it
-only use wifi on power cord (wifi-n is a power hog)
-disable push mail (manual sync or interval)

if you use your wp7-hd2 like this, you will experience much better battery life.

Originally Posted by HD2Owner

to make some things more clear for noobs:

hd2 rom structure is like this with wp7:

-HSPL 2.08* (hacked 1st stage bootloader, needed for magldr, other hspl versions won't work)

--WM RADIO ROM (2.15 advised; there are TWO 2.15 radio roms! tmous and htc! flash according to your device)
---MAGLDRsecond stage bootloader by cotulla to flash/boot wp7 or android
----WP7 (rom) or Android (rom/sdcard)
---WM CUSTOM ROM (nand) (OS.nb packed in unsigned nbh container)
current magldr cannot boot winmobile roms; magldr OR winmo only possible now)

magldr and wp7 does NOT touch hspl ,wm radio rom and both bootsplashes.

flashing wp7 to your hd2 will format you sdcard (make backup first or use second card!)
( contains WP7 radio rom too
----wp7 radio rom (part00.bin in
----wp7 rom (part04.bin in
how to hard-reset wp7: vol up & vol down after magldr boot wp7

for big wp7 roms (part04.bin in >290mb)
i advise to enable "use last 24mb or nand" before flashing in magldr->services

the first radio rom is very important for WM & WP7.
use tmous 2.15 radio on tmous hd2
use htc 2.15 radio on htc hd2

to flash/change wm radio rom (hspl needed to flash radio rom independent):
put radio rom in root of sdcard (had problems with cards above 8gb; named leoimg.nbh)
boot into hspl (vol down before magldr) and confirm flashing of radio.
a more easy variant is to connect usb in hspl mode and flash with leoadvancedruu
wm radio roms can be found here:

to change wp7 rom's radio rom:
replace part00.bin in of your wp7 rom and reflash (magldr->flash mode)

*if you have htc hd2 with stock rom (3.14.40X.X with spl3.03), you need to flash 1.66 rom from sdcard first.
place 1.66 rom as leoimg.nbh on sdcard and boot into spl (vol down on boot).
confirm installation of 1.66 stock rom. then you will be ready to install hspl 2.08.

**second bootsplash is displayed after magldr.
some custom roms change your bootsplash (no custom roms should touch them imo)
you can find some bootsplashes in my wm rom thread (hd2).
they can also be created with barins splashtool and osb7 nbh generator.
they can be flashed with sdcard method or with leoadvancedruu.

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13th February 2011, 07:37 PM |#3  
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reserved post 2
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13th February 2011, 07:37 PM |#4  
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reserved post 3
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13th February 2011, 07:42 PM |#5  
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reserved post 4
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13th February 2011, 07:42 PM |#6  
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reserved post 5
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13th February 2011, 07:50 PM |#7  
pawkar's Avatar
Flag Wadowice
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Cant wait.
Can't wait for this one. Good luck.
13th February 2011, 08:11 PM |#8  
radiance26's Avatar
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The most important is to resolve battery issue
13th February 2011, 08:29 PM |#9  
iBimmer's Avatar
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Originally Posted by radiance26

The most important is to resolve battery issue

Agreed. And I will add the annoying lack of proper hard buttons illumination.
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13th February 2011, 09:49 PM |#10  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 19
Can you will fix the multitouch problem?
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13th February 2011, 10:24 PM |#11  
h20pt's Avatar
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Seems interesting.. Looking forward to it
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