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[15.Apr.11][CWM/clk] Ultimate Droid 3.3 [Tytung r9][Approved by Darkstone]

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By crawlingcity, Inactive Recognized Developer on 18th February 2011, 03:44 AM
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Quick Info !



Many thanks to Sklar for making this video!

  1. If you're new to all of this read this:
  2. Get latest CWM recovery here -
  3. Use this layout: - thanks clyder


  • recommended (but not needed) - format your sdcard with a sdcard formatter, like this one:
  • To boot on CWM, turn the phone on, let the power button pressed for 10s, choose "Boot AD SD", CWM will start
  • It's recommended to wipe data and cache using CWM
  • The boot should take approximately 1min
  • Space available for EU_LEO 200mb+
  • Don't choose reboot, choose shutdown. (some users will have high battery drain using reboot, i don't have it. the choice is yours)
  • no more robot voice, reboot/shutdown after the first boot.
  • CAUTION: when restoring with CWM do NOT restore system or boot, just restore data and/or cache. If you restore system and boot you're are reverting to the previous version (rom and kernel). Go into advance restore - pick your restore point - choose data. If you want to restore extra user Apps i recommend using mybackup or titanium backup
    If you have app2sd backup it as well.



  • Cotulla and DFT for making all this possible
  • Darkstone - Special thanks to him, he was always there to help me when i needed, or at least guide me in the right direction :b
  • Rajko,atoore,ocm,Cass,Markinus, LeTama, and all the other great devs from #htc-linux who contributed
  • gpc
  • Everyone else I forgot
  • And Rafpigna! And Tyween and #jdms-team irc

PS: Although it's true, the tittle is meant to be a joke. No rant please, just enjoy it
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18th February 2011, 03:44 AM |#2  
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UD 3.3.0 Changelog

- sync AOSP
- way too many fixes to list
- Increase readahead buffers on MMC devices & EXT4 tweak for /data (Jared Wechsler)
- Enable low battery alert sound toggle. (CEnnis)
- Make Mms SearchActivity reflect Black Background setting. (CEnnis)
- Compact carrier label layout option for notification pulldown (Nihanth Subramanya)
- Add option to choose in-call-style (Sven Dawitz)

Added tablet tweaks (honeycomb-like user interface and special settings for tablets)
Included features:
- Toggle status bar top/bottom via ud settings. Changes position on the
fly when setting is toggled.
- Moved carrier and power notifications to bottom for bottom bar
cannot make the notifications to appear aligned bottom. layout engine
drives me mad. if you got a solution, please feedback.
- Created "Tablet tweaks" menu in ud settings root to gather all tablet realted
options in one place
- Extended power menu with home/menu/back buttons. toggable on the fly via ud
- Custom volume-long-press events (home/back/menu/call/end call/search/start-stop
-music/next track/prev track/longpress home)
- Added option to move soft-buttons left or right
- Added submenu to choose which soft buttons to display.
- Added Quick-Notification-Area-Soft-Button - instantly opens/closes notification
area since swiping it open is a long way on tablets
- Added a Dead-Zone option, so the middle of the status bar is not clickable.
Happend a lot before people click it when trying to hit space
- added search button to list of soft-buttons - its off by default
- added long-press to home, back and search soft-button

UD 3.2.5 v2 Changelog

* Initrd
- reverted a WIFI change - still need some tests on vpn connections - dont worry, wifi works.
- cleaned it up A LOT - my second boot (after the first one, after a task29) was 23 seconds

* Rom
- Fixed camcorder

UD 3.2.5 Changelog

* Updated kernel
- using tytung r9 beta

* Initrd
- added tytung changes for BT

- sync AOSP
- better battery life
- removed Bgill from the themer menu
- fixed a few issues with the ud launcher
- some modifications to bluetooth for greater stability and performance
- faster wimax connection for evo (cyanogen)
- cleaned up public API for Notification Profiles (martinlong)
- fixed issue with AM/PM statusbar configuration issues
- fix issue when capturing video from MMS intent
- fixing a race condition while stopping video playback (Vinay Kalia)
- fix repeatedly called onLongPress (fixes the camera app issue - Pavel Kucera)
- fixed typo in android that caused an connectivity issue (Kostya Dmitriev)
- egl: fixes for object refcounts (Michael I. Gold)
- some updates to the wimax code (rmmc)
- added mount/unmount/format options for removable mounts to Settings -> Storage (Cristian Henzel)
- included to fix robot voice - credits and thanks to gpc
- included BT stereo fix - thanks to GurWu for pointing it out
- included fix for native a2sd - Angry birds works without an ext partition

UD 3.2.0 Changelog

- completly new initrd
* fixed BT issues
* improved boot time a LOT
* included SD speed tweaks
* implemented better ram management code
* overall tweaks and cleaning

- synced with AOSP
- clean up in builds of all phones
- updated googles apps
- updated market app
- updated all apps on the server
- saved even more space in system across all builds
- added 15 new awesome wallpapers to UD Wallpapers
(4 awesome wallpapers provided by keithswisher! - Shotty Apple, UD Alien, Wired5, Jungle Droid)

- Many updates to the UD Launcher
* lots of code cleanup and fixes
* 7 screens
* four shortcuts in landscape
* configurable auto rotation
* double tap for previews
* configurable long-press on screen
* the ability to show and hide icon and shortcut titles
* full screen mode

- Updated Themes Menu in UD Extras
* 3 Official Ultimate Droid Theme (UD Nexus Red, Blue, Green)
* 20 theme chooser themes to choose
* graphical user interface
* Themer info
* Themer Donation links
* Twitter info
* submit your own themes

- added custom installs menu to the UD Extras Menu
- Added option to show/hide carrier label (Nihanth - UD Settings -> Status Bar Tweaks)
- Added option to show/hide scrollbar in notification power widget (Nihanth - UD Settings -> Notification Power Widget)
- added configurable AM/PM styles back into the status bar.
Includes Eclair's "Normal" style, Froyo's "Small" text, and Gingerbread's "None". (CEnnis - UD Settings -> Status Bar Tweaks)
- added "Default tab" setting to pick the tab opened when launching the Phone app (Paul Crovella)
- switched from GRI54 to GRI40 build ids for better market compatibility
- added fix for less sensor lag (rmcc)
- updated lockscreen arrow images (Sven Dawitz)
- non standard battery images in themes now handled better (Sven Dawitz)
- added option for allowing purging of asset bitmaps (UD Settings - Pefromance - Pavel Kucera)
- fixed typo in APN list results in block mms for one of the providers (Sven Dawitz)
- added in some updates and fixes from CodeAurora
- fixed bootanimation graphical anomaly
- Added script to fix hot reboot
- added gmail and fancy weather widget to ud extras

UD 3.1.1 v4 Changelog
-Tytung r8.3
-Included Arab Support - thanks s_superman
-Reverted to Stock Theme
-Dellacorte's theme here -

UD 3.1.1 v3 Changelog
-Tytung r8.2 with BT fix
-New initrd
*cleaned it, enable_lpm was already included in the previous initrd ;)
-Perspicuus Theme By Dellacorte
-minor adjustments

UD 3.1.1 v2 Changelog
-Fixed GPS
-Implemented AdamG's A2SD+
-Added zipalign of /data/app on boot
-Added Honeybread theme to the rom
-Added a BT audio related file - please test it, as i don't have a BT device - and report back ofc :)

UD 3.1.1 Changelog (Comes stock themed - UD Themes can be downloaded from UD Extras Menu)
- Fixed small sync and mms issue
- Fixed word prediction in stock android keyboard
- Added Wallpaper Packs and Live Wallpapers Section to UD Extras
- Added better installation instructions in the official theme section

UD 3.1.0 Changelog (Comes stock themed - UD Themes can be downloaded from UD Extras Menu)
- Updated build to Android 2.3.3 - GRI54
- Updated device setups
- New UD Nexus Red Theme (downloadable from the UD Extra menu - Blue, Green, Yellow coming soon)
- Removed Pacman
- New UD Extras - Google Apps, Recommended Apps, Themes, Bootanimations, Fonts (More Soon)
- Overal clean up and preformance enhancements
(blackdroid - 10MB gain in system space for D1 and others)
- New redesigned protips widget (blackdroid)
- Cleaned up lockscreen graphics
- Rotary Lockscreen now gingerbread styled
- Lense Lockscreen grahic updated (Sven Dawitz, Stefano Pignataro)
- Added notification profile support
(Martin Long - accessable from Settings -> Profile or from the shutdown thread)
- Added new battery percentage on status bar
(Sven Dawitz, Jazz Kalsi - UD Settings -> Interface Settings -> Status Bar Tweaks)
- Increased size of picture allowed to send in mms
- Added more camera options (Users can use their volume
and search buttons to take pictures and zoom in/out)
- Fixed battery percentage on pattern lockscreen
- Added Custom Lockscreen Message (Location and Security Settings - blackdroid)
- Cleaned up and reorganization of parts of UD Settings (Sven Dawitz/blackdroid)
- A few bluetooth and gps fixes

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18th February 2011, 03:45 AM |#3  
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18th February 2011, 03:45 AM |#4  
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  • Based on AOSP
  • Multi-touch -GMaps5
  • Smooth and great performance
  • Bloatware free!
  • Everything is working - or it should
  • 3G / Data
  • Audio
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS (diem fix) (/system/etc/gps.conf configured for EU)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Phone
  • Camera (5MP)
  • Camcorder (800x480)
  • 720P video playback
  • Hosts file to stop most web ads.
  • USB File Transfer
  • Native WIFI Tethering with tytung kernel/rafpigna kernel, or android-wifi-tether
  • Wired Tethering with android-wired-tether
  • LED Notification - credit gpc
  • IEEE 802.1x/EAP authentication
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18th February 2011, 03:57 AM |#5  
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Thanks CrawlingCity. This will be great again.
18th February 2011, 04:11 AM |#6  
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port to vibrant please )
18th February 2011, 04:59 AM |#7  
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Thanks for your continued effort CC after all the bs that went on
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18th February 2011, 06:30 AM |#8  
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hi, i have to ask it in each ginger thread.
u have fixed the bluetooth issue(60mA)?
18th February 2011, 06:53 AM |#9  
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led notifications working?
18th February 2011, 06:58 AM |#10  
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get it while its hot
hey i just finished downloading
love your roms! they are the best
get it before they take it off again............
will donate to crawling when i get my dam tax returns back, been using 1.6.2 for the longest time now and its still the best! i strayed to WP7 for a week and its good to be back (lack of wifi tether so far on WP7 sucks)
finished installing now.....nice

tmous on mag1.13
sign into google account on first boot or force close on setup wizard...
everything just works...very nice on ram too

please explain how to get batt % i am a huge fan of batt % haha.....besides the one on the lockscreen
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18th February 2011, 07:18 AM |#11  
Junior Member
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thank you for this great rom.
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