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[23Feb-K13C]Insane OC/UV kernel
170 Vote(s)
SpeedMod Froyo [K13C HPCall VoodooSnd4 SharpnessFix STABLE]
1,721 Vote(s)
Advanced Voodoo v666.1+2 (CLOCKWORKMOD 3/VOODOO SOUND/OC+UV)
201 Vote(s)
[GPL][SECURITY] FuguMod 0.40
50 Vote(s)
[2.6.32][OC/UV][Up to 1.4ghz configurable][2nd Dec][Froyo][Fast Scaling]
37 Vote(s)
[VoodooSnd4-VSF-OC-TRCU-BFQ-ZRAM] Super Optimized Kernel 4_7_9 STABLE [02-24]
205 Vote(s)
Steam Kernel
29 Vote(s)
Project Voodoo stable, lagfix, color, sound. Usage and development.
328 Vote(s)
I9000B Voodoo_latin.Froyo.C3[SND+Color+lagfix]
37 Vote(s)
DamianGTO Ultimate kernel (Version 1 is GOLD) **2011-02-26**
396 Vote(s)
TEGRAK lagfix build 17 for I9000 XWJS5 with Voodoo Sound v4
64 Vote(s)
[CF-Root v1.3] JPH/K/6/M/A/O/U/X/Y - su+busybox+2e, CWM compat!
328 Vote(s)
z4mod kernels ** updated 2011-02-18
77 Vote(s)

[KERNEL LIST] Galaxy S I9000 Custom KERNEL List [08.05.2011]

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By K4P1, Senior Member on 23rd February 2011, 10:33 PM
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This is a list of custom kernels, not ROMs and there are kernels that aren't listed here yet (either new kernels or newer versions), so be patient - I'll try to update ASAP (or when I feel like it )
It is meant for people who want's to find out what kind of different kernels there are in XDA forums and then users are able download/install kernel that he/she wants to try out.
This is not about comparison of kernels (but you can vote the best kernel), just a simple list of links to kernels and some basic info about those - so users don't need to search the whole 'Galaxy S I9000 Android Development' thread to find suitable kernel.

Thanks for feedback and updates. You can write a reply or send PM if you see new kernels lying around (that are not listed here) or just if you have any questions or so...

NOTE: Me or kernel developers are not responsible any problems caused by installed kernels. By flashing your SGS (or even installing su?) might void warranty.
Before flashing check that your phone can go to download mode.

neldar's post about program for flashing kernel:

NOTE: If you need the whole ROM, there is a list of ROMs updated by splish2010
[ROM LIST] Galaxy S I9000 Custom ROM List [DATE] // Gingerbread ROMs //

Some important information about the listed items.
The information about listed kernels are stripped due to size limitation of single message and therefore I couldn't include all posible information about each kernels.
Remember to check peroidically this list of kernels from their threads for possible updates (once a day/week/month).

These are Gingerbead kernels. List of Froyo kernels are here

The reason for splitting list to two messages is the limit on one message size.
Remember that some kernels have both Froyo and Gingerbread versions (and some even eiclar), for example [16.04.2011][CF-Root 3.1] JP*,JS*,JQ3,JV1/K/B - su+bb+2e/CWM - rfs+ext4
and that's why it is listed in both lists

Please notify me (pm or whatever) if I have made a mistake and some item should be in other list or both lists

The Gingerbread kernel List

ps. Sorry about some problems in links, colors etc...
I edited this list with separate text editor - not in browser.

++++++++++++ [KERNEL][GPL][SECURITY] FuguMod 3.7 (gingerbread JVB) VoodooSndV8++++++++++++


Included in the image are:
- Superuser
- own busybox 1.18.4
- TUN support
No more RFS at all (if you want)
- JVB source based
- security fixes
- low latency
- filesystems: jfs, ext2/3/4 (using ext4 driver), reiserfs, rfs (not on Ultra)
- CIFS support
- Voodoo SoundV8
- Preemptive RCU (only on Ultra)

++++++++++++[16.04.2011][CF-Root 3.1] JP*,JS*,JQ3,JV1/K/B - su+bb+2e/CWM - rfs+ext4 ++++++++++++
NOTE! This kernel is listed in both Gingerbread and Foyo lists

This rooted kernel is for the "rooting beginners" and those who want to keep as close to stock as possible. CF-Root takes the kernel from an original Samsung firmware, and just adds root, busybox, unprotected recovery, and CWM compatibility.

If you are looking for highly optimized kernels or kernels that perform specific functions, look elsewhere. All CF-Root's are based on original Samsung kernels, they are NOT recompiled, and thus ensure maximum compatibility.

THIS IS NOT A ROM - it is only a kernel. You need to have a firmware already on your device. You do NOT need to wipe anything for this patch. You DO need to read the instructions.


There have now been over 200.000 downloads of CF-Root and many more if you include ROMs, kernels, ect that use it. Don't be a leech, buy me a beer (and use the "Thanks" button!)

- The kernel is fully stock and taken from the original firmware, with just the following added:
- Root
- Superuser
FROYO ( CF-Root < 2.4 versions )
---- Busybox 1.15.3 or 1.17.1 (if not mentioned in the filename it is 1.15.3)
---- "2e" recovery (can flash unsigned's)
---- Integrated fix for ClockworkMod's nandroid (
GINGERBREAD ( CF-Root >= 2.4 versions, JVK and newer )
---- Busybox v1.16.2androidminimal (from CWM)
---- Integrated CWM / RFS

++++++++++++ [KERNEL][CM7][05/05/11]Glitch V7C - 1.5GHz OC/UV,Voodoo Sound/Color,2.3.4 compat[16.04.2011] ++++++++++++


Glitch Kernels

These kernels are provided as-is without warranty. I'm not responsible for any problem you can encounter with your phone or if your cat suddenly dies.
Although, don't expect support even if I will eventually help since I love cats.

Note : These kernels are only compatible with CM7 and MIUI roms !

Overview :
- Up to 1.5GHz CPU OC and 247MHz GPU OC (Thanks morfic)
- Undervolting using Pimp my CPU or Voltage Control
- Voodoo Sound & Voodoo Color (Thanks Supercurio)
- FPS uncap (from 56 to 66) from JPX source Reverted for now.
- Various tweaks for more smoothness and reliability

++++++++++++ [KERNEL] SpeedMod Gingerbread [K15D-T4 TEST 334MB RAM / K15C SharpnessFix PREVIEW] ++++++++++++

Hi guys,

This is a basic test version of the SpeedMod kernel for Gingerbread.

This kernel is for the International Galaxy S GT-I9000

This kernel has NO LAGFIX support yet. Please UNDO LAGFIXES before flashing this kernel.
There is also no built-in CWM Recovery yet.

For now it has:
- MDNIE Sharpness Fix and some color tuning
- FM Radio sound fixes based on Voodoo Sound
- TinyRCU
- Conservative CPU governor for better battery life
- Volume level fixes
- Startup script tweaks
- Disabled Android Debug Logger / logcat
- Updated to jhash3
- HZ=300
- Improvements to sound quality: 128x oversampling, disable DRC and de-emphasis
- Compiled with O3 optimizations using latest codesourcery 2010.09 toolchain

I'll implement the SpeedMod Froyo features bit by bit as I have the time to.

- With 334MB RAM
- Fixes front camera problem
- Disabled kernel debug logs / printk

++++++++++++[kernel] CM7 2.3.4 kernel(s) OCUV-SOUND-COLOR-ETC 04/05 ++++++++++++

Fat visible download link
These kernels are provided as-is without any warranty. I'm not here to provide support etc although I might when I'm able, but don't count on it. If your phone explode, it's your problem. Updates are not guaranteed as well.

I made a thread only so that it doesn't get lost in spam and have pms asking where to find it

What's included
  • Sometimes: testing stuff from teamhacksung before it goes into their stable upstream
  • Various tweaks: such as JPX screen timings, Haptic feedback and general vibration intensity slightly reduced (integrated upstream)
  • Voodoo sound patch
  • Voodoo color patch
  • Led notification: Now integrated upstream
  • Extra governors: Smartass, Interactive They're not that good.
  • Overclock/Undervoltage: I use [email protected] and 1.2Ghz max and rest default, change voltage with "voltage control" (market). Default settings to 1Ghz.
  • Easy building system and clear commits: for other devs, and myself too lol

++++++++++++ [KERNEL][JVB][OC/UV]Talon Kernel Alpha v0.1.4 ++++++++++++

OK, first off, this kernel is SUPER alpha! And I mean, SUPER ALPHA! If you're not experiencing crashes every once in a while, #yourdoinitwrong. Now to the good stuff.

Join us on freenode: #suckerpunch
Huge special thanks to Xcaliburinhand and eXistZ (current co-dev), without them, this kernel wouldn't eXistZ.

Talon Kernel build 0.1.4:
Chainfire's initramfs
Reorient by Xcal
Voodoo Color Fix
Voodoo Sound v8
Wired Headset Support
Audio Dock Support
Battery Polling set to 60s
Set Light Sensor Polling to 1s
SIO Scheduler
Interactive Governor
OC/UV support up to 1.2ghz
Stochastic Fair Blue (SFB) network scheduler
Disabled Android Logger (Logcat) // Not sure how this is a feature, but I'll look into it.
Few Upstream Fixes
341 MB of RAM! ZOMG
More OC/UV levels coming soon

[KERNEL][CM7/MIUI] 27/04,platypus,Voodoo SOUND&COLOR,OC/UV,SLQB,LED notif,NODEBUG,... ++++++++++++


* jhash3 for better reliability (data connections)
* Voodoo Sound & Color
* simple i/o scheduler for better speed & performance
* preemptive tree RCU with smaller fanout value (better efficiency, speed & less memory usage with read-write-operations)
* SLQB for more efficient & faster handling of files in memory
* kernel & app security features (fstack-protector, better ASLR, disabled access to DEVKMEM & DEVMEM, ...)
* network security (syncookies; only secure redirects allowed; higher number of outstanding syn requests allowed; disabled warnings for invalid responses to broadcast frames; enabled window scaling; disabled IP dynaddr & ECN; log and drop "martian" packets; protection against: broadcast pings and smurf attacks, redirects for IP source routing, non-secure redirects, DoS (syn-flood) attacks, IP-Spoofing)
* disabled kernel DEBUG & disabled DEBUG in kernel code
* support of more encryption ciphers
* utf8 support (international)
* fixed & improved CFQ i/o scheduler (option)
* BFQ i/o scheduler (option)
* tweaked ondemand governor (raised the min_sample_rate of ondemand cpufreq governor to 9500)
* interactive cpufreq governor (option)
* smartass cpufreq governor (option)
* OC/UV support (option) (thanks to morfic, TheEscapist & bilboa1)
* laststufo's optimized CFLAGS for more speed (kudos & thanks to laststufo !)
* compiled with CodeSourcery 2010.09 toolchain (better code quality, stability & speed)
* CPU (CFS) scheduler optimizations (optimized branch brediction for more speed, low latency, load balancing); tighter scheduler timings for more speed & responsiveness;
* optimized cacheflushs for user apps (speeds up emulators and specific apps)
* optimized OOM (out of memory killer; apps being removed out of memory - when memory is full)
* faster deactivation & reclaim of invalidated pages (memory faster being available again after big file operations)
* vmscan & other fixes (better responsiveness with lots of read/writes & under load)
* ck-patches (patches by Con Kolivas, mm-lru_cache_add_lru_tail for more efficient memory usage)
* optimized writeback handling (less hangs & waits during write operations)
* script: 90screenstate_scaling: lots of CFS, writeback and cpufreq governor tweaks (less cpu ticks, less cpu looping & delayed writeback - better battery runtime)
* script: 89system_tweak: tweaks for faster data throughput; caller ringdelay (1 second); energy savings for CPU in standby mode, energy savings for radio; WIFI scaninterval to 180 seconds
* Stochastic Fair Blue (SFB) network scheduler for default network scheduler - kudos to the zen-kernel / zen-droid team !
* lots of fixes: fix potential memory corruption in buddy allocator of page allocator; potential lags / hangs / looping; security hole in tipc; potential deadlock in radix-tree
* data safety (2 patches of Nick Piggin's Inode integrity patches)
* [improved battery runtime] delay going tickless when CPU is loaded
* kernel timer at 128 Hz; USER_HZ 150 Hz; HIGH_RES_TIMER 300 Hz
* Google WIFI fix to let the CPU sleep more during non-usage of WIFI
* Wii Remote support (bluetooth profile)
* working kernel modules: ansi_cprng, bcm4329 (WIFI), cifs, scsi_wait_scan, tun
* ext4 stability & data integrity fixes
* LED notification (by bilboa1) (short howto and FAQ)
* removing of the FPS limit (by bilboa1)
* DockSound support
* adjustments to the haptic feedback (by bilboa1)
* higher battery charging temperature [experimental, upstream]
* zram (successor of ramzswap / compcache - swapfile in RAM) [option]
* removed (commented out) several limits from the init scripts
* optimization for sqlite database files (speeding up system & apps)
* optimized conservative & ondemand governors
* [upstream] fixed BUG with ARM and delays during cpufreq switching

* disable FM RDS radio for now - potential battery drain & does not work [less battery drain]
* disable SWAP and zram - zram breaks stuff and enabled SWAP-support might be a battery drain, also disable the xvmalloc [less battery drain]
* enable KSM and uaccess with memcpy
* 1:1 CFLAGS from laststufo (Ultimate SO-Kernel flags) and replacement of soft pipelining with module scheduling (internal compiler error)
* kernel compiled with Thumb instruction set - more efficient (performance) & battery savings
* disable VGA console (broken - compile errors) & disable FRAMEBUFFER CONSOLE (broke lock-screen and stuff)
* practically eliminated all lags - (potentially) lagfree
* tweaks to CFS cpu scheduler
* tweaks to conservative governor script
* improved read & write values (write: 4.3 vs. 7.1; read: 11.7 vs. 16.9)

* allow using LED while screen on [thanks to bilboa1 !]
* working external SD card access
* and everything I might have forgotten

++++++++++++ [KERNEL] Hacked Lagfix/Ext4 Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread - JVB, JVH ++++++++++++


This is a dev-in-progress Ext4 Kernel based on Voodoo code for Samsung's Gingerbread.

Fixed since last release:
- conversion voices. Bye chipmunk, hello Linda!
- disk-free checks

- Well integrated CWM 3.x
- Performance / Smoothness optimizations if any.
Show some support in donation to help a true stable port!
rooting is as easy as installing Superuser from market.
You can control the Ext4 lagfix status with Voodoo control
Kernels are not yet supported, bug reports are now welcome
Dev & hack discussion is always welcome!

More will be added when I see/hear about those.

++++++++++++ DamianGTO Ginger Kernel ++++++++++++

This is link to Damian's forum where are discustion about Damian GTO Ginger kernels.
You might need to register to -forum to view/download kernels.

List of Froyo kernels are here
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23rd February 2011, 11:07 PM |#2  
splish2010's Avatar
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You got there first! Was going to add this to my list of ROMs, good work.
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24th February 2011, 05:43 AM |#3  
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u forgot one TEGRAK lagfix build 17 for I9000 XWJS5 with Voodoo Sound v4
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24th February 2011, 08:12 AM |#4  
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Another Sticky material. I hope you keep updating this list for it to remain stickied.

I have rated this thread with 5 stars.

PS : You could actually make sections for 2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1. For example, there are some old 2.1 kernels lying out there that can be helpful to some users. Maybe you can include lagfixes like OCLF with warnings on when & when NOT to use it.
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24th February 2011, 08:17 AM |#5  
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There is also this post which highlights kernels with reviews by Tricky103 of the kernels he's made mention of.

@ the OP with regards to tegrak's kernel, the link follow below which you could add to your post.
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24th February 2011, 04:18 PM |#6  
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Hey, I've the JS5 firmware and Voodoo 5.4.1 and with Quadrant I've just 1400-1500, can some one says me with which kernel the performances of SGS are the best? but stable too
24th February 2011, 10:32 PM |#7  
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Thanks man I can give up supporting my kernel guide now Was hoping somebody would take it over from me
25th February 2011, 04:08 PM |#8  
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Good work tricky! there are so many powerful kernels. Wow!
25th February 2011, 05:44 PM |#9  
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battery drain isn't really good :s in 1hour I've lost 5% (100% to 95%)
26th February 2011, 08:03 PM |#10  
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Hey, this is an awesome thread,

One suggestion, why don't you put up a voting section so the users can select which kernel they like most. This would be great help for newbies. I personally love speedmod kernel, have been using it ever since I got my SGS in Dec.
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26th February 2011, 10:16 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by jaiiscool

Hey, this is an awesome thread,

One suggestion, why don't you put up a voting section so the users can select which kernel they like most. This would be great help for newbies. I personally love speedmod kernel, have been using it ever since I got my SGS in Dec.

Thanks for feedback. I added voting.
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