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Samsung Epic 4G Cookbook

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By S0ckM0nk3y, Guest on 17th November 2010, 11:34 PM
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Samsung Epic 4G Cookbook

Let me start off by saying I AM NOT TAKING CREDIT FOR CREATING THIS THREAD. BTHOMAS22X STARTED THIS THREAD AND MY INTENTIONS ARE TO KEEP THIS THREAD UPDATED. 03/20/2011 is the day I took this over so all the thanks comments in the post prior to this date are directed towards BThomas22x

I want to say thanks to theimpaler747 for giving me control of this thread and understanding the situation. We all know that BT has been deployed over to Japan to help in the relief efforts over there Lord knows they need it. On behalf of TeamViper we wish him a safe and healthy return. I wanted control of this thread because I would hate to see this thread go to waste. BThomas22x would not want this thread go to waste either. So I will do my best to update this thread as much as possible. So please direct all updates for releases to me via PM and not BThomas22x. Thank you. BThomas22x can have this thread back when he returns from Japan I have no problem with that. If he wants me to keep updating it I have no problem with keeping it updated for future reference for users. I'm all about helping, learning and teaching so that's my motivation behind everything I do on XDA.

The purpose behind this thread is to make it a one stop place for everyone to find what they need. If I miss something at first, I apologize, just leave me a PM and let me know what I missed, or leave a post in this thread and I will update it every so often. Unfortunately, I will not be able to keep up with this EVERY day, because I will be working on projects of my own, but I promise you that I will update it at least every couple days should there be new items to add.

This post will be a compilation of different ROMs, Kernels, Mods & Guides, Fixes and more. If there is something that is posted in this thread that does not work, please, let me know and I will remove it. This is not a "I have problems with this" thread. If you have an issue with something that is posted in this thread (i.e. something isn't working for you), contact the DEV of that particular modification as I will NOT be dealing with personal issues.

If you decide to do any of these modifications to your Samsung Epic 4G, you are choosing to do so at your own risk. I, nor any of the contributors to this post will be held responsible for anything you do to your phone. Unless your phone grows the ablity to print money, in which case, we are totally responsible for it, and you can kindly return all money to us lol.


This post will have no particular order to the modifications, but they will be at least categorized for organization. If something is put into a category, and you believe it belongs in another category, let me know and I will update it accordingly. Without anything further...

Root/Recovery & Drivers

One Click Root/Recovery With Clockworkmod Redirector

Root/Recovery 2.5.5/Samsung Epic Drivers - Noobnl
Root/Recovery - Dameon87


EB13 ROM's

Stock EB13 ROM w/ added Voice Dial Fix - Dameon87
VIPERrom [SynErgY] EXT4-RFS Dual EB13 5.0 w/OC/UV/VooDoo Sound/NO CIQ 03/19/11 - Team Viper
MiUi ROM [EXT4][OC Kernel] - Ahmgsk & jamezelle
[FROYO][AOSP Clone]Simply AOSP 2.2 (3/6/11) - TheDub
CyanogenMod 6.2 Beta - noobnl
CyanogenMod 7 | Alpha 1 - Dameon87
[Stock Flash][Odin]EB13 Extended CW2.5+RFS or CW3+ext4 2/24/2011 inc. Root+Redir - art3mis-nyc
midNIGHT ROM v5 (Journaling ON/Fewer Tweaks) RFS/CW2 and EXT4/CW3 3/24/2011 - ptfdmedic
midNIGHT ROM v5 (BYOR Edition) EC05 3/21/2011 - ptfdmedic
If you guys get a chance, please stop by ptfdmedic's site and check out his Autism Awareness blog. The man has a heart of gold to be so loving towards his family and still take time to build ROM's. If nothing else, just check it out. Direct link to his blog can be found here.
Bonsai4All EB13 - Mammon88 & Randy_T
SyndicateROM Frozen 1.0.2 (Malanga) :: nCIQ/Voodoo Sound/no wipe :: 3/18 - ACS
*not finished* Frankenstein E=Bee13² v1.0.1 EXT4 CWM3 - ecooce
Epic Experience - Version 2.0.08 - schizopunk
TrulyEpic v3 - AhmgskMod
Shinigami-グック *update* 03/20/2011, CNT 02:39 PM - feefeeboomboom

DK28 ROM's

ViperROM [TRiNiTY v2.0] EXT4-RFS Dual 4.0.4 - Team Viper
midNIGHT ROM v3.3 (BYOR and Pre-Built) AIO EXT4 - ptfdmedic
Frankenstein ROM - ecooce
Bonsaii ROM - Mammon88 & Randy_T
Nova's Supernova ROM - Nova
Quantum ROM 2.7.0 - Dameon87
Nebula ROM 1.0.7 (Seven Sisters) - plapczyn
ACS Stock DK28 Build - ACS Team
Epic Experience 2.0.07 - schizopunk
TrulyEpic V2.06 - Ahmgsk
TrulyEpic Rebirth v1.5 [EXT4/CWM3] - ragnarokx
Superheroes "Superman" 2.2.5 - earthbound[iap]
MeatRom v106 - xjman

ROM's Before DK28 will not be listed as not too many people are running them anymore. However, because a lot of people have been returning to DI18 for the OTA, I will add the Stock DI18 ROM with Modem.bin. Also, for those that are running the DI18, I will at least post the ROM that most are using for those that want it.

DI18 ROM's

Stock DI18 ROM with Modem.bin - Noobnl
SyndicateROM 1.0.2 (Shuriken) :: Speed, Battery, Style :: - ACS Team


EB13 Kernels

Genocide 1.2GhzOC EB13 Kernel v0.4a (DK28 Compatible) - Rodderik
NOTE: Genocide 0.1a was compiled using the DK28 Initramfs, so it is compatible with DK28 ROM's as well as EB13. 0.2a was compiled using the EB13 Initramfs, but should still work with DK28 ROM's.
Stock EB13 Dual Filesystem [EXT4/RFS] - Dameon87
Twilight Zone Kernel v1.0.3 - Hisako - ACS

DK28 Kernels

More than likely, if you are running a DK28 ROM, then the kernel is included, however, many people have said that the EB13 Kernels will work with DK28 ROM's as well.

DI18 Kernels

[ACS]Xtreme Kernel v1.2.0-Lucy-1.3GHz OC,Battery,Tweaked Voodoo(options) - ACS Team
MixUp - Overclock/Undervolt-Taco Madness - Geniusdog254
Phoenix v1.49 - tehdarkknight


Basic Android SDK Tutorial For Beginners - BThomas22x
Return to stock/Fix bricked Epic - Aridon
How to upgrade to EB13 - Whosdaman
Kill full battery popup/prevent apps from closing from low battery - raiderep
Car Dock audio out fix for AOSP music player - rpro95
Recompiled for froyo - xjman
Ubuntu Port for Epic - BThomas22x
Epi-Nex ROM | USB Audio & TV-out | USB OTG | Bricked Epic Recovery - tmillar07
Remove am/pm from statusbar clock by modding services.jar - amosher13
Remove the omadrmconfigservice.drm to get more battery life on epic - kaokollaa
Call Audio Router - bluetooth/wired conflict hotfix - cicada
Keyboard Tweaks - smeyerhuky
Screen Rotation Lag Fix - running_the_dream
Safe to remove .apk's/Apps - Aridon
Manually update your PRL - Leviuqse
Epic 4G to Boost Mobile - Leviuqse
Hulu on the Epic - Nc2nc2
Comprehensive Guide to Rooting, Flashing, and Android Basics - DevinXtreme
Calibrate your battery - aal1
DK28 GPS Fix - kalico17
Easiest GPS Fix - Paltomiel
Reconnect to 4G much faster - Danny DiMarzio
EB13 Keyboard Fix - mkasick
Malware Patch Pre-Gingerbread - Rodderik
EB13 Camera Fix - mkasick
Build CM7 from source in its current state. Updated: 2011/03/19 - nullghost
Update your PRL manually (EPIC 4G) - Leviuqse

Will update with more later.


[ACS]One Click Odexer and Restoration Tool - Tanimn
[PORT] Autodeodexer 2.3a for the Epic 4G Froyo - Windows - amosher13
Android Customization Suite 1.2.2 - birgertime


Samsung Opensource
Simply go to the site, click "mobile" and search for "SPH-D700".
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20th November 2010, 12:15 AM |#2  
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Reserved for OP
24th February 2011, 04:17 AM |#3  
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Awesome thanks for this makes it better to find things that are lost in the forum

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24th February 2011, 04:17 AM |#4  
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nice, im sure that alot of people will find this thread very handy. thank you
24th February 2011, 04:22 AM |#5  
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Wow thank you, i'm so glad someone has finally done this. Awesome! Now hopefully the moderator will make it a sticky.
24th February 2011, 04:26 AM |#6  
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A+ for effort, but, isn't this what the wiki is for?
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24th February 2011, 04:26 AM |#7  
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This is nice

sent from my Epic 4G
24th February 2011, 04:31 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by thematrixkid17

A+ for effort, but, isn't this what the wiki is for?

Ok, so don't use it? can still go to the wiki.
24th February 2011, 04:38 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by thematrixkid17

A+ for effort, but, isn't this what the wiki is for?

Yes but most of the people who are looking for things do not realize that is what the wiki is for and then they create a random how do I do this thread. At least we might be able to just have this one extra thread rather than a bunch.
24th February 2011, 04:38 AM |#10  
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Awesome bthomas. Good work

Sent from my Evo Killer!!!
24th February 2011, 04:41 AM |#11  
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Nice, this is something I will definitaly find useful. Now I can get all this info straight from the app. :)

Samsung Epic ViperROM 4.0.4 Genocide 0.2a kernel
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