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[ROM]Fusion2.0{7/31/11}KB1=Bringin' your phone and you together like never before!!

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By Johnsondr80, Inactive Recognized Developer on 3rd March 2011, 01:27 AM
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Ruger94 Themes Posted For your Enjoyment

What you've ALL been waiting for....hint here--->>>FusedKryptonite...A Smooth Green Theme for Everyone to ENJOY!...Except for SuperMan know...the Kryptonite thing...

Take a LOOK at these...woohoo...I know THIS is what you want!

Know issue: when reverting this theme you MUST uninstall Gmail.apk from the device. Conflicting Gmail versions when reverted from the theme will cause issues. Including but not limited to FC's loops." SO KEEP USING IT...Revert <<--- Flash here


This is the Smoothest, Brown-est...Theme you've ever seen..Download...SepiaFusion...You WILL Love it...

Here are some GREAT looking screens of SepiaFusion:

If you feel you want to Revert from Sepia...go back 5 words and click!


Here are some Nice Battery Mods with Screen Animations that differ from the Original Install

This one is The Android-Guy Battery Mod and has Bounce screen Animations....

This one is The Battery-Guage Battery Mod and has Flip-N-Fly screen Animations....
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3rd March 2011, 01:27 AM |#2  
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Talking [ROM]Fusion2.0{7/31/11}KB1=Bringin' your phone and you together like never before!!
Started by Adamholden85; cntinued by Johnsondr80
current version >>------|> FUSION 2.0

Fusion is yet another KB1 build completely redone because AT&T and
Samsung have no idea what they are doing.-------Still a WIP-------

Fusion 2.0x has;
KB1 modem - with "RAT" for some....
eXistZ Captivate kernal, #9
(Voodoo sound 7, lagfix, color, o/c and u/v support)up to 1.4Ghz


A Reminder: If you are already a Fusion user; ROM 1.9.4 and up will not wipe, and will retain your battery stats.
But also note that if you are coming from Stock or another rom this will wipe.
this has new edify scripts making it CWM compatible hence returning to froyo from GB a breeze.

Change log:

Fusion 2.0
updated eXistz kernal #9
various small image fixes.

Fusion 1.9.9 was droped due to boot loops!

Originally Posted by Johnsondr80

Fusion 1.9.8
bootanimation (my first self created)
progress horizontal
google search
instalion scripts

Fusion 1.9.7 Change log:

updater-script edited for Fusion ==>working as it should
this is a no worry flash. if you are coming from GB or just flashed stock, or maybe already running a version of Fusion.
Flash and enjoy...
(if on fusion you will have no wipe; if you are on anything else including GB, BACKUP! you will have wipe!!! [you have been forewarned])
Fantastic power down boot screen!!!
more transparency.
lost starwars lockscreen again :(
All issues addressed and fixed!!!

Fusion 1.9.6 change log:

this is all matter what. !!!!FlashToStock!!!!
Return of starwars lock screen.
!!Return of old update script!!! (no boot loaders here to ones that need to know)
(consider it a fresh start / updater script to be back on next release)

Fusion 1.9.5 change log

rage patch from here
updated installation files.
updated settings to reflect that it is a "Orb" Lockscreen!
twitter added
Updated voodoo control
offical fusion font updated
fixed a bug in the framework-res causing mysterious problems.

Fusion 1.9.4 changelog

This Will preform a full wipe. (coming from stock enclair, or flashing from another rom/ will do full wipe.)
Switched to edify (cwm 3.x.x.x compatibility)
batterystats.bin will back up and restore each flash.
*Thanks DesignGears!*
new version of redbend_ua for flashing the modem and kernal.
added voodoo control app
added Kies-Air v1.0
added new wallpapers
added new fonts (DaNaRkl's fusion font)
updated statusbar policy.
themed MMS app for Fusion
mms sliders themed
updated dial tones
subtle tweeks to contacts app.
DaNaRkl's fusion flipfont (new team member)
hide clock toggle-(not ready, still working on the side effects of adding it.)

Flash to Stock For Fusion 1.9.3

Fusion 1.9.3 changelog

Now with:
-Hide Clock Toggle
-Mobile Teathering activated.
-NEW Orb lock screen and starwars lockscreen.
(Orb takes place of puzzle lock. And starwars is added.)
-Completely remastered framework.
-New status bar icons, and updated battery images.
-New contacts app with themed tabs.
-Updated animations no longer messing up wallpaper.
-Rewritten services.jar, and remodded androidpolicy
-added Battery Saving Wallpaper to Wallpaper Picker (2nd from the first)<--notice; turned out to be a battery killing wall paper! <-Fix at bottom of post
-New and improved Stock Web Browser 2.2 - lighter and Faster.
-Removed LiveWallPapers (just taking up space and killing battery IMO)
-Added Black/Transparent FaceBook App
-Ironmanapas GingerBread KeyBoard - Fusion'd style
-Replaced Kernal With The "no BLN" version (reported that the BLN version
may attribuate to sleep death)
-Fixed Contacts so it dont FC on first boot.
-Took out google music app and put back samsung music back(lockscreen

-Stock Gmail App - for upgrade reasons (if ya want, after first boot DONOT

touch gmail app and flash the g-mail_upgrade at the bottom of post.)

And more to come....LIVE!!!!

For those brave people out there that lost root get and flash at bottom of post[/URL]

New in Fusion 1.9.2

Updated contacts dialeractivitytab and logsprovider.
Changes in phone and frameworkres
Added livewallpapers per request. ( in need of fusion livewall papers)
And a new Fusion wallpaper.
Also new voltage control app. Must uninstall current voltage control app before flashing the update.
Oh and updated build.prop

Fusion1.9.1 added:

New phone Dialer and functionality
Much more added to Fusion's framework Themeing

Fusion 1.9 has;

KB1 modem - with "RAT" for some....
eXistZ Captivate kernal, beta#8
(Voodoo sound 7, lagfix, color, o/c and u/v support)up to 1.4Ghz

Fugu Tweaks
Advanced power menu
5lockscreen chooser
puzzle lock fixed and fusion'd
visual ui changes
Fly-n-flip animations
3G-H symbol works as designed
7 home screens
modded e3recovery
12(i think) new fonts
fusion'd wallpappers added to chooser.
Modified logsprovider to filter out Mms in the phone log
Stay awake option (Settings->Applications->Development)
updated to Voltage control ex 1.2.1b (has "time in state" in pull up)
a few themed apps
Hacked Gallery (does not drain battery)
"lotus22"s = 50% time without signal fix. from here
mms app change to ASOP style (theme wip)
new "JoeDV's Fusion'd swype custom", Made just for fusion!
added spare parts.
updated services.jar..Big HUGE thanks to ruger94 for all his hard long hours on this.
new music player -ASOP 2.3
new deskclock w/dimming support.
Updated XDA app
new bootanim
more i'm shure but that's all i notated.

previous versions
DOWNLOAD FUSION 1.9.3 mirror
DOWNLOAD FUSION 1.9.2 mirror

Update Patches:

download Fusion 1.9 mirror
Download "Update Fusion 1.9.1" mirror <=Thanks RUGER94 !now it works!
Download Update Fusion 1.9.2
Download "Update Fusion 1.9.2" mirror


Originally Posted by adamholden85

Uploading newest beta to the server now.(fusion 1.8) It does not act like a beta but I really don't care.

What's it have?
More theming to the apps
KB1 modem
Existz KB1 voodoo kernel
fugu tweaks
Translucent gmail
Faster fix app for GPS
Telenav GPS
Themed dialer with MMS button in place of second vm button
Themed calculator
Updated SGS tools
Possibly more but it is almost 1 am and I am exhausted

earlier versions details below:
What is includes:
Partially themed(wip)
Really nifty dialer
5 lock screen chooser
Honey comb elements
SGS Tools
Modded camera

and other things.

JK4 modem
SuckerPunch voodoo # 4

NO screen shots yet as the theme is a WIP. This is a beta release.

Everything should work but I make no guarantees. It is based off of the

official release so it should be pretty stable, just a hell of a lot


This OP will remain a work in progress just like the ROM.

Themes By Ruger94 ClickHere

Originally Posted by Johnsondr80

ironmanapa==>fusion gbkb !thanks!
and anyone else who tested/helped with the theme/helped with

functionality and so on. If I forgot you please let me know.

Video for noobs

And please, if you find my work enjoyable, i bricked my phone during development in an odd way and am now stuck on ji6 without usb support. (fried internal board)
please consider a donation to me as i am currently trying to get my cappy repaired or replaced. I'm the sole income provider for my family of five and i need your help with this. Also want to see this project continue.
Donate to My Coffee Fund

Attached Files
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File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (7.14 MB, 72 views)
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3rd March 2011, 01:27 AM |#3  
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Will be Updating regulary


Hold vol down + vol up
Hold power button
I wait for att screen, (keep holding)then for screen to go off,(keep holding) then the second time the att screen comes up release power button.

Download mode/odin:
1.Start odin first
2.Plug in usb to computer
3.Hold down vol up + vol down(not power)
4.Plug usb into phone
5.When you see the android with shovel, your in download mode!

How to flash TeamPhoenix Roms.
Roms Should be Flashed will 100% battery

1. BACK UP!!!
2. Flash to stock
2a. Wait for it to reboot and then re-enable debugging, hook phone back up to pc and Master Clear
3. Load Clock Work update zip (attached at end of post) and new rom file to Phone memory
4. Remove sim and external SD, and unplug from USB
5. Boot into Recovery and reinstall packages (You may have to reinstall packages twice to get to clockwork recovery)
6. Once in Clock work recovery (Green Text) Select install zip from SDcard
7. Next Select Choose zip from sdcard
8. Scroll down to {your choosen teamphoenix rom name here}.zip and select.
9. If prompted on reboot to select an option choose with backup and restore. (for auto lagfix)
10. Let it finish and dont touch it till you see the launcher screen. Will this take awhile? YES

How To Disable Vodoo

1.Open A file Explorer ex. Root Explorer
2.Navigate to the Vodoo Folder
3.Inside the Vodoo Folder create a Folder Named disable-lagfix
5.It will seem to hang on the boot screen Just leave it alone till it fully boots

Wipe Battery Stats
1. Connect the phone to the charger with the phone powered on, and allow the phone to charge until it shows 100%

2. Disconnect the phone from the charger, and power it off.

3. Reconnect the phone to the charger with the phone powered off, and allow the phone to charge until the battery indicator shows 100% (you can use vol-up/vol-down to make the indicator come back up when the screen goes to sleep).

3a. Repeat step 1, 2, 3

4. Disconnect the phone from the charger and power it on.

5. Once the phone is powered completely on, power it off again and reconnect it to the charger until the battery indicator shows 100%.

6. Disconnect the phone, power it on, and use it.

7. Use ADB or a Terminal Emulator to run the following command:
rm /data/system/batterystats.bin
7a. Reboot into clock work Recovery, and choose advanced CWM features and select wipe battery stats

How to back up your APPS + data (not system data) with Titanium Backup

Go to the market and download and install Titanium Backup

Load up Titanium Backup and allow super user.

Go into Preferences and change Backup Folder name to external_sd/TitaniumBackup (this will save a copy of the files to your external SD card for restoring after flash) then click back and it will reload.

Now go to batch and select backup all user apps. Select the apps you want and hit run batch (top of the screen) once it is finished (you will know as there is a notification in the drop down that it is done) Double check you external sd for the Titanium Backup folder, if it is there then you are good, if not double check the spelling. Make sure it is an underscore between external and sd. ex. external-sd = Wrong..... external_sd = right so it should read external_sd/TitaniumBackup

Ok So you Fully Bricked your Captivate Here is a last ray of hope

Download mode/JIG:
-301k OHM Resistor, no more no less & -MicroUSB Board
-Upon receiving items, go here.
-Remove SIM and MicroSD Card
-Plug in JIG and voila, you are back in download mode
-load up odin and flash back to stock

Themes and Stuff
Disable Vodoo before flashing themes like blackfroyo with recovery.
ruger94 is the offical themer for Fusion

Voltage Settings (If Kernal Supports OC/UV)

VoltageApp settings will stick until reboot, but to get them to stay after rebooting, this is what worked for me; You will need Root Explorer for this one

Setup Voltage App like you want
Menu>Apply for Now
Menu>Save as boot settings
Open Root Explorer
Navigate to /etc/init.d
Locate file saved for boot settings (S_volt_scheduler)
Rename "S_volt_scheduler" to "S_98_volt_scheduler"
Open VoltageApp to verify settings stuck

AT&T Wap Settings

not set
not set
not set
not set
not set

Power Cycle without pulling battery
Hold volume up and power for 10 sec. (This will reboot your phone without a battery pull)

Backing Up your NV_data

Thread With more info

The reason its important to back up your NV_data (Non-volitile) is this has your imei, product code, unlock codes and model. This informatioin is not recreated with a JF6 OCD (One click downloader)

Certain Roms write data to your NV_data

(i think it was JPC leak from I9000 that was the first one. it changed everyones product code to I897ZKAKOR)

Axura changes the product code to I959ZKATMB or something like that

The Correct Product code for our Captivate is I897ZKAATT.

If your IMEI says 004999010640000 this is incorrect also and you may find your phone to stop making calls as this is like a debugging or prototype imei

Finally, if your unlock code is FFFFFFFF, you need this repair in order to unlock your code

All of these can be fixed with Helroz's Found Here:

I did not create the software or any of the instructions, THis is credited to Helroz in the vibrant forum (please thank and donate to him) he came up with all of this, Im just sharing knowlage.

this can be found here: Unlocking Tmo Vibrant

Just read the read me first. then the .Doc Make sure you are at Stock JH7 (I didnt try jf6) and root with busy Box (Super One click by CLShort Fuse worked for me)

Then Step 2,3 and 4. Monitor your phone for SU access attempts, it has several and be patient and read what its asking you to look for,

Now if you havent Backed up your NV_data then now is the time. I Use root explorer and just copy the /efs folder to a safe place (I have a copy on my ext. sd card and a backup hard drive)

You can also Use SGS tools (not SGS tool Box) to do a product code check. This also copies all of the pertenant NV_Data files to a folder on your internal SD card. you can use these also if you want.
3rd March 2011, 01:28 AM |#4  
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Screens or it didn't happen!
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3rd March 2011, 01:31 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by ryude

Screens or it didn't happen!

Aint happening. It is a WIP and though I trust everyone, I don't want it to end up anywhere else before the final release. And no, this is by no means aimed at you. I promise. I like what you do. What happens after the final I don't care, but I don't want people saying I took their theme or what not so no screens, no problems.
3rd March 2011, 01:32 AM |#6  
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Oh crap! I think I put up the non voodoo, Speed MOd version C version. Oh well, it works great too. That comes with it being a WIP I guess.
3rd March 2011, 01:35 AM |#7  
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ill have to flash just to c it you guys love to keep me flashing my phone is glowing from all the flashing O.O
3rd March 2011, 01:37 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by steph2

ill have to flash just to c it you guys love to keep me flashing my phone is glowing from all the flashing O.O

You think yours is glowing!! Imagine what our look like
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3rd March 2011, 01:37 AM |#9  
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Thanks Adam, we all appreciate your team's work.

Sent from my SGH-I897 using XDA App
3rd March 2011, 01:38 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by adamholden85

Oh crap! I think I put up the non voodoo, Speed MOd version C version. Oh well, it works great too. That comes with it being a WIP I guess.

Did you fix the voice quality and the battery draining issues I told you about?
3rd March 2011, 01:38 AM |#11  
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I am using this rom and it is excellent. I have zero complaints, it feels like an excellent basis for a phenomenal rom.

Using Rogers captivate.

sent from the island of misfit mascots
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