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By kylon, Senior Member on 3rd March 2011, 12:28 PM
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*RemPuzzleRom is based on WildPuzzleRom 0.8(here-Thanks to danne_jo)*
*A Big thanks to for the update of the framework and htc-res*


Package 01-THE ROM

Package 01: RemPuzzle-4.1

Package 01-2: Aroma Extras (You can flash this after the rom to uninstall/install apps or add features to the rom) *The phone could not boot for everyone but you can give it a try*

Old Rempuzzle Builds

RemPuzzle splash screen
splash screens
use fastboot commander to flash it

package 0x: Boot Animation Installer

package 02: Framework Animations InstallerV4
package 03: HTCres InstallerV5

package 04: Sense Clock Installer
package 05: Beats Audio Installer
package 06: Google Maps Installer
package 07: DarkTremor-Installer
package 08: Mods Installer (Screens)
package 09: Rouge-Sense Theme(by Pator57)
firmware Radio_13.55.55.24H_3.35.20.10 for A3333 model.

* = OTF

Ver. 4.1 
Huge cleanup - again
Aroma installer is a separated zip (Extras)
Busybox 1.21.0
Sense 5 ringtones, alarms and notifications
new clock style and more
a new look, sense 5 like
some new options in aroma installer
replaced root exp with oi file manager
htc music from the old base. No more telstra button
fixed the theme. When you open an app it loads the new theme instantly
kylon kernel r6

Ver. 4.0.1
Fixed all the problems caused by aroma(?)

Ver. 4.0
Aroma installer
Removed ota center(useless - it is not working)
Farsi, arabic and rtl patch by Arsalan11
Kylon kernel r2
Host file update
Removed darktremor a2sd
Huge rom clean up(also updater-script and build.prop)
Some sense 5 stuff(wallpaper, ringtones and notification sounds)
Removed the htc updater
Google Play 4.0.25
All apps up to date
Framework fix by

Ver. 3.1
Fixed framework and htc-res (thanks to

Ver. 3.0
Sense 4 theme 100% + fixes and additions by (big thanks)
System tweaks clean up
A new sense 4 clock by
The wifi signal bar is working again
Patched Google Play(no auto update)
Host file update
All apps up to date
Kylon kernel

Ver. 2.83*
Removed a few htc bloatware
All apps up to date
Fixed all(?) wi-fi bugs
Nexus 4 sounds
Nexus 4 wallpaper
Busybox 1.20.2
Google play 3.10.9
New host file(Adfree 0.8.44-thanks adfree team)
Fixed the call bug
Moved root exp in system/app
Removed data/app(use the package rempuzzle-apps instead)
System tweaks clean up
Fixed a mistake in system tweaks: 3072 is now working(sd cache script)
Big clean up (updater-script and rom)
Font unlocked again(you can install custom fonts)
Init.rc clean up, again
Build.prop clean up

Ver. 2.81*
Revert: system/media changes(they were not working for everyone)
All apps up to date
Framework V9.2

Ver. 2.80
3g optimizations
Optimized the scrolling
Android can free more RAM if needed
General speed up
More battery saving
Tweaks for qualcomm cpu
Moved system/media in sdcard/RemMedia/ (freed 26mb in system)(RemMedia symlinked in / )
System tweaks clean up
Updater-script clean up
Updated/added tweaks
Ondemand-noop default(the best!)
Some tweaks for ondemand(+20% speed up/performance-lag in camera is now gone)
Init.rc clean up
Init.rc tweaks
All apps up to date(even google play,we need it)
OTA updates supports - thanks to mweulink
High level compression for htc-res and framework
Host file update
New script to change the sd cache by me(no flash, no zips to unpack)
Spn-conf update

Ver. 2.71*
Fixed video recording
Htc music sense 4 icon
New boot animation
Sense 4 ringtones,alarms and notifications
Sense 4 wallpapers

Ver. 2.70
Sense 4 style - 99% done
tweaked media_profile (audio/video recording quality)
Higher quality for photos and videos
Init.d folder clean up(you can find a log of the tweaks in /data)
New zipalign script(you can find a log in /data)
Moved openvpn apps to rempuzzleapps
More build.prop tweaks
All apps up to date
Added toggle2g in sdcard/rempuzzle-apps
Fixed almost all languages
Symlinked calibration to etc(wifi signal tweak) - first wildfire rom with this.
Roboto font

Ver. 2.43*
Added beats audio(thanks sly)

Ver. 2.42*
Bravia engine update - thanks to owain94

Ver. 2.41*
Fixed a rare problem with the arabic patch
System tweaks clean up
Host file update

Ver. 2.40
Enabled sony bravia engine! First wildfire rom with it!
Arabic patch
Super user binary v3.0.3.2, Maps 6.2.0 unlocked, openVPN settings 0.4.9, root explorer 2.18, wifi tether 3.1 beta11
Now Remuzzle uses openDNS(wifi only,speed up) instead of google dns
More 3g tweaks
More system tweaks
AGPS patch
/Data will no longer be formatted
Build.prop clean up
The boot animation can be found in system/customize/resource
DarkTremor App2SD beta 3-4 will be installed automatically - you need an ext4 partition!!
103+ MB free on phone memory(Full Edition)
New framework mod
Increased heap size(32 mb)
Calculator update
what i forgot...

Ver. 2.11
Removed: stock widget,calculator widget,quick lookup,sync widget,latinImeTutorial,google feedback
Better img quality? (Lockscreen)
Hidden usb debug icon
Root explorer 2.17.2
Maps 6.0.3 unlocked
Wifi tether v3.1 beta10
Ad-hoc network support(thanks to szym)
Fixed framework
Street view v1.7.1.0, my tracks v1.1.11
Battery calibration on first boot(automatic)
Optimize the RAM usage on every boot
New downloadupload animation
More battery saving when the wifi is on
General speed up =)
New calculator(more piwerful)<
Host file update + some extra entires to block almost every games/apps Ad
Added v6 super charger - thanks to zeppelinrox
Added terminal emulator
Super user app v3.0.7
OpenVPN settings v0.4.8, openVPN installer v0.2.4

Ver. 0.10
New base: 2.38
New boot animation
Sense 2.1 clock - thanks to evilisto(No weather animation)
Added some images from sense 3.5 framework
Host file update
Added htc default 2010 sounds pack-(quietly brillant as ringtone)
Removed market updater
All apps up to date
Java box update
Added glass mod - thanks to JoeyDelp
New lockscreen
Maps 5.11 unlocked
Added openVPN support(installer and settings)
Super user app v3.0.6
Super user binary v3.0.3
Added some wallpapers from sense 3.0
Wireless tether 3.1.6pre99
Cpu 614/352 on boot(stable)

Ver. 0.9
Trackball wake up
Updated to the lastest ruu from htc : 2.37
Updated kernel to n-finity
Cpu 556/480 on boot
Gmail update

Ver. 0.8
Fixed rare installation aborted
Now edify script(recovery 4x)
Updater-script clean up + added a progress bar
Full edition only: fixed wireless tether app force close
Automally format data before the installation
Init.d scripts clean up
Maps 5.10
Apn list update
New boot animation
Added google talk(can be removed)
Fixed news reader, news widget, msg widget, contact widget

Ver. 0.7.3*
Disabled htc checkin - less cpu usage
Tweaks for best quality while recording a video
Tweaks to Raise JPG quality to 100%
3G signal tweaks (reply for problems)
Force launcher into memory - unless you terminte it,the launcher should not be terminated
Added a string into build.prop : debug.sf.nobootanimation=0 (if you change it to 1,the boot animation will be skipped.This will reduce a little the boot time,just a little!)
Added a string into build.prop : persist.adb.notify=1 (if you change it to 0, usb debug icon will vanish)

Ver. 0.7.2*
Performance improvement
General speed up
Build.prop update

Ver. 0.7.1*
Tweak to save battery while using a connection
Reduced a little the shutdown time and the boot time
Full edition only: fixed build number
Optimized touchscreen

Ver. 0.7
More tweaks to save battery
Tweak for internet - speed up(wi-fi,3g,et cetera....)

Ver. 0.6
Now compatible with s-off devices
Ring delay is 0 now
Wifi tweak,battery saving with wifi on
Apn and Spn update
More tweaks to save battery
Tweak to autokill processes
Tweak for cpu usage
Downgraded market to 2.3.6
Internet tweaks
Host file update
Liquid particles live wallpaper updated
Unlocked maps 5.8
New wallpaper added

Ver. 0.5
Optimized ram usage again(i think this is its limit)
Added juwe11 RAM script
General update
Updated: Gmail,super user,market(v 3.0.27),Maps 5.8
Replaced songbird with zimly media player(more powerful)
Removed youtube app
Added a progress bar while installing
Added flash player 10.1 fully working!
More stability fixes
New wallpaper
New bg for the task bar

Ver. 0.4
Fixed bootloop on first boot
Optimazed framework - speed up + reduced a bit the boot time =)
replaced sd cache 3072 with sd cache 2048
downgraded apps2sd to,so you can choose if upgrade to beta or stay with stable version
changed rempuzzle complete with the program What I Like!
Fixed stability
166Mb free(phone storage)

Ver. 0.3
Android market 2.3.6
Updated maps(5.3.1),street view,my tacks,wireless tether
Removed rom manager
Removed adobe reader
Updated busybox to 1.19
Darktremor beta 4
updated the hosts file with new 400 and more sites to prevent more ads
Sd speed hack on boot(default in rom 3072Mb)
Gingerkeyboard revision 13(To activate the keyboard: go to "keyboard and language" and check Android keyboard,then use the normal procedure)
Removed more htc apps,like htc music,actions and widget
Added song bird 1.1 official
Modded framework with flying animation and circle loading

Ver. 0.2
Move Davilk cache to sd. (164Mb free)
Removed more apps and widget
Fixed htc sense crash
Updated super user
Adobe reader,google talk,all live wallpapers,map,root explorer,teeter,youtube,Gmail,my tracks and wireless teather can be removed now
Now android version says rempuzzlerom 2.2.1(version of system) and build number says 0.2(version of rempuzzlerom)
Updated google map to 5.2,street to 5.2 and added my tracks

Ver. 0.1
Reverted changes from wildpuzzle 0.8(now the icons are original,only the lockscreen is transparent)
Removed all about social network to preserve RAM and phone speed
Removed some useless apps like footprint,friend streem,quick boot and theirs widget
Optimazed RAM usage - now the phone should be faster
Updated some apps like market to 2.3.4,rom manager to
Added root explorer 2.14 and wireless tether(USB modem mode with traffic counter

Instructions to install RemPuzzle:
 1) Wipe data/factory, dalvik  and cache
 2) Flash rempuzzle 4.0

*If you want to use an a2sd script*
 3) Partition your sdcard without formatting( Youtube tuto )
     or upgrade your partition to ext4(better performances)

ATTENTION:first boot may take 5-14 minutes.

Use trackball to wake up the phone(this is a trick):
you need:
adb or a terminal emulator 
root explorer(already in my rom)
with adb shell:
connect the phone via usb with "only charge"
type "getevent" without the quotes AND DON T TOUCH THE PHONE!! 
you will see this:
press 5-6 times the trackball
now you will see many words and numbers
trackball also have the optical ball,so if you move to the right,getevent will write the right event
you need only the center,be careful.
now you should see something like this two lines:
they are two because:
00000000 = trackball is not pressed 
00000001 = trackball is pressed
so if you will press and hold the trackball you will see the line with 00000001
when you will relase the trackball you will see the line with 00000000
event 8 says you that you pressed the trackball,but it doesn t specify the comand(like right,left etc...)
0110 is the key of the cantral trackball(the key identify the hardware that you pressed)
convert it from hex to decimal
0110 = 272
now create a new file with bloc notes or notepad ++ and add this line(copy and paste RECOMMED)
Do you remenber the first image?
you need to save this file with the name of the trackball event
to find the name,look in the first image the event 8
underneath there is curcial-oj
so now you can save the file with this name: curcial-oj.kl
and put it in usr/keylayout
This metod should works with other hardware key like vol up and down etc..
1) Download clockwork recovery 4/6
2) Put the img in the path of tools folder of android sdk
3) For ex. C:/program  files/android/android-sdk/tools
4) Then cd into this folder with a terminal
5) For ex. cd C:/android-sdk/etc....
6) Now reboot to bootloader
7) Go to fastboot
8) Connect the phone via usb
9) You should see FASTBOOT USB

10) Now type fastboot flash recovery recovery-name.img
10a) Now type fastboot flash radio radio-name.img

11) You will see : sending... writing... done
q:How can i change the sd cache?
a: there is a new file in /system: 2048.
Rename this file to 1024 or 128 or 4096 and reboot

q:something useful?
a:fastboot windows tools fastboot linux tools(if you can t use fastboot,replace this file in the tools folder)
SetCpu free only for xda members(links at the bottom of the page)

q:how to partition an sd without formatting
a:Youtube tuto

q: I can t use market because it says me that there is no connection
a: install market unlocker and open it.fix the market

q: I need more space on my phone
 a by shiv: Here are the commands and the way to do it
Type everything without the "
- Start "Terminal Emulator"
- type "su" (this is to get super user rights)
- type "a2sd cachesd" (Phone will reboot automatic)
- after reboot, go back to "Terminal Emulator"
- type "su" (this is to get super user rights)
- type "a2sd zipalign" and wait for it to finnish
- close "Terminal Emulator"
- reboot your phone manually
You are done 

q: I changed my lockscreen background and now i can t use the transparent lockscreen
a by stuffynet:
Just go to data/misc/lockscreen and remove lock_screen_port and then Hot restart 
XDA:DevDB Information
RemPuzzle_4.1, ROM for the HTC Buzz: Wildfire

kylon, danne_jo,, Arsalan11, sly, owain94, szym, zeppelinrox, evilisto, JoeyDelp,
ROM OS Version: 2.3.x Gingerbread
ROM Kernel: Linux 2.6.x
Based On: HTC SENSE 1.x Froyo Buzz

Version Information
Status: No Longer Updated
Current Stable Version: 4.1
Stable Release Date: 2013-10-09

Created 2014-10-24
Last Updated 2015-07-21
The Following 141 Users Say Thank You to kylon For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift kylon Ad-Free
3rd March 2011, 12:31 PM |#2  
Flag Linköping
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Hope you asked for permission to continue wildpuzzle and usel the name. Otherwise rename it and sats its based on wildpuzzle.

Sent from my HTC Wildfire using XDA App
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3rd March 2011, 12:36 PM |#3  
kevin2516's Avatar
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Bad idea if you didn't pm him for permission.

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3rd March 2011, 01:13 PM |#4  
Senior Member
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JIT in a sense ROM??
3rd March 2011, 01:21 PM |#5  
aaaccc's Avatar
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anyone test this rom?
3rd March 2011, 01:33 PM |#6  
kylon's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Originally Posted by kevin2516

Bad idea if you didn't pm him for permission.

Sent from my HTC Wildfire using XDA App

i don t know how to contact him
The Following 3 Users Say Thank You to kylon For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift kylon Ad-Free
3rd March 2011, 01:38 PM |#7  
Senior Member
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PM him, hi profile link:

And can you confirm its stability, and JIT? Linpack score? screenshot? anything?
3rd March 2011, 02:43 PM |#8  
doomed151's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 2,210
If there's a way to enable JIT on a stock ROM, I'd rather use the RUU version with HBOOT removed.

I like them untouched (just rooted).
3rd March 2011, 02:57 PM |#9  
kylon's Avatar
OP Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 2,041
i tested jit now,nothing,maybe a little speed up...i added the code in build.prop,someone says that work,boh!
anyway stability ok
all work ok
3rd March 2011, 02:59 PM |#10  
melvinchng's Avatar
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Flag Penang
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Rom manager*

Link my guide if you want. So my guide is not dying. I'm happy that someone continue his task! Good luck!

Sent from my HTC Wildfire using XDA Premium App
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3rd March 2011, 03:02 PM |#11  
kylon's Avatar
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Originally Posted by doomed151

If there's a way to enable JIT on a stock ROM, I'd rather use the RUU version with HBOOT removed.

I like them untouched (just rooted).

i creed yes but full jit remove sense and other things,so there is no way to have an untouched rom with jit and root
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