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[V6U9RC13]For Your Lag(4x) Do it good, Good, GOOD, GOOD! SuperCharge Your Launchaaah!

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By zeppelinrox, Senior Member on 13th March 2011, 06:45 AM
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Hey if somebody says that minfree tweaks don't work on ICS and JB, you can safely assume that they don't know what they're talking about lol

================================================= ==========================================
Please Rate the thread 5 Stars and click the Thanks Button! (any of my posts will do!) if you have enjoyed using The V6 SuperCharger!
Or consider donating - HUGE THANKS to those that have already donated!
And THANKS for constructive feedback - which makes this mod so AMAZING!
================================================= ==========================================

Rant: So I "cleaned up the OP" by adding little headings and hiding stuff. So if you want to post that it's still confusing, DON'T bother.
If you don't like it, don't use it. (And calling yourself a n00b is a BS excuse - READ and LEARN something like everybody else did.)

So... if you don't read and search first, and ask redundant questions anyway... be ready for...


Main Download Page is HERE (V6 SuperCharger and all the latest RC/Beta/Tests for Kick Ass Kernelizer, 3G TurboCharger, and Die-Hard Battery Calibrator)

Latest V6 SuperChargers are Black Dog-63457-Fix and For Your Lag

Latest KAK and 3G TC
are HERE


Post #2 Info! - This is for the application of the following 3 Mods to services.jar!
Mod 1. ICS and Jelly Bean - require the Jelly ISCream Mod done in conjunction with the V6 SuperCharger Script to SuperCharger your launcher!
Mod 2. Froyo and up - can have the New Maximum MultiTasking Mods (Maximum Overdrive and the Time Killer Killer)
Mod 3. Sense 4 and up - remove the Sense 4 limit of only 8 visible apps with the Non-Sense App Limit!

These 3 mods are applied with my:
-=Ultimatic Jar Patcher Tools=- (fully automated exe/bat/sh tools) OR...
-=Ultimate Jar Power Tools=- patcher script (formerly called Jelly ISCream Smali Patcher) to automate Step 5 in Post #2 - the smali edits

Note: The webapp needs updating (aka the "Automatic Transmission" in V6 SuperCharger) and won't work on JB!


SuperCharger = Speed + Multitasking!

No more lag! No more launcher redraws! Smooth & Snappy!

It's the ONLY Complete Memory Management Fix!


It Runs Like A...


Terms of Use:

99SuperCharger Tweaking:
Of course, I don't own any rights in regards to the actual tweaks applied to system settings.
This means anybody is free to mess with OOM groupings, OOM priorities and minfrees.
So it's fine to modify and share your tweaked 99SuperCharger file as long as you leave the credits intact

Developers may include the attached V6 SuperCharger Installation Script in their roms. (This installs 99SuperCharger)
The attached V6 SuperCharger installation script may NOT be disassembled in any way, or be used as a part of any memory management app or package.
This is because it is no different than an app/apk found in the market. It's an installation program.
I don't own any right to tweak OOM Groupings, OOM Priorities, or minfree values. But I do own this program.

ATTN DEVS: Baking the V6 SuperCharger memory system in your ROM is 100% fine.
..................Don't make it a "secret" feature. Make it a PROMINENT feature and give proper credit and a HTML link to this thread.
..................You can include the V6 installation script in the system/xbin folder so users can use it with terminal emulator
.................. - giving it a short name is fine as it's a pain to type long file names in terminal.
..................Do not modify it, do not rebrand it (ie. It's not called "V6script"). Thank you.

This is the only permissible distribution of the attached installation script - unmodified, in a custom rom and in the system/xbin folder.

Modification and redistribution of the attached installation script is not permitted at all.
This means that you cannot feel free to zip up the attached installation script with other tweaks and this means that it is not be edited and shared.

ATTN USERS: If you use or encounter a ROM with the V6 SuperCharger memory system, without proper credit given and no SuperCharger source links, please make the Developer aware of it, and if necessary, please let me know about it. Thank you.

Personal Use: You may tweak the V6 installation script (leaving credits intact) to your own personal liking as long as it is NOT redistributed in any way.

If you want to share this, just link to this thread.
If you want to make a thread in other forums telling people about it, that's great.
But I would prefer that you do not post a copy of the V6 SuperCharger installation script in those forums.

Your co-operation is very much appreciated.

I don't want diluted/broken V6 SuperCharger installations floating around and then have people say it doesn't work.
================================================== ===========================

Bonus Battery Calibration Info:

First, let me link to my method of calibrating the battery without downtime so you can use your phone normally and do it whenever it's convenient.
It definitely works on Milestone and it seems to work on Droid.
I think that's a pretty good trick, anyway - it may even work on other phones
Note: You can also try my Die-Hard Battery Calibrator script which is on the download page.
: As I suspected, any calibration method doesn't magically make your battery last longer
.............. - All my battery tips/scripts really do is help ensure that you are actually getting a full charge. THAT'S IT.
.............. - Which is why my Die-Hard Battery Calibrator has always notified the user the REAL percentage vs the REPORTED percentage
================================================== ===========================

Summary of Steps (Yeah, it's THIS friggin easy...)

Before you start reading, just know that this is not difficult to implement... it's easy. There's more specifics below but basically:
1. Download a script
2. Install BusyBox (Attached! - see install instructions above the attachments)
3. Install Script Manager (Enable Browse as Root in Config)
4. Load script into Script Manager (Run As Root - the skull and crossbones icon which turns green when selected)
5. Follow instructions/user prompts & select what you want
6. Patch services.jar as needed (see Post 2)

See? EASY!

Note: If you get errors, or fail the driving test, use the SuperCharger Starter Kit from the download page.

Essentially, the Starter Kit makes sure that your ROM has no silly stability issues.

It includes:
A proven busybox
Fixed su binary (for segmentation fault issues with superuser.apk on ICS only)
zipalign binary and sqlite3 binary (used in Update 9 RC*)

================================================== ===========================

Know that the script explains what it does before it does anything!
It holds your hand along the way and it will answer nearly all your questions as it moves along!

It works on ALL Android devices - Custom Roms or Stock Roms, Phones or Tablets, it doesn't matter!

Also Note: Nothing else does what The V6 SuperCharger does!
................Not AutoKiller Memory Optimizer, Not Auto Memory Manager, Not Minfree Manager...
................And NOTHING BEATS IT. PERIOD.

So... if somebody says to you that V6 SuperCharger does the same thing as [pick any app], tell them to first read about what they're talking about so that they can actually have an informed opinion.

Get A Taste of The V8 SuperCharger - Some details for 3G TurboCharger & Kick Ass Kernel Tweaks are here (older versions there too)
.................................................. ....... - V8 SuperCharger Alpha for Milestone!

================================================== ===========================

Memorable User Comments:
  • "Feels like I have a new phone!"
  • "V6 is one the best things to come to android."
  • "Supercharger rocks bro, I'm actually mad I waited so long to do it..."
  • "I wish I hadn't upgraded yet"
  • "Now I can wait to upgrade",
  • "I was about to throw this phone through the wall",
  • "I was about to return it but now I don't have to",
  • "This cured my phone of cancer!"
  • "Oh man... just applied the V6 Supercharger Script by ZeppelinRox on my Android.. I think it fixed everything..",
  • "My phone is better than new!",
  • "my phones has turned god mode on or somthing",
  • "I never notice this at all, until I flash a new rom and realize its not there anymore lol."
================================================== ===========================

What's it do?

It makes your phone FAST... super snappy with better multitasking!
It rearranges and fixes the OOM Groupings and Priorites and lowmemorykiller values.


It's the ONLY one of it's kind

NO LAUNCHER REDRAWS, faster than ever, multitasking is better... why?
Because it works with the lowmemorykiller and letting it work the way it's meant to work.

Also, because of the rearrangement, it works the same on all roms!
The problem with using minfree tweakers like AMM or AKMO is that it doesn't work the same on all roms.
Secondary apps may be in slot 3 on some roms but in slot 5 in others!
That's why you hear people comment "I tried AKMO but it didn't do anything..."
Most likely it didn't do anything because the apps weren't sitting where they were expected to be.

So fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

================================================== ===========================

RAM Lesson:

Important Note: FREE RAM IS NOT WASTED! - Read Linux Memory Consumption
...................... That article TOTALLY confirms what I've been saying!

To Summarize: Article: "Performance degradation occurs when "Absolute Free Memory" (includes Cached RAM) decreases."
...................... Me: "Lag happens when free ram goes below the 'lag level'"

Same thing, different language
Big Thanks to dev hardcore and this post for helping me figure stuff out way back when
================================================== ===========================

Note: Do this at your own risk - regardless of how little risk there is .
............ It has the UnSuperCharger Option to uninstall, but do a nandroid anyway.
............ Simply reflashing your ROM will also wipe it clean from your system.

================================================== ===========================


1. Rooted Android Device. Milestoners, you can use Universal Androot (not in market ?)

2. Script Manager or Terminal Emulator to run the script. Stock ROMs can also use SM to load up boot scripts!

3. Busybox v1.16.2 OR ABOVE. You can use any of the ones attached to this post which contain a Feature Rich busybox v1.19.4 by wraithdu (CWM, "Normal" Installation script by me and one which reinstalls BusyBox on EACH boot by me.)


Grab the SuperCharger Starter Kit and have busybox plus other tools (fixed su binary for ICS with superuser.apk and not supersu.apk, zipalign binary and sqlite3 binary) installed instantly!

BusyBox WARNING: Some versions are "minimal" with many missing applets and functions! I also find v1.18.3, v1.18.4 and 1.185 VERY much a hassle with errors that should NOT be errors! Avoid any such versions! Minimal is BAD!

4. Optional: AutoStart Script by me - Enables Stock ROMS (Milestone + a few other devices) to utilize etc/init.d for boot scripts.
================================================== ===========================


1. Download the attached V6_SuperCharger_for_Android*.txt/pdf script and save to your sdcard.
- Do NOT run the V6 SuperCharger install script at boot!

2. Run the script:
A) Load the script (V6_SuperCharger_for_Android*.txt/pdf) into Script Manager and select "Run as Root" (skull and crossbones "Su" icon - it turns green when selected)


B) Run Terminal Emulator and simply type: su and enter, sh /sdcard/V6*.sh and enter (provided you saved the script to the root of your sdcard)


C) via ADB on your computer. In a console, type: adb shell and enter, su and enter, sh /sdcard/V6*.sh and enter (provided you saved the script to the root of your sdcard)

3. Get SuperCharged! Just pick an option! The extra options (Engine Flush, etc.) explain things before doing anything

4. READ the script's output!

5. Afterwards, READ the html HELP FILE in the root of your SD Card!

6. Non-ICS/JB ROMS - Disable "Lock Home in Memory" if your ROM has this option. (This takes effect immediately.)

7. Optional: For a quick status check, you can put a Script Manager widget for V6 SuperCharger on you desktop

8. Reboot - required if it's your first time SuperCharging the rom.

9. Check if it works - After reboot, run the V6_SuperCharger script and check the info under the menu.

10. Patch services.jar as needed (see Post 2)
Cool! - Here are a few recent tutorials:

[GUIDE] How to install Supercharger V6 (includes patching steps)
[How To][Video Tut] Install/Run V6 Supercharger + Basics (uh... video)
[GUIDE] V6 Supercharger Update 9 RC 8.2 + for Samsung Galaxy Young (includes a little KAK tutorial too)

If you are using compcache and have lag or slow down after SuperCharging,
DISABLE compache, wipe caches and re-enable it.
Non-ICS/JB ROMS - Be sure to uncheck/disable lock home in memory!

Note: is for use with Milestone's Androidiani OpenRecovery. Even if you have a Milestone, don't run it within Android.
........ AOR Usage: Extract to the root of your sdcard (Directory structure is in the zip)
.........You will now have a SuperCharger Menu on the main screen. Simply select the menu and select 1 of the 12 options.

================================================== ===========================

Pro Tips:

- CUST-OOMIZER! Use your settings without Autokiller Memory Optimizer or Auto Memory Manager!

- Use the 3rd slot to set how much free ram you want.

- If you have a viable init.XXX.rc file, it makes a backup and edits that single file. This is nice and tidy.
... Thank to kabaldan for pointing out the importance of certain things.

- Most Custom ROMs - If you have a /system/etc/init.d folder, it creates 99SuperCharger in there and edits your choice of either /data/local.prop or /system/build.prop (18 entries added for adjusting priorities and groupings). You shouldn't need to configure anything else.
- If the minfree levels do not stick on your Custom ROM:
........ Check /data/Ran_Supercharger.log to see if it ran... (Update 9 RC*)
........ If this happens to you, use Script Manager to load /system/etc/init.d/99SuperCharger "on boot" and "run as root"

- Stock ROMs - It also creates /data/ which you can load up on boot (run as root) with Script Manager. The OOM groupings work as well since it happens on boot in local.prop or build.prop (18 entries added)

In case of any error, you will find a related help file in the root of your SD card.
So... I think this covers ANY Android ROM
The Help File! (Abbreviated)

-=The V6 SuperCharger=- created by zeppelinrox.

Here is some Background Info in case you're curious...

Linux Memory Consumption - Nice article!
Memory and SuperCharging Overview or... "Why 'Free RAM' Is NOT Wasted RAM!"
MFK Calculator Info - explanation for vm.min_free_kbytes

Stock ROMs: After running the script, have Script Manager load the newly created /data/ on boot
In the "Config" settings, be sure that "Browse as Root" is enabled.
Press the menu key and then Browser. Navigate up to the root, then click on the "data" folder.
Click on and select "Script" from the "Open As" menu.
In the properties dialogue box, check "Run as root" (SuperUser) and "Run at boot" and "Save".
And that's it!
Script Manager will load your most recent settings on boot!
If you run the script later and with different settings, you don't have to reconfigure anything.
Script Manager will just load the new /data/ on boot automagically ;^]

Custom ROMs: If you have a custom rom that loads /system/etc/init.d boot scripts,
You DON'T need to use Script Manager to load a boot script. It will all be automatic!
Also, if you can run boot scripts from the /system/etc/init.d folder, there are other options.
For example you can use an app like Terminal Emulator to run the script.
NON-ICS ROMS: If your ROM has the option, DISABLE "Lock Home In Memory. This takes effect immediately.
Alternately, if you need to free up extra ram, you can use "Lock Home in Memory" as a "Saftey Lock".
ie. Use it to toggle your launcher from "Bulletproof" (0) or Hard To Kill (1) to "Weak" (2) in the event that you want to make the launcher an easy kill and free up extra RAM

If Settings Don't Stick: If you have Auto Memory Manager, DISABLE SuperUser permissions and if you have AutoKiller Memory Optimizer, DISABLE the apply settings at boot option!
Also, if you have a Custom ROM, there might be something in the init.d folder that interferes with priorities and minfrees.
If you can't find the problem, a quick fix is to have Script Manager run /system/etc/init.d/*99SuperCharger "at boot" and "as root."

Another option is to make a Script Manager widget for /system/etc/init.d/*99SuperCharger or /data/ on your homescreen and simply launch it after each reboot.

For those with a Milestone, I made a version for Androidiani Open Recovery too
Just extract the zip to the root of /sdcard (it contains the directory structure), load AOR, and there will be a SuperCharger Menu on the main screen!
================================================== ============================

The above is ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

The V6 SuperCharger Script EXPLAINS EVERYTHING that it does - as you use it!

Anything below is extra info!

So get SuperCharged FIRST and then read the stuff below to see how it works!

================================================== ============================

The Nitty Gritty... For Geeks! (WARNING: This can make a non-Geek's head Assplode!)

If you read Post #3 (History Parts 1-3), you'll see that at first it was only about minfrees and launcher redraw.
But after installing GingerBread, I saw that it needed more work than Froyo LOL.
Groupings were ALL MESSED UP and made NO SENSE to me whatsoever...

So I figured out how to group them more like CM6 (Froyo) but that still wasn't good enough...

So I further rearranged the OOM Groupings and Priorites and lowmemorykiller values and created a SuperCharger for phone memory...

Upon installation, V6 SuperCharger will first clean up any previous supercharging so none of your files get cluttered.
But if you toggle between Hard To Kill and BulletProof launchers, the memory adjustments aren't affected.

So you can leave your minfrees at stock/default settings and apply the Hard To Kill Launcher and still get the OOM Grouping/Priority fixes.

So if you love your ROMs memory settings, just try a SuperCharged Launcher/OOM Fix... you won't regret it

It's pretty awesome

Here are some snaps....




Say Buh Bye to AKMO or any app that has to load on start up to change minfrees...

So did you notice the difference in groupings?

By default, CM7 has nearly all the apps in slot 5 and the launcher in slot 3.
Slightly aggressive settings will kill any chance of multitasking in that situation.

After SuperCharging, the apps get moved to slot 3 while the launcher is in slot 2 but the most important item in slot 2.

I've read, "oh you don't need to run any scripts for memory management..."
Well that's not true.
Playing with minfree values is one thing... it's playing with minfree levels... it's not really memory management...

Look at the pics above... now THAT's memory management...

If you look below at Post #3... that's how it all started... good background info in case you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about.

Notes: Minfree changes take effect immediately!
.......... Switching between Hard To Kill (strong), Die-Hard (stronger) and BulletProof (strongest) Launchers require a reboot to take effect.
.......... Disable your OS's "Lock Home in Memory" option, if it has it
.......... Or use "Lock Home in Memory" as a "Saftey Lock" - to toggle your launcher from "Bulletproof" (0) or HTK (1) to "Weak" (2)
.......... Note: "Lock Home in Memory" is not ADJ 1 with my OOM Grouping/Priority Fixes

Cool Tip: Sometimes it's difficult to keep a wanted background app alive, such as an SMS app. See how to Bulletproof Background Apps!

Remember: When using scripts, use the SuperUser app to DISABLE SuperUser permissions for AMM!
................. It can still monitor your OOM groupings but it can't change your custom settings on boot.
................. If you have AKMO installed, disable it's option to Apply Settings at Boot!
================================================== ============================

BusyBox v1.19.4 Install Script Instructions:

First extract to the root of your sdcard
Method 1 - Just run the script inside/sdcard/bb1.19.4 with Script Manager as root.
Method 2 - Run terminal and type su and enter
............... - Type sh /sdcard/bb1*/busy* and enter
............... - Soup's On, Baby!
Boot Re-Installer! For BusyBox v1.19.4 Instructions:

For PITA kernels and roms that insist on reinstalling old busyboxes on boot!
Contains same script as above but includes another script that makes busybox v1.19.4 reinstall each boot!
Basically, it installs the above script as /system/etc/init.d/96busybox
So for those kernels and roms... TAKE THAT!

First extract to the root of your sdcard
Method 1 - Just run the boot_reinstaller* script found inside/sdcard/boot.bb1.19.3 with Script Manager as root.
Method 2 - Run terminal and type su and enter
............... - Type sh /sdcard/boot*/boot* and enter
............... - Soup's On, Baby! (again and again!)
================================================== ============================ is for Androidiani OpenRecovery for Milestone!! - For Milestone ONLY! - See "Installing/Using" instructions above!

How To Save Attached Files
- Right click with your browser & select "save as" from menu, or use the QR Code or XDA app or Tapatalk
- Also a great method - use Opera Mini web browser. Very easy to download and it's FAST!

So... if you get an error like "line xxx: syntax error: unexpected end of file (expecting "blah blah")", it's an INCOMPLETE DOWNLOAD!
Download it again and DO IT RIGHT.

Most recent files are HERE (RC/Beta/Test releases)

Don't Mirror Or RePackage My Files - Just link here - Then your thread won't get real old, real fast.

If you're going to download something...
Please HIT THANKS and Give a 5 Star Rating!
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================================================== =================
If this information is helpful, please Rate the thread 5 Stars and click Thanks!
================================================== =================

Hacking services.jar

What's this for? - Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, ICS, Jelly Bean AND Sense 4.0+!

ICS and Jelly Bean - Jelly ISCream Mod (SuperCharge Your Launcher)
Note 1: Earlier Android ROMS need ONLY The V6 SuperCharger Script to SuperCharge the launcher!
Note 2: The webapp is NOT working on some newer roms! The strings to be edited are slightly different and the webapp needs updating!
It also lacks the newest edits and is NOT recommended for the time being!

Froyo and Up - Maximum MultiTasking Mods - Includes -=Maximum Overdrive=- and The Time Killer Killer

Sense 4.0 and Up - Non-Sense App Limit

See the -=Ultimate Jar Power Tools=- thread for more details about the Multitasking and Sense mods!
Use the Ultimate Jar Power Tools patcher script to automate Step 5 (the smali edits) in the tutorial below!
Or use my latest -=Ultimatic Jar Patcher Tools=- to do ALL the Steps in the tutorial! It works for DEODEX and ODEX ROMS and can be run on Windows/Linux/Mac OSX OSes!

================================================== =================
Jelly ISCream Mod Information!
================================================== =================
The NEW Ultimatic Jar Patcher Tools and Ultimate Jar Power Tools patcher script include all the -=NEW=- Jelly ISCream edits described in Step 5 - PLUS many more! (over 50 edits!)
These additional edits truly makes your launcher SuperCharged!
They also apply the latest Maximum MultiTasking Mods
The webapp hasn't been updated so it's NOT recommended.

================================================== =================

Installation - Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Run the NEWEST V6 SuperCharger script as always.

Note: You may get Segmentation Fault errors running the V6 SuperCharger script on ICS due to a flakey su (superuser) binary.

To resolve the issue, you can:
A) Go HERE for a fixed su binary. No more fugly segfaults! - Thanks to wraithdu (only for superuser.apk on ICS)
B) Go HERE and get the SuperCharger Starter Kit!

2. Patch and install services.jar - by whichever method you like best. Your options are, in order of EFFECTIVENESS:

Note: Options A, B and C require Java to be installed on your computer - Click to Verify Java Installation

Option A) Use one of the -=Ultimatic Jar Patcher Tools=- (exe or zip) which DO EVERYTHING for you "Fully Ultimatically" on DEODEX & ODEX ROMS!

Goto Step 3 if you did this!

Option B below is the next preferred method - but there's manual work involved.

Option B) Follow the complete tutorial below and use -=Ultimate Jar Power Tools=- patcher script to automate Step 5 - the actual smali editing!
There are actually 56 edits performed via script... many more than what is specified in the tutorial!

Note that the script allows you to choose the level of your Launcher's Super Strength! (BulletProof, Die-Hard, or Hard To Kill)
Also be sure to have the necessary smali files in the same folder as the script!

ODEX ROMS - ALL Stock ROMS are ODEX (I think... ) So if you have a services.odex file, press the button!
All but Step 5 is automated on Windows with a batch script courtesy of rexstor .
See [Guide][Batch][Odex Rom only!] To get another 50% v6 Supercharged script for ICS!
So you'd run the batch script, and for the editing, run my Ultimate Jar Power Tools patcher script in Step 5
Goto Step 3 if you did this!

Option C) Follow the complete tutorial below without using any Patcher tool.
This is actually pointless to do - there are less edits and it's more work And the laziest people should just do D) below lol
Goto Step 3 if you did this!

Option D) Use the latest Update 9 RC* and select ICS Service Centre's Automatic Transmission! (OUT OF DATE)
Seemless webapp integration and installation to "Lock home in Memory"
Note: This is currently out of date - latest edits and Maximum MultiTasking Mods are NOT included and it does not work on Jelly Bean!
Goto Step 3 if you did this!

Option E) ICS OOM Priority Charger webapp. Same effectiveness as D) but done manually (OUT OF DATE)
Latest Update 9 RC* can install and apply permissions via ICS Service Centre's manual mode
Important: The webapp WON'T WORK for ODEX roms! So if you have a services.odex file, you have use a more effective option above
Also won't work on Jelly Bean ROMS!

More Webapp Info
Just go to with your devices browser and follow instructions!

In case of upload problems: If your Android browser closes while selecting file to upload, use Opera Mini web browser because it lets you select a file from within the app. Just copy services.jar to the sdcard first

CWM zip option is available!

But if you don't get the CWM zip, and instead download the modded services.jar, you can:

A) Do Steps 8 to 10 below! But first In Terminal Emulator, just type su and enter, busybox mount -o remount,rw /system and enter (Mount system as read/write).
B) Use the ICS Service Centre's manual mode in V6U9RC*

Help for webapp: Go to , channel #v6_supercharger and talk to blk_jack (or me if I'm there)
* All roms (odex & deodex) - to install a patched services.jar/odex, you can use the ICS Service Centre's manual mode in V6U9RC9+ (for Steps 8 and 9 below).
* If you ever have trouble applying permissions to services.jar/odex, just run the ICS Service Centre and permissions gets applied everytime just before returning to the main menu!

3. SuperClean & ReStart! (ie. Wipe Dalvik Cache & Reboot)

Notes: For decent launcher detection use at least V6U9 RC6.9 or newer and check the bOOM Stick to see if the launcher the desired ADJ value!
.......... - Boot will take a LONG time as it "optimizes all your apps"
.......... - If it doesn't boot (unlikely if you did the edits yourself), try wiping caches (not data)
.......... - If it still doesn't boot, you can always just re-flash your current untouched rom but do have a backup nevertheless.
.......... - If you get FCs, fixing permissions will solve that. (Use the "Fix Emissions" Option in the latest V6 SuperCharger Script! )

That's It!

================================================== ======

OK I got ICS SuperCharged!!

The problem with SuperCharging ICS is that ICS doesn't read ADJ values from build.prop or local.prop - they are hardcoded into services.jar!
So the script alone can only give you a 50% SuperCharge Level with only the V6 SuperCharger script.
Patching services.jar gives you the other 50% along with a SuperCharged Launcher!

ICS users still have to run the V6 SuperCharger script just like before! Use V6U9 RC6.9 or newer for decent launcher status detection!

Note: Of course, the V6 SuperCharger script is ALL YOU NEED on all previous Android ROMS!

So the mod below is for getting the Launcher at a SuperCharged Priority on ICS!
This is akin to the ADJ entries in build.prop or local.prop on earlier Android ROMS which don't work on ICS.

What gets changed?

I rearranged Priorties on ICS like so:
System                -16                     (stock)
Persistent Process    -12                     (stock)
ForeGround app          0                     (stock)
Home Launcher           1 (Die-Hard Launcher) (stock=6)
Perceptible app         2                     (stock)
Visible app             3                     (stock=1)
Heavyweight app         4                     (stock=3)
Previous app            5                     (stock=7)
Service                 6                     (stock=5)
Backup app              7                     (stock=4)
Service_b               8                     (stock)
Hidden app min          9                     (stock)
Hidden app max         15                     (stock)
As you can see, there are ALOT more app categories now lol
I also decided to give a new app category a higher priority - Previous Apps.

Users with low ram devices will definitely be pleased with that
I was actually able to load Angry Birds, ran a different app, and went back to Angry Birds and it didn't have to restart.
It's practically unheard of for that game to stay in memory like that on my device
I really don't understand the logic of making Previous apps more killable than some app that you were using awhile ago (ie Service) so I fixed it

================================================== ======

How To:

This will make it easier [Guide][Tutor]Jar/Apk baksmali smali compiler and decompiler
Important! - Get the MOST RECENT smali/baksmali binaries located here (remove the version number so they are called smali.jar and baksmali.jar)

Click to Verify Java Installation - smali/baksmali requires Java to be installed on your computer.

ODEX ROMS: If you have an odex rom (ie. you have a services.odex file) you have extra work. See this
..................... - Watch for dark red text for odex specific instructions! Some of which were initially found in this services.odex hacking guide.
..................... - Going with the odex guide above, you will also need the dexopt-wrapper utility.
..................... - Download the utility "dexopt-wrapper". (Do a search - you'll find it.)
..................... - Mount system as read/write. Open up Terminal and type: su, enter, busybox mount -o remount,rw /system
..................... - Copy it to /system/bin and apply correct permissions.
..................... - In terminal type: chmod 755 /system/bin/dexopt-wrapper, enter.

OR... You can convert your ODEX ROM into an easily modded deodexed one. Here are a few options to do that:
..................... xdaAutoTool (Windows - the first 3 posts have 3 different tools!)
..................... AutoAPKTool + AutoDeodexTool (Linux port of xdaAutoTool)
..................... Auto Deodex & Zipalign Tool (Windows - looks easy)
..................... Manually Deodex and Odex Back (Windows - geeky)

================================================== ======

Step 1. So grab the tutorial zip from above and unzip into a folder, say C:\super, along with the smali and baksmali jar files. This is all you need apart from a text editor and a zip program like 7zip or WinRAR.
............ Put services.jar (make sure you have a backup) in C:\super.
............ ODEX ROMS: Put services.jar AND services.odex in C:\super. (Note that services.jar will be very small with only a META-INF folder inside)

Step 2. Open up a dos/command prompt and navigate to the folder by typing cd c:\super

Step 3. Type: java -jar baksmali.jar -x services.jar -o classout (services jar gets decompiled into a classout folder.) Leave the dos/command prompt window open.
............ ODEX ROMS: Copy /system/framework folder(with all the jar+odex files) to c:\super
........................ Type: java -jar baksmali.jar -x -a <api_level> -d framework services.odex -o classout
........................ api_level is a number. See this page. So if you're on froyo, you put -a 8. On gingerbread it's -a 9 or -a 10.
........................ If you get an error: Add the $BOOTCLASSPATH to the above command.
........................ So do this command on your device using terminal emulator OR adb shell (easier): echo $BOOTCLASSPATH
........................ Example: You'll get something like this:
........................ Remove the paths (/system/framework/) so end up with core.jar:core-junit.jar:bouncycastle.jar:ext.jar:framework.jar:f ramework2.jar:android.policy.jar:services.jar:apac he-xml.jar
........................ Now, your final command becomes:
java -jar baksmali.jar -a ## -x -c :junit.jar:bouncycastle.jar:ext.jar:framework.jar:f ramework2.jar:android.policy.jar:services.jar:apac he-xml.jar services.odex -o classout
........................ NOTE: This command may FAIL if you don't put the colon (:) after the "-c " and before that list of .jar files.

Step 4. Open explorer and navigate down to c:\super\classout\com\android\server\am folder and find ActivityManagerService.smali

Step 5. Use the -=Ultimate Jar Power Tools=- patcher script to perform the following edits (IT actually does TONS more for a smoother SuperCharge!)
Get it from THIS THREAD, and run it like my other scripts and be sure to have both ProcessList.smali AND ActivityManagerService.smali in the same folder as the patcher script! (Erm.... put them on your phone, run the Power Tools script, then copy the new smali files back to where you found them!)

Note that the Jelly ISCream Mod will read the previous ADJ values from ProcessList.smali, searches for those ADJs and replaces them with SuperCharged ones in BOTH smali files!

Then go to Step 6

If you don't wanna go the easy way... click the button!
Open ActivityManagerService.smali in notepad or notepad++ and make following smali edits.

a. Note that the "====" are breaks and NOT part of the smali file
b. Underlined is the search term so you can find the location in the file easily.
... - The search term includes the "quotes" and is CaSe SEnsiTive (ie. select Match Case in search) so you should actually only get 1 hit for all but 1 search.
... - There are 5 hits for "backup" with quotes but just scroll down from the previous edit you'll find it (heh. the previous edit is for "previous" lol)
c. Bold is the edit (note that each edited line begins with "const/4 v10, " Update: New roms now have "const/4 v11, " or "const/4 v14, " instead)
d. (Italized) is the ORIGINAL value

So, for example, the first edit for "visible" apps:
const/4 v10, 0x3 (0x1)

Originally, it looks like: const/4 v10, 0x1
After edit, it looks like: const/4 v10, 0x3

Ok... so here it is


.line 13728
const/4 v2, 0x1

if-le v10, v2, :cond_118

.line 13729
const/4 v10, 0x3 (0x1)

.line 13730
const-string v2, "visible"

move-object/from16 v0, p1


if-ne v0, v2, :cond_154

.line 13768
const/4 v10, 0x4 (0x3)

.line 13769
const/16 v27, 0x1

.line 13770
const/4 v2, 0x0

move-object/from16 v0, p1

iput-boolean v2, v0, Lcom/android/server/am/ProcessRecord;-&gt;hidden:Z

.line 13771
const-string v2, "heavy"

move-object/from16 v0, p1


.line 13777
const/4 v10, 0x1(0x6) Note that this is for Die-Hard Launcher! To BulletProof it, make it 0x0, HTK 0x2

.line 13778
const/16 v27, 0x1

.line 13779
const/4 v2, 0x0

move-object/from16 v0, p1

iput-boolean v2, v0, Lcom/android/server/am/ProcessRecord;-&gt;hidden:Z

.line 13780
const-string v2, "home"

move-object/from16 v0, p1


.line 13788
const/4 v10, 0x5(0x7)

.line 13789
const/16 v27, 0x1

.line 13790
const/4 v2, 0x0

move-object/from16 v0, p1

iput-boolean v2, v0, Lcom/android/server/am/ProcessRecord;-&gt;hidden:Z

.line 13791
const-string v2, "previous"

move-object/from16 v0, p1


.line 13808
const/4 v10, 0x7(0x4)

.line 13809
const-string v2, "backup"

move-object/from16 v0, p1



.line 13828
const/4 v2, 0x6(0x5)

if-le v10, v2, :cond_203

.line 13829
const-string v2, "started-bg-ui-services"

move-object/from16 v0, p1


.line 13837
const/4 v10, 0x6(0x5)

.line 13838
const-string v2, "started-services"

move-object/from16 v0, p1



.line 13845
const/4 v2, 0x6(0x5)

if-le v10, v2, :cond_203

.line 13846
const-string v2, "started-bg-services"

move-object/from16 v0, p1


This next part is actually hard to search for so I'm posting a large segment which contains 3 edits that make a HUGE difference!
To make it a little easier, search for "bg-services"
There are 2 hits - The second one is at the bottom of this segment.
Also, not that only one of them begin with the typical "const/4 v10, ", the other 2 begin with "const/4 v2, "


const-string v11, "service"

goto/16 :goto_3e1

.line 13932
iget v2, v15, Lcom/android/server/am/ConnectionRecord;-&gt;flags:I

const/high16 v5, 0x4000

and-int/2addr v2, v5

if-eqz v2, :cond_496

const/4 v2, 0x2

if-ge v12, v2, :cond_496

const/4 v2, 0x2

if-le v10, v2, :cond_496

.line 13935
const/4 v10, 0x2

goto :goto_471

.line 13936
const/4 v2, 0x3 (0x1)

if-le v12, v2, :cond_49b

.line 13937
move v10, v12

goto :goto_471

.line 13939
const/4 v2, 0x1

move-object/from16 v0, p1

iput-boolean v2, v0, Lcom/android/server/am/ProcessRecord;-&gt;pendingUiClean:Z

.line 13940
const/4 v2, 0x3 (0x1)

if-le v10, v2, :cond_471

.line 13941
const/4 v10, 0x3 (0x1)

goto :goto_471

.line 13995
.end local v3 #client:Lcom/android/server/am/ProcessRecord;
.end local v4 #myHiddenAdj:I
.end local v11 #adjType:Ljava/lang/String;
.end local v12 #clientAdj:I
.end local v13 #clist:Ljava/util/ArrayList;,"Ljava/util/ArrayList<lcom android="" server="" am="" connectionrecord;="">;"
.end local v15 #cr:Lcom/android/server/am/ConnectionRecord;
.end local v17 #i:I
.end local v22 #kt:Ljava/util/Iterator;,"Ljava/util/Iterator<ljava util="" arraylist<lcom="" android="" server="" am="" connectionrecord;="">;&gt;;"
.end local v26 #s:Lcom/android/server/am/ServiceRecord;
move/from16 v0, p2

if-le v10, v0, :cond_4b6

.line 13996
move/from16 v10, p2

.line 13997
const/4 v2, 0x0

move-object/from16 v0, p1

iput-boolean v2, v0, Lcom/android/server/am/ProcessRecord;-&gt;hidden:Z

.line 13998
const-string v2, "bg-services"

Save it.

Step 6. Go back to the dos/command prompt and type: java -Xmx512M -jar smali.jar classout -o classes.dex (this creates classes.dex)
............ ODEX ROMS: Type the same command as above.

Step 7. Open up services.jar with 7zip or WinRAR (you will see a classes.dex file inside) and drag the newly created classes.dex into the window to refresh services.jar with the new classes.dex
............ Mount system as read/write. Open up terminal and type: su, enter, busybox mount -o remount,rw /system
............ ODEX ROMS: Do the above steps (though there won't be an existing classes.dex - just add it anyway) and then do the following, edited segment from the services.odex hacking guide:

Copy the new services.jar file into the root of your phone's sd card.
Originally Posted by software_samurai

Create a new services.odex file from the new services.jar file:
In terminal, type: cd /sdcard, enter, dexopt-wrapper services.jar services.odex $BOOTCLASSPATH, enter.

Here's the "special sauce": copy over the "signature" from the current .odex file into the new .odex file. do NOT continue until this command succeeds!
Hint: the file size of the new services.odex file should not change!
In terminal, type: busybox dd if=/system/framework/services.odex of=/sdcard/services.odex bs=1 count=20 skip=52 seek=52 conv=notrunc

Now copy /sdcard/services.odex to /system/framework and overwrite the original (backed up, yes?) services.odex

Go to Step 9

Step 8. Copy the new services.jar into your /system/framework folder.
............ ODEX ROMS: SKIP this step!

Step 9. a. In terminal type: cd /system/framework, enter, chown 0.0 services.jar, enter, chmod 644 services.jar, enter
................ ODEX ROMS: In terminal do: cd /system/framework, enter, chown 0.0 services.odex, enter, chmod 644 services.odex, enter
............ b. OR... you can just put it into a copy of your rom and flash that!

Step 10. SuperClean & ReStart! (ie. Wipe Dalvik Cache & Reboot)

================================================== ======

It was a pain in the ass to find because the settings that get applied actually ignore any setting that is given.
It's all over-ridden by a calculated routine
So I just turned the tables to have it over-ride settings to be SuperCharged

Remember that you will still need to run V6 SuperCharger to get your minfrees and grouping fix/adj limits in place.

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