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By poyensa, Retired Forum Moderator / Retired Recognized Developer on 14th March 2011, 05:27 PM
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Only for Co0kie Home Tab 2.0.0


pie control here & into v100beta

I continue experimenting with Co0kie Home Tab 2.0.0. Mainly CHTtweaks allow to change textures in .png format using the file explorer and give the option to easily change the text font for all CHT elements independently. Aditionally CHTtweaks uses great tool JMLMenuSense to make a setting menu.

CHTtweaks brings major changes as the original files of CHT.2.0.0 lua & mode9 are modified. I am also providing the open source where the changes are marked (--CHTtweaks) in the files as explanation. Feel free to use, modify, edit, mirror, sale, delete or whatever you want to do with this, but always with fun

For security also I am providing the original CHT files to restore if necessary. Just copy all files from insode the zip to windows folder, acept overwrite & restart Sense.

The files with changes are the followings:
5950B2CD_manila -- Co0kieNotifyBar.lua ==> added a 3rd layout for text missed calls - sms - emails - voicemail notification, Configurable: text font, size, color, alignment, language, displayed text
5fa4d4b7_manila -- homedigitalclock.lua ==> chose png texture for numbers, colon & background; switch for transparent flipclock-tabs; switch for get out of the midle flipclock line.
4B558519_manila -- CHT_Widgets.lua ==> selectable opacity for home clock background; added 4th layout to textclock: alarm icon only; added 3rd layout text notifications
1EC5924B_manila -- homeAnalogClock.lua ==> chose png texture for analog clock face, hourhand, minutehand & secondshand
new!2AFAFEFA_manila -- CHT_Softkeys.lua ==> chose png texture for the softkeys background; switch for transparent softkeys & softkeys background; switch to dissable the enlargement softkey icon when pressed, work done by devil-strike based on the script of rat_2665 (all credits for them please). Extended CHT menu. Hide taskbar new!
29C5E347_manila -- Co0kieEmail.lua ==> chose png texture for CHT email background independently of Email Sense Tab; change text font
7ECB5997_manila -- Co0kieMessages.lua ==> chose png texture for CHT SMS background; change text font
4956014B_manila -- CHT_Lockscreen.lua ==> chose png texture for the slider unlocker of each CHT lockscreen (Manila, Windows, Mini HD)
6A5D6A2D_manila -- Co0kieMusicPlayer.lua ==> switch transparent CHT music player background; change text font; change background
45E83959_manila -- CHT_Titlebar.lua ==> switch transparent home title bar; set color for other Sense Tab titles (excepting Music Sense Tab & Internet Sense Tab); change text font; switch page indicators to botton screen
5146EC01_manila -- Co0kieAppointments.lua, 45D3F17C_manila -- Co0kieListControl.lua & 094C0231_manila -- Co0kieAppointments.mode9==> switch transparent background for CHT appointment, horizontal alignment & change text font
3ACCF880_manila -- CHT_QuickLinks.lua==> change text font for quicklinks labels; change quiklinks frames
58B6C4C5_manila -- CHT_FreeLinks.lua==> change text font for freelinks labels; change freelinks frames
346BA8F0_manila -- Co0kieTextClock.lua==> change text font for the clock, date & alarm bar widget
6639bcc4_manila -- weatherforhome.lua==> change text font for weather info for home.
6DB6511F_manila -- CHT_Constants.lua==> dock size up to 120px
new! 285d005a_manila -- manila.lua & 3a8e04af_manila -- manila.mode9==> pie control in all sense tabs

CHTtweaks does also add some settings that use to be done in CHTEditor, now you can also do it in CHTtweaks, like disable double flip or minute flip; show seconds hand; set softkey height & menu height; set color for CHT Email text & CHT SMS text; select lockscreen style (0= Manila; 1= Windows; 2= HD Mini)

To restore default manila texture just leave the texture path in blank and restart Sense. CHTtweaks is provided without png textures because it was making so big. I have uploaded a pack CHTtweaks_PNGtextures.rar with some examples, just unpack it in the SD\CHTtweaks folder and select your favorite, delete, add new textures ... and share them with us! I havent done any of this nice graphics. I am taking graphics from NordPolCamper, MrBeO, LNando84, Santod040, [email protected], _leciel_, S-Droid, Sternas & ericv99. Thank you so much for them! Special thanks to LNando84 for all the good work and help with the setting menu.

CHT2.0.0 needs to be installed previously.
Switch Off Sense.
uninstall any previous version, acept soft-resset.
Install in device, accept soft-resset.
Install JMLMenuSense 1.60 or higher in device, only in case you allready have not installed for other widgets (v1.75 not working)
Extract CHTtweaks_PNGtextures.rar in device or SD, I use to do it in \Storage Card\CHTtweaks
Switch Sense On
Find CHTtweaks in Start Menu\Programs & CHT menu.

You can uninstall If you have any problem after deinstallation use, just copy the original files from inside the rar to windows folder, acept overwrite and do restart Sense.

Also you can restore independently any modified file of CHT and the rest will continue working. I mean if you like the way of changing the CHT Email background but nothing else, just restore all the files excepting 29C5E347_manila. CHTtweaks will continue working only with this feature.


Just copy the file into the zip to windows folder and accept overwrite and restart Sense


CHTtweaks.097.beta contains ICS lockscreen for CHT2.0. This lockscreen substitute CHT Windows lockscreen. It is made by 3 .png files: ICSlockscreen.png (256x256) for the slider; ICSlockscreen2.png (256x256) for the slider pressed; ICSlockscreenBG.png (512x512) for the lockscreen background. Of course you can change this graphics as usual in CHTtweaks, just go to lockscreen menu and select textures from internal memory or SD (to get default graphic just leave it blank. You can also select the application to launch by unlocking in left slide. As most of the CHTtweaks you can use this ICS lockscreen independently of CHTtweaks.

The others lockscreens (manila & HDmini style) can also be customized with CHttweaks.




Configurable: text font, size, color, alignment, language, displayed text



Tip: Go to HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila\CHT.Tweaks.TransparentHom eAgenda and set the opacity value for the agenda from 1 to 100 (50, 33, etc)


Just a few clicks and you can change easily the softkeys. Also I added the option to disable the softkeys icon enlarge when pressed, accordingly to the work done here by devil-strike based on the script of rat_2665

CHTtweaks includes the option to have transparent softkeys background in one click. All this changes in softkeys needs re-start Sense. Also includes the file restore.CHT.original.rar in case you want to uninstall this cab, just copy the files inside the rar into \windows and restart sense.

Special thanks to lnando84 for the tests and the work in the setting menu and all Dream Team for the nice graphics.

Tip: I am uploading a few transparent softkeys icons very useful to play a bit with this softkeys backgrounds textures. Enjoy!

Tons of Softkey bars (Docks) uploaded in this post and followings. Thankyou very much ezzie (& Nando)


in this post and followings ezzie has uploaded a lot of graphics for SMS & Email ready to use wth CHTtweaks. Thanks a lot!


Thanks to the amazing work of Dunc001 in SimClock a lot of new possibilties are comming to the world of CHTwidgets. CHTtweaks add the feature to easily change the texture of some elements of the homeclock using png files.

Just open CHTtweaks menu setting (CHTquicklink / CHTfreelink >> miscellaneous) go to home clock setting and use the file explorer to find your favourite texture for the home analog clock, the numbers of the home flipclock and the colon (two dots). Also select the font text for the weather info & text clock. You can always restore the defeult textures just deleting the texture path and restarting sense

EDIT: With so many changes of home analog clock may be useful this set of clock hands good for any light-dark clockface

Thanks to Lnando84 you can find here (and followings posts) lots of clocks in png format, ready to use with CHTtweaks!

A few clocks, softkeys, Lockscreens, etc to enjoy with CHTtweaks. Unzip in SD card and select it with CHTtweaks:



Some adapted themes: (here more adapted themes by cocopuf)

extended menu
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14th March 2011, 05:29 PM |#2  
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Here is the kitchen. In the folder \workspace\lua there are all the files decompiled and commented, the modified code is marked with --CHTtweaks where is changed from the original. It also has been modified the mode9 file 094C0231_manila, it was necessary for the appointments transparency. You can run it without devMode (_Deploy_to_device_normal_mode.bat). All credits & thanks to Co0kie Monster.

Also uploaded the source and kitchen of most of my widgets including CHTtweaks: - 49.19 MB
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14th March 2011, 05:30 PM |#3  
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CHTtweaks 1.8.5
(available beta 2)

At first BIG THANKS TO CO0KIE MASTER its amazing how he has converted a static home tab into a flexible and very customizable home tab. Every time I look a bit into the source files I get impressed what Co0kie has done. Not only the CHT itself, but also the source is free and available for use and enjoyment.

With this development I try to bring some of the advantages of CHTweaks to CHT1.8.5's friends. So I have started with the analog and flip clock (basic CHTwidget) and CHTtweaks can change the elements of the analog clock -face & hands- using textures in PNG format stored in any folder of device or SD. In the standard flip clock can be changed the numbers (always in PNG format) and add 2 dots between hours and minutes. Also clock background can be changed using textures in PNG format and set opacity from 1=transparent to 100. Aditionaly has been added some work i the Home Title Bar (transparency). Further development depends on comments and sugestions.

1. Install CHT 1.8.5 (& rest of the components)
2. Install CHTtweaks, softresset
3. Aditionally I recommend to install JMLMenuSense v1.60 (or higher) for access to setting menu
4. Access to configuration menu in \start menu\programs
5. Get lots of textures in PNG format here and everywhere in XDA


Attaching the kitchen. The source with the modified files are in folder \workspace\_lua\. Everybody is free to add features, correct bugs, edit files, delete them, change, sale, mirror, or whatever want to do with them. Use is not compulsory. CHTtweaks1.8.5 works fine in my HD2(WM6.5.x) with CHT1.8.5 installed, but if it does not work in your device I will help as much as I can.

If you want to try the kitchen*, do the changes in the lua files with notepad2 (inlcuded in tools folder) then run _Deploy_to_device_normal_mode.bat and the files will be recompiled and deployed to your device fro test. Once the changes are done, just run _Generate_files_for_cab.bat and will get the files ready for the cab in folder \cab\_files_final\

* at first the device must be synchronized with PC and run z_init.bat only once at the beginning.


CHTtweaks 1.8.5 includes Typoclock

A reduced version of Typoclock has been added as layout in standard textclock. This reduced typoclock has time, date and alarm icon, and can be configured in CHTtweaks 1.8.5 setting menu (or directly in registry HKLM\Software\HTC\Manila\CHT.Tweaks.XXX). It can be changed: text font for time and date; color; text sizes; vertical position; horizontal alignment (left, center, right); hide alarm icon; alarm icon position.

To activate Typoclcok on CHT 1.8.5 install CHTtweaks, go to menu > edit home layout > select level > Advanced > show text clock > typoclock; for configuration just go to CHTtweaks setting menu (start menu\programs) > typoclock > set your favorite parameters.


[beta2] includes new layout in classic CHT clock for stand alone weather; control over the text font in weather info for home; and lockscreen textures in PNG format

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14th March 2011, 05:30 PM |#4  
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Uploaded with

CHTtweaks 0.93.beta introduces small modifications in the lua files of Co0kie Home Tab 2.0.0 which makes that some properties of a few elements (homeclock, lockscreen unlocker, email background, etc) can be set in the registry HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila\CHT.Tweaks.XXXX. This changes are compatible with any other widget or standar CHT skin: if there is no CHTtweak registry setting the default texture will be used.

Attaching the source of all modified files in which has been included the marks --CHTtweak for easy indentification. As example the code below say to CHT to use the png file for the home analog clock -defined previously by CHTtweaks setting menu, but if it does not exist it will use the default manila file


--#####Set texture for home analog clock by CHT Tweaks
SetTextureHomeAnalogClock= function ()
poyTweaks_HomeAnalogClock_texture_path = GetCHTSettingString("Tweaks.HomeAnalogTexture", "\\windows\\htc\\Home\\Assets\\Images\\Home\\VGA\\ AnalogClock_bg.qtc")
analogclock:SetTexture(poyTweaks_HomeAnalogClock_t exture_path)
SetTextureHomeAnalogClock ()
_application.Store:GetValueChangedEvent(Lifetime_P ermanent, "CHT.Tweaks.HomeAnalogTexture"):connect(SetTexture HomeAnalogClock)


CHTtweaks Setting Menu configure the registry, then this configuration is applied to CHT

And never forget Co0kie's words specially where is said " ... The source code is freely available. You may modify it as you wish, but I do have a request:
If you're going to post a CHT modification publicly, post only the modified files and not the whole thing, so that the installation procedure is:
1) Install the main CHT cab first.
2) Install your modification.

Alternatively, if you want to use any part of this source code in your own independent manila project, you are free to do so, but please do post a mention that you're using this code and what parts.
That's the only thing I ask. I hope everyone will honour it. Thanks, here's the source, have fun with it."

Thanks again Co0kieMonster
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14th March 2011, 07:52 PM |#5  
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Addon for CHT
Hola, looks and works very good
Great job and lot´s of work and thinking behind it. Congratulations amigo.
It works on both of my devices HD2 & HD Mini, much better than expected

For beeing a beta, I´d say it´s rather a "release candidate"
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14th March 2011, 08:37 PM |#6  
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Hi Poy,

WOW !!!

What a great job amigo mio, this is really another huge step to a higher level in WM and CHT Widgets.

If all this great things continue growing at this pace we will soon see a massive immigration coming from the dark OS sides

Once again amigo, Big Thanks for sharing your amazing work
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14th March 2011, 09:32 PM |#7  
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I may have to leave "sick" to get home and apply this.....does tweakideation sound like a legit diesese?
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14th March 2011, 10:45 PM |#8  
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Hi again Maestro,

I wondering if you have installed the Dunc"s CHT Fix40 Slots-Widgets you posted here and could you please check in your registry to see if it is shown 40 or 20, I just installed this fix but in my registry it still show 20 slot, is this right?

Thanks in advance, amigo
14th March 2011, 11:03 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by [email protected]

Hi again Maestro,

I wondering if you have installed the Dunc"s CHT Fix40 Slots-Widgets you posted here and could you please check in your registry to see if it is shown 40 or 20, I just installed this fix but in my registry it still show 20 slot, is this right?

Thanks in advance, amigo

I really do not know what cab i have installed so many test ... but for sure is Dunc's CHT fix 40 widgets. Dunc's mod of mike2nl's CHT fix 40 widgets is not included in CHT Tweaks v0.90. Its linked to this post:

I thinks that Dunc's mod of mike2nl's CHT fix 40 widgets should be standar nowdays, it should be added to CHT2.0.1 (or eventually to CHT Service Pack 1). This fix allows 40 widgets and reserve 8 slots for BG widgets. If you don't have 40 slots in the registry just add it: HKCU\Software\HTC\Manila\CHTI.AddonWidgets.Count = 40

CHT Tweaks its just a protection to avoid overwrite the file home.mode9 when themers are working on home flip clock to convert it to digital clock with 2 dots & no flip line. Now you can get this mod without touching this fixed file. Something similar happends with CHT_rat_weather_library, with CHT Tweaks I am trying to protect this valious file to be overwritten.
14th March 2011, 11:26 PM |#10  
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Thanks for your fast reply Maestro.

I understood perfectly amigo, so I going to change the value 20 to 40 in the registry and I hope when I get my 21' widget everything goes ok

I just installed the 40 fix now because I know that amazing widgets are coming soon

Thanks again Amigo.
15th March 2011, 02:12 AM |#11  
Thanks Meter: 1
please give me stick note (hola) widget! Thanks
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