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By walther1337, Senior Member on 4th January 2016, 01:27 AM
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Gear Watch Designer is now capable of installing watch faces with ease. This guide should not be needed any more.


Version 1.0.1 has been released. There is NO changelog.

This program is in beta. Complaining and flaming Samsung for bugs you are experiencing is not acceptable nor is it welcomed. If you want to act like a child do it somewhere else.

Please read the entire guide before starting. This guide is ONLY for setting up and installing watch faces. This thread is NOT for posting watch faces you created. The creation and sharing of watch faces should not be discussed here. The discussion thread for watch faces can be found here

Some notes before you start:
  • This is only for the Gear S2. If you come here with another watch and discover you can't get anything to work it is your own fault. I will not respond to ANY posts in this thread about devices other than the Gear S2.
  • Install Gear Watch Designer if you haven't already. You can get it here: A 32-bit installation of the latest JRE is required. Google it if you don't know what it is.
  • You must have the latest version of all software needed for GWD, and the latest watch firmware.
  • Gear Watch Designer is in beta. You will experience bugs and crashes. Save your work often.
  • Some users must run cmd.exe as an administrator. Follow the instructions labeled Command Prompt
  • Windows 10 users(and potentially windows 8/8.1 users as well) - the program is not 100% compatible with your operating system. You will likely have major issues that I cannot help you with
  • You do not need to install the Tizen SDK. I have been using Gear Watch Designer fine without it. In fact, the two programs may(unconfirmed) interfere with each other because they use the same sdb server
  • You will need to enter your Author AND Distributor certificates EVERY time you open Gear Watch Designer in order to successfully install watch faces
  • You may hate the formatting of this post. I hate it too. I don't feel like making it pretty.
  • You may find some grammatical errors somewhere in the guide because I don't feel like reading through all of it after typing it all up. If you find one send me a PM. Do not PM questions related to this guide. I will not respond to them. Ask here or don't ask at all.
  • I personally avoid using the "run on device" button in GWD. It likes to freeze and sometimes doesn't even bother to work. Maybe its feelings are hurt.
  • In the guide I sometimes use quotations. Do not use them anywhere while following this guide. You will get error messages if you do. If you come looking for help and didn't read this note, everyone will laugh at you. I will probably still help you, but I will probably also be rude about it because you didn't read everything.

1. Enable debugging
1.1 Settings > Gear info > Debugging
1.2 If the icon to the right of debugging is not green, debugging is not enabled.

2. Disable Bluetooth
2.1 Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > tap Bluetooth
2.2 If the icon to the right of bluetooth is green , bluetooth is enabled.

3. Enable WiFi
3.1 Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > tap Wi-Fi
3.2 If the icon to the right of Wi-Fi is not green, Wi-Fi is not enabled.
3.3 The watch will automatically scan for available wireless networks. Connect your watch to the same wifi access point as your computer. If your computer is connected to 'CiscoE1000' then your watch must be connected to 'CiscoE1000' as well. You may need to move the watch closer to your wireless router since the range isn't that great.
3.4 If you do not get a confirmation dialogue that says "Connected to Wi-Fi network" you are not connected.
3.5 After the confirmation dialogue you will see the name of the router you are connected to along with "connected" in green below it. Tap you router name, scroll all the way to the bottom where you will find "IP address". You will need the number below "IP address" in blue later.

1. Open Gear Watch Designer. If you already have a project you've worked on, open it, otherwise open an example or create a new project. If you are creating a new project, I suggest adding at least one element(background, watch hand, image etc) to the watch face otherwise it may not build.

2. Click Project at the top, then click Author Certificate.
2.1 If you do not have an author certificate, you must create one. Skip 2.2 if you need to create a certificate. If you do have a certificate, then go to 2.2. Do not create a new certificate.
2.2 Select "I already have a Tizen Author certificate" then click Browse. Gear Watch Designer will automatically navigate to the stored certificate named "author.p12" . If you do not see "author.p12" you do not have a certificate and must create one.

3. Navigate to the directory where you installed Gear Watch Designer. For Windows 7(probably 8.1 and 10 as well) it should be in "C:\Program Files (x86)\GearWatchDesigner" Once there open folders tizen then tools. This is where sdb is located
3.1 In this window, hold shift and right click some empty space near and below sdb.exe(make sure sdb.exe is not highlighted when doing so). Click "Open command window here"
3.2 Now enter the command in the command window, substituting the X's for your watch's IP address: sdb connect
3.3 You should then see something like this:
* server not running. starting it now on port 26099 *
* server started successfully *
connecting to ...
connected to
3.4 If you're connected continue to step 4.
3.5 If sdb failed to connect you will need to kill the sdb server with the command sdb kill-server then wake the watch and return to 3.2.

4. Now that your watch is connected, return to Gear Watch Designer. Leave the command window open.
4.1 On the top bar of the watch designer, look for ActiveAlways-on. Look to the left of Active at the 5 icons. Click the middle icon.
4.2 You should see the IP address of your watch. DO NOT CLICK IT If you do not see your watch's IP address, click scan. After a few seconds, if nothing shows up, wake your watch then go back to the command window and enter the command sdb devices. If you do not see your watch's IP address, go back to 3.2. If you see your watch's IP address go back to Gear Watch Designer. Your watch should now show up.
4.3 At the top of Gear Watch Designer click Project, then Distributer certificate.
4.4 In the "Connected Device ID" dialog box, enter the IP address of your watch. You do not need to enter anything if you have done this before. If your watch is connected properly you will see some seemingly random stuff in this box. Leave it there and continue to 4.5.
4.5 Under the big blue bar, enter your Samsung account information and click sign in.
4.6 Now that you're signed in, click Project, then Build.
4.7 Highlight everything in the Location dialog box, copy it with CTRL + C and paste it in a notepad. remove "\debug", then add .tpk. At the beginning of the line add "sdb install "(do not forget the space after "install"). Copy the new command. It should look something like this: C:\Users\Walther1337\GearWatchDesigner\workspace\S partan.tpk
4.8 Enter a version number, then change the Security Level to Moderate. Failing to do so will likely cause issues with installing your watch face.
4.9 Click Build

5. Time to install
5.1 go back to command window and enter the command you created in 4.7
5.2 wait for the watch face to install. You may need to wake the watch during the installation if it seems like it's taking a long time(it shouldn't take more than 45 seconds).
5.3 If you get a success dialog then you will need to manually select the watch face on your watch. It will not show up on your phone.
Success dialog example:
1 file(s) pulled. 0 file(s) skipped.
C:\Users\Tim\GearWatchDesigner\workspace\Spartan.t pk 182 KB/s (77504 bytes in 0.415s)
path is /opt/usr/apps/tmp/Spartan.tpk
__return_cb req_id[143050002] pkg_type[rpm] pkgid[com.watchface.Spartan] key[start] val[update]
__return_cb req_id[143050002] pkg_type[rpm] pkgid[com.watchface.Spartan] key[install_percent] val[30]
__return_cb req_id[143050002] pkg_type[rpm] pkgid[com.watchface.Spartan] key[install_percent] val[60]
__return_cb req_id[143050002] pkg_type[rpm] pkgid[com.watchface.Spartan] key[install_percent] val[100]
__return_cb req_id[143050002] pkg_type[rpm] pkgid[com.watchface.Spartan] key[end] val[ok]
spend time for pkgcmd is [9349]ms

5.4 If you got a failed dialog, like the one below, you will need to redo steps 2 , 4(4.1 through 4.6, and 4.9 only) and then 5.
1 file(s) pulled. 0 file(s) skipped.
C:\Users\Walther1337\GearWatchDesigner\workspace\BinaryBars.tpk   89 KB/s (86422 bytes in 0.939s)
path is /opt/usr/apps/tmp/BinaryBars.tpk
__return_cb req_id[102280002] pkg_type[rpm] pkgid[com.watchface.BinaryBars] key[start] val[update]
__return_cb req_id[102280002] pkg_type[rpm] pkgid[com.watchface.BinaryBars] key[install_percent] val[30]
__return_cb req_id[102280002] pkg_type[rpm] pkgid[com.watchface.BinaryBars] key[error] val[75]
__return_cb req_id[102280002] pkg_type[rpm] pkgid[com.watchface.BinaryBars] key[end] val[fail]
processing result : SIGNATURE_INVALID_DEVICE_UNIQUE_ID [75] failed
spend time for pkgcmd is [29219]ms

Command Prompt:
The following instructions are only for those experiencing connection issues.
1. Open the start menu(windows icon in the bottom left corner of your screen). Find the search box, and type in cmd. once cmd.exe shows up in the list, right click it and then click "Run as administrator"
2. Navigate to your Gear Watch Designer installation directory(see Computer section step 3 if necessary).
2.1 Once in your installation directory open the tizen folder, then tools.
2.2 At the top of the window click the bar that says something like "Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > GearWatchDesigner > tizen > tools" Copy the automatically highlighted text
2.3 Go back to command prompt and type in without hitting enter: "cd ". There is a space after cd. Then right click the command window(anywhere inside it) and click paste. Now hit enter. You are now running command prompt as administrator and can start the rest of the guide, skipping 3.1 in the computer section.

  • Error 78 - Credits to ColMustard for the solution - Install the watch face using the "run on device" option in GWD. Reboot the watch and select the watch face from the settings menu. New info! This method only needs to be performed once. The device's signature profile is restored/updated using "run on device" + reboot. You may go back to using sdb install once your watch has booted.
  • Supported Size is not found - No solution, no known cause
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4th January 2016, 01:46 AM |#2  
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Thanks for this. I was trying to connect using the sdk and had to run the full GUI version of it to connect. I didn't even realize there was a version of sdb in GearWatchDesigner. Your instructions worked perfectly for me (except I did need to use an elevated command prompt).
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4th January 2016, 02:21 AM |#3  
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Thanks for putting this together walther1337. I'm still on holiday, so didn't have time to write it up, so you beat me to it. I read through it, everything looks good and should get people up and going.

I've got a bug that I'm curious is specific to my setup or the software, if someone could test it out and let me know, I'd appreciate it.

Start a new blank project.
Add an index which is a single image
Set the "number of space" to a high number (sometimes it happens on 10, sometimes 100)

Once it finishes, all of my lines turn yellow and I can't get them white again.

As people have asked in the other thread for a place to look for watch faces and hands. Here are a couple that I have found that can be useful - Full watches made for android devices. Download the files and open in winrar to find the face and hands in the images folder - Has both completed faces and standalone hands
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4th January 2016, 05:59 AM |#4  
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thanks for the great tutorial walther1337!

Everything works fine for me but it seems there's a bug on step count complications. My step count doesn't sync and if I use "step count percentage" it syncs to the battery percentage instead. Wonder if it's related to using "moderate" buid instead of "high secure"... I tried "high secure" but all I got was a digital watch face without any of the images.
4th January 2016, 10:43 AM |#5  
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thank you for this i will play with this tonight and let you know, would be great if people could share their projects
4th January 2016, 02:23 PM |#6  
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can you guys link me to the latest jre for x64?i installed but it still asks me for 1.8 or later
4th January 2016, 03:11 PM |#7  
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Hi, been trying several times but encountering this:

processing result : SIGNATURE_NO_DEVICE_PROFILE [78] failed
4th January 2016, 09:32 PM |#8  
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Thanks for the great instruction.
Everything worked great until I tried to install the watchface.
The command promt showed this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\GearWatchDesigner\tizen\tools>sdb install C:\Users\bamio\GearWatchDesigner\workspace\colorfu l_moment_0.tpk
pulled colorful_moment_0.tpk 100% 386KB
1 file(s) pulled. 0 file(s) skipped.
C:\Users\bamio\GearWatchDesigner\workspace\colorfu l_moment_0.tpk 590 KB/s (395789 bytes in 0.654s)
path is /opt/usr/apps/tmp/colorful_moment_0.tpk
__return_cb req_id[230240002] pkg_type[rpm] pkgid[Test.1.0] key[start] val[install]
__return_cb req_id[230240002] pkg_type[rpm] pkgid[Test.1.0] key[install_percent] val[30]
__return_cb req_id[230240002] pkg_type[rpm] pkgid[Test.1.0] key[error] val[78]
__return_cb req_id[230240002] pkg_type[rpm] pkgid[Test.1.0] key[end] val[fail]
processing result : SIGNATURE_NO_DEVICE_PROFILE [78] failed
spend time for pkgcmd is [3431]ms
4th January 2016, 09:43 PM |#9  
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can someone give me a link for JRE x64 windows 10? i keep getting a message to install 1.8 or later which i already have,
dunno whats wrong
4th January 2016, 09:46 PM |#10  
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@bamio, it seems you haven't loaded the certificates. It is important to do this each time you start the designer
4th January 2016, 10:28 PM |#11  
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@skivnit, pretty sure you need to install the 32-bit version of JRE. GWD is a 32-bit program.
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