[02/24/12][Team Rocket ROM][open beta ICS v4.0.3][v1.5][reworked 15Tooglebar]

Chris X.

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Aug 1, 2009

O.K. guys here comes our first ICS customer rom.
This will be a coproduction with eybee, Chrack, nobnut and me.
Pls, pls dont forget it, this is an open customer rom beta from the first leak of ICS [email protected] Galaxy Note.

If you dont make a fullwipe after the ics flash, so pls wait for the official ICS Rom by Samsung.
Note, from Android v2.3.6 to v4.0.3 its a huge step.
You have to make a fullwipe after the flash!

If you set all you like, pls reboot...

to-do and known issues:

fc = stock video editor
Swype still in English only (pls. dont update it!!!)

User feedbacks via Vids:

Special thX to batista70

How To get Root on ICS:

If you are already on Chinese ICS Stock ROM or any Custom ROM based on Chinese ICS, then first test if you are fully rooted. You can test that with Root Explorer by trying to copy/paste any file you have on your SD Card to you /system - if this copy/paste will be successful, you are already rooted properly.

If this test fails --> you are not on a proper rooted Chinese ICS ROM now!!! So follow each and every step from Reb0rn here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=22877518&postcount=182
or from Chris X. here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=22843343&postcount=1259
After that you will definately have FULL ROOT!!

Installation Instructions for v1.5:

After you have checked being on a proper rooted Chinese ICS (see point above!), do the following steps:

  1. If you are not already on a proper rooted Team Rocket ROM v1.4, so pls make a fullwipe (Factory Reset) before your flash the v1.4, then flash the v1.4 and after this make a fullwipe again!!! If you will not do that, you will have serious trouble!!!! Reboot your device afterwards and setup your Google Account! (If you are already on a proper rooted v1.4, you do not have to do that and can directly go to point 2.)
  2. After that boot back in Recovery and flash v1.5 without Wiping anything
  3. Reboot your System
  4. Now you have a fully working v1.5, bloody fast and ready for daily USE! :)

If you have trouble with this instructions so you can take a look to this other way:

...or this way:


We want to say thank you for it @ underlines and Ash! ;)

Changelog v1.5:

- Dialer working now - no more FC's
- Settings working now without FC's (Brightness, Volume, Tethering, Lockscreen Wallpaper)
- SMemo included and working
- DSP Manager now working - you can choose in Settings between FX and DSP
- changed Battery Icons to Jkays Green Circle (fits better imho)
- some more tweaks for more Smoothness and Speed

Download v1.5: http://rocket.ph0enyx.de/rom/TeamRocketRom_ICS_Notev1.5_beta.zip
Mirror1: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B3jz3fTcP9vLNlR2aFFxSldRMC11TTVoNGVVNTF4dw&export=download
Mirror2 (really fast!): TeamRocketRom_ICS_Notev1.5_beta
Mirror3: TeamRocketRom_ICS_Notev1.5_beta
Mirror4: TeamRocketRom_ICS_Notev1.5_beta (incl. I9220LP1-N7000-ICS-REPACK.tar.zip) (ThX mfractal)


If you're on a working v1.5, so you can flash this *.zip with cwm recovery. Then you will have a nice reworked 15Tooglebar and the App "QuickPanel Settings". (reworked = fixed USB mass storage fc and some graphic)

If you dont like it, so you can flash this *.zip with cwm recovery. After that you have restore it to orig. 5ToogleBar for TRR v1.5.

Changelog v1.4:

- buildprop tweaks
- cwm manager incl.
- framework tweaks (like % battery mod, crt off effect, better performance, smoother scrolling)
- added mass storage in settings (under "more")
- added wlan location service in settings
- added fx music settings for better quali. by headphones and speaker
- modded busybox (hope it works) (v1.19.3) (can be update to v1.19.4 with free market apps)
- and more, sorry we forgot it

Download v1.4:

Mirror1: http://j.mp/rocketrom14
Mirror2: http://www.techinferno.com/downloads/?category=32 (incl. I9220LP1-N7000-ICS-REPACK.tar.zip) (ThX mfractal)

Changelog v1.3:

- pls make a fullwipe after the flash (also when you are on v1 or v1.1!)
- huge rework of all GoogleApps
- added some important *.so
- many bugfixes:
* fixed FC Camera
* fixed FC Musicplayer
* fixed FC GoogleVoice (TTS)
* fixed FC brightness (in settings)
* fixed FC WhatsApp Messenger
- and many more

Now we got a mirror for our open beta roms.


Special thX to faxe78!

Download v1.3:

http://www.mirorii.com/fichier/51/50...m_ICS-Notev1-3 beta-zip.html


Download v1.1:

http://www.mirorii.com/fichier/47/50...m_ICS-Notev1-1 beta-zip.html


Download v1:

http://www.mirorii.com/fichier/92/505472/ICS-Notev1 beta!!!-zip.html


Our team works in parallel with Windows and Linux. So we have better chances to create a build. (I'm working with Linux.)

Yesterday I've been looking for apktool.jar to decomile/compile of ICS 4.0.3-*.apk's. Thats really important for us.
I found only a solution for *.jar Files but nobnut got it. Thank you so much, for spent your time!
Now we can both. Decompile *.apk files and *.jar files for ICS 4.0.3.


Dont use the app "Superuser Update Fixer" e.g. for an update of "SuperUser" or dont update SuperUser via market!
We had already integrated a working app "SuperUser". (v3.0.7)
Pls use this "old" version and dont update to the newest.
There are known issues with Android v4.0.3.
It seems its not the fault from the RocketRomTeam.

btw if you have a backup (e.g. about Titanium Backup) of the newest SuperUser and/or SuperUser Update Fixer, dont restore it!

What is SuperUser?
explained quickly and easily:

This app manage the root rights.
If any app need root rights, so SuperUser asks you at least once to consent.

I know, you can disable this "asks" but I dont recommend it. For me its one of the best ways to find out, have I root or not, need this app root or not.

Superuser updates automatically after entering market. . We can stop that?

Thats O.K. but dont force it via Superuser update fixer.

The team and acknowledgements:

first of course all of our fans :)
faxe78 (for a great server!)
chainfire (kernel)
nadavfeder (logo creator)
many others ;)
and me :p


We don't need money for our work!!
Pls donate to Medicins sans Frontieres


This ROM is also a tribute to my dog. Her name was Alpha and she died on 20nd January 2010. I'll never forget she. She was the best friend I ever had!
Semper Fi my friend! ;-(
If you want to donate, so donates to "Greenpeace" or "4 Pfoten"!
Thank you so much!
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Nov 13, 2006
Is this a mash up of the working parts from both leaked ROMs combined into one? I've held off installing any of the current releases in the hope (or eventuality) that such a ROM is created by the talented guys of the community ;-)

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Feb 17, 2008
O.K. guys here comes our first ICS customer rom competition.
This will be a coproduction with eybee, Chrack, nobnut and me.

This post is still under construction!

Thanks a lot Chris, I will test it after your upload.

Now I'm on chinese leak, got some problems with random sod and usb not working in osx; problems also with wifi at 5ghz


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Jan 22, 2010
Thanks a lot Chris, I will test it after your upload.

Now I'm on chinese leak, got some problems with random sod and usb not working in osx; problems also with wifi at 5ghz
there will still be issues on this ROM...remember: it is based upon an early ICS build!

We will work together on it and try to make the best out of it - 'Best of Breed' :)