[02 Feb] c_shekhar WM1.60.21014bCS WWE ROM (build 21014.1.6.0) with Footprints

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Jun 7, 2005
This is another WM6.1 ROM (build 21014) AKU 1.6.0[COLOR] relesed out for testing. The released ROM uses 12MB of pagepool. and using 1.60 set of drivers.

It is Based on new IOLITE released by HTC. 90% of it is iolite...

MAIN Feature:

This ROM can be dumped and recooked. Unlike many of the cooks, no RGU have been deleted. No DSM has been deleted. And most of all, the ROM has not been crippled against dumping by deleting IMGFS signatures. So feel free to dump and modify upto your taste. And share the knowledge with the community. We can improve more by sharing the knowledge than keeping it secret.

My special falicitations to
eepmazo (KhanX)
for daring to join me in this crusade, by releasing his dumpable ROM too.

It is Only WWE ROM

ROM: WM1.60.21014bCS (build 21014 AKU 1.6.0) WWE
dated: 29.Jan.2009
OS 5.2.21014 (Build 21014.1.6.0)

ULDR Trimmed to have more storage space
Patched XIP Modulle for removing cert/signed issues

(You can install old and unsigned programs without problem)
12MB Pagepool
HTC 1.60 drivers
Customer feedBack (a nonsense) Removed

With all this the memory structure becomes as follows:--

101.6 MB RAM 54.42MB Free
103.92MB Storage 77.53MB Free

General Notes: (Please Read before updating)

- There is readme.rtf inside the package. Pl read ir carefully.
- Remove SD card before update!
- There is no extended rom... JUST OS AND RADIO!
- You MUST install HARD SPL before going over a custom ROM.
- If you are using the UC's SDConfig.txt (on your storage card) then it would be better if you remove the SIM also.

-Downgrade your Radio to or lower. (it is aleady a part of ROM pachage)


Install HARD SPL
Put device in bootloader mode.
Run ROMUpdateUtility.exe and good luck.




Main Features in WM1.60.21014aCS :
-UC Compliant
-New build 21014 AKU 1.6.0
-1.60 drivers fron HTC NEW!
-New battery indicator(Colourful) NEW!
-Iolite_MANILA 2D build 1911 with footprints
-New weather picturess NEW!
-new folder view GUI in Manila (all programs) NEW!
-Iolite_Animated GIF Splash Image - HTC original NEW!
-Iolite_WMP blue Manila Skin- NEW!
-Windows Live Messenger 10.6.0046.0800 NEW!
-Iolite_Opera_9.5 Build 15316 NEW!
-Iolite_Jblend Java Build NEW!
-Iolite_CommManager 6T
-Iolite_Quick GPS
-Bluetooth FTP
-Default Games
-Game Mobile mines sweeper
-Microsoft .NET 3.5 New!
-HTC Camera Album_2_5_18202622_0 New!
-Original HTC Camera 5.04 (Build 29295) with picture enhancer New Look
-Iolite_HTC Audiomanager_2_0_18191228_0
-AudioBooster_10908_610 New Look!
-HTC Voice Speed Dial 1.2 Build 070612
-Iolite_HTC Sim Manager 6.57 New!
-Iolite_HTC RandomAccess_Opal_4_0_18182921 NEW!
-Iolite_HTC task_manager_2_1_34837_3
-Iolite_HTC_VolumeControl_1_6_18201829_0 NEW!
-Fullscreen_Player_1_05_080828_0 NEW!
-Opal_DShow_2_00_080904_0 NEW!
-Iolite_Connection Setup 1_0_31247_2
-Iolite_Large Start Menu
-Iolite_Large Title Bar
-FM Radio
-Adobe Flash Lite 3.1
-Iolite_Arcsoft_MMS _5_0_31_39 NEW!
-Iolite_Google Maps (Street View) NEW!
-iolite dialler

-SChaps Advanced Config V 3.3
- Flight Mode added as utility (use the cab attached below in this post)
- WM5 newMenu
- PPCPIMBkUp 2.80 by Dotfred
- Task Mnanager Dotfred 3.1 NEW!
- SoftKeyAppletEx Removed
- PHM Notepad
- HTCYouTube_1_5_1818_3522
- SIP Change
- Chat enabler (For turning ON/OFF threaded SMS)
- Synchro Time ver 0.95
- XT9 Myword editor Icon removed
- Group_SMS NEW!

Known issues
- The Disk option in USB to PC pop-up does not work (Ols Polaris driver issue)
- Navigation panet may not work

Additional features & tweaks:

-Disconnect' button GPRS
-RESET button in the start menu NEW!
-Connect to Web Via ActiveSync
-Manila Home_clock touchlaunch disabled NEW!
-Cube removed (Use Manila peoples tab)
-Disable Customer Feed Back a big nonsence
-Enable ClearType
-Enable Wireless G
-Increase FileSystem filter
-Increase font cache
-Make WM6 prompt before overwriting an existing installation
-CABs not uninstalled by default​

A big big thanks to :

For Guidance:
- cmonex for XIP guidance. A true friend.
- jarpelea for providing the 21014 \SYS (He is indeed an asset for the community)
- chavonbravo (a nice guy) for releasing the iolite shipped ROM
- Abusalza for few tips and new topbar look
- My friend eepmazo as usual for frequent interaction. He is a true friend;)

For Sharing Software:
- Bepe for the previous kitchen tools (I dont like the new rom builder)
- Greatbal for sharing the folderview
- shubaroo for sharing the group_SMS
- DotFred the great for PPCPIMBkUp2.8 and task manager 3.1​

>Download WM1.60.21014bCS (build 21014)<

Reasons for using 1.60 Drivers instead of 3.18:-Reasons:-
I encountered many problems with almost all the new ROMs cooked with 3.13 or 3.18 set of Drivers.
Following were the main problems:-

1. The Prog Memory goes down from 102 MB to meagre 84MB causing shortage.
2. The Manila 2D sliding is sometimes sticky with or with out 3D drivers.
3. Many of the programs dont run on them.
4. While using any of the programs sometimes the device suddenly used to stops responding for 2-3 seconds.​

So I begin to ask myself, after all, what have we gained with new set of drivers???????????
And what is wrong with using a bit older drivers till we get a better and stable ones from HTC

So, here are my effort to:

1. Use 1.60 Set of drivers.
2. Remove 3D drivers (sorry bally3)
3. The XIP is all re-done. And the ROM is re-tuned.
4. Downgraded the Radio to

1. The Prog Memory increases from 84 MB to mere 101+ MB
2. The Manila 2D sliding is butterly smooth.
3. Most of the programs sould run now.
4. The device not stops responding any more.​

!!!!!!!!!!!!At least I am very happy and more satisfied now.!!!!!!!! bye bye to driver set 3.18

If you wish to encourage me .......You can Donate
If you want to thank me.................You can Donate
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Mar 12, 2008
I got the same error, so I copied into a new folder RUU_Signed.nbh and all the other files from a previous ROM (EnterBootloader.exe, ErrorBatery... etc). I flahed and now I,' waiting for customisation... Thank you for your work sheckar.


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Apr 10, 2005
You Rock!

Hi Shekhar

Will there be a Lite version. Am still using your previous Lite version and am loving it. It's so much more customizable that way !!!

Please...a Lite version will make many a person's day!

Thanks for all the effort! You rock!

Nov 30, 2006
How about RAM?

Master c_shekhar, first of all thanks for your work!
Just a couple of questions. Why so much difference in free RAM between this ROM and 21014aCS? It's all footprints? And will you build a lite version?


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Mar 12, 2008
Flashed it. Now i'm typing from opera mobile. this rom is as smooth as the old one. everything works as expected. active sync doesn't pop up anymore. Thank you for your work.

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