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Jan 29, 2004


- We got the best drivers and settings for TNT series, so i cooked a new build for TNT Series which is 5.2.1933 which gives very high performance and stability, tested for more than 2 weeks. So, i hope this will be nice for you.

- This build done using the drivers as modules, like the official releases.

- as most of you know the good things about TNT Series, it solves the most issues for WM6.0 in Wizard:


- When you call someone and he didn't answer you get connected instead of call ended.

- When you call a busy number also you will get connected instead of busy

- When you have GPRS Connected and someone called you and you didn't answer this calling will shown as recieved call instead of missed

- When you have a call and recieve a call (waiting) and you didn't answer, this calling will shown as recieved call instead of missed.

- When you open start/settings/Phone then directly press ok button, your personal tone will change to the default

- Some of roms have the issue with cannot open the wifi from the first time

- When you change the notification to vibration, then change it again to ring mode, the device still on vibration till you play your ring again or change your ring

- some roms can't start the wifi directly

- MMS sounds and files pluging error (if you right click on the file don't show send via MMS)

Base Rom:

5.2.1933 build 18533.0.7.0

OS: << as you know, 11.x.x.x is for TNT Series or based on


too many users asked me to create a rom with adding the touch scrolling, and also others asked me to have more stuff in the TouchFLO edition, what i did for them!!! i create a rom with all professional+HTC home stuff with Touch scrolling feature without the cube, and the cube you can add it manually by an Add On (tested for 4 days and very very well). And all other editions don't include any of Touch stuff or driver. So, we have some new edits on the choices, you have to read carefully to know which version is suitable for you.

Vanilla Edition:

nothing, just the base rom and OEM drivers;

no camera, no MMS, no WML, no Office... etc

so don't ask for the kitchen, just extract official build using Core kitchen then use the SYS folder and OEM packages from this, then add whatever you want.

Official Edition:

- 1-Calculator
- Commanager MultiDesign (you can switch between them)new
- ArcSoft_MMS_4_2_8_1
- Camera
- Modem Link (DUN)
- Streaming Video
- Some tweaks for battery drain and WiFi issues
- Office latest version with zip view and OneNote.
- SIM Manager 6.33 new

Professional Edition:

- camera app
- 1-calc.
- Office latest version with zip view and OneNote. new
- ArcSoft with plug-in and full features.
- Modem Link (DUN)
- Network Wizard 1_0_29982_7 support many of networks (Auto run disabled, go to start/settings/connection to set you network settings)
- SmartKey 0.56 (the best settings)
- SoftKeyAppletEx (to change Home SoftKeys)
- Streaming Video 2.1.1025.621
- Windows Live Messenger
- WM5torage 1.78 B2
- STK Service 4.40
- TimeZone Tab on the phone settings (just the tab w/o enabling which may show some issues with starup)
- All Help files as the official
- Internet Sharing
- Advanced Config Tool 1.0
- BT_FTP 1_2_30489_1 new
- BT_SAP 2_02_b0925_r3.
- BtIO 0.6 (to listen sounds via the BT Headset) new
- Pocket Cryptex new
- Call Firewall (Removed) new
- Dr.Yar 1.6 (to show the BT sender name and set the recieving folder).
- MJConfig
- Event Countdown 1.0 (timer)
- GroupSMS
- GSFinder+
- black keyboard
- HTC Audio Manager 1.2.614.712
- Pocket RAR 3.7 new
- Pocket Screen Capture.
- Mobile Justice
- Network Plugin 1_0_29714_1
- Notepad
- ClearTemp 0.9.6 new
- CloseApps
- Hibernate
- Peek Pocket 1.4 (WiFi networks manager) new
- TCMP 0.72 (removed, some choices on Add Ons).
- RealOne (rm ram ra player, files set to it)
- RunEveryDay.
- SMS Backup 1.1
- SMSService
- Total Commander
- WinXplore
- HTC Voice Recorder 1.10.611.711
- TaskManager (with reg app shortcut)
- BT_BPP_1_5_0_0
- Call2Contact_1.0
- SK tsync
- VoIP drivers, and ready to use
- 6 smart Games new
- Rom Settings for editing commanager settings(tnx tom_codon) new
- HTC Action Screen new
- HTC_BT_Quicklink_0_4 new
- Hush SMS new
- PIM Backup 2.5
- Alt Tab app.
- BtCrawler new

Professional Edition + HTC Home:

the same as professional edition with HTC Home and its settings on the Today/items tab.

TouchFLO Edition :

the same as professional edition with HTC Home and its settings on the Today/items tab, with the scrolling feature without the Cube (you can add it as an Add On) and also without VoIP (you can add it later, but make sure to download the new one for TNT.1933) .
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Jan 29, 2004
Apps Informations:

** HTC Action Screen:
this is to get shortcuts for useful tasks, new sms, new contact..., the good thing here, if you open it then didn't use it for 3 sec, it will be closed to not do something wrong.

** Comanager Settings:
this is made by nncuong and tom_codon, very useful commmanager editior, it shows you many of choices like switching between the multistyles for commanager and rearrange your commanager icons...

** Dr.YAR 1.6 bluetooth:
many features, like:
- show bluetooth sender name.
- choose a location for files recieved.
- recieve when the device off.
- don't delete MS bluetooth, you can recive from both.
- ... MANY means MANY
if you want to use it, you find an icon on the tray, double click on it.
note: there is a white window if you recieve just hide it then open it again.
(very useful)

» Call Firewall v1.2
• Summary: CallFirewall basically rejects unwanted calls. Features & Options: a. Accecpt all calls - pretty self explainatory b. Accept call from My Contacts only - accepts calls from contacts only, others are rejected c. R...

» Group SMS v1.1
Summary: Group SMS Solution. As the name suggest it is basically a program to send SMSes to a group of people at the same time. Following are the features: - Category Wise Contact Pickup. - Individual Contact Pickup made easy.

» Event Countdown v1.0
• Summary: From counting down to a movie event, to every day reminders to cooking a dinner. Event Countdown lets you add up to 200 events on your Pocket PC. You can countdown to a particular date or countdown from a se...

• Summary: ClearTemp is an application for you to clear temporary/unused files and unused registry keys/values on your system easily. It also allows you to clear your Recent Program List, Internet Address History and b...

WinXplore v0.3.4.1
• Summary:WinXplore is a simple tool that allows you to manage certain folders under "\Windows\" in a quick and convenient way. Usage Notes:
- Select a Folder from the dropdown menu to navigate to a certain folder.
- Tap & hold in the listbox to add/delete a file from the folder.


Screen Shuts:



General Notes: (Please Read before updating)

-Remove SD card while updating.

- the two bluetooth icons on the tray launch, you can open their menus by double click or click and hold.

- Before asking, give us your edition (professional or TouchFLO...)

- if your rom has PIMBackup older than 2.5, install PIMBackup 2.5 and do the backup via it.

- SMSDrFix not activated, you have to open it to replace the numbers with their contact name on messages.

- If you open Advanced Config, the battery icon on the tray launch will disappear, you have to restore it using Advanced Config.

- There is no IPL, SPL, ... JUST OS and splashes, so i think its safe for G4 users.

- Radio 2.19.11 UK more stable and fewest issues and no missed calls.

- You MUST have an IPL and SPL at 2.xx or higher (BOTH not just one or the other).

- High recommend to reflash an official rom before flash this one.

- there are two update utilities on the rar file, one for XP and the other for Vista. But if you have Vista you have to visit this thread, then use Vista utility (Worked for me "i have Vista").

- If you want to improve A2DP; edit it by any Tweaking app like this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=291770 or search for that

- If you change some thing, you have to wait for a minute before restarting to make sure the device get your changes.

- If you have any issue with A2DP visit this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=308752, (previous rom version dosn't contain any issue).

- Are you beginner?? go to Howto flash a Wizard... a little tutorial! (Sticky Thread).

- Are you an arabic user?? go to the wonderful arabic forum which is www.ce4arab.com

TouchFLO Notes:

- go to start/programs/Touch/TFSettings , then set the way you want to activate the cube

- if you want high performance, install Battery Status from Add Ons section


Some other Notes:

- i didn't add mfrazzz RIL fix for the radio.

- i suggest you to use battery status last version which on the Add Ons.

- because of the internet temprory files saved on storage card, sometimes you find storage card 2 for your SD, this thing happened to me when i open Advance Config without storage card installed.

-Anyone using Rogers canada network, very high recommended to use 2.19 UK, the link on the Notes. (tnx benjaminries)

- If your memory running very low, you have to reflash your device with official WM 5.0 to fix this.

- All TNT cabs on the Add Ons will be installed on Windows Directory.

- The installing at the 1st time you use these series are not ExtROM, just customizations.

- your Device is G4!!! do you have problems not shown with others??, i suggest to reflash the latest WM 5.0 official then use the new G4 update tool from here.


Q- how can i remove battery level at the top of screen?
A- open WinXplore then startup folder and remove battery level.lnk (you can use file explorer on the folder windows/startup)
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Jan 29, 2004

Before downloading : i really spent so much time to produce this thing and looking for the careless things by someother cookers just to give you something very high quality, so please donate by any simple dollors here. and please if you can donate for tom_codon because he is the 1st assistant on my releases from here

pagepool for all= 6 MB (high pagepool= high performance+less program memory, less p.p= less perfor.+high program mem.)

Mirrors Are Needed please





Professional+HTC Home (my favorite) :




and also, there is a server has many of editions uploaded by mostberg (many thanks to him), can be found ftp://minftp.myftp.org/Public/
-just wait for his uploading

The New Add Ons :

- TNT_Flash_Player_3.0.cab
- TNT_VoIP_1933_for_Touch_Version.cab

working on some other very useful....

The old Add Ons Compatible with this release (install to the main memory) :

- MSVoiceCommand_1.6.17913.CAB (the latest MS build, published on Oct 2007)
- Tcpmp0.81.cab (Media player support many extensions)
- TNT_Cube.cab (Just for TouchFLO users, to activate the cube and its apps)
- TNT_Task_Manager_2.0.30740.1.cab
- TouchPalSip.CAB (nice touch panel keyboard, Details)
- WkTASK_1031.cab (new Task Manager, very nice and strong, Details)
- TNT Task Manager 2_0_30487_2.cab (the newest task manager)
- TNT Adobe Flash Player.cab
- TNT Adobe Reader.cab
- TNT AutoUpdate.cab
- TNT JBED 24052007.cab (will install on the Storage Card, "J" folder contains it DON'T delete it, so always keep SD installed to work)
- Tao_Java_10_1_7_575.CAB
- TNT HTC Voice Recorder1.10.611.cab
- TNT Transcriber.cab
- TNT Cyberon Voice Command.cab
- RealOnePlayer_for_PPC_v2.0.0.28.cab
- Battery Status last build can be found here (High Recommended, to get faster OS)
- CyberionVoiceSD_for_WM6_v1.2_build_61226_1.cab (thanks neva dinova)
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Jan 29, 2004

- Faria for his base rom (my start base rom).

- bepe for answering many of questions.
- tom_codon helping me on so many things including touchFLO tricks. (tom you are great)
- anichillus for his great kitchens.
- mfrazzz for letting me to use some of his packages.
- gullum for helping me on some of TouchFLO tricks.
- Cloudyfa for the new Java application.
- mmeyer4663 for support all old TNT series.
- schen for trying to help.
- famewolf for his PM with the topic "thanks".
- the-equinoxe for some of Touch tricks.
- mattk_r for his efforts on Wizard forum.
- schapes for his commmanager (there is a little edit on it)
- n3rxs for previous mirrors.
- Sleuth255 for answering some questions.
- jwzg for the forum arrangment.
- vijay555 for helping on this page
- hma4 for the good discussions (you are very useful bro).
- misar for his great tool
- samery for good supporting on our website (www.ce4arab.com)
- hanmin for his great design and all other designers on this thread
- all www.ce4arab.com members.
- every one used my packages and kept the credits.
- All TNT users who help others.

i think didn't forget some one. If I did, forgive me :eek: .

TNT.1921(5.2.1921 build 18521.0.7.0)
TNT.1437(5.2.1437 build 17944.0.3.1)
TNT 5.0 (5.2.1620 build 18125)
TNT 4.0 (mixing some base roms)
TNT 3.0 (5.2.318 build 15341)
TNT 2.0 (5.2.318 build 15342)
TNT 1.0 (5.2.318 build 15342)
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i need to be beta tester for next release or i die waiting ;P


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Feb 22, 2006
Hello. I really like "Official" edition, but how do I get VoIP ? in add-ons it says that VoIP is for TouchFLO.
What about VoIP for "Official" ?


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Jul 8, 2006
Central Oregon

I'm downloading Professional + HTC Home right now. Is there any way to replace the weather module (since the cities I would like to display will probably never be in there) with something like spb weather?



flat black rlz!!!
you can change the theme on setting - today

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Jan 29, 2004
Also...still only have flat black nav bars instead of the nice, glossy, 3d-ish navbars.


i told you by PM i will look for this thing for next releasing (i'm not sure if this is the next one or nit :D). anyway, i forgot how did you explain that for me, but really now i can't figure out the exact thing :eek: . Sorry, but sometimes i open my PM's w/o my mind :(.