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[03/04] * Simplistic ICS I XWLP3 * Get Ready for the Masterpiece![Stock LP4 Added]

What kernel would you like me to include in update pack 2?

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Nov 3, 2011
Welcome to Simplistic ROM Thread!

Developers: Do Not Use Anything from the ROM in your ROMs without permission, If that Happens, it is really easier than you think to spot it.
Also we're not responsible if your phone breaks out. Or if dragons pop out and eat you :p (I know I used this, but I like it)
Contact us for more info :)

Hello and Welcome the the Disaster Team's Simplistic ROM Thread. Enjoy your Ride.

The ROM has 3 Editions, we use Abbreviations to make it easier to type about.
Another Thing is that our ROM version is counted using Roman Numbers (e.g. I, II, III, IV, V..)

Now let's get to the abbreviations:
* Simplistic PS: Pure Stock
* Simplistic LE: Lite Edition
* Simplistic SD: Stock Disaster

So what do these editions mean, what does each edition offer? Let's look at a simple feature comparison chart.

So did you choose what suites you? Want to know more about that edition you chose? Look at the quick links on the right!

Want to know more about Simplistic ROM Control?
Want to know how to install the ROMs?
Then Scroll down to the next sections!

You may ask yourself about Simplistic ROM Control.
Well basically if you know AOKP ROM Control then you'll be familiar with it. Porting these features wasn't as easy as you think, and there is some features coded by me.
Simplistic Control is found inside the settings of both SD and LE Simplistics, pushed with a nice Icon to match settings.

Of course with time we will be able to get more features working, and even code features. So everything you see inside the Control APP works.

The ROM installation involves the same procedure that all ROMs use.

Important: Simplistic PS and LE are NON-WIPE
while Simplistic SD is A WIPE version.

To install the ROMs (applies to all editions):
*Download the Zip, don't extract it.
*Move the zip to the internal sdcard of your phone
*(Root Required) reboot into ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWM)
*Use volume buttons and home or power button to navigate. Choose Install Zip from sdcard.
* Then, Choose zip from internal sdcard. Navigate to the ROM desired, and select it.
*Highlight "YES" and confirm, then wait till it finishes
*Reboot and you're DONE! Wait till the phone boots.

Note: Donations mentioned here are starting from April.
Thanks to EJG for the 1st donation. (20$)
Total: 20$

-All people who made great things we found and used
-Vertumus for his Theme
-Gokhan Moral for Siyah kernel
-Wanam for Various things

Okay so let's get to the important things.

More info:
this ROM is intended for people who like the pure Samsung experience, and for ROM developers who want to find a good base to build their ROMs on! This ROM will be always the first one to be updated!
This ROM you can use for whatever you want without asking :), crediting would be really nice, too.

Screenshots are taken from the thread here, Full credits go to Faryaab.

- Rom is Pure Stock, that's where its name comes from.
- Rooted using CF-ROOT Kernel, credits to Chainfire
- Deodexed using the Kitchen provided by dsixda, If any problems occur then files are deodexed manually.
- Zipaligned also using the kitchen
- Manual updater-script.

PDA: XWLP4 (Removed some O2 branding)
Baseband/modem: LPS

All Simplistic ROM Downloads are on our blog.
Go to downloads.
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Nov 3, 2011
Simplistic Lite Edition

More INFO:
This is the Simplistic You got used to, the Superlite, ICS Themed, Ultra Smooth ROM, which is tweaked to perfection
Note: This version along with SD will be always based on our Stock ROM found above.

-Based on Simplistic Pure Stock XWLP3
-Siyah Kernel b7
-Fully ICS Themed, ICS wifi indicators, Domination Theme framework-res ported.
-SuperLight 199mb.
-Init.d Scripts, Build.prop Tweaks
-Scrolling Improved a lot!
-Fujutweaks 4.0.4
-AOSP Apps: Messaging Apps, Calculator, Email and Exchange, Gallery, ICS Keyboard
-Simplistic Control, find it inside Settings. You can also control performance settings.
-Disbaled Phone incremental ringtone, and got rid of noise reduction (For DEVS, if you want to know how, contact me)
-TW Gallery Included but hidden (For DEVS, you can ask about this too)
-Stock Samsung Lockscreen
-Camera Sounds Disabled
-Lidroid's 15 toggles (13 will be visible), working on my rebuilt framework.
-Advanced Power Menu, Recovery and Download added to Power Menu (For DEVS, this too)
-Added Youtube with HD over 3G and Wifi
-MMS Logs Removed
-Latest Swype Included, find it inside /sdcard/SimplisticROM/apps
-QuickPanelSettings to control 15 toggles

-Let the Screenshots talk themselves

Changelog for Update Pack 1:
-Removes "Simplistic ROM I" from expanded statusbar.
-Removed home button lag, home button reacts really fast now.
-Added SIP settings (SIP Over 3G works)
-Added Simplistic Boot app, it will generate a notification on every boot, this isn't intended to be disturbing, but to fix the statusbar disappearing problem.
-Added AOSP Calendar, while not breaking Contacts app, so there are no FC. (This will delete TW Calendar)
-Added T9DB for keyboards from LP2
-Added Chinese typing and reading support back.
-Deletes SecPhone.apk which is always running and doing nothing useful.
-Readded Silent and Silent Vibrate Icons back to statusbar (Vibrate is removed tho)

Now Regarding Simplistic Control:
-Made Clock a bit smaller
-Clock: Added 12h or 24h option
-Clock: Added AM/PM option (No AM/PM, Small AM/PM, or regular AM/PM)
-Clock: Now you can use combinations of things, e.g: you can use Weekday + Date + Clock, or any other Combination you like (Except Date Alone).
-Clock: Fixed Clock view from 24:00 to 00:00.

All Simplistic ROM Downloads are on our blog.
Go to downloads.
Flashable Addons
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Nov 3, 2011
Simplistic Stock Disaster

More INFO:
This is a variant of Simplistic, intended for Tweaked Stock ROMs Lovers, Some people love TW, and so we took that into consideration. This Edition we are sure you'll like.
ROM Developer: Mirko ddd
Note: This version along with LE will be always based on our Stock ROM found above.

Simplistic Stock Disaster Blizzard I

-Disaster theme (As close to stock as possible)
-TW Launcher with centered default home screen
-semi-transparent status bar
-Little modified status bar with settings shortcut
-Simplistic Control app.
-non increasing ringtone phone
-QWERty keyboard
-All Samsung apks
-Mms with no auto-conversion
-Save draft even with empy recipient
-Get sent time instead of received time on mms
-Fugutweaks 4.0.4
-Enabled sip callings
-No warning level (Allows your Phone to use camera and music till it is completely discharged)

All Simplistic ROM Downloads are on our blog.
Go to downloads.
This Edition doesn't need any Flashable zips, that's the policy of Mirko ddd ;)
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New member
Jun 5, 2011
*gasp*. This sounds temoting even though im trying to stay away from ics builds lol :p

Also defo needs to be moved lool.
looks like an iphone but powered by android baby!!!!


New member
Sep 29, 2010
LegendK95 said:
To Do : Add a theme which is more battery friendly (A dark Theme)
Make it Lighter
Haha want a battery saving theme (darker), then want to make it lighter. LOL!

I know its out of context, but i thought it was funny. =p

Should be interesting to see what you do in the ROM.


New member
Dec 25, 2011
Has anyone tried this rom yet? It would be interesting to see if there're the same data connectivity problems encountered in the other roms out here on xda, based on the latest KPA, LP1 and LP2.
I for one am using wanam's rom LP1 based which I found to be the most stable and which is of most importance to me, without 3G problems, but will definetely give this one a try tomorrow.
Thanks for your work mate and you'll get the needed feedback after flashing.
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