|03.05.2021|VovaRom G95xFXXUCDUD1|SecureFolder|

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Nov 10, 2014
Security patch: 01.04.2021
Build date: 06.04.2021
OS version: 9.0

01. Firmware based on clean drain SM-G95xF/FD
02. VoLTE works
03. Neither the bootloader nor the modem version changes
04. Screen recording
05.Turning off the camera shutter
06. Record button in the dialer
07. Removed the software that can be installed from the Google/Samsung market
08. Stock volume
09. Removed the delay after the call
10. Removed the high volume warning /Mod/
11. Fixed SHealth6
12.Root Magisk/CANARY/(just update MagiskManager)
13. Chrome-free firmware for easy installation
14. Blocking apps
15.Stock Wallpaper S8
16. The roaming forwarding window has been removed
17. S9 ringtone sound
18. Iphone message sound
19. Google Chrome Browser
20.RMM disabled
21. Patched CSC language tweaks
22. Google Pay works
23.Disabled the ability to update the firmware, cut the update option from the settings menu
24. Patched double DAAgent
25. Deactivated the forced installation of applications at the first launch
26. Hidden "OEM Unlock" in the developer settings
27. Signature verification disabled/optional/
28. Secret folder/Mod/
29. Stock core
30.Updated some programs so that they do not hang in the data section
31. Ultra Lite Firmware (lightweight firmware with a minimal set of just the right programs)
32.The recovery button in the curtain/Mod/ it is recommended to reset the buttons in the curtain after installation

update 28.04.2021 11.00 msk
I recommend always updating the firmware
I inserted a secret folder in the firmware
I inserted the Reboot Manager in the firmware
Signature verification disabled
Sandwich fix (2 SIM + SD card)

update 03.05.2021 11.00 msk

Stock Core
Source code:

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Nov 10, 2014
» Based on G95XFXXS6DTA1
» January security patch

1.Based on the clean new runoff G950FXXS6DTA1
2.Neither the version of the bootloader or modem does not change
3.New stock core
4.Google Play Works
5.Turning off the camera shutter
6.Record button in the dialer
7.Removed apps that can be downloaded from the store
8.Increased the volume on the headphones
9.Removed the delay after the call
10.The January security patch
11.Fixed SHealth6
12.Ruth Magisk 20.3
13.Removed KNOX, Devcommunity, SecureFolder
15.S8 Wallpaper
16.The redirect window has been removed
17.S9 ringtone sound
18.Iphone message sound
19.Watch on the lock screen and AOD from android oreo/thinner/
20.Disabled RMM
21.CSC tweaks
22.New screen recording

Added a version with VIPER / kernel resolving/ I don't know.
at the same time, banking applications will work/
mods on the download server
1.Debloater Aroma/removing apps/
2.SystemUI s8 Remove High Volume Warning
/S8 shutter without warning about safe volume/
3.SoundAlive/Samsung equalizer/

Download firmware
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