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Oct 14, 2010
hi guys iam new here and iam confused about what to download i mean all these versions so what i need is for some to tell which version is more smooth from the valkyrie
ty guys keep up the good work


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Oct 9, 2010
Dial *#*#364#*#* to enable 'Field Test' feature isn't working in Valkyrie_v7.3 but pr

Dial *#*#364#*#* to enable 'Field Test' feature isn't working in Valkyrie_v7.3 but previous version is working good.
@senseikar make sure you hard-spl or you might brick your device . After HARD-SPL download the rom the latest. then rename it to kovsimg.nbh put it into the root directory of the memory card. shut down device. then turn on using volume rocker down + power keys , multicolor display, then press power button to begin flashing. :)


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Oct 14, 2010
ty henry for ur quick response
my other question lol :)
will i need to download any of the fixes or tweak with the latest valkyrie version?! cuz there r many iam feeling dizzy
welcome. what fixes? I installed valkyrie rom and now I'm at peace. I don't need any other rom. For me this is the best ROM here. Stable, fast. However at your personal preference you may install your favorite apps.

for me the best app with valkyrie would be

1. Dark Ninja Android Taskbar ( I don't like battery status with numbers and it looks clean)

2. CHT 2.00 (cool slider and personalize your homescreen. However this ROM is bundled with CHT although its version is not the latest.)

3. Softtouch MAXKEY (keyboard - fast without frills - i can text one handed)

4. 1.17 radio (I find it cool when wifi is turned on, bluetooth)

5. X1 soft touch cab ( increases touchscreen sensitivity)

you may use the search button and try this apps. If you have any questions I'll answer them to the best of my knowledge. Good day sir.


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Dec 11, 2008

I would like to know how well this works for the sprint network and does it have any issues with picturemail?


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May 21, 2009
Request 2 Agent

@Agent....do you have the time to make a New updated rom? with CHT 2 and fixes for the prolems we already discussed in the past posts

thanks for the great work

out of question: valkyrie is the best X1 rom ever made;)


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Jun 29, 2006
Al Ahsa
@Agent....do you have the time to make a New updated rom? with CHT 2 and fixes for the prolems we already discussed in the past posts

thanks for the great work

out of question: valkyrie is the best X1 rom ever made;)

I agree,still the best customized WM 6.5.x until now.Good for everyday use..no SOD & serious freezes. hoping that agent would update his ROMs.. thanks Agent!


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Oct 14, 2010
i finally installed the latest valkyrie rom and it works great but got some problems if u can help me plz do
my problems r
1-if i used the camera for long and then close the whole phone lag and i have to do soft reset
2-battery information not showing i mean i got the number at the upper part but when i press battery information it enters the battery page but doesn't show anythin
3-panel manager cannot add panels when i press get more panels
4-how to rename my phone identity
5-if i can get the lil arrow at the upper part for the small task manager it would be great
6any idea on how to hear the beb beb sound when some one ignore ur call i hear nothing
7-cannot copy any .cap file to my phone using sync only happend with this rom
8-and if there is a way to rea arabic messages it will be awsome i tried in the search loaded a cab and ended screwing up some stuff so plz i need on that work
thnx that is all
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no sods no freezes. except there is one bug that really bugged me. I can't save a contact. I mean for example you're on messaging. it displays the number and the messages (threaded view) then when I click on the number a menu should be brought up with (save contact, call, etc) :) thanks for this VALKY ROM i really love it !

this one really is for texters I mean it doesn't lag at texting. and so fast.
Hi, I tested your rom and if I choose sense as default start page instead of windows default (titanium), every time I click on the messages tab sense freezes and I must revert to titanium or soft reset the device.

Also sense takes ages to load when phone is turned on.

Is a patch in works or at leaast a known issue?


Mar 18, 2010
So considering CHT + Editor 2.0 version is now out, I am trying to find a way how to uninstall the 1.8 version of the editor pack with the rom, since you need both of the same version. Any fix?


Nov 3, 2009
Latest stable X1 rom...


Been interested in installing a new rom with wm 6.5 and i've been considering:

1) gtrab's SEX1 R5 BareBone
- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=594278
2) gratb's SEX1 R3 xTreme
- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=509891
3) Valkyrie_v7.3 FireStorm
- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=512050

[I'll be posting this in two threads since diferent people hang out in different threads i assume... gtrab and agent_47...]

I already tried gtrab's SEX1 R5 BareBone, and had a known issue with battery.

I've got some general questions about all roms.
# Is it possibe to update vm6.5 from beta to the stable version ?

# Which is the latest versions of all roms ? because gtrab's has over 100 posts and agent_47's has over 1000 posts so its quite a hard job to go through all the posts to get the latest and most stable version.

# Are there any plans for a next more stable rom MAYBE soon ? Because i try to avoid solving issues with seperate cab files IF possible of course.

I'll explain my thoughts:
- I prefer xpert version over barbone because it has more stuff which i need like google maps etc... but i'm not sure if there's a "second" build like there's for the barbone.
- On the other hand, agent_47's Valkyrie seems very promising but i saw a lot of "small" issues which could be solved by installing extra cab files...
So i'm not sure which one to go for, anyone can give me some advice please ?

Last thing, i want to say a big thanks to both of them, they've done a great job and i do really appreciate it. I assume everyone hear agrees because i've read a couple of posts and i saw loads of thanks from different people here.

Thumbs up :)

P.S sorry for posting same question in two threads, but the reason is to get different ideas from different people...

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    hey, a lot of ppl have been asking be to reupload my ROMs n kitchen n stuff. but i was not able to do so as im in a different country n left my stuff home. however, i did manage to get my old Harddrive, so here they are.....have fun


    note: kitchen is as it is from last time i made a ROM. all my trix+modds are included in different plcs. i cant even remember all of them since it was so long ago i last worked on WM build. sorry. please compare the files with windeff n u will find them. other modds, which are common to all system are included in the EXT\SHARED folder.


    NB: i started the upload....may take an hour or so



    almost all port of Topaz\rhodium over wm6.5 for x1.
    and u get u use the new Lock screen and wm interface.
    real life benches:
    first load~ 2.5min
    normal boot time ~ 1min from power on _ 40sec
    windows folder load time ~2 sec (w/o show all files) ~4 sec using Total commander
    Storage: 33/317MB (edit)
    RAM: ~ 47% with manila running (edit)
    From Windows Mobile 6.5:
    Titanium & Bronze UI (skinned with PureBlack2)
    Kinetic Scrolling
    Big finger friendly menus
    Finger slide Lock
    From Kovsky
    R3 PanelManager
    r3 camera
    From Rhodium\Topaz
    Latest DShow, PDF, MMS, Jbed, etc
    Manilla CFC (modded with R.G GREY)
    3G rhodium dialer
    Album, AudioBooster, AudioManager_Eng, black Calculator,
    HTC Connection Setup
    New Notification_Enhancement
    -basically all of it minus the new HTCmenu,
    Advanced Configuration Tool 3_3
    Facebook_1, nueSIP, klaxonm, Total Commander
    Titatium plugin: CComm, TWeather, ATcontacts
    -PoolPage: 0MB

    Alright, as some of you have noticed, I have been too busy to update my rom series for x1. The main reason is that X1 feels annoyingly slow (takes a good 5-7 minutes to flash and another 5-7 minutes to finish customization) and lack of time. Most importantly, there are no new things to upgrade to. All sys from MS is the same and all HTC are the same old stuff.
    Hence I have decided to stop working on x1 series. However, if someone wants a custom rom with application that you want to be cooked in, you may click on this link to find out more.
    However, I will upgrade the ROM if:
    • There is a bug that cannot be fixed via cab.
    • There is an upgrade from MS/HTC that improves functionality/performance
    • Cookie mod upgrade that required cooking
    This decision may come as a shock, and some may even find it wrong as there are many a times that a lot of you helped me out….(hell I got a TP2, HD2, a new PC and other small things with your help). However, I think this is better for me, to concentrate on individual roms and not collective ones.
    NOTE: this is only for X1 users……

    PS: you may use google translate to convert the text to your native language.

    Fard: for the performance improvement tips
    maxycy: for weather on demand\callhistory\4tabb contact icon modds for manila2.5
    billyJ: for the HUGE collection of theme\icons featured in his rom
    jerpelea- for his packages & 21231 xip/sys port for x1
    itje- for the inspiration and the brilliant TIT v7: gave me idea for bug fixing
    Ethermind: for batii driver modd
    knaplullig- manilla skining
    hylu- utube helping
    gitin,biernes_atrece- boot screen
    cheers to u all and everi1 else

    list last updated on: 14-june 2009​
    download link


    Before you download:
    - plz do HardSLP
    - Flash using microSD or using CustomeRUU
    - How to flash??
    -Update at ur own Risk

    PREVIOUS VERSION thnx to DrakenKorin


    NOTE: hardrest after flashing

    Current FireStorm Version
    Change log for v7.3LEO
    - 23129-21914
    - manila 2.5.2018.xxxx (with RS Feeds)
    - EXT from oboe1.04
    - new skin
    - Cookie editor fix
    - internet connectivity fix
    - ultra smooth performance in non-cookie version (4-tabbs
    - Full tab (TR2.5 + Footprint + Doc Tab)
    - start>utility>co0kie Tab lets enable/disable you know what
    - start>utility>Manila tab to disable the extra tab (fixed, now working)
    - Added Wifi tools from Oboe 1.14
    - change d3d driver
    - better memory results. 41% ram usage after manila TR2.5 boot. 47% with full LEO + Cookie tabs
    - small fixes based to improve user friendliness
    DOWNLOAD v7.3
    - valkyrie.ftp V7.3.23134-fx wm6.5.5 3rd sept
    - valkyrie.ftp V7.3.21914-fx wm6.5 2rd sept

    Change log for v7.0LEO
    - build 23123-21907-23569
    - ussd fix
    - vol key fix
    - removed extendir
    - cookie 1.8.5
    DOWNLOAD v7.0
    - valkyrie.ftp V7.0.23123XT wm6.5.x 10th JUL
    - valkyrie.ftp V7.0.23569XT wm6.5.x 10th JUL (mayb uploading)
    - valkyrie.ftp V7.0.21907XT wm6.5 10th JUL (mayb uploading)

    Change log for v6.0 FireStorm Rhodium\TOPAZ
    - build 28232-21893
    - pkg update from rhodium sense 2.5
    - performance tweaks
    - bug fixing
    DOWNLOAD v6.0
    - valkyrie.ftp v5.7.24001 wm6.5.5 3nd FEB
    - valkyrie.ftp v6.0.21893 wm6.5.5 3nd FEB
    - valkyrie.ftp v6.0.28232 wm6.5.5 3nd FEB

    Current XPERIO Version
    Change log for v6.3 XPERIO
    - build 25010-21898
    - abema
    - new icons
    - all new speed modds and bla bla
    - cant remember :(
    - XPERIO v6.3.25010
    - XPERIO v6.3.21898

    Change log for v6.5LEO
    - build 231120-21903
    - extendir
    DOWNLOAD v6.5
    - valkyrie.ftp V6.5.23120TR2.5 wm6 30th APR + manila without doc\footprint tabb

    Change log for v6.5LEO
    - build 23115-21901
    - cookie 1.7.1
    - cookie editor
    - speeed restored to previous glory :D
    - stuff i cant remember
    DOWNLOAD v6.5
    - valkyrie.ftp V6.5.21901TR2.5 wm6 30th APR + manila without doc\footprint tabb
    - valkyrie.ftp V6.5.21901LEO wm6 30th APR + manila with doc\footprint tabb
    - valkyrie.ftp V6.5.23115TR2.5 wm6 30th APR + manila without doc\footprint tabb
    - valkyrie.ftp V6.5.23115LEO wm6 30th APR + manila with doc\footprint tabb

    Change log for v6.2 LEO
    - build 21897
    - bug fixes
    - opera region change fix
    - new icon thnx to Lechux
    - smartlock (disabled)
    - removed HD mini lockscreen
    - performance modds
    - marketplace update
    - myphone update
    - abema fix (only in 23111-F5) other wise install abema .7 :)
    DOWNLOAD v6.2
    - valkyrie.ftp V6.1.21897 wm6.5 28th MAR + manila w doc\footprint tabb
    - valkyrie.ftp V6.1.21897 wm6.5 28th MAR + manila w/o doc\footprint tabb
    - valkyrie.ftp V6.1.23111 wm6.5.5 28th MAR + manila w doc\footprint tabb
    - valkyrie.ftp V6.1.23111 wm6.5.5 28th MAR + manila w/o doc\footprint tabb

    Change log for v6.3 LEO
    - build 25010-21898
    - TF3D background changer v2.0
    - removed bg for all (increases speed)
    - added more themes to TF3d bg changer
    - zero green policy, removed all green from manila stuff (thnx to DeKey)
    - late credit (90% of the new gasoline theme is by [ElCondor]) [4got to mention b4 ]
    - other things i forgot
    - x2 taskmanager
    DOWNLOAD v6.3
    - valkyrie.ftp V6.3.25010LEO wm6.5 30th MAR + manila w doc\footprint tabb
    - valkyrie.ftp V6.3.25010LEO wm6.5 30th MAR + manila w/o doc\footprint tabb
    TF3D version

    Somehow question posted twice.
    I am on xperio 2.7 21928 and after I had installed all my apps and done my ordinary "after-flash-registrytricks" I did a softreset and the large sized menus we're gone. Thanks to that I now have the perfect rom!