[03 JAN] Jaws-MIUI base on MIUI 18-12 Stable [Kernel: Has 8.6oldcam by tytung]

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Dec 21, 2009
ma miui en language italian ??????????????

C'è la traduzione su miui developpers...scaricala e li c'è scritto come fare! ma io la preferisco in inglese ahahah :) coi nessuno capisce nnt!

There ia a italian translation on MIUI Developpers...download it there ad read the guide! i prefer the english one coz anybody can understand it..lool:)


Mar 19, 2007
your problem is same as mine, vietnamese language, so how to customize the system font to unicode-fonts lesjaw?
it should has a thirdparty app to solve or somehow without rebuild next release. would anyone help me plz. this problem just encounter so often with my language

Hi, I'm from Vietnam too, if you want to change system font to display Vietnamese correctly in email, webpage, pls go to market and check FontChanger Lite, It works like a charm with me !!!


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Jun 1, 2010
I keep getting this error:

The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

I cannot make any calls because of this.


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Jun 7, 2005
Hi, I'm from Vietnam too, if you want to change system font to display Vietnamese correctly in email, webpage, pls go to market and check FontChanger Lite, It works like a charm with me !!!

i believe the default font already support unicode languages. i've tested it on a few asian sites and media player and the characters are displaying find in chinese & vietnamese i believe what he wants is to be able to see the filename in vietnamese in file explorer. for that you need a kernel that support utf-8. feel free to correct me if i'm wrong

btw, i'm on the 3112 version so not sure if it's the same font as this 1812 version.
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Dec 13, 2007
Tot of sharing this after testing:

Fresh from nand build 12.31 miui to this 12.18 nand build

EVERYTHING seems to work. Camcorder, camera, MMS, wifi, Bluetooth, Data connection, theme manager, Market......etc

Still testing GPS.......will update

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Jun 4, 2007
lesjaw i have bootloop after replace framework-res.apk above to root of sdcard with Root Explorer, i just copy framework-res.apk and paste to /system/framework now i flashed again:eek:

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    Hallo..so i have decide to move back to Old MIUI release (1812 release) until MIUI Dev release another version with Https app issue fix, this is serious bug, lot off app failed when trying to get authentication from https link (zynga poker, EboBirthday, World War game, etc)

    Base on : MIUI 18-12-10
    Kernel : Hastarin 8.6oldcam by tytung

    Whats working :
    * 3g/HSDPA
    * keypad status notification
    * Bluetooth
    * USB mass storage
    * G Sensor
    * Facebook sync
    * Camera/Camcorder
    * Wifi
    * GPS
    * FM Radio
    * Theme Manager
    * RMNET

    Whats not working:
    * Tethering & Portable Hotspot (lack of kernel support)
    third app work flawlessly :cool: click here

    Download 02-01 update1
    Click Here Please

    Update 1:
    Boot.img Click Here Please
    replace old boot.img with this, reflash again from MAGLDR
    Framework-res.apk Click Here Please
    use adb push framework-res.apk /system/framework/

    i know this is not an easy update..i hope we have recovery soon ;)

    How to fix App2SD :
    - install terminal from market
    type this :
    #cd /system/bin
    #ln -s toolbox newfs_msdos

    try move your app 2 sdcard again..

    Change log :
    - change LOSER boot splash
    - fix Bluetooth text in status button

    Tips :
    - Use paid Titanium Backup to move all user app to SDCard so you will not running out of internal storage space..
    - for Wireless tether use Wireless Tethering Apk
    - for USB tether use Wired Tethering.Apk


    thanks to : Cotulla - for making all this possible, rajko, ocm, tytung, dan1j3l, LeTama, hastarin, huanyu, michyprima, Cass67, darkstone, ElbartoME, gauner1986, Geo411m, mattc, memin1857, NetRipper, rafpigna, futureshock, altoore, RaiderX303 MIUI-DEV

    lesjaw, is there any chance to have russian language in your rom?

    and german ^^
    Hey dude ... i cant understand that you had change back to an older version of miui ... the newest release from 02-01-11 (31-12er version) runs very stable & fast on my hd2 ? you only change back cause this https bugs ?

    yes i switch back because https bug, i often use it..
    Hmmm Amazing I think this one is the best but it has a little problem
    It dosent have any bluetooth HID(Like bluetooth remote control and.....) is there any app that can do it??
    Thanks maan! :)

    are u talking about controlling media player with your bluetooth headset? if yes then go to Settings -> System -> Buttons and select your preferred app for remote control media keys.

    by default it's set to the MIUI music app so the BT headset will always trigger the MIUI music so just change it to the app that u want to use.
    The same problem here..i cant move any app to SD CARD using Titanium Backup Pro v3.6.5..any solution will be accept many thanks:)

    check first page :D