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[05-15-17] Debloated-Deodexed-Rooted N910PVPS4DQC1

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May 29, 2013
VoIP no voice

after installing your ROM..
I have a problem with whatsapp video call or any voip application..
The whatsapp call fine, but the video call has no voice..
Anyone face this problem too?

Maybe the problem come from audio_policy.conf..
Anyone have this file that work with video call voice?
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Feb 15, 2012
what would happen if I tried this on my QI5 Software Based version?

is there any way of switching to QC1?

I have QI5 and really want Basic Mods such as Native HotSpot. :(

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    Attention! I've just noticed some activity here. Thanks to all the members for answering questions.
    I haven't had this sprint device for awhile now so I don't keep track of this thread so much. For those of you needing help with gsm support, I'll try to offer assistance, since that's how I always used this device. I'll try to post a universal gsm fix script that'll modify any CDMA rom to work with gsm! Thanks!

    DeBloated, DeOdexed N910PVPS4DQC1
    Now with Rom Control!
    GSM ROM! (See Post 2)

    First Off About Me:
    First off, Let me state, I'm a full-time construction worker and also a full-time Dad. I'm not a Dev, like the peeps I learned from. So don't expect this Rom to get massive updates or often updates. I no longer have a N910P, so this might be it for me!

    About ROM
    Warning: This ROM is ONLY for the Sprint SM-N910P!!! DO NOT FLASH THIS ROM ON ANY OTHER MODEL!!! If you do then you are on your own! Know what you are doing before flashing and modifying your phone!!! You have been Warned!! I am not responsible for your phone breaking or blowing up!!

    This Rom is a debloated, deodexed, slightly modded Stock Rom! It is pre-rooted! And I removed a handful of non essential apps. Plus I added a handful of mods!
    I really wanted to add some more useful apps and a custom aroma installer but just wanted to get this out for the people asking for it. Hope you like the debloat and included mods.

    Version: 1.0
    This is based on stock with some custom mods!
    Fully deodexed framework and system apps
    Basic Mods (Power menu, hotspot, etc)
    Added a few useful apps!
    Su.d support
    Removed Knox
    Removed ItsOn
    Slightly Modded Stock Kernel
    Software Base version: N910PVPS4DQC1
    Kernel Base: Official Samsung N910PVPS4DQC1

    ROM Features
    Mods added: CSC edits, Hotspot mod, Only Once/Always, All apps multi window, remove permanent notification, remove USB plug/unplug awake screen, removed high volume notice, added Advanced Power Menu.
    Added app: YouTube adblock&background playback & AdAway!

    v1.0 - Released 05/15/2017

    ADD-ON Features!
    Rom Control by @ROBERT CM !

    Flashing instructions:
    Before you flash this rom you should be on the N910PVPS4DQC1 firmware. Specifically the bootloader and modem. (Uploading Now)
    Heres QC1 firmware for anyone needing!
    Full ROM - https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=529152257862726726
    Firmware / Modem - https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=72341335&postcount=16

    ***Before you flash this rom, please make sure your battery has at least 30% charge***

    OK... Lets begin!
    1. Download the rom and all the other mods you want!
    2. Check the MD5!!! Use a MD5 checksum tool on your pc or phone (Google is your friend)
    3. Copy the downloaded files to your phone's internal storage or micro-sd card
    4. Backup anything you need to backup from your internal storage and copy it to your pc or sd-card
    5. Reboot to TWRP custom recovery. Do "Advanced Wipe" options and wipe Dalvick-Cache, System, Data, and Cache. I also advise deleting /Android directory from Internal storage and SD card!
    6. Install the rom!
    7. REBOOT!!
    8. The initial boot process will take around 12 minutes. Please be patient. It WILL boot. The phone might reboot once from SuperSU.
    9. Once you reach the setup wizard proceed as usual and setup your phone.
    10. Once phone is setup, Now Install Rom Control!
    11. You're done! Enjoy!! :D

    Without the following people NONE of this would be possible. Period.
    In no particular order!

    @SuperR. for his awesome kitchen, @Chainfire for root and SuperSU, @iBotPeaches for apktool, @JesusFreke for smali/baksmali tools, and @asc1977 & @edzamber & @tdunham for all their amazing collection of guides!
    Also @tx_dbs_tx, @carlosggb, @SaintZ93, @hsbadr, @osm0sis, @freeza, @ianmb, @LMMT, @samep, and @wantedman76 for all their work that I've learned much from! And SO Many more here at XDA!
    Thank You All !!


    Fixed Zip Uploaded!!!
    DeBloated, DeOdexed N910PVPS4DQC1-Fixed
    MD5: 617f196041c2d8c9a330d783438cf0f8

    GSM Rom! See Post 2


    Rom Control
    See Post 3!

    Contribited By: aaron74
    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: N910PVPS4DQC1_N910PSPT4DQC1_N910PVPS4DQC1_HOME
    Based On: Stock N910PVPS4DQC1

    Created 05-15-2017
    Rom control!

    A great Dev @ROBERT CM made a Rom Control for our stock roms.
    Goto his Thread below to Download and don't forget to Thank him and leave him a reply!

    Here's his Main Thread!

    You must Download both zips and flash consecutively.

    Setup Rom first!, before flashing!

    Thank you, & Enjoy!
    Thanks. So what is the best method for using this thread's ROM while also having the latest Android Security Patches all the while not having to reinstall everything from scratch?

    Not possible. Samsung security patch updates patch the existing software using special scripts in the update zip. These scripts run and they rebuild and/or overwrite the original system files on your device. There isn't any way to know if or what framework files get patched without actually opening up the update zip and decompiling files manually and doing a comparison of the smali, etc., which I have done several times with updates. Almost always there is new and/or changed smali classes in framework files, especially services.jar. So the only way to keep current with the security patches AND use any custom touchWiz ROM is to rebuild the rom using the updated system files. Depending on the ROM's customizations, this could be easy or it could be a lot of work. Rebasing a TouchWiz ROM and reapplying mods, etc isn't too bad for a device's native software but it still takes time. But in all honesty, unless there's a really dangerous security risk found, the patches aren't that big a deal for the most part. I have also noticed that security update patches can also contain updated system apps not just framework and libraries. If this ROM is mostly stock then just Odin the stock rom and then take the latest update then root then debloat yourself.
    A great Dev @ROBERT CM made a Rom Control for our stock roms.
    Goto his Thread below to Download and don't forget to Thank him and leave him a reply!

    Here's his Main Thread!

    Thank you, & Enjoy!

    This weekend update my rom control and mods
    I trying adapted more mods for n4 stock

    This motivate me a development and keep it up and I know what more more persons and devs enjoy of this mod :laugh:
    This weekend update my rom control and mods
    I trying adapted more mods for n4 stock

    This motivate me a development and keep it up and I know what more more persons and devs enjoy of this mod :laugh:

    Thanks bro. I know the note 4 is dying out with devs. So it's always nice to have people keeping us alive. Take your time bro, i know how it is!