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[05-JAN][FIX] GPS on Gingerbread :)

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Aug 21, 2010
hmmmm... just finished with imilka's hd2z nandroid version....

think i will go gingerbread then! with this fix...

well.. at least something keeps me awake.. lol thanks


Senior Member
Jan 18, 2008
awesome news! just flashed and configured cm 6.1, but since i have a problem with calls (sometimes it doesn't ring and opposite is forwarded to mailbox) i will now try mdj's gingerbread nand...

thx gauner :)


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Staff member
Jan 30, 2006
NSW, Australia
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

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    Hey guys,

    just a quick thread to inform you that i have just fixed GPS on Gingerbread in a nightly coding excess. I tested it on CM7 and it works.
    Replace the files in your ROM with the respective ones in this tar archive :)


    I've been playing with GPS status aswell. With the current roms, you get a fix which is not updated every second and GPS status does not show satelites.

    As I was trying to port my own ROM, i had a every second fix and GPS status showing satelites while messing with AdamG's Oxygen v2.0 RC6.

    Rafpinga beat me to it by getting Oxygen ported correctly, however using my port files on his build gives me the same results. I'm now able to get a satisfying fix to use with google navigation. It's jumpy here and there but in my opinion way more usable then current GPS status.

    Before trying the files attached, Please rename or backup your current files!!
    I have set permission to 777 on all files using Root explorer. Let me know if it works for you!


    ps. I have it working using the files attached (ie gps.htcleo.so). You need to validate if this works for you, or try rename to gps.bravo.so
    converted gps fix to CWM package

    For those who use ClockworkMod Recovery, i made a CWM zip file from the normal zip.
    It copys the files with the right filenames and change the permissions to sufficiant ones.

    Please be aware, that i am not responsible for an damage on your phone, but for me this fix and this package works awsome! :D

    Thanks Diem!
    Great to hear it's working for you guys!
    Ginger with workable GPS feels so much complete :cool:

    (Thanks to all who clicked the "Thanks button"! :D)
    Step by step gingerbread new real gps fix

    1) Download the new files from here:
    2) Get RootExplorer app or any file manager with root access support
    3) Copy libgps.so to /system/lib and overwrite the original. Tap and hold it and set the permissions to full 777. Tap R/W on tap if system is R/O (read only)
    4) Copy gps.htcleo.so and sensors.bravo.so to /system/lib/hw. Tap and hold those files and set the permissions to full 777. (IF you have gps.bravo.so file in your build, rename gps.htcleo.so to match it to your build and overwrite)
    5) Reboot, make sure gps is enabled from settings - location OR power control widget before you reboot.
    Go outside, launch a gps app. (gps status, google maps or motonav, navigon sygic etc) and wait for gps fix. It would take between 10 to 60 seconds on average. You should see satellite info in gps status app after gps gets a fix. It should update your location every second. It should no longer reset compass to north every few seconds. Your nav software should be working properly now.

    This fixes the gps fix loss/no sat info problem of gauner1986 libs and is provided on page 13 and 14. Check posts from Diem and Baco.
    Now you get satellite info in gingerbread and location is updated every second without resets to north. Don't forget to check file name and permissions.

    Alternative way to update the files via ClockWorkMod (CWM)

    Note: 777 permission means tap and hold the file in root explorer and tap permissions. check all the available permissions. It should say rwxrwxrwx (which is equal to 777)
    Some builds have different filenames for the same file, rename accordingly, be sure you overwrite the original. (Remember to always backup any file you replace beforehand)

    The only remaining issue is, gps status says agps info will be downloaded as soon as there is data connection. But there IS data connection and it used to say, agps info downloaded.

    This fix is already included in mdeejays cm7 gingerbread v2.5

    (Gauner1986, can you update the first post?)