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[05-JAN][FIX] Navigon Select on Gingerbread

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Jul 9, 2008
Navigon loading dead slow problem !

Hello fellas,

I'm going mad because of the slow loading of Navigon 4.0 on my HD2. Is there anyone experiencing the same thing? This is not normal right?

My ROM is HyperDroid-CM7-v5.5.2 and my Navigon is legit. I tried having it on SD card and on main memory but the same thing.

When I run it again after closing it, it goes fast but if I wait and turn the screen off for several minutes and then try to run it, the loading goes very slow.

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    Hi guys, me again,

    i just fixed Navigon Select to work with Gingerbread. It needs the replacement of libmedia because some interfaces got incompatible. Now i can finally use onboard Navigation on my CM7 :)


    Just replace the file in /system/lib

    Nice job, i don't use navigon just copilote, but I must congratulated you because you are making hardcore coding for HD2 scene.


    +1 your out of control, dude. Your an 86, just one more than me and you are making some major breakthroughs.. It makes me think I am really doing nothing with my life, lol.. But yeah, keep up the god work, man

    Edit: I meant to say "good" work but swype has no problem also praising you it seems :)

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    I tried to replace the file (using ES Explorer) but the original system file can't replaced due to rights. Guess I need some kind of cmd prompt tool?

    Yes I'm new on rooting and haven't touched unix/linux for years (except through Android's interface of course)

    Did You tried Root Explorer?

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    navigon usa 3.5.4

    Looks like the US version 3.5.4 was out on the market as of March 10 2011.
    can anyone post the apk file if possible.... please?