[06.05.09] Touch-IT 6.5/Manila - Try it now...if you dare :)

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Jun 20, 2007
A winmo 6.5 rom with t-mob rhodium manila and Topaz apps
CE OS 5.2.21222 (Build 21222.5.0.1)

--This is a Public Beta--



If you dont like what I do with the rom, dont make comments that will only embarrass yourself.

Thx to:
All you who have donated

Special thx to my Touch-IT team:
Fards, great problemsolver, thx for helping bro.
akp99, for mods on opera, problem solving..thx bro..
[email protected], bugreports and suggesting fixes..thx bro

You guys really made it easier for me to make this rom

Extra special thx to:

All my friends/users/fans using my work

To others I might have forgotten: sorry...
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Jun 20, 2007

Before you download, read here:
-Update to my roms and hard-spl at your own risk, I'm not responsible for any damage to your X1.
-Dont start yelling about the rom is useless (Or similar) just because a feature you use is not working. That is to me really demoralising to read, and it most
certainly dont encourage me to respond to your issues.
-Dont complaint about why I remove this or that. Or why I dont add this or that.
-Have respect for ppl who contribute to the members of XDA
-Do not sell this software on E-bay or other places
-I really spend alot of time working on this. Donations is not required, but is much appreciated.
-I do NOT respond to bugreporting on pm or via email/msn, ask in the thread. If someone has time, knowlege and patience, they might help you ;)

Any donation given for the time I use on this is appreciated, so pls use link above my banner.

Download Touch-IT 6.5 with Manila:
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Jun 20, 2007
How to get the Touch-IT Xperience:

Hard-SPL is needed if you wanna flash custom roms

-Info on Hard-SPL here

My tips on how to flash a custom rom:
-Do not let battery be below 50%
-Keep the device on a secure location (so that it wont fall and loose connection to your pc during flash)
-Enter bootloader (rainbowscreen) pressing power button and volume down simultaneously (hold the buttons untill you enter bootloader)
-Connect to pc (activesync)
-Run the ROMUpdateUtility.exe and follow onscreen instructions

Please read here to get the best xperience with my roms
-Do a Hard-reset after flashing is done
-Wait with installing any apps/progs until you have tested the performance and stability of the rom.
-Tweaks and regedits are allready set to max up the performance, if you install tweaking cabs or other performance cabs, they might not
work well with this rom, and can ruin the performance of the rom.
-Before reporting bugs, try think before you post; is it related to something you have altered?
-Missing programs is not a bug. I do not wish to have comments on why this and that are missing. Get a cab..

Flash via micro-sd method
-Originaly posted by Jackleung
-Make sure x1 is hard-spl first
-Make sure your micro-sd is formatted w/ fat-32
-rename the image file (normally "ruu_signed.nbh") to Kovsimg.nbh, copy that to the micro-sd, and put that on your X1's sd-card
-Bring x1 to boot-loader mode by turning off the x1 completely. Hold the "volume down" button on the right, and hold the power on button until you see the tri-color screen.
-Then follow the on-screen instruction
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Jun 20, 2007
My rantings...

-Please dont ask why this or that theme is not in the rom...its just so...pointless...!
-I have put what I wanted in the rom, if you dont like themes, skins or w/e..do a search..find another theme/skin. install it...and dont whine about the choice I made on colors etc...
-Search the thread for the answers, or search the forums if you cant find it...The issues you have is not so special, im sure others have the same, or have had the same issue...
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Nov 24, 2008
i'll be waiting for it, thanks to you itje i am used to use the manila that i don't want to use WinMo 6.5 if it's not there, even though that i saw winmo 6.5 have some nice things (not talking about it's home screen) i didn't put it yet :D


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Apr 28, 2009
Your work is also very very very best
we love your hardworking
God bless you
we love you
waiting :)))


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Aug 1, 2006
You dare me? I will flash it now :) Thanks

BTW why did you use manila from Tmobile Rhodium? Why not use the same one from your v7 Touch it rom?
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this is built on 21222 which is the 6.5 sys build from the htc twin.

so it's newer.. and faster.

manila slows it a bit, as usual, but it's still quick.

I found a few bugs in 222 build, but itje has a different one, so I'm keen to try it as a base for further experiments.

Overall though :
it has all the goodies from V7+ on a 6.5 base.


i love to have the 6.5 start menu with tf3d. i just hope this one is just as fast as itjes other roms which i don't doubt will be.:)


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Jul 15, 2008
Thank you, itje!

I've been playing around with this for a few hours now, and I must say it's impressive. It feels very, very fast!

I had it crash twice when switching directly from Titanium to TouchFLO 3D, but couldn't reliably reproduce this. This was after installing TitaniumWeather and AppStar Favorite People Plug-in, so not sure if it was related to anything originally in the ROM.

Other than that, didn't notice any bugs so far.

From what I can see, this ROM doesn't come with Chainfire's GfxBoost cooked in. If I remember you did include it in Touch-IT v7 Final. Any reason it's not in this one? Supposedly it benefits performance of both Titanium and Manila.

Definitely not complaining, just curious. In any case, I'll install it and see for myself ;)