Development [06.05.23] Full ROM System-RW (F2FS) for S918B I Dr.Ketan ROM

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Absolutely amazed by the dev's attention here. He saw this one and quietly agreed and worked to overcome it.

Hats down!
Thank you, doctor.
I am amazed with your observation too! as I did it without any reaction when someone reported/requested (in frustration lol!)
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Jun 26, 2016
Hello Dr Ketan,

Concerning me the falas is perfectly past but after restarting, I am still on kla version T05,if you know what there is to do to be on the latest version after the flash?

A big thank you in advance and congratulations again for this superb work Dr Ketan.


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Jun 21, 2010
I am amazed with your observation too! as I did it without any reaction when someone reported/requested (in frustration lol!)
I posted here.. that I wasn't able to update and upgrade my phones for the past years (personal stuff with ill ppl).

But one thing is for sure: I try to not ask much. Instead I really read your ROM threads these years and followed everything daily, so that I don't reach a point to have to be spoon fed. But this was without having the new devices and the time. Therefore I admit I'm rusty and had no direct experience with phones/ROMs after Android 9. I was only reading.

I'm now really happy to be back to your product. Outstanding work, patience and standard here.
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Hello Dr Ketan,

Concerning me the falas is perfectly past but after restarting, I am still on kla version T05,if you know what there is to do to be on the latest version after the flash?

A big thank you in advance and congratulations again for this superb work Dr Ketan.
Any chance you forget to remove magisk module as said in changelog?
Check and remove if there
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Sorry I don’t speak English correctly, I must have missed this, which module should be removed before the flash, thank you for your return.
Check if ROM Tool have option to "prepare dirty flashing ROM" on main page?
If yes then run it and reboot device, it should be T05 after this


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Jun 26, 2016
Sorry,I think I just found,Dr Ketan rom module T04,I just deleted it,I’ll try the flash again.


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Jun 26, 2016
Thank you very much Dr Ketan,

Perfect, now I am of course on the T05 version, but I no longer have the Dr Ketan module in the magisk modules, it must be put back and if so how, thank you again, your work is extraordinary.


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Thank you very much Dr Ketan,

Perfect, now I am of course on the T05 version, but I no longer have the Dr Ketan module in the magisk modules, it must be put back and if so how, thank you again, your work is extraordinary.
No more module requires with system-rw
Next time before flashing rom simply select "prepare for dirty flashing ROM" option from rom tool if planning dirty flashing
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Jul 8, 2011
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Johnny Eng

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Apr 25, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
ChangeLog T05 for S918B (System-RW)

This is a full ROM with Mods included forS918B. For all other variants
check this

  • This is mainly stability update and more optimized for System-RW version.
  • Based on S918BXXS1AWBM Android13 March 2023 security patch OneUI 5.1 (Same as T04)
  • ROM is now System-RW with F2FS file system without any performance loss (Big thanks to LeeGarChat and MrWaehere )
  • ROM Tool on essential fix auto setup zygisk including SafetyNet & GPay fix (no needs to change any option manually)
  • Applying Essential Fix now won't reset QS Panel order.
  • Removed option to Remove Customization from ROM Tool as it may mess up with Dirty Flashing ROM.
  • ROM Tool : Fixed for Long Press custom action not sticking after reboot. Now it will retain set action automatically after few seconds of reboot *
  • ROM Tool : Added option for Prepare for DirtyFlashing. Now no needs to clear data of ROM Tool, instead select this option (May be useful in next version) Still We recommend to Clean Flash ROM
  • ROM Tool Added option to Clear App Cache.*
  • ROM Tool Apply Essential Fix now added option to Remove/Restore Chrome Browser along wth Carrier Bloatware option.*
* = Options added after Test version, you can skip T05 Public if you are fine without this options.

In case you dirty flashing ROM, You must remove Dr.Ketan ROM Module. After this version you will have option in ROM Tool to "Prepare for Dirty Flashing ROM" - Just selection it will be fine.

Installation : Notes included in ROM download area

Setting up device first time after ROM installation

  • Check for Magisk app, if not available/only stub available, Install Magisk apk → Open & allow run additional setup if asked for → Reboot
  • Open ROM Tool from app drawer and Apply essential fix and Reboot,
  • After reboot you can check SafetyNet and should be passed. You can use this app from playstore or This from Github to check SafetyNet (ROM Tool will offer to install this during Essential fix too)
  • Now you can further setup ROM a per your liking. Also MagikHide is Configure Denylist now and available under Magisk Settings.
  • Since A12 new Magisk (Zygisk) doesn't have buil-in Module repo, You can get standalone module manager from here (ROM Tool will offer to install this during Essential fix too) For more details and queries about new magisk ref this

PS : Plz don't install any other mods for SafetyNet, All queries related to Magisk/SafetyNet will be ignored if already explained above

TweaksPro version requires 5.1.04 or up

ROM Features (XDA Version)

- Ad Free QS Panel Toggle
- Secure Folder
- Reboot to recovery QS Panel Toggle
- Native call recorder (Manual) (call record option during in-call)
- Auto Call recorder without CSC restriction (ROM Tool - Mods & Fix)
- High Volume warning disabled
- Pre fixed Titanium freezing while restoring apps
- Probable fix for Titanium Backup schedule
- Internet browser Secret mode
- S Health patch for using with rooted device.
- Option to remove carrier bloatwares
- Fixed BT pairing for loosing pairing after reboot
- ROM Tool with following Options
  • AdFree mode Enable/Disable
  • Long Press Home button customization
  • System UI Mods (custom) : Needs to Install custom SystemUI
    1. Show/Hide stock battery
    2. Show/Hide 3minit battery
    3. show/hide stock clock
    4. show/hide 3minit clock
    5. Statusbr mods & color : see ROM Control below
  • SystemUI Mods (Stock Mods - QuickStar Module functions) : Works without installing custom SystemUI
  • Single click install/uninstall custom fonts (on the fly)
  • YouTube Vanced Installer (No xposed requires)
    1. NonRoot - Requires MicroG to login
    2. Root - Truely alternate to Youtube, Can login to youtube without MicroG (disable Play store update)
  • You have to click on NonRoot/Root depending on your choice, then you needs to click "Install" tab and latest version of Youtube vanced will get installed.
  • Mods & Fix
    1. Auto Call Record
    2. Titanium backup FC fix
    3. SafetyNet Fix & Google Pay alternate Fix
    4. Added camera fix (Certain users reported camera failed issue. This is reported on stock too, here is someworkaroung meanwhile samsung fix it)
    5. SafetyNet Fix + GPay Fix New (Use only if Fix with Applying Essential fix doesn't work)
    6. Samsung Health & Private share fix
    7. NetFlix / Amazon Prime Fix : Needs If TWRP + Decrypted data
    8. Access denied PopUp fix
    9. Wavelet sound mode dump permission
  • Remove Customization : This will remove system customization of ROM and retain stock experience, also before using this option still you can Apply Essentail fix for sopme critical fix like SafetyNet, GPay etc. All systemless fix still remain after removing customization.
  • Update & Fix
  • Bootloader / Busybox checker
  • ROM Info
- ROM Control (systemUI preferences)
  • Battery Bar with thickness and color option + Charging Animations
  • Virtual key on statusbar (Lt/Cinter/Rt)
  • Network meter with Toggle (Lt/Rt/Quick Panel/None) with color option
PS : There may be few more options in ROM control but won't work if those are not mentioned here.

Known Bug/Tips/Fix

  • Tips on TWRP and App Backup/Restore Read Here

Download :

STATUS : Online

PS : This is a fully customized ROM and for end users only, ROM or any part of ROM not allowed to redistribute,modify or to use as base to prepare new ROM.
Hi Dr Ketan, thanks for the awesome job!
So fromT04 we still have to remove all magisk module and clear data of Rom tool before flashing T05 right?


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Jul 16, 2010
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
@dr.ketan i am on T05 and have this problems seen in Screenshots. Thanks


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    @dr.ketan have a question. I was planning to flash this ROM. Currently I am on Samsung official room, rooted with magisk. Just a info i wanted, is that if i plan to dirty flash this rom using the tool that you have provided for the same, would it be okay? (i know it might face issues, but going through the formatting process is a little tough for me due to my work schedule)

    Can you please advise?

    I read the thread where others have also said its possible, but done remember seeing anyone stating they followed the process from official rom to custom rom. Have only seen it for the update part.
    • Tool isn't available separately, that means you can use only if you are on Dr.Ketan ROM and wanted to update to Dr.Ketan ROM.
    • Dirty flash will never work while you moving ROM from encrypted to decrypted data or vise a versa
    PS : More detail Installation guide available in ROM download area, refer it before flashing ROM.
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    Care to share your battery efficiency tips please?

    debloat all apps that are not needed
    disable all apps that cannot be debloated and are not needed
    limit background processes for all apps you think are needed, either:

    - via the app's settings in Android
    - via the battery settings in Android (there are more options, e.g. disable the background processes completely)

    install magisk module "universal-gms-doze" to limit the background processes of google-play-service
    set power mode of phone to "light" (battery and device maintenance -> battery -> advanced battery settings)
    make sure in the developersettings that mobile data is turned off, if connected to wifi
    assign a static IP in the wifi settings, if possible
    disable "switch to better WLANs" in the advanced wifi settings
    activate "WLAN energy saving mode" in the advanced wifi settings
    disable "Automatically connect to Hotspot 2.0 WLANs" in the advanced wifi settings
    in connections -> mobile networks disable 5g ("connect LTE/3g/2g automatically")


    Create profiles to e.g.:

    - With DND enabled (10pm - 7am for me) and screen off, enable airplane mode and reactivate when screen is turned back on.
    - With VoWifi available turn on airplane mode/wifi and turn off airplane mode again when wifi is not connected

    I may have forgotten one or two things, but these are the most important steps (for me)
    It depends of course on your use of the phone, whether the steps are useful
    Guys I have problems regarding youtube videos buffering using revanced provided in ROM tool, anyone facing this too? And found a solution?
    I have fast and consistent internet and checked with regular YouTube before flashing this rom worked fine so that shouldn't be the problem.
    Yes revanced have issue
    I will prepare new version and include in next version
    June patch should be on the way
    I want to make a fresh and clean installation of t07 rom.
    Actulay I'm under t06 version.
    How can i do ?

    does i need to:
    - install TWRP,
    - clear data user, and wipe full data

    before install the t07 version ?
    Straightway Flash T07 (Use CSC file from stock firmware of your region if it is not from OXM grousp)
    Reboot to TWRP (It should auto reboot to TWRP after flashing ROM, if no, do manually) → Factory Reset/Format data as per your liking) → Reboot to System → Install Magisk apk → Open and complete additional setup → Reboot → Apply ROM Tool Essential Fix

    PS : You can find all details in Installation Guide.
    Received my s23 ultra last Thursday and flashed it directly with DrKetan T07. The installation and setup of the rom was smooth and the rom works perfectly! Even my banking apps work without me having to freeze magisk. Anyway i am very happy with the phone/rom

    Hello my friends.
    How are you all.
    Does anyone knows a substitute for youtubevance now that they were banned by Google?
    YouTube re vanced
    You can activate from ROM Tool
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    Dr.Ketan ROM for S23 Ultra for S918B

    Full ROM
    : Installation like a breeze, Full ROM includes full components of ROM and you can one step install ROM on any previous version of ROM without updating firmware. Currently ROM is system-ro. More info below.

    Supported device : S918B
    We do support usually 2-3 years since device launched, but yet no guarantee, We may drop support for any device / any variant/s anytime without any prior notice.

    Magisk ROM Module
    for All S23 variant Here

    ROM Features

    ROM Features varies with version of ROM. For more details, read changelog post. Link available in post #3 for changelog of all versions.
    Must read changelog for a version you are going to install, it will have latest information about features, changes, known bug list/fix of respective version.

    Installation and Download in Post #2

    ChangeLog : Post #3

    @Chainfire - Respected elite developer for supersu and his unbelievable contribution to XDA/Android community. @wanam - Respected elite developer for his awesome contribution and references to his works.
    @topjohnwu for Magisk
    @xperiacle the amazing developer for reference to his work and tools. @gharrington for 3minit battery and QuickLaunch.
    ROM Control source and all credit and thanks goes to @daxgirl and @Wuby986 for their open source project for RomControl.
    @AbrahamGC for some ideas samsungvn
    AbrahamGC and Anan1211 for Secure folder and s-health A12
    @afaneh92 for TWRP, system/vendor rw scripts and modules.
    @Arteush for bluetooth fix (losing BT pair on reboot)
    aka_vkl for Dolby digital
    kdrag0n for SafetyNet fix
    @Winb33 for custom font pack.
    HuskyDG for Bootloop Protector magisk module.
    @LeeGarChat for System-RW inspiration & Big Thanks for his RO2RW Tool to work for S23
    MrWeahere for CRB Kitchen

    XDA devDB Information

    S918 I Dr.Ketan ROM , ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


    ROM OS Version: Android 13
    ROM Kernel: Stock (pre-rooted). Source code (samsung) here
    ROM Firmware Required: Stock Samsung specified version

    Version Information

    Created 2023-02-09
    Installation, Important Infos & Download

    : State of the art Installation procedure.

    • Only needed is supported device + Unlocked bootloader.
    • No needs to have device rooted/Installed TWRP/update device to specific base
    Detailed installation guide separately available in download area along with ROM files.


    Before you root your device you must be aware that

    • This will void warranty.
    • As of now you will lose Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass forever if you root once, even unrooting won't help.
    • There are many features stop working when you unlock bootloader other than S pay/Pass like Samsung Health, Secure Folder, Galaxy Watch pairing issue, Issue connecting old gear watch (S3 or earlier), Google Pay etc but ROM is patched for all these mentioned features. Still you may trouble using some bank apps and these may fixed by adding these apps to Magisk Hide
    • There may be some knox features there which you may not able to use but I can't list those as I never used. Just Google It
    • Patched featurs are working today when writing this, No idea if it may stop working next moment/tomorrow or later
    • Also to note, once you root, you can't go back to "pre-rooted" state completely. It is one way!
    • OTA won't work on rooted device.
    • ROOT with caution.
    • On unlocking bootloader you will have warning screen while device boot and as of now no workaround to hide. Though it can be removed with re flashing stock rom + re locking bootloader
    • You can unroot & Relock bootloader after flashing stock firmware, but still your warranty flag remain 0x1 and most of countries it still voids warranty. Also after unrooting & relocking bootloader, some knox features never work again.
    ROM Tool permission : Files & media - To save and read files, Calendar - Tool needs some time monitoring to avoid using RT immediately after reboot. Special access for accessibility service - Since Android 12 it requires for QS panel custom Toggl e.g. Reboot to recovery

    Download :

    Important Announcement for T06 release

    I am holding T06 because of Magisk 26.0 stable release just released. T06 test version is based on Magisk 25.2, one can install (update) to 26.0 easily but ROM Tool and Tweaks will have multiple things broken because of some changes in Magisk 26.0
    I will re-release T06 with built-in Magisk 26.0.
    @ Test users of T06 : Please don't update to magisk 26.0 else you may have multiple things broken.
    Testing T06 (WC8) with April 23 security patch

    There will be two test version of ROM Encrypted and Decrypted data
    If there will be some positive review for Encrypted data version then I may public release.

    Testing T05 (Stability update) for System-RW + Dirty Flashing friendly