[07/01/2018][KERNEL][UberTC][EMUI 4.0.X] SimpleKernel v4.1

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Jun 24, 2017
Huawei P8lite/P8 Lite
Sorry to bring this old thread up again, but it's only one with kernel soucre link working. Even tho i have built like 50 kernel for diffrent phones, i can't built for this one. None of toolchains are working, and yes i tried Linario, UberTC, Google's toolchain. Seems impossible to get it working. If anyone knows any other kernel source, please give me PM so we can bring this device back to life. Also, if OP sees this, i mean no disrespect in any way.
P.s Moderators don't ban me pls :D

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    SimpleKernel - a custom kernel for hi6210sft devices.

    -Updated Linux kernel version to 3.10.107
    -Added ROW and DEADLINE I/O Shedulers.
    -Fixed GPU performance, thanks [user=6152035]@Kostyan_nsk[/user]
    -Added Governors:
    *PMC, credit goes to [user=7354786]@XePeleato[/user]
    *Smartmax, credit goes to [user=7354786]@XePeleato[/user]
    -Added CPU hotplugging (ThunderPlug), credit goes to [user=7354786]@XePeleato[/user]
    -Added init.d support
    v2.1 (published as v2-beta)
    -Removed features that slowed down cpu
    -Added Zen and Fiops ioshedulers
    -Added Bioshock governor
    -Compiled with UberTC
    -Fixed Multitasking
    -Fixed ZRAM issues
    -Added ASMP hotplugging driver
    -Added PMC and smartmax governors again
    -Added wheatley governor
    -Added fingerprint boost driver
    -Added some other performance tweaks
    -Added again Intelliplug and Thunderplug (Both updated)
    -Some other performance tweaks
    -Compiled with newest version of UberTC
    -Added BFQ iosheduler
    -Added Maple iosheduler
    -Added lazyplug hotplugging driver
    -Added blu_active cpu governor
    -Use lz4 zram compression instead of lzo (lz4 is a lot faster than lzo)
    -Added frandom driver
    -Added fsync toogle (disabling can result very high increase of ux performance)
    -Added Gentle Fair Sleepers toogle
    -Added Arch power toogle
    -Added new TCP congression algoritms:
    -Linux 3.10.108
    -Added uKSM (a bit buggy for now, will be fixed soon)
    -ext4 fs patches
    -Updated lz4 compression driver (lz4 from 3.0 is used as zram main compressor)
    -Added pegasusq governor
    -Added sioplus ioshed
    -Added CRC_ARM64
    -And a lot of performance/battery/stability patches :D
    -Disabled UKSM
    -Added zzmoove governor
    -Set westwood as default tcp
    -Improved interactive governor
    -Added GPU governors: (MAY BE UNSTABLE! See: /sys/devices/gpufreq/devfreq/gpufreq/available_governors )
    -pm_qos (stock kernel default, it was already here)
    -Fixed bug related to gpu frequency "indicator", now cur_freq != 0 (see: /sys/devices/gpufreq/devfreq/gpufreq/cur_freq)

    1. Reboot to recovery
    2. Click install then install image button
    3. Find downloaded image and click on it
    4. Select partition you want to flash in this case boot
    5. Flash it by swiping this thing :D
    NOTE: Remember to make backup! You can also flash it using fastboot.

    SimpleKernel Github


    Source code:
    I don't have P8 lite. Ask someone else who has it. Maybe Surdu would help you.

    Now with your solution - should not be very hard to implement a properly kernel OC ... but as some developers already started working on OC kernel, I guess I'll let them to finish his work ! When and if I'll have more free time, maybe I'll start working on a OC kernel - but this will not happen soon - just because some users want it !

    Anyway, thank you very much for your INFO :eek:
    Even if you don't make one oc kernel by/for/from yourself, help @kosmitchak and @xperiafan13 to find out how.

    This is a demand ? If yes, sorry for you ... but I don't see any "Please" before your demand - if you think someone is paid to please you, then you have mistaken the forum ;)

    What I know is that when I need some help from someone, I ask in this manner "Please, can you help me ?" ... it really changes the way of interpreting demand, but unfortunately it is not the case for you, and there are certainly others - So please guys, don't expect to be helped if you start in this way :p
    Please dont expect 15k cpu score in antutu :D first version wont be so much advanced. Just optdemand governor copypasta with some values tweaked. Remember that i'm only 14 years old guy who is still learning, when i will be more skilled i'll tweak it more, maybe I will try to overclock gpu/cpu. But please dont expect too much for now.
    Thanks for understanding!
    After a little break i'm back to kernel development :D