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07 June 2010 - Solved by OTA update: Potential cause for excessive battery usage

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Mar 18, 2010
I noticed that my new Desire had close to 100% awake time (Settings>About phone>Battery), which has historically been an issue for other HTC devices (Sprint Hero). So I checked the Battery info (punch in *#*#4636#*#* in the phone dialer), and under “Battery history” it shows “Running” as 100%, which indicates the same awake time. If I change the top pull-down to “Partial wake usage” it shows me that the calendar is running more or less constantly.

Could this be an underlying cause of poor battery life? (not that it’s that bad in my opinion – seem to get 15-20 hrs out of one charge – But my Hero could last 2 days or more)

Would someone please bother to retrace my steps on their devices to see if they get the same results?

UPDATE APRIL 21 2010: PARTIAL SOLUTION FOUND: The problem is the calendar app. It can be solved partially by force closing the calendar in “manage applications” and then starting it up again. After doing this, the phone sleeps correctly. So something in the calendar app is preventing the phone from going to sleep – And by restarting the app it works correctly again.

Unfortunately this is only a temporary fix, since it has to be done every time the phone is powered on (rebooted) and also every once in a while without rebooting, since the calendar app for some reason resumes it bad behaviour after a day or so.

So everyone with the problem should let HTC know about it - Assuming they listen..

UPDATE APRIL 24 2010: SCREENSHOTS ADDED: I added screenshots of the issue as well as how it's supposed to look on a handset without the issue.

UPDATE APRIL 28 2010: PERMANENT SOLUTION FOUND?: Remove Flickr Sync. Go to Settings>Accounts & Sync>Flickr. Then press remove account at the bottom of the screen and reboot the phone - Please report back in the thread if successful! :)

UPDATE JUNE 07 2010: The issue has been resolved by OTA update to 1.21.405.2.


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Oct 11, 2009
I charged my battery while the phone was on yesterday and it said it'd been fully charged. I then switched my phone off and the yellow charge light was on, indicating the battery wasn't full. I waited for it to go green and got an extra hour or so charge time, hopefully the charge will last longer now. I think it's a firmware issue with reporting the battery is fully charged when it isn't.


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Mar 18, 2010
I did a factory reset last night and it didn't change anything. I'm starting to think it's a hardware issue, since other users seem to have a normal ratio between awake time and up time (50% or less)


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Mar 23, 2009
Think mine was a faulty battery, replaced it lastnight with a brand new one, turned phone off, charged till full and left phone on with wifi enabled. Battery was at 88% when i got up this morning.

Normally having wifi enabled over night would of used 30-40% of the battery.


Mar 29, 2010
Interesting find. I have the same results.

I use the calendar widget, I wonder if that's why it's so high? Do any of you use it?


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Jul 4, 2008
Ive found on mine that turning off the live wallpaper gives me at least a day and a half of useage. FYI, since turning my phone on this morning @ 7am, ive now got 84% left and ive been on a few calls, txt's activesync for email etc and a bit of browsing over wifi etc. so not too bad as good as my HD2 ever was.


Oct 6, 2006
I have found today that my awake time was the same as uptime , even though my phone was left alone for over an hour ... Something is keeping the phone from going into sleep mode ??? For a start I have removed all widgets from my home screens, and rebooted, to see what effect that has on the awake time.

EDIT: even after rebooting without widgets and leaving the phone alone for 15min, the awake time is exactly the same as uptime. using the *#*#4363#*#* menu, calendar is the first app in partial awake time and the blue bar is about 75% (dont understand completely what this means).

Anyone having more advice for me?
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Apr 5, 2010
Re: Potential cause for excessive battery usage

Same here. Don't know what's causing it though.

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Apr 19, 2010
It seems calander app is also keeping mine awake.
I've pulled the widget off my home screen and have stopped it syncing so I'll check again in a day and see how its going.

As for removing the live wallpaper....no way its too nice :eek:


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Mar 18, 2010
My calender usage is really really low (around 5%), i only really use this big month view widget. strange

Thanks for replying!

Just a question: Is your 'Settings>About phone>Software version' similar to this?:

Firmware version:
2.1 –update1

Baseband version:

Kernel version:
[email protected] #1

Build number:
1.15.405.4 CL155070 release keys

Software number:

Browser version:
Webkit 3.1


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Aug 19, 2009
my calendar has been syncing non stop all morning, can't work out whats the matter with it.

i was using the android widget and it would sync past 10.10 am just removed widget and it's now updated to 11.58

also i use call log which i tried uninstalling and deleting calendar as it had synced the same phone calls over and over again, not sure if that was a cause or a victim of the stalled calendar sync as that was all happening around 11.17 which was after the calendar sync had already stalled.


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Mar 18, 2010
I sent this to HTC support - Let's see what they say:

I have a brand new HTC Desire that I’m very happy with and I only have one real issue so far: Battery life is only 10-12 hours on a full charge.

Going to “Settings>About Phone>Battery” it shows me that up time and awake time are the same, which seems to indicate that the phone doesn’t suspend correctly as it’s supposed to (and as other Desires do – as well as my old HTC Hero).

In the battery info console (pressing *#*#4636#*#* in dialer) it shows me that the calendar is active 80-90% of the time (by going into “battery history” and changing top dropdown to “partial wake”). To compare android system is only around 5% or less. Some Desire owners seem to have the same issue, but others also report calendar usage to be much lower and awake time much smaller than up time.

In “Settings>Applications>Running Services” it shows “ObexService” and “ConnectivityService” listed as running under Calendar.

I’ve done two factory resets of the phone to test if it had anything to do with my particular setup or apps (synchronising mail, contacts and calendar from Google as well as work e-mail and calendar through exchange). But the problem persists after the factory reset without installing anything or syncing with exchange.

Is this a firmware issue that will be updated? Or is it a particular issue with the hardware on my handset? Can I do anything to make it suspend correctly?

From “About phone”:
Firmware version: 2.1 –update1
Baseband version:
Kernel version:, [email protected] #1
Build number: 1.15.405.4 CL155070 release keys
Software number: 1.15.405.4
Browser version: Webkit 3.1

I bought the phone from 3 in Denmark.

Kind regards and thanks for any help,

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