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Jan 1, 2022
while trying to unpack it shows kernal can't be unpacked and during repacking it shows failed to repack system and vendor default will be repacked. Please anyone help

If you is facing the error:
"Failed to repack system, default will be used"
"Failed to repack vendor, default will be used"

Please extract the attached zip file and copy file_contexts.bat to tmp folder.

Run it before repack.

This batch file merge the "file_contexts" files from system and vendor folders in a single file inside level2 folder.

Please note that even if you unpack and repack again without making any changes, the new img file may have a different size than the original img file. This is because the tool may not work correctly with Android 9+.

Not sure if it works for all cases, please use it at your own risk.


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Nov 2, 2021
If you is facing the error:
"Failed to repack system, default will be used"
"Failed to repack vendor, default will be used"

Please extract the attached zip file and copy file_contexts.bat to tmp folder.

Run it before repack.

This batch file merge the "file_contexts" files from system and vendor folders in a single file inside level2 folder.

Please note that even if you unpack and repack again without making any changes, the new img file may have a different size than the original img file. This is because the tool may not work correctly with Android 9+.

Not sure if it works for all cases, please use it at your own risk.
I successfully repacked the rom, but don't know why the device keeps restarting.


Jul 6, 2021
Need help for android box with stock rom and custom roms i try it
The os detect my usb wifi rtl ,,,but i can t activated,,,why ? And if there a solution plz help
I post this question in onother forums but no anser


Senior Member
Nov 22, 2017
You need to know which Wi-Fi module you have. So, open the box and see. Then search for the custom ROM which has that chip. Aidan's ROM is a good start. Slimboxtv.ru is also another option.


Jul 6, 2021
Thx for replay
it s long history :)
my kiii pro 3g/16 builtin wifi and bt stop working after one day for use :)
i try to use a dongle usb wifi (mediatek 802.11 n wlan id : 148F-7601)
with stock android rom 7.1,2,,,the system detect the usb but i can t activate it
i try the aiden and slimbox 14.7 (for me slimbox more stable)
the same problem ,,,the os detect the usb wifi but i can t activate it
i can t understand why ?
( i use coreelec 9.2.8 With sd the usb wifi is ok but I want use android)


New member
Aug 14, 2022
anybody give me a help.
is it possible to change some setting or file that will make the box booting from usb disk?

with the help of this great job,i have root with magisk the box's boot.img. it works

then i'd like to make some test on armbian or volumio linux-based system

my box is mingwork box, smlogic s905m2, 1G+8G, ANDROID 5 based systen(alibaba mode)

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    Is there any way how to modify Android 9 ROM?
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    So, AMlogic have a horrible way of dropping support for their tools.
    Decided to make a few of my own. More stable, more efficient and (no longer opensource)!
    Also, with the versions of the tools, i decided to base it on the latest version of the amlogic tool and increment it by 1.

    The only thing i request is that my software is not mirrored or uploaded anywhere else
    Wanna create your own ROM? Check out my Android guides on Youtube right Here

    And there is also a guide on making a custom firmware with V6.0.0 Here

    Feel free to check out my website RD Engineering

    A donate version is now available so donate HERE and email [email protected] after you have donated to acquire the donate version

    Donate version is now free - Visit my website for download link - http://rickydivjakovski.com/

    Customization Tool

    -Removed obsolete functions
    -Better tool management
    -More information displayed
    -Fixed changing bootanimation
    -Fixed bootanimation orientation
    -Added bootanimation dimensions + FPS are now shown
    -Fixed displaying wallpaper
    -Fixed ability to change wallpaper
    -Fixed ability to display bootlogo
    -Apps tab now literally shows all apps.
    -Added kernel/recovery tab
    -Shortcuts to open certain kernel files added
    -Shortcuts to open certain recovery files added
    -Ability to convert recovery to TWRP recovery
    -Option to open Generic.kl(keymap) file
    -Ability to add init.d support(system hook)
    -Abillity to compile into TWRP flashable zip
    -Added option to choose wipe /data
    -Added options to choose what files to write
    -Faster EXT4 decompression
    -Faster way of splitting update package
    -Partition verification added
    -Ability to save as project
    -Repack to USB burn img
    -Change bootvideo
    -Enable boot video
    -DTB editing
    -Add/remove required keys for firmware flashing
    -Enable adblocking(Donate version only)
    -Full vendor partition support(Donate version only)
    -Abillity to modify the internal partition table(Donate version only)
    -Unpack/Repack the bootlogo
    Much more i have forgot..

    Bootloader Console
    -Communicate with UBOOT

    Burn Card Maker

    Formatting happens in the background(no P/Invoke)
    Formatting done on seperate thread
    Quicker extraction of aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT
    Faster file processing

    AMLogic Flash Tool

    Flash kernel
    Flash recovery
    Port recovery from device recovery
    Port recovery from recovery.img
    Port recovery from Upgrade package
    Flash after completing port
    Backup kernel/recovery to folder
    Backup kernel/recovery to flashable.zip
    Reboot into recovery
    Flash zip(coming soon)

    Upgrade Info Tool

    Basically displaying all needed info about an AMLogic upgrade package

    ---------------------------->> v6.0.0 <<----------------------------
    Built newest make_ext4fs from source
    Built newest sparse utillities(simg2img, img2simg etc) from source
    Built newest unpackbootimg from source
    Built newest mkbootimg from source
    Built newest mkbootfs from source
    Built newest dtc from source
    Newest cygwin libs
    Removed the need for multiple copies of the same library
    Automater program build system
    Better backwards compatibillity support for microsoft windows
    Full 5.x.x > 8.1 support(Soon 9.0 aswell)
    Code has been cleaned
    ---[Customization Tool]---
    Optimized gathering file contexts
    Added support for unpacking/repacking vendor
    Fixed 8.x compatibillity issues
    Faster repacking
    Removed DTB editing(still unpacks/repacks, just makes the tool too slow)
    Fixed booting issues with vendor
    Support for more launchers
    Removed recovery converting
    Partition lengths now read from DTB
    Added automated debloating(Donate version)
    Added abillity to block ads(Donate version)
    Quick Unpacker(Donate version)
    Added partition table modification(Donate version)
    Appended full vendor support(Donate version)
    ---[Quick Unpacker]---
    Initial release(serves the purpose of standard level2 unpack/repack)
    ---[Unpacker Class]---
    Added vendor support
    Fixed contexts issue
    Fixed 8.x compatibillity issues
    Added true timestamp
    ---[XML Decipher]---
    Initial released
    Abillity to split files by tags
    Abillity to patch files by tags
    ---[AML Partition]---
    Initial release
    Abillity to generate simple partition table
    Added more detailed logging
    ---------------------------->> v5.5.0 <<----------------------------
    ---[Customization Tool]---
    Optimizations to the unpacking process
    Fixed typo in packing tab
    Fixed simg2img crash
    Fixed not booting bug
    Fixed SizeInflater creating 1bit bigger bug
    Added abillity to repack logo
    Fixed disabling tabs while packing
    Added option to change bootlogo
    ---[Unpacker Class]---
    Added repacking logo support
    Redesigned Unpack logo class
    All streams optimized and closed before disposed(freeing resources)
    Added ResInjector class(Inject resources to a specific index) - never used in tools..
    Added support for unpacking AMLogic resource files
    Added support for repacking AMLogic resource files
    Communicate with the device via serial(UART)
    ---------------------------->> v5.3.1 <<----------------------------
    ---[Unpacker Class]---
    Fixed contexts typo causing crash
    ---------------------------->> v5.3.0 <<----------------------------
    Added AMLogic driver installer
    ---[Customization Tool]---
    Fixed removal of old DTB combo box items
    Removed logging of keys
    Fixed double unpacking of bootlogo
    Tool now checks for currupt bootlogo(bitmap)
    Tool now checks if bootanimation exists
    More launcher support(Minix)
    ---[Unpacker Class]---
    Added logging of keys
    Fixed detection of null raw image
    Quicker EXT4 partition unpacking
    Updated file context tool
    ---[AMLogic driver installer]---
    Added worldcup driver to the installer
    Added PL2303 driver to the installer
    ---[Bootloader console]---
    Added icon for bootloader console
    ---------------------------->> v5.2.0 <<----------------------------
    Fixed simg2img binary issue
    Fixed simg2img binary incompatibillity issues(cygz.dll)
    Added missing binary and libraries for bootloader console
    ---[Customization Tool]---
    System is now converted to a raw ext4 img before unpack - longer process but more stable
    ---[Amlogic Bootloader Console]---
    Fixed startup crash
    ---------------------------->> v5.1.5 <<----------------------------
    ---[Customization Tool]---
    Fixed repack issue with platform configuration
    Fixed key check on unpack
    Added logging for required firmware keys
    ---------------------------->> v5.1.2 <<----------------------------
    Added platform configuration as a resources
    ---[Customization Tool]---
    Abillity to add platform configuration
    Fixeed unpacking level3(logo) when only selected level2
    ---------------------------->> v5.0.9 <<----------------------------
    Fixed startup issue
    ---------------------------->> v5.0.8 <<----------------------------
    Updated context decompiler
    ---[Customization Tool]---
    -Adjustments to logging
    -Repaired recovery porting feature
    -Fixed kernel replacement issue
    -Fixed recovery replacement issue
    ---[Unpacker Class]---
    -Dynamic link libraries are reset on start
    -Resolved kernel output directory issue
    ---[Recovery Converter Module]---
    -Preserves file context from previously converted recovery
    ---------------------------->> v5.0.0 <<----------------------------
    Added bootloader console tool
    Added Amlogic USB Api
    Added AMLogger(My Amlogic tool logging class)
    Added AMLUnpacker V2
    Added RecoveryConverterModule
    Updated CoolADB client
    Tools now run COMPLETELY native
    The source code is no longer released to the public
    Included EOLUtil(my utillity to convert EOL chars between formats)
    ---[AMLogic Flash Tool]---
    -Fixed ADB connectivity issues
    -Fixed recovery porting issues
    -Updated recovery converter
    -Added recovery porting for S905W devices
    ---[Unpacker Class]---
    -Splitting is now done with official binary
    -Now includes kernel unpacking/repacking
    -Now includes converting file_contexts
    -Much quicker in operation
    -Quicker method of checking CRC checksums
    -Added abillity to split/append the DTB partition
    -Added abillity to convert dtb files to and from text
    ---[Customization Tool]---
    -Fixed clearing tmp folder crash
    -Updated recovery converter
    -Removed the need for JRE
    -Fixed issues of unpacking kernel on some computers
    -Cleaned up keernel unpacking/repacking
    -Added background support for Tanix3
    -Added background support for H96 Pro H3
    -Fixed replacing recovery/kernel bug(not valid ramdisk)
    -Fixed Saving/exporting/loading level 1 unpacks
    -Support added for 5.x.x - 7.x.x
    -Fixed system length(file size) issue
    -Removed add init.d support(problematic for some Android versions)
    -Removed port recovery from only this tool, flash tool still has it
    -Fixed permissions issue
    -Internal checks for successful kernel unpacking/packing added
    -Internal checks for successful recovery unpacking/packing added
    -Internal checks for successful system unpacking/packing added
    -Internal checks for successful dtb unpacking/packing added
    -Option to edit remote.conf
    -Added support for unpacking meson1.dtb
    -Added DTB tab
    -Added DTB editor
    -Auto DTB line conversion
    -DTB editor with search capabillities
    -DTB editor with Obsidian theme/syntax highlighting
    -Tool now searched for suppoted preinstall directories
    -Fixed replace recovery/kernel issue
    -Fixed "No changes applied" issue with system
    -Full windows 7 support now added
    -Added oem partition unpacking support
    -Added vendor partition unpacking support
    -Updated way of repacking to zip file
    -Fixed wallpaper apk still in use
    -Added partial packing for upgrade package
    -Added partial packing for upgrade zips
    -Stronger compression method(avg pack time 1-3 - 4min, 5-7 - 10min, 8-9 - 20min+)
    ---------------------------->> v4.0.0 <<----------------------------
    ---[AMLogic Flash Tool]---
    Fixed connection errors
    Fixed the out of index bug
    Adb now included
    Custom CoolADB client added
    ---[Customization Tool]---
    Added detection of bootvideo
    Added abillity to repack to upgrade package
    Added abillity to choose unpack level
    Fixed error of not finding launcher
    Added abillity to change bootvideo
    Added abillity to enable bootvideo
    Fixed FC/Error of unpacking
    True permissios detected from file_contexts
    ---[Unpacker Class]---
    Now generates image.cfg
    Optimizations added to unpacking
    Second method of unpacking being implemented
    ---------------------------->> v3.5.6 <<----------------------------
    ---[Customization Tool]---
    Fixed flash bug preventing rom from being flashed
    ---------------------------->> v3.1.5 <<----------------------------
    Added UpgradePackageInfo tool
    Contributions added by Akwhite(jasonnimwegen)
    ---[AMLogic Flash Tool]---
    Fixed connection force close tool bug
    Fixed block backup typo
    Tool now operates while disconnected
    Some functions are now blocked if not connected
    Added connection status bar
    Fixed shows connected while not connected bug
    Added abillity to allow flashing custom block paths
    ---[Customization Tool]---
    Added wallpaper changing for other AML devices with different launchers
    Fixed displaying of current file open
    Added abillity to show partition layout
    Checks Upgrade package size compared to hex size
    Abillity to see file sizes
    Abillity to show file type
    Abillity to show file names
    Abillity to show start hex address
    Abillity to show end hex address
    Shows file count
    Shows partition count
    ---------------------------->> v3.1.0 <<----------------------------
    Added AMLogic flash tool
    ---[Unpacker Class]---
    Removed support for commandline unpacking[EXE]
    Perfected unpacking of all firmware
    Completely unpacked via recognised hex algorithm
    Completely generated head via hex algorithm
    Option to list upgrade content added
    Option to get partition information added
    Option to unpack single partition added
    Corrected logo unpacking
    Extended to support unpacking of kernels/recoveries
    Option to split Upgrade Package head(Input package, Output file)
    Option to generate partition info(Input package, output txt)
    ---[Customization Tool]---
    Updated TWRP recovery resources to 3.2.1-0
    Removed inbuilt unpacking class
    Removed inbuild kernel unpacking class
    Tool now uses Unpacker Class
    Tool now uses Kernel Unpacker class
    Fixed SHA1 checking
    Added Importing/Exporting project
    Drag and drop on icon functionallity
    Fixed bug copying update-binary
    ---[Burn Card Maker]---
    Updated icon
    ---[AMLogic Flash Tool]---
    Updated icon
    Based on original AMLogic flash tool
    Updated recovery resources
    Fixes with connectivity
    Added option to flash flash kernel or recovery zip(experimental)
    Added option to port from upgrade package
    Added option to port from recovery.img
    Added option to pull recovery from device
    Operations are handled on seperate thread
    Includes Unpacker Class
    Option added to backup kernel/recovery
    Option to flash after porting
    Rebased UI
    Based on .net 4.5 to allow windows 7 compatibillity
    Includes CoolADB Class library(also made by me)
    ---------------------------->> v3.0.2 <<----------------------------
    ---[Unpacker Class]---
    Faster unpacking
    SHA1sum verification added(VERIFY file, PARTITION file)
    Abillity to unpack VERIFY files(SHA1 sum)
    Near perfection of unpacking
    ---[Customization Tool]---
    Fixed not including recovery or kernel while packing
    Fixed file context error
    Partition verification added
    ---------------------------->> v3.0.0 <<----------------------------
    ---[Unpacker Class]---
    Used source from my old AML unpacker
    Improved functionality and stability
    Unpacked by algorithm rather than assuming struction
    ---[Customization Tool]---
    Removed obsolete functions
    Better tool management
    More information displayed
    Fixed changing bootanimation
    Fixed bootanimation orientation
    Added bootanimation dimensions + FPS are now shown
    Fixed displaying wallpaper
    Fixed ability to change wallpaper
    Fixed ability to display bootlogo
    Apps tab now literally shows all apps.
    Added kernel/recovery tab
    Shortcuts to open certain kernel files added
    Shortcuts to open certain recovery files added
    Ability to convert recovery to TWRP recovery
    Option to open Generic.kl(keymap) file
    Ability to add init.d support(system hook)
    Abillity to compile into TWRP flashable zip
    Added option to choose wipe /data
    Added options to choose what files to write
    Faster EXT4 decompression
    Faster way of splitting update package
    ---[Burn Card Maker]---
    Formatting happens in the background(no P/Invoke)
    Formatting done on seperate thread
    Quicker extraction of aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT
    Faster file processing

    XDA:DevDB Information
    AMlogic tools, Tool/Utility for the Android Stick & Console Computers

    Ricky Divjakovski

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2018-05-07
    Last Updated 2020-09-26
    Hi all, after a few medical issues and pc issues i now almot have my new build up and running, all thats left is a decently priced GPU, i may consider makig a return to amlogic!

    Ive basically got the Customization Tool finished,will be uploaded in a few hours with fixed functions
    Current changelog(V3.0.0)

    -playing/changing bootanimation, changing wallpaper, unpacking(Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 - used for storing raw bootanimation, wallpaper and logo),
    -fixed splitting logo.PARTITION
    -Bootanimation playback now shows dimensions + FPS,
    -More info is shown in the info tab
    -unpacking is significately faster
    -added pack to flashable .zip

    I still havent decided
    -if im gonna allow the tool to repack to an AMLogic upgrade package
    -if im going to implement the option to convery the recovery.img to a TWRP ported recovery.img
    If anyone needs the donate version now that the original website domain expired, I've put backups up on some file hosts just to be safe:


    Ricky's Website Project Downloads Page Via Google Cache:

    Mega URL for a backup I re-uploaded:

    Mega URL on the Google cached page from Ricky's site:

    Google Drive:

    gofile.io Link:

    Direct Link via Gofile.io:

    Also attatched to this post as well
    Hi Guys,

    Mis-placed the tools/token generators some how.
    When i find it i will be posting the donate version public for everyone.

    Will be the last distribution of the software unfortunately :(
    I have to focus more on my career at this point in life!