[08.08.22] N986B I N985F/DS I Dr.Ketan ROM I OneUI 4.1 I OneUI 3.1

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There could be multiple reason
Does that app restored with backup? If yes then try clearing data of app.
Also it can cause if it check for root, hide in magisk
It can be with GPAY fix, try removing and see
Initially it was restored from backup. I tried from a clean install same thing. I added it also to the Magisk exclusion list, same result.
I'll try GPAY fix tips then let you know.


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Thanks for the new update and keeping Note 20 relevant. I'll cry when you decide to move on from the updates lol
Lol! At least for one year no plan to stop N20development.
By the way, I own S21Ultra & S22ultra both but my primary device is still N20Ultra
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Aug 17, 2018
What files does it contain: "AP_Dr.Ketan....tar.md5"? I can't flash it because I have bin 4, and my imeis are not the original ones.


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My imeis were not patched, they were the original ones, they were changed when installing the rom, and I can't flash the BL.Ketan files, since my bin is 4, not 3.
Then you can ignore bootloader files
If you want to update to latest then first install stock rom and then flash this rom

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    I tried to flash TWRP and got an Odin error. When I booted I got the same error as before. So had to start over and flash VH7 again. I'm staying on stock until Sept. rom. :(
    same for me I had to download from original web twrp
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    ETA for S11 (Sept base) : Before Next week end.

    Thanks for patience & support.
    I am aware of Sept patch but busy with other project, it may take little time to update.
    Sorry for inconvenience. Hope all of you can understand.

    ETA for S11 (Sept base) : Before Next week end.

    Thanks for patience & support.
    Honestly, I could wait for 2 builds before updating. Security are not important to me 🤣. Enjoy your weekend.
    Thanks a lot, I would also like to say that I have been using your roms for years on may different Samsung phones and they are excellent!!! Thanks you again.
    So, Im coming from android 11 very stock with magisk and root done the "organic" way.

    I'm following every part of the tutorial and when I get to flash the BL, AP and CS from the tutorial on the last step (after flashing super.img and installer.zip) I get the same error, when flashing everything fails because phone is on binary 4 and the one i'm flashing is 3, flashing stops and phone gets soft-bricked. Flashing stock works without any problems to recover the phone.

    Should I just skip flashing the BL then?

    I've never touched IMEI and I don't think it matters where I am, carriers don't really care, I used to run a IMEI-less phone a few years ago without any issues.

    EDIT: Also, my phone is a 985F, My guess is I should NOT install the 986 kernel on installation setup, right?

    Yes, N985 bootloader files are old, just skip flashing it
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    N986B/N985F Dr.Ketan ROM

    ROM Features

    ROM Features varies with version of ROM. For more details, read changelog post. Link available in post #3 for changelog of all versions.
    Must read changelog for a version you are going to install, it will have latest information about features, changes, known bug list/fix and Installation guide of respective version.

    Credit and Thanks :
    @Chainfire - Respected elite developer for supersu and his unbelievable contribution to XDA/Android community. @wanam - Respected elite developer for his awesome contribution and references to his works.
    @topjohnwu for Magisk
    @xperiacle the amazing developer for reference to his work and tools. @amarullz for aroma installer. @gharrington for 3minit battery and QuickLaunch.
    ROM Control source and all credit and thanks goes to @daxgirl and @Wuby986 for their open source project for RomControl.
    @AbrahamGC for some ideas samsungvn htcmania & 4PDA for tips and some stock apks.
    AbrahamGC and Anan1211 for Secure folder and s-health A12 ianmacd for TWRP @Arteush for bluetooth fix (losing BT pair on reboot) on Android Q, aka_vkl for Dolby digital, kdrag0n for SafetyNet fix @Winb33 for custom font pack

    XDA:DevDB Information

    N986B I Dr.Ketan ROM , ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

    dr.ketan, Dr.Ketan
    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Stock Samsung

    Version Information

    Created 2020-08-27
    Dear friends
    Sorry for not available on xda since nearly 3 wks because of medical urgency. Now all good but still covid situation in my city is horrible (second wave) and becauses of pending work as well too much hospital workload, it may still take one or two weeks more to full come back on xda.
    Thank you everyone for support and patience.
    After some workaround found a way to use TWRP on A12, I am in touch with Ian regarding this for final fix and public release.

    Edit : Made backup of SB1 and worked like a charm, yet restore not tested though.

    Screenshot_2021-11-29-11-59-18.png Screenshot_20211130-032646_Root Explorer.jpg

    Android Q
    - Q01 - 27.08.2020 - Initial release
    - Q02 - Only Test release
    - Q03 - 11.09.2020
    - Q04 - 21.09.2020
    - Q05 - 10.10.2020
    - Q06 - 11.10.2020

    Android R(Beta)
    - RB1 - 27.10.2020
    - RB2 - 29.10.2020
    - RB3 - 06.11.2020
    - RB4 - 12.11.2020

    - RB5 - 04.12.2020

    Android R (Stable)
    R01 - 19.12.2020
    - R02 - 06.01.2021

    OneUI 3.1
    R03 - 19.02.2021
    - R04 - 15.03.2021
    - R05 - 27.03.2021
    - R06 - 02.05.2021
    - R07 - 12.06.2021
    - R08 - 10.07.2021
    - R09 - 14.08.2021
    - R10 - 09.09.2021
    - R11 - 17.10.2021
    - R12 - 08.11.2021

    Android S (A12) OneUI 4.0 (Beta)
    - SB1 - 16.11.2021

    Android S (A12) OneUI 4.0 (Stable)
    S01 - 30.12.2021
    - S02 - 18.01.2022
    - S03 - 31.01.2022
    - S04 - 06.02.2022

    Android S (A12) OneUI 4.1
    - S05 - 20.03.2022
    - S06 - 16.04.2022
    - S07 - 17.05.2022
    - S08 - 13.06.2022
    - S09 - 14.07.2022
    - S10 - 08.08.2022

    How to report bugs/Issue?
    To report issue, you needs to provide following informations, else it will be ignored. Also if your query is already mentioned on OP/ChangeLogg post, it will be ignored.
    1.ROM build number.
    2.Dirty/Clean Install. - If you have dirty installed, Then first clean install and report if issue persists.
    3.Bug/Issue appears right after installing or later?
    4.How to reproduce error.
    5.Is there any same reports there on thread on your searching?
    6.Is there any mention about same bug on OP or changeLog post?
    7.Logs - Attach logs here/Upload to other places where it can be downloaded without registration and doesn't have ad (we recommend dropbox/Gdrive) and post link.
    ChangeLog R03 (N986B/N985F)

    (Update : There is new version R03_New.
    Basic features remain same as R03. Read This for R03_New change log)
    • Based on N986BXXU1DUB6 Feb2021 security patch OneUI 3.1
    • SafetyNet fix will auto apply with ROM Tool essential fix. Don't use any other safetynet fix
    • Magisk updated to latest stable
    • GoodLock & Quick Star updated
    • AdFree host file updated
    • Vanced manager updated
    • More apps debloated (download area have restore files if needed
    • Custom fonts available in debloating folder of download area
    • All the other features of previous version will remain same.
    • Samsung Base ChangeLog

    - Extract the date and address from the event title and recommend automatic registration.
    - Receive notifications from SmartThings devices that also have specified schedule notifications.
    - The performance of Camera has been improved
    - Eye comfort shield function has been added.
    - The color temperature of the screen automatically adjusts for the time of day.
    Buds Auto Switching
    - Support Buds auto switching between Galaxy phone and tablet.
    - Extract the date and address from the reminder memo and recommend to register automatically, and remind important information by situation.
    Share Sheet
    - It is now possible to protect your privacy by deleting the location information of previously taken photos before sharing or posting them on social media.
    Social Platform
    - Synchronize valid links created on devices with the same registered Samsung account.
    - The use of social media services has been simplified. It is possible to share profiles, photos, notes, schedules, and more with friends simply by logging in to your Samsung account.
    Photo Editor
    - Object eraser feature has been added to Labs in Photo Editor.
    - Using Erase Objects allows you to erase an object which you want in the photo.

    TweaksPro recommended version is 2.0.7 or up

    ROM Features

    - Ad Free QS Panel Toggle
    - Reboot to recovery QS Panel Toggle
    - Native call recorder (Manual) While you are on call - click 3 dot - Record (Should work without CSC restriction)
    - Auto Call Record (See below ROM Tool)
    - Removed many stubs & common bloatwares (tried to preserve most functions though)
    - Removed carrier bloatwares
    - QuickStar without CSC dependency
    - More secure OEM patch.
    - High Volume warning disabled
    - Dual SIM + SD card pre patched
    - Pre fixed Titanium freezing while restoring apps
    - Probable fix for Titanium Backup schedule
    - Internet browser Secret mode
    - S Health patch for using with rooted device.
    - ROM Tool with following Options
      • Long Press Home customization : Select Device assistance as LP Home from settings, then select if you want to use it to assign to any
      • AdFree mode Enable/Disable
      • Single click install/uninstall custom fonts (on the fly)
      • YouTube Vanced Installer (No xposed requires)
        1. NonRoot - Requires MicroG to login
        2. Root - Truely alternate to Youtube, Can login to youtube without MicroG
      • You have to click on NonRoot/Root depending on your choice, then you needs to click "Install" tab and latest version of Youtube vanced will get installed.
      • StatusBar Icons
        1. Show/Hide stock battery
        2. Show/Hide 3minit battery
        3. show/hide stock clock
        4. show/hide 3minit clock
        5. Show/Hide multiple SB Icons & Clock position (Quick Star) (Needs R update to work)
      • ROM Control - See below
      • GoodLock
      • Mods & Fix
        1. Auto Call Record (No CSC limitations)
        2. Titanium backup FC fix
        3. Google Pay Fix
        4. SafetyNet Fix
        5. Added camera fix (Certain users reported camera failed issue. This is reported on stock too, here is someworkaroung meanwhile samsung fix it)
        6. Option to freeze CID manage (If some CSC have SIM change popup)
        7. Remove red text warning msg from bootsplash.
      • Update & Fix
    - ROM Control (systemUI preferences)

      • Battery Bar with thickness and color option
      • Network meter with Toggle (Lt/Rt/Quick Panel/None) with color option
      • Virtual Key with Toggle (Lt side - Menu, Rt side - Power, Centre - Home)
    PS : There may be few more options in ROM control but won't work if those are not mentioned here.

    Known Bug/Tips/Fix

    - Wallapaper setting not available because of debloating accidentally file. Kindly flash
    AR_Zone_Emoji_WallPaper.zip from Download/Bloatware folder
    - 3 minit users can use 3minit battery paid version for free. Check this (Thanks to gharrington )

    : Refer to Installation note available in ROM download area.

    Download : DrKetanROM.com

    PS : This is a fully customized ROM and for end users only, ROM or any part of ROM not allowed to redistribute,modify or to use as base to prepare new ROM.