[1 July 08] 3LIT3 VIII-[FRA|GER|ITA|NLD|PTG|RUS|WWE][Full|Lite|Clean|Naked]

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Jul 15, 2006
[size=+5]3LIT3 VIII ROM Suite[/size]

  • Rom credits:
    • Cmonex for kernel certmod patch, favors, teaching, helping.
    • bepe for platformrebuilder and great tools
    • Olinex for Polaris HardSPL
    • All the greats such as mamaich, itsme, etc. whose tools are essential
    • ervius for great visual kitchen
    • -888- and Scrtcwlvl for Bios Splash ideas
    • Any others I might miss (let me know)

  • Screenshots

  • Base:
    • SYS/XIP 21051.1.6.4
    • ULDR reduced by 3MB
    • Polaris 3.19/1.31 OEMDrivers mixture for best of both worlds
    • Cert Patched to run unsigned code
    • Removed unneeded modules from XIP
    • .NETCF 3.7

  • Full:
    • 114+ MB Storage Free | 54+ MB Ram Free
    • Adobe Flashlite 3.1
    • Adobe Reader LE
    • Advanced Config 3.3
    • Album
    • Alerts/Ringtones from Topaz
    • Arcsoft MMS
    • Audio Booster
    • Audio Manager
    • BT FTP
    • Camera
    • Comm Manager
    • Cyberon VSD
    • Enlarge Start Menu
    • FM Radio
    • Footprints
    • EzInput
    • Google Maps
    • HTC Calculator
    • IE6
    • Internet Sharing
    • Iolite Dialer
    • Jbed Java
    • LongPressEndKey
    • Manila 2D
    • Menu Enhancement
    • Notification Enhancement
    • Office Mobile
    • OneNote
    • Opera Browser
    • PIM Backup 2.8
    • QuickGPS
    • Random Access
    • Remote Desktop Mobile
    • RSS Hub
    • Sim Manager
    • Streaming Media
    • Task Manager
    • USB to PC Popup
    • Voice Recorder
    • Volume Control
    • YouTube
    • Windows Live/Messenger
    • ZIP

  • Lite:
    • 133+ MB Storage Free | 56+ MB Ram Free
    • Adobe Flashlite 3.1
    • Advanced Config 3.3
    • Album
    • Alerts/Ringtones from Topaz
    • Arcsoft MMS
    • Audio Booster
    • Audio Manager
    • Camera
    • Comm Manager
    • Cyberon VSD
    • Enlarged Start Menu
    • EZInput
    • FM Radio
    • Footprints
    • Google Maps
    • HTC Calculator
    • IE6
    • Internet Sharing
    • Iolite Dialer
    • Manila 2D
    • Menu Enhancement
    • Notification Enhancement
    • PIM Backup 2.8
    • QuickGPS
    • Sim Manager
    • Task Manager

  • Clean:
    • 139+ MB Storage Free | 63+ MB Ram Free
    • Adobe Flashlite 3.1
    • Advanced Config 3.3
    • Album
    • Alerts/Ringtones from Topaz
    • Arcsoft MMS
    • Audio Booster
    • Audio Manager
    • Camera
    • Comm Manager
    • Cyberon VSD
    • FM Radio
    • HTC Calculator
    • IE6
    • Internet Sharing
    • Iolite Dialer
    • Manila 2D
    • Menu Enhancement
    • PIM Backup 2.8
    • QuickGPS
    • Sim Manager

  • Naked:
    • 152+ MB Storage Free | 69+ MB Ram Free
    • 3G Dialer
    • Adobe Flashlite 3.1
    • Advanced Config 3.3
    • Arcsoft MMS
    • Camera
    • Comm Manager
    • HTC Calculator
    • IE6
    • Internet Sharing
    • FM Radio
    • Menu Enhancement
    • PIM Backup 2.8
    • QuickGPS
    • Sim Manager

  • Notes:
    • Please have HardSPL installed before flashing. You may sometimes get a bad flash, and HardSPL helps.
    • If you want to change the radio, it must be a 1.59.xx.xx radio.
    • GoogleMaps and Opera are both installed via built in Customization at startup. Please see the zip files included in each pack to see how you can add any other cab installation you want to your ROM on first boot. You must only know how to edit the config.txt on your storage card. Search up on this site and there's info if you don't know how.
    • The included version of GoogleMaps in the bundled cab is
    • The included version of Opera Browser in the bundled cab is 9.5.15954. The version I provide is only in English. Find your own version if you want it in your language. It can handle Flash, but has been disabled via opera:config for smoother operability. Change back if you'd like.
    • TomTom is setup as default GPS Navigator in Footprints. Navitel, Copilot or Papago are also supported. NO OTHER GPS APPS ARE! Registry to change for people that know what they're doing is located in HKLM\Software\HTC\NaviSW.

  • Extended Notes:
    • For fellow cooks: Together with Cmonex (incredibly helpful, great person, and very knowledgable), I believe we've found a great solution for our devices. It took much flashing and hard-resetting to finally get it right. Now we can have the best of both worlds: the latest radios and kernel, while still maintaining 102MB of ram and smooth m2d scrolling. The only downside to all of this is that there's no compatability with 3d drivers.
    • Here's how to achieve this:
      1. Use a rom w/3.xx drivers as your base for OEMDrivers and OEMXipKernel.
      2. Copy ddi.dll and wce_pmem.dll from 1.xx OEMDrivers over the 3.xx ones.
      3. Delete disptools. (optional, but helps anyways at least for space as it's unneeded)
      4. Change MainMemoryEndAddress in nk.exe for more RAM. This can be done by searching for 38459FE530559FE5A13EA0E38224A0E3 with hex editor in S000 of nk.exe and changing 82 to 83 so it looks like this: 38459FE530559FE5A13EA0E38324A0E3.
    • Please give credit where it's due. *RANT ON* So many cooks in here don't actually try to better the device, only make a "best of" compilation of what other people work on to fix/port, then slap their name on it and ask for donations. If you'd really like to donate, do so to people that actually put effort into fixing issues, such as cmonex, or kitchen releasers such as bepe, or the hard-spl releasers, without whom none of this would be possible. My issue isn't with other cooks not trying to fix issues, but with them asking for donations when they didn't do anything except use kitchen tools.*RANT OFF*

  • Support:
    • I've spent a considerable amount of time trying to perfect these roms and making different flavors for you to enjoy. It would be very appreciated if you could help me out by buying me a few Electronic Beers. I've not asked before, but I believe this rom is now at a level where I deserve to ask for support. Donate here if you see fit.

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Jul 15, 2006
Changelog and Bugfixes

  • Changelog:
3LIT3 VIII Features
--Made multilanguage version of rom
--Updated some Iolite apps to latest Jade release
--Updated Topaz apps from latest Topaz release
--Fixed Java and Video bugs, a few small others
--Modified so that another 20mb are regained in RAM compared to previous release
--Added LZX type compression for imgfs for more storage as well
--Replaced 3g Dialer with original from Polaris on Naked version, for multilanguage reasons
--Every language has it's own EZInput 2.0 keyboard localized. RUS is the only with EZInput 1.5.

3LIT3 VII Features
--No Radio included, choose your own (1.59.xx.xx or 1.65.xx.xx)
--Upgraded Build to 21051 and NetCF to 3.7
--Hacked RunCC to install cabs from your storage card, like SDConfig (see notes)
--Tweaked touch scrolling so it's smoother
--Added back in Rogro82's touch.dll
--Updated Manila2D to latest Jade version
--Ported FMRadio from Topaz
--Fixed QuickGPS to have white fonts for better graphics
--All new icons from Topaz
--New AutoConnectionSetup interface ported
--Commanager with more functionality ported as well
--PowerOffWarning from Topaz ported
--EZInput 2.0 added, eT9 removed as it's buggy with this version
--Removed ICR in favor of built in WM6.1 recording ability
--Removed Mass Storage Mode
--Vibration enabled for Opera links, EZinput, and other programs as well.
--Menu and Notification Enhancement from Topaz
--Added PIMBackup and AdvancedConfig to Settings
--Removed TomTom as you can now install yourself via config.txt on storage card.
--Fixed SMS/Keyboard popup issue.
--Bundled Google and Opera for install from storage card, updated versions as well.

3LIT3 VI Features
--Included unreleased Polaris radio
--Updated to 3.19 drivers allowing newer 1.59.xx.xx radios
--Kept a few 1.31 drivers (see ext. notes for info and credit, cooks)
--Updated to newest kernel --> Feb 5, 2009 (nk.exe)
--Modded nk.exe for 102MB ram (see ext. notes for info and credit, cooks)
--Updated Google Maps to version, with new Latitudes feature
--Fixed bug where YouTube video was laggy
--Tried to improve Mass Storage Disk mode

3LIT3 V Features
--Fixed Battery Icon missing on home screen
--Fixed False detection of light sensor in Power settings
--IE6 browses as desktop version by default
--Readded M2D Weather patch that was accidentally removed
--Removed unneeded files for a little more storage
--Google Maps version from their website for those who said weird characters appeared

3LIT3 IV Features
--OEMXip and OEMDrivers downgraded to 1.31 for better performance (1.60 is Kaiser, wtf)
--Include unreleased Radio for compatibility
--Ported to QVGA and added In Call Recorder for recording phone calls from within Dialer
--Added EnlargedStartMenu and TaskManager to Lite version
--Removed unnecessary items from Settings for cleaner look
--Upgraded a few more things to Iolite versions
--Misc. bug fixes (thanks to those who reported)

3LIT3 III Features
--SYS/XIP downgraded to official 20769.1.4.5
--Iolite Dialer replacing Opal Dialer (no more screen lock)
--Fixed various bugs with vibrate profile and Volume Control not working
--Removed CarKit panel and NaviPanel (not fully working)
--Upgraded more apps to Iolite versions
--Default fonts slightly bigger (changeable though)
--Misc. reg tweaks and bug fixes
--Added new Rom version: Clean

3LIT3 II Features
--SYS/XIP upgraded to unofficial 21009.1.6.0
--Upgraded most apps from Iolite
--Opera upgrade (15316)
--TomTom 7.915 build 9196 added
--HTC Animation startup with BIOS emulation
--Manila2d from Iolite with HTC Footprints
--New settings: aGPS, CarKit Mode, Location Settings
--Fixed Album pixellation upon zoom
--Mass Storage driver implemented (unstable but works mostly)
--IE6 upgrade with working Adobe Flash
--Manila patched for adding newer cities to weather
--Zooming via scrollwheel in Opera
--NaviPanel that pops up when in CarKit mode
--Misc. reg tweaks and bug fixes

3LIT3 Features
--Fixed AudioManager/WMP standby issue
--FMRadio and AudioBooster don't nag about missing headphones
--Transparent look in EnlargeStartMenu and TaskManager
--Replaced stock blue theme with black
--Opal Dialer with slide to answer/ignore
--Opera (15202) and Google Maps w/Street View (
--ScrollWheel more sensitive
--Reg tweaks for looks and performance
  • Bugs:
    • Fonts are too big for your liking? Go to Settings/System/Screen/Text Size and set on middle for what you're used to.
    • Ports from WVGA apps were only skinned in Portrait. Landscape wasn't ported as it's too time consuming.
    • Miss the old style scrolling? (slower, but has ability to scroll messages/sms, etc.) Install 3LIT3 TouchScroll cab attached.
    • StreamingMedia closes before playing video? Install 3LIT3 StreamingFix cab attached.
    • Want to change between EzInput keyboard layouts and change language? Install 3LIT3 EzInput Selection.cab attached.
    • Settings Tab on Manila2d missing softkey words? Disable TouchFlo in Today items then copy to your /Windows folder the file in 3LIT3 SettingsFix.zip attached.d.

Please report any other bugs and let me know.
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May 5, 2008
Thanks for your effort m8, its always good to have another cook around :) Now just a quick question: have you tested any 2d/3d games on this? Do they work? I'm using udK's rom and its beautiful but a bit buggy.. Oh and if I install themes on this will they work ok or can u cook a Blackstone blue version pls?


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Jun 17, 2008
Looks interesting - any chance for a 'really' lite version - i.e naked? no apps, no manila...?

i vote for this version also
no adobe reader, no getting started, jblend, ...
just a pure ROM ready for user customization ;)
manila is fine with me, but i can install that by myself (it's getting updated all the time)
i'm not using other junk at all, so why to have it in the phone, right? :)


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Apr 20, 2007
can't start "advanced config" after install - error on start
maybe missing netcf ?
can you install it - or do you have the .cab for it ?
br Camel


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Jul 15, 2006
...have you tested any 2d/3d games on this?...Oh and if I install themes on this will they work ok or can u cook a Blackstone blue version pls?

Haven't tested any games on this at all, not really a game player, more of music/multimedia. I can include the htc-ca 3d drivers if they'd help with that, don't know of much use for them though. Do they get used in games at all, or is it mainly for testing demo d3d apps?? Installing themes will be just fine. The only issue on changing theme is the bottom of the location tab gets distorted. I could cook a blue version if more people request it. You mean the normal stock blue theme, like on udk's syrius?

Looks interesting - any chance for a 'really' lite version - i.e naked? no apps, no manila...?

I could cook a very lite version, yes. No extra apps. How do you choose what apps are included though. What is an essential app? Task Manager? Arcsoft MMS? Random Access? The Opal phone canvas? Hard to decide what is important and what's not.

can't start "advanced config" after install - error on start
maybe missing netcf ?
can you install it - or do you have the .cab for it ?

Yes, forgot to update netcf to 3.5. Only 2.0 is included. There are cabs, or wait and I'll release a newer version.

Thanks for the feedback all.


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Apr 20, 2007
i like it as it is ...:)
greatest rom that i 've seen in this year til noew :)
but if maybe you can add a cab-package extra - this would also be fine.

i have the dailer in black.
if you want my dialer pictures i can send you a pm.
(black is easier for reading on sun-shine weather...

cu camel


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Apr 20, 2007
3LIT3 Rom

Thanks: Ervius for great kitchen and xip tools. UDK for good ideas. Rogro82 for touch.dll. Cmonex for kernel patching tweak. MBarvian for using part of his Touchflo3d manila2d skin.
And of course any others I might miss (let me know).



--Cert Patched (thanks Cmonex) for running unsigned or modified drivers/code on the fly.
--Reduced ULDR for extra 3MB space.
--OEMDrivers from latest Official 3.18 Polaris release.
--SYS and XIP from latest official build. Will try to always maintain latest official build, no leaked betas such as 20931, etc... Let me know if there's a newer out and I'll update.
--Touch.dll by rogro82 (gives slight performance while sacrificing touch cube usability)
--106.22 MB Storage and 41.85 MB RAM free on first boot.
--Fixed AudioManager/WMP to keep on playing in standby.
--FMRadio and AudioBooster don't give annoying popup that headset is disconnected (still won't do anything without headset though).
--Transparent look in EnlargeStartMenu and TaskManager.
--Latest apps from Elfin (let me know if a newer version is out and will try to fit in).
--Latest Opal Dialer with slide to answer/ignore.
--SIPChange to keep your default sip on reset.
--Latest Opera (build 15202) and Google Maps w/Street View (
--A few registry tweaks for looks and performance.

Full List of included Apps:


Download Link: http://www.uploadjockey.com/download/1936330/3LIT3.zip

please can you integrate on your next mage these special things:

1.) file explorer extesions (if some other programms open the explorer.exe then with this extra addons you can browse the structure of the hole file system - changing directory, viewing images, and so on...)
2.) also i have attached the pictures for dialer in black - i'm sure you will like it.

additinally - maybe you can add/change the m2d with weather patch. then it is also possible to load other standard weather cities - link is in xda-developers > General discussion > Development and Hacking

thanks cu camel
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Jan 26, 2008
Here is black dialer from itje's ROM's (it's for Opal Phone Canvas).
I think it looks like pretty nice.
I'm not sure if u need some more files to integrate this into ROM. If so lemme know.


  • Dialer.zip
    204 KB · Views: 448


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Oct 18, 2006
Hey thanks for this ROM so far it's working good. But i found 2 little bugs! After soft reset it hangs for a minute and than an error occurs! I think it has to do with SIPChange and the missing .net 3.5. I wanted to use the pocketcm keyboard and the "space"- key is not working! This is the first ROM i tried where this error occured!

thanks and looking forward to your next rom!


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Jan 15, 2007

just a warning to everyone clicking that link:

I got instand popups and dubious behaviour of websites and suddenly got worms and stuff.
Full security program was neccessary.

If you upload something please use MEGAUPLOAD or RAPIDSHARE only and not some weired site like you linked to.:mad:


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Sep 10, 2007
Tegucigalpa - Honduras
tried this afternoon...

youtube not working even reinstalling, flash 7 or lite3.1 are useless with this cooked rom, fixed multipleselection in fexplorer but scrolling problems with flo (not manila) in menus.
not a significant increase in speed or usability with this builds (to me seems slower)

i'm sorry have to revert back to another rom :(

keep trying ideas are goods :)

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    I posted it for you, HERE

    please email if you cant download (file is about 7.8Mb)