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1 of my simcards cannot access internet at speeds of over 700Kbps on any app or site except the galaxy store which is at full speeds.

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New member
Jun 21, 2020
On my Samsung A20, I have network problems. Óne of my simcards cannot access internet past 600KBps which is 4.8Mbps.

I get this problem no matter the OS I am on. Even if I switch OSes, the problem is still there.

All the other simcards work at full speeds.

The funny thing is, The galaxy store just updated in full speeds at over 15MBps which is around 120Mbps. It took 2 seconds. Then it immediately went back to the normal speeds of 4.8Mbps for the rest of the phone.
Edit 1
Actually, the galaxy store is operating at full speeds.
That's an improvement
It never does that

Edit 2
So I just took one of the IP addresses that the galaxy store is using and used a VPN to tunnel all my data through it. My speeds are now at 3.9MBps, an improvement from the 0.6MBps I was getting.

No one on my ISP network has a similar issue. My isp has also tried resetting my simcard multiple times to no avail.

Wtf is happening. Is it the phone's issue, the simcards issue or my ISP? Could this be related to my phone? My phone got mildly fried a while back and now it won't respond to half the chargers, won't fast charge and there's no MTP. Did the simcard get fried too? But my phone is dual sim, and the other one works fine. Also, the simcard seems to work fine with the galaxy store so I am confused.


New member
Jun 21, 2020
The galaxy store at full speeds
Screenshot_20210623-234929_Galaxy Store~2.jpg

The PlayStore at 600KBps
Screenshot_20210623-234824_Google Play Store~2.jpg

I then took one of the IP addresses from the galaxy store and used a free VPN to route my data through it. My speeds increased to over 34Mbps.
Mark you, it's a free VPN so those are really good speeds for it.
Screenshot_20210624-010900_Chrome Beta.jpg
Screenshot_20210624-010048_Google Play Store.jpg