[10]RadicalQuack issue : 4:3 stretched Camera in 3rd party apps

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New member
Jul 1, 2022

I have seen this issue pop up on a few phones and different ROMs, but recently I installed this new ROM on my Samsung J730f, and for once a custom ROM for that phone was actually stable and fully functioning ( [10]RadicalQuack ).

However, the only issue I came across is something I never had on any other ROM, is that some 3rd party apps (WhatsApp, Snapchat) use the camera in 4:3 and stretch it to full screen which looks absolutely horrible. If i take a photo, the preview looks 4:3 stretched but the actual picture looks normal, but when I film a video it just looks the same as the preview. Some apps like instagram function properly, the cam is in 9:16, and ofc the normal Samsung camera app functions as intended as well.

I tried describing the issue as best as I could in hope someone has an idea on how I can fix this.

Thanks for reading.